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  1. Congrats on your Iceborne plat

    I saw your thread on MHW GameFaqs Board

    Nice to see another hammer user :)

  2. It normally takes 4 playthroughs to max out your stamina, with most of the stamina boosts coming from colossi. You can speed up the process by hunting lizards every now and then, but they give very insignificant stamina boosts. And yes, the diagonal jump climb glitch is removed, but as long as you max out your stamina, you will easily be able to reach the top of the shrine normally. Don't worry about it. =3
  3. The lizard symbols on the map (with the lizard detection stone) ONLY disappear when you kill them and they die. But if you just shoot off their tail, and they are still alive without the tail, the symbols will not disappear, until you kill them properly. Some lizards are quite well-hidden, so refer to a lizard location guide that you can google up. They are always there no matter if you find it hard to find them. Heh, ok. I have added in those trophy tips now. =) You are welcome! Have fun with SotC. =3
  4. Okay, I have gotten these three trophies, and below, I will describe the best location to undertake each trophy: Hang Glider (Grab onto a hawk for 30 seconds) Go to B4 of the map, and stand upon a protruding cliff (white stone compared to the rest of the ground), just nearby the dead colossal tree, a temple and a cave. Refer to this video for the exact location, after you reach there. Wait for the hawk to fly over you, and immediately jump and hold R1. Do not let go until 30 seconds have elapsed. Other hawks in other locations often tend to bring you close to the ground, ending the ride before 30 seconds are up. There may also be other ideal hawks for this trophy, but this one is guaranteed at least. You should have maybe 3-5 stamina upgrades from glowing lizards, just in case. Slippery Ride (Grab onto a fish for 30 seconds) Go to C3 of the map, and there, you will see a big lake. Simply swim around until a fish goes close near you to the surface of the lake, and grab it immediately by holding R1. Do not let go until 30 seconds have elapsed. A fairly easy trophy to obtain. You should have maybe 3-5 stamina upgrades from glowing lizards, just in case. Agro Circus (Perform all stunts with Agro) I have not gotten this trophy yet, despite doing all possible stunts I could think out of my head with Agro. Below are the moves I did so far, and if you have anything to add to this stunt list, post here! EDIT: I have finally obtained this trophy. Corrections are added below: - Ride standing up (While galloping, hold R1 and press Up) - Hang from the left side (While galloping, hold R1 and then Triangle, and press Left) - Hang from the right side (While galloping, hold R1 and then Triangle, and press Right) - Abrupt stop (While galloping, press Down followed by X) - Fast gallop (While stationary, press Down + X at the same time) - 180 degree turn (While galloping, press Down followed by X, and then Down + X at the same time) - Firing an arrow while standing on Agro (While galloping, hold R1 and press Up; equip the bow and shoot) - Focusing your sword's light while standing on Agro (As above, equip the sword and focus its light) - Jump from Agro's back (Simply jump from Agro while galloping) - Get Agro to make a jump (Simply gallop towards a cliff or ledge edge, and Agro will automatically jump) - Pet Agro while weaponless; both on Agro and standing beside him/her, by pressing the Circle button
  5. I wish to confirm one thing: I cannot add trophy tips yet as of now?
  6. I will be able to help both of you with all the weapons and stuff, BUT I am on the Asia version however. So antithesis, since you are using the EU version, I can only wish you good luck! What about you, dr_mayus; what version are you using? =3
  7. About 1.5 years so far, since the release of FFXIII (yes, I bought my slim PS3 on the day FFXIII was released). One of the best purchases I have ever made in my life ~ =3
  8. cocoasg from .com. Good to see you old folks again! =3
  9. Aha, welcome to the new site! I cannot say I have yet taken up permanent residence here too like you, but it is nice to have two hangouts regarding trophies anyway, provided they do get over the apocalypse *gasp*. Until then, continue gaming hard! =3
  10. Aha, dr_mayus, welcome to the site! cocoasg here... so then, continue gaming hard (yeah, yeah, I cannot think of any innovative or witty phrase to use here)! =3
  11. Seasoned Battler Star Ocean The Last Hope: International Very Rare: 5.23% 7 months ago Hasty Hare Handler Star Ocean The Last Hope: International Very Rare: 5.23% 8 months ago Rapid Rabbit Wrangler Star Ocean The Last Hope: International Very Rare: 5.23% 8 months ago
  12. Alright, it has been fixed. Thanks, you are amazing! *thumbs up*
  13. Logging out has been fine the past several days, but now, when I try to log out, it shows this error: "Fatal error: Call to a member function get_var() on a non-object in ************* on line 123" So the only way I can log out is to close the browser for now. I always like to log out after checking my emails or anything else, just to be on the safe side. Sly, let me know when you are able to fix this problem, thanks! =3
  14. Hello! For the moment, it seems that we have to login using our PSN email and password. I feel uncomfortable logging in directly with such delicate information, and I checked out the Settings page. Under the 'Email and Password' section, am I able to change my login information to another email address other than my PSN email and also the password as well? Or will that not affect the automatic PSN login system currently in effect? Right now, the current email shows as "[email protected]". Can you elaborate what this is used for, if not for the login? Thanks Sly, for any answers if any! =3
  15. Add to that the Team ICO collection, and my life is complete. =3