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  1. Thanks for the review @turniplord I preordered the special edition and was going to play it with my daughter... Apparently Purolator just never bothered delivering it though.
  2. Does this work with the newest dlc trophies? The nether armor or whatever.
  3. I remember playing this alot fairly young on N64. Never had a clue wth I was doing. 🤣
  4. I love when I read a thread and in the first few posts the entirety of my thoughts on the subject are summed up so well.
  5. That's why I owned alot less as a kid. 😅 That, and I depended on my parents to buy them for me. So this will likely mean a price of $89.99 CAD.
  6. The funny thing is, though simplistic, that can be true when done excessively (*cough*Gilette*cough*). However this fiasco seems to be alot more about not liking the direction of the story and having a personal distaste for the dev/founder. However if people don't end up liking the story they'll be less likely to by the next on day 1. I think we are at an extreme where alot of media is politicized (which I'm not a fan of), but on the other side of things people go to an extreme to criticize anything even remotely perceived that way. Now, I should go finish the first game...
  7. Disappointing month for me (personally.) I am not very good at sports games and already own Tomb Raider. Erica is new though.
  8. This. I won a game of warzone after someone joined my lobby (starting the timer) and then left. I never had one start with nobody though.
  9. I know they're both really popular but I didn't expect to like either Rocket League or Minecraft. I really enjoyed getting the 100% on RL, and decided to play Minecraft on Vita and Ps3 as well. I actually regret using the trophy world for a bunch of my PS4 trophies because I enjoyed doing nearly everything myself on ps3/vita.
  10. Try and get an LMG and the waffle. Run circles around the swamp (learn the speed, not too slow, not too fast.) while periodically turning around and killing the zombies when they're bunched. Make sure you have juggernaut (you should have all perks except the revive one if playing solo) so you can survive going through the electric doorways. When dogs come, be inside the shack. When they start to spawn, activate the trap, run through the door (you'll survive with jugger) and huddle in the corner to the right of the shack. Feel free to set some claymores if you have them. The electric door will kill most of the dogs as they'll spawn inside the shack. That's how I did it.
  11. Yeah, this is unfortunate. I started the game October 2019 and they were down. Have tried periodically just to see, but no luck. You can find one of the devs on Twitter. I tried to dm but didn't get a response.
  12. Just did it again without loading a checkpoint. No trophy. Edit: Did it again on covert contract and it worked.
  13. I've completed the covert contract on Justice for All and got the stealth bonus at the security center, but no trophy popped. I just did it again on the regular mission while collecting Intel and no trophy popped. Does this need to be done without reloading a checkpoint? Or did it just glitch on me?
  14. Question regarding FoB, can you get the online trophies first or do you have to play through the game first?
  15. Blue Collar Astronaut (1.01%) Goldeneye (1.03%) Vermintide (1.23%) Infinite Warfare (1.25%) HAWX (1.38%) Hoping to get a sub-1% one eventually.