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  1. Probably Blue Collar Astronaut because of the controls. I'm sure many would consider it a walk in the park (especially those of you who have done SMB.) I'm embarrassed to admit, but there's definitely a door with a fist sized hole in it.
  2. Would it be possible to separate flags? The site currently allows 3 right? Maybe just offer different flags for different things with their own limits before being removed from the leaderboard. Out of curiosity, what is meant by CFW tactics? Genuine question, not sarcasm.
  3. I actually don't mind the idea of a well defined terms of use. You could just set it to be opt-out rather than opt-in. Anyone who doesn't agree with the terms can just opt-out of the leaderboard. At the same time, seems like it could be alot of unnecessary work.
  4. This seems like a change that's going to be much more negative than positive. I see it affecting alot more legit users than non-legit ones. I'd hate to see more users leave over stuff like this. Does the site have a clearly explained page listing all the custom "rules." I think we need a constitution at this point. 😂 As for my own anecdote. I often forget to sync my living room ps3. I've even had a few timestamps change because I've gotten the same trophy on multiple systems (I. E. RDR.) I own 4 PS3's, and I often bounce around to which one I use (bedroom, living room, game room, and then one strictly used for boosting.) I also have a broken ps3 in a box somewhere that very likely has a handful of trophies I never synced (for example, I'm nearly certain I got the online trophy for the ones hasbro game night game, but never synced.) Don't worry though, I'll likely never bother fixing it. 😝
  5. He said it's the best in the series after SA, not that it came after chronologically. I haven't played V, but IV wasn't very good IMO.
  6. I feel like that Simpsons gif right now. Walking in and then right back out again. 😂 Some of the worse rhetoric I've ever read in this thread.
  7. I bought the remaster awhile ago and preordered the remake, but will be doing the opposite. I want to play the original first (again) and then play the remake after.
  8. I preordered Secret and just never got around to playing it, so I held off on preordering this one, but I must admit I really like the look of it. Im going to try and okay through Secret asap and pick this one up soon. I look forward to hearing people's reviews.
  9. To be fair, both those examples involve intentional actions. But I can reciprocate in partially agreeing. The last page or so of comments has done a great job of illustrating the overall point I was trying to get across though. The issue isn't as black and white as some (not all) people make it out to be, and that cuts both ways. And I will continue to state that I think it's unfair to say its the fault of the player when it's out of their control and a dev issue. Your point about macros actually wraps that up nicely. Fact is, you're being more honest than a few people on here. You don't police macros because you can't. There's this argument that gets parroted sometimes on here that people are fine with exploits as long as everyone has access to them. But that's not true at all. Fact is alot more people have access to a hacked lobby than a PC and the (limited) technical know-how to run a macro. Or the financial access to a decent turbo controller. I don't think you should, nor do I have a problem with them, but you could enforce guides and forum posts to not include mention of macros/scripts etc. But you don't, so I'm going to conclude that they're allowed (and IMO they should be.) Why are the allowed though? Well as you just pointed out, there's no way to police them. It could have just as easily gone the other way and those in charge censor any discussion on them. My complaint is the attitudes of some (not you, at least not from what I can see in our discussion so far.) Some things are wrong because you can police them, while others aren't because you can't. IMO, it's unfair to blame hacked lobbies on players doing something far more natural than other trophy hunting methods - playing a game online. As you pointed out above, there are calculated reasons why they aren't allowed on the leaderboard, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's completely just. But it's the best you can do right? I wouldn't have issue with someone saying, it's a crappy situation and a flawed system, but it's the best we got for now. I do have an issue with people acting like pompous jerks and blaming players for playing a game. That said, I've gone far too long without sleep so I'm going to head off to bed now. I do appreciate the conversation wjth yourself and spaz as well as others who offered insights. 😴
  10. Good point, so at least my enhanced edition of Dying Light wouldn't go to waste!
  11. Off-topic: I'll be that one person who buys the Mw3 dlc next time it goes on sale. Loved that games spec ops. 😅
  12. I don't care much about any of them, but I agree 100% that if you're calling out trophies from hacked lobbies then many of those things should be disallowed as well. Read my post directly above this one. It's not always as cut and dry as an entire list being pinged. Again, I spent years playing WaW off and on. I bought dlc that was still being sold in the store and being promoted by the dev in a sale. If my dlc trophies pinged I'm screwed. Simply because I played a public match, aka, played the game the way it was meant to. My issue much of the time is moreso to do with the attitude of a handful of posters. Either way it's unfair, and that's the devs fault. Let's stop blaming players.
  13. That's a fair take, though I disagree. Let me ask you this though, I played WaW off and on for... Geez, probably 7-8 years. I eventually got the platinum and put it down because I didn't want to pay $30 for the dlc maps. They then surprisingly went on sale, so I picked them up, both because I enjoyed the game and to clean up the list. If I were to have hopped online to play the content I just purchased, beyond just the base game, and got my trophies pinged, I lose my entire list. Now previously you said companies shouldn't be expected to support servers for such old games and they probably don't care. I actually agree with that. However, some companies, mainly activision, continue to sell *online* dlc for these games for prices that cost more than some new games. Surely they're still responsible when they continue to sell online-centric content and even promote sales from time to time, no? Doesn't that also leave room for new gamers to assume their product is still being supported?
  14. There shouldn't be a risk in someone popping in a game and playing it like it's meant to be played. Whether you have sympathy for them is irrelevant. Accessing dev menus in games - okay Setting up macros on remote play - okay Using turbo controllers and other hardware - okay Accessing admin commands - okay Intentionally glitching games - okay Playing a game online the way its meant to be played - do research ur dum The cheat team wants to slap a special icon beside the game on their list go for it, but it's comical that players are flagged as cheaters for something that has nothing to do with them and is unintentional while all the above stuff is a-okay. 😂 I haven't played V, but you're correct about IV. I'm playing it now and you can set private slots to max.