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  1. OnRush. I've never hated a game so much. I got this one for free of of PS+ and regretted every second I spent with it. I've got plenty of budget titles in my profile, but none have given me such hatred as this P.O.S.
  2. I get this every now and then. I'm 99.99999% sure it's something on their end, and we have zero control over it. Only way to get around it is to just wait for it to clear up and try again later. Everyone who deletes / reinstalls, etc is just wasting their time. The reason that 'worked' for you is just that time passed and whatever it was on their side went away and you could log in again.
  3. Apparently it's MORE.
  4. OK, this trophy was 100% glitched for me, did a run through the biomes several times without it popping. Then I joined a world with a friend who has gotten the trophies for several people and ran through his nethers. No success, the trophy did not pop. So I backed up everything in the games save data to online, then deleted everything, worlds and all. Restarted the game from scratch and joined that friends same world and ran through the biomes and it popped. Restored all my save data from online so I'm back to where I was before. Just throwing this out there as a potential solution for folks that this glitched for.
  5. Pretty sure this has glitched on me. Did my own world and went around for an hour through all the ones listed above and no trophy. Then did a seed from a video and went to all 5 sets of coordinates for each biome and still no trophy.
  6. List looks like a 10/10 difficulty if there are no save states, and probably a 2/10 if there are.
  7. Yep. Damnit! 😂 Only solution is to play them immediately after you buy them on sale.
  8. Nah, that would just give everyone 1 more game to complain about. 😂 I have previously bought both games on offer here in digital sales, but haven't started either of them yet. I think the real lesson to be learned here is don't buy games until you're ready to play them!
  9. 😂
  10. Gotta go with GTA: SanAndreas from BlackSnake. Great game that I probably won't ever have the time to get back to.
  11. The 'Get 48 Bees' and 'Assemble the army' trophies are literally the exact same trophy. It's impossible to get 1 without the other. Kind of bizarre. Don't know if I've ever encountered that before.
  12. Finished it on my 11th attempt with around 4 bees left I think. Two of those attempts were before I had all 48 bees. The one trick is to just take your time and be deliberate. Unless you are being chased by something, go as slow as you can and plan out every move before doing it. Panicking and rushing will be the biggest killers here. After a while it starts to become much easier with practice.
  13. Yeah, the problem is the age and the port. I played this game originally on the original Xbox and it immediately became my favorite game of all time back then. When it came out it was absolutely fantastic and stunning for it's time. That's why people love it so much. Now if you compare the absolutely shitty port of it to today's games, then yeah, this is pure bottom of the barrel shit. That's the problem. Port has so many problems that weren't present back when it first came out. 1) Wrong aspect ratio. This game was meant for 4:3 crt tv's. The port puts it in a 16:9 ration by just fucking chopping off the bottom and top of the screen. This makes it near impossible to tell where to go at times because ledges that should be clearly visible above and below you, you simply can't see without wrestling with the camera trying to get them in view. 2) Horrific sound mixing. Playing through the PS3 port, I could maybe make out like 30% of what the characters were saying to each other, and it required near blasting the volume to even be able to hear that. The original did not have that problem, all dialogue was crisp and clear and you got a great sense of characterization and relationship between the two, that is just missing here cause of the shitty sound. 3) Trophies. The original had none, so you could just play through at your own pace without having to do stupid shit, like not rewinding or dying or such. You could actually PLAY the game without stressing over stupid non-essential stuff. I'll give you that the combat isn't that great, but it's not as bad as you make it sound. It's just that you haven't found the magic undefeatable combo that makes all encounters childs play. Like mentioned above, bouncing off the wall and jumping over the enemies makes all fights difficulty drop down to 1/10. But this still makes all fights the same and boring.
  14. I am absolutely baffled that this is not called 'Furrious Racing'. How could they possibly not considered that??