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  1. So I was trying this method and it worked for my Iron Mode and Mutation trophies…. But when i go to attempt the Sam’s Story ones it keeps telling me the DLC is missing?!? I reinstalled it and it is still giving me the same issue. Anyone else had something like this happen?
  2. There is probably a simple solution to this and I feel stupid asking… I’ve done the Tutorial and started my New Game but none of the Skills I’ve just learnt (eg. Assassinations) are available to use straight away. Am I missing something? Cos I am about 6 levels in and Assassinations just aren’t working at all. Damn I’m not on the ball… just realised you go to the Dojo for unlocking abilities.
  3. Thank you so much for the heads up.
  4. This game is seriously broken. I’ve started it up three times now and the very first area with Trading Cards (Gym Rooftop) is not spawning any of the Cards at all. I was really looking forward to platinum in this game but only 15 minutes in to it and it seems very unobtainable. Unless anyone has any hints or tips?
  5. I’m on to my fifth play through so far just to unlock the Spacebork Klingon trophy... absolute pain in the ass that you get that far for it to not register. Any tips at all discovered? Or is it bit of luck to get it to pop on a play through? I tried playing it again on the VITA this time... and my god it is horribly broken! There is a certain part in Chapter IV where it is literally impossible to get past.
  6. Hey I've been having the same issue but on a different word associated trophy. I noticed you platinumed the game now. How did you resolve it?