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  1. Storage expansion seems likely. I would love a new Vita eventually, as long as Sony doesn't crap all over it outside of Japan like they did the last time. You've got to wonder how far a simple change like using microsd over vita specific memory cards would have gone in its success.
  2. Just reached the 4th wisp on my hardcore playthrough. Still showing 3/4 and didn't unlock. Really didn't want to play this garbage a 3rd time. Edit: reloaded my save and it popped after picking up the amulet finally.
  3. Yeah, they just don't seem worth it. I'm doing the second campaign now after getting bored of walling with my torm favor. My favor for the second campaign is way higher, I've unlocked every blessing, and am completing about 4/5 variants along the way. I'm somewhere in the mid 60s and will unlock the trophy as soon as I finish this new event. I think I'll play till Aztaka though.
  4. Hopefully Dragon Age Origins is one of them.
  5. Yeah, I'm a little puzzled too tbh. If you're interested in the game but turned off by the platinum cheese then just play it legit. There's a handful of games with dev menus that I probably won't use (like Jak) but will still play because I like the series. If your only interest is trophies and you don't like the game then it didn't really make sense to spend $30-40 anyways. I don't think I ever finished these as a kid so I'll likely buy them (waiting as I preordered Medievil.) I mean, if they're offering free trophies I'll likely just do the speedrun first and then enjoy the game at my own pace after.
  6. I haven't played this but someone earned it as recently as today and several others have gotten it this month. When did the game update? The trophy description does say that the crimson slime is glitched and you may need to kill several, but you said you got the accomplishment so I guess that's not it. I know some games can be finicky with trophies in co op. Good luck. Edit: Take a look at this,
  7. My daughter is almost old enough to start playing some games with me. I just need to teach her how to hold/use the controller. I'm going to do the How to Train Your Dragon games on ps3/ps4 first with her and then pick this up. Also, thanks for the laughs on Ryder/funding. 😂
  8. Thank you.
  9. Hey everyone, I was hoping to get some clarity on which trophies are online / require a server connection as the servers are shutting down in the new year. [Edit - confirmed online trophies] Trophies requiring online: - I'll Save That For Later - Community Service - Any Takers So, which trophies require online and will become unobtainable after server shutdown? Also, are there any dlc trophies that require online? I'll update the OP. Thanks in advance.
  10. Final Fantasy 13 Modern Warfare 2 Dragon Age: Origins
  11. I just synced again. I think I ended up with 7 HAWX 2 trophies yesterday. Didn't have time to do the others.
  12. Got a few HAWX2 trophies last night. Hoping to finish up the campaign later with a couple friends. Should also earn my 1M enemies killed in Idle Champions.
  13. Just to confirm, alt accounts refers to people trying to juke the draws, not playing multiple platforms? I'll probably pick up some trophies across ps3/ps4/vita, but it'll all be on my main account. If I'm not too lazy I may try and get some of my Japanese vita imports out of the way (school idol paradise volumes 1-3.)
  14. The platinum for Blue-Collar Astronaut. I was the first achiever and only two of us have it (the stats at the top say 6, but I believe some were removed as cheaters.) What's weird is that the percentage isn't even very low because the player base is so small (only ~170.)
  15. I haven't played the FFX remaster yet (I plan to go on an FF binge in a few months where I'll be playing 7-12.) I can say though that FFX on Ps2 is probably in my top 5 for games ever. Me and my brother played the blitzball mini game for probably a hundred hours or more. Who knows how much time we spent on the main game. Story is amazing as well.