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  1. Can you get this as a free upgrade if you have the PS4 version?
  2. This was fine as a platinum for the base game when it came out, but the DLC has just dropped this to a resounding 'Hell No!' for a recommendation. First off, the DLC came out so much later than the game, I had completely forgotten how to play it and what all the mechanics were/did. Then the DLC is extreme advanced tier stuff that there was just no chance of any of it being playable cold. I had to start the game over from scratch to re-learn how to do everything, and this time through the terrible camera and controls really drove me nuts. Then by the time I finished everything and got to the DLC bits I had had enough. I'm working my way through the first 50 stamps, and then I'll be done and not give a shit about the rest. The game asks for harder platforming challenges than 'The Perfect Run' from Super Mario Galaxy, but doesn't give you the precise controls required to complete them. You'll die over and over because the camera fucked you over, or the controls just didn't respond at all, and yeah...... fuck that.
  3. It's kind of weird, they had more dlc trophies past the 128 cap, but they threw them onto the Driveclub Bikes list, which itself was both an add on and a standalone game.
  4. Driveclub did this as well.
  5. How do you turn on assist mode for this?
  6. lol, nobody actually tried a restart before posting it didn't work?
  7. Well not exactly, if you're trying to get biome 6 collectibles, and just speedrun through 4 and go straight to 6 without doing any prep-work, then you just get slaughtered in 6.
  8. 100/1000 trophies will be a breeze. I'll just pretend I'm playing Returnal trying to find the last cipher on a biome.
  9. Well, sure, except that I have a Switch, and not a PSP or Vita.
  10. I don't suppose there's a free upgrade path from the PS3 Physical edition?
  11. The big problem I have with this is you already own 90% of it if you have got the other Capcom collections. A lot of $ to ask for re-buying the same stuff all over again. The only interest I would have for this would be the Switch version, so I can have them all to go on a handheld, but there is zero incentive for getting this on the PS. The shitty trophy list certainly doesn't help either.
  12. Got 1 left in this biome and I'm 99.99% sure it's the hand room. I have zero memory of that one ever showing up for me, and I can't get it to ever spawn. Been at this for endless hours. Can't they just fucking make it so rooms you've never been to have a higher probability of spawning?
  13. Thank god we have 4 different videos showing us how to get a 2 minute plat!
  14. Yes, they are indeed.
  15. You also need Scout Logs 19, 62, 64 and 65 in addition to 1-14. Also there are 10 cyphers. Finally make sure you beat the 3 round arena behind the gold star door on the map. All of these are needed for 100% of biome 1 survey.