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  1. I think I read awhile back when I was playing this that they patched the AI to make it alot harder. Some games they average and what you would expect, and other games they're just unreal. Way harder than human players. I learned to just put my controller down as you could tell at the start of the match what version you were getting. I need to go back and clean this up. Not looking forward to it. Game was a slog.
  2. Contacted support and got the same useless response as others. Pushed the agents I was talking to and he supposedly escalated the issue to specialist who will get back to me in 1-2 days (doubt that'll happen.) I'm in Canada. I had funds in my wallet and bought 1 month of plus straight from the vita store and it didn't make a difference, as others have said. I then bought a code online, redeemed on my vita, and it updated my downloads list (which didn't happen previously,) but I'm still getting the error. Have tried downloading from both my list and the storefront. I doubt this gets fixed until it hits some sort of media. Right the only "help" we have is from first-line support who is basically reading a script, and more than likely whatever useless manager is on hand telling them to do nothing.
  3. I just checked. Plus games I have downloaded are expiring early (my sub goes until 2024, but they're expiring in 2022) and when I tried to download I got the error mentioned in this thread. Fun. I'll contact support soon.
  4. Thank you for such a thorough answer. I'll read the FAQ now. And yeah, I'm not sure why I said cross play. 😅
  5. Hey all, I haven't played Genshin in awhile but want to get back into it. I read with update 2.0 they finally implemented cross play / save for playstation with other platforms. Is it working yet and would it be possible to carry over trophies (like Final Fantasy 14 for example.) I've been stuck working on the PC alot lately so it would be cool if it does.
  6. This along with what @Helyx and @xh117 said. Use regular sd cards for memory, include L2/R2 buttons, and allow multiple accounts and keep backwards compatibility for PSP and Vita digital games like they did with PSP/Vita. I'd also like an easy way to connect to a TV. I own a Vita TV but they're rare and overpriced now. And most importantly, actually support the damn thing outside Japan (where it did great.) Obviously current generation technology, but honestly the above matters to me more.
  7. It's very strange how Sony / Playstation have made their user experience progressively worse. I remember years ago (early 2010s?) when the Playstation Blog would give a rundown of weekly releases and new sales. The comment sections wasn't great but I even participated in that. Then suddenly it just got so much less personal. It went from a handful of authors you could actually connect and chat with to just copied and pasted eyesores. Maybe it's changed back to that, idk because I left the site for good. Then there was the whole ps3 webstore and wishlist fiasco... We have a wishlist again now but it's capped way smaller than the previous one. They nearly shut down the the vita and ps3 stores after pushing digital for a decade. They continue to strip away basic functions (see title.) The worst has to the the app though. How do you make an app so much worse than your previous iteration? My monthly spending has gone down quite a bit simply because the new store (on the app) is so clunky and hard to navigate. Do they even have a filter any more for least/most expensive? I just got my ps5 last month and it's the same story. The dashboard is junk. The sounds options are awkward. They flipped what the Ps button does (short press versus long press.) Just so many stupid pointless changes. Honestly, the only thing that holds me back from switching to PC is my game collection (both physical and digital) and that I'm older now and too used to a controller. I guess I could just use a controller on the PC though.
  8. So invites still work?
  9. The funny thing is, I've actually witnessed Warped kill an entire patrol solo on cata. 😂 To be fair though @Warped_Tonttu you're one of the best Vermimtiders. 😉
  10. Why does it matter that people have them? Are CFW users spoofing the IDs so that when they get banned they can just change it to another one?
  11. I don't think it's glitched, rather the scores to get 3 stars (eggs) on some levels are impossible. The earlier levels especially simply don't have enough quality enemies for 3 stars. I have a feeling the score required is the same across all levels and not scaled for enemies. I stopped trying, but have 3 eggs on two levels and 2 eggs on the rest. My lowest 3 egg score was in the 80,000's, while all my two egg scores are in the 40s and 50s.The first level especially with only basic chickens seems impossible. That said, this game is poor quality for a flipphone let alone vita / ps4.
  12. I wish I had done these when the game was still fresh for me but I didn't own the gold edition / dlc at the time. I plan on going back but haven't played the game in awhile.
  13. Ah okay.
  14. These count as race wins?
  15. Sorry for the late quote, but how do you switch regions on console? Edit: To answer my own question, you switch regions in the same spot you choose solo/duo/squad (press triangle.) I also suggest turning off team fill and cross play. Got 11+ kills 4 or 5 times after doing this.