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  1. I couldn't agree with you more on this as I'm enjoying every minute of gameplay so far it feels like a proper survival game to me.
  2. Indie games so much to kill time when you just want to relax and not play a long story driven game or even somethings that's open world, so i agree with this point that you made.
  3. But yet xbox isn't region free
  4. anyone if I'm honest.
  5. left alive has its a very shitty metal gear rip-off that doesn't give one hit kills with head shots if you do wish to try to get the platinum good luck and for vita Xcom due completed tutorial the game decided to freeze on me.
  6. Okay thanks
  7. So today when i got a email from amazon uk with my pre order for spider but when trying to enter on the playstation and even the app all i got was an error saying code is not valid, so I'm just wondering wondering if anyone else is having this issue.
  8. Anyone in the uk having issues that the trophy list isn’t loading on their PS4s
  9. That is pretty amazing man
  10. So I’m setting on far cry 3 classic edition which I got with the season pass with 5 just wondering if anyone else is having an issue for the trophies in the game not syncing into their online profiles. Thanks
  11. Yeah it has thank god
  12. there is no co-op just single player
  13. Thought so it’s a pain because I’ve got 15 for it already
  14. So I loaded up the server that my character was in and notice he didn’t spawn in alive he came in dead, any tips
  15. So I went on to my Tera server today to play a little bit with my character and notice when I got into the server my character some how spawned dead got no idea how or what happend? 🤔
  16. I’m just thinking of starting a new character
  17. Thanks
  18. How do I do that