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  1. Ok, my Friend (Pieter-4WD) discoverd new boosting method which will get you a minimum of 12xp and randoms wont bother you anymore, and if some join, you will get more xp for win, 4xp to be exact. I am just a messenger, all credit goes to him. Before starting Kung fu Panda, run YouTube aplication (both players) and start long video, like 30+ mins, hit PS button and now run Kung Fu Panda. Create game and wait for your boosting partner. Dont be pissed off if randoms join because you will get more xp if they do. Now lets assume that all players are ready and you are at the map selection screen. When you (Host) start game, hit PS buttun and go start YouTube aplication and watch video for 5 seconds (at this time all other players will get dissconected - IMPORTANT - do not exit manualy if you are second player, wait for this error and hit 'X'), hit PS button again and select KungFu panda. Loading will continue for Host, but you will be alone and once its loads you will get a win and minimum of 12 xp. THIS IS MY UPDATE: FRESH UPDATE: OK, right now im in a session with 2 more random guys ,they doing the exact same thing, and it seems that when im not the host im also getting some Xp (i think 4), but this is shown only after im the host. So, i had 4388xp and i was 3rd player, next round i was the host and my score was 4408, which means that i got 20xp, or 4 additional xp. FRESH UPDATE 2 OK, I DONT KNOW WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPEND RIGHT NOW. Same guys, i was not the host for like 5 round in a row and when I finaly was my score go throgh the roof, to 4548, so i got 140xp. In that round there was 4 people in my session, dont know if that matters. UPDATE 3 4600XP right now. i was not the host for 2 in a row. I cant explain that, lol btw. I did not make a single save until I was the Host and i see the score change. Dont know if that matters.