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  1. Is anyone else having this problem since the latest PS4 patch or is it just my account that is glitched?
  2. As the title states my games played list on my profile on my PS4 is frozen as of 24 hours ago, is this just me or is this happening to you as well??? Also is there any way to fix this??? cheers in advance!
  3. Pretty easy have the fielding set to semi assisted I think it’s called then when the ball is hit in the air it slows down has a white circle u need to use the left anolog stick into the circle and press x once the player has caught the ball it’s a reflex catch hopefully that make sense
  4. For anyone that’s having trouble with this trophy it works when done online!
  5. Cheers sent him a message pretty annoying if it is glitched. Nothing so far has worked.
  6. Is there a way to get this easy not matter how many times iv tried to reverse the out its always giving not out? now have this trophy
  7. Iv tried a bunch of different ways to get this but can’t seem to get the trophy to pop, iv used two controllers playing ODI, Test Match 1 innings and 5 wickets over 2 innings, what is the easiest way to unlock this trophy any help would be appreciated.
  8. Is online still populated? Keen to pick t up for online!
  9. After recently making a new account only have 2 platinums but my most recent one is far cry 5!
  10. If your looking for a classic side scroller beatem up type game this is it, actually enjoyed beating this game, all trophies are pretty easy to unlock.
  11. What I found worked is when you become the map picker press square and select featured maps and then always choose farm cry every time I did it got like 5+ ppl voting for it and the quick games since it’s first to 30 didn’t take long to get the ten wins, only down side for me was my level reset at level 19 back to 1 so had to grind the levels back to 20 really annoying!