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  1. I haven't played the FFX remaster yet (I plan to go on an FF binge in a few months where I'll be playing 7-12.) I can say though that FFX on Ps2 is probably in my top 5 for games ever. Me and my brother played the blitzball mini game for probably a hundred hours or more. Who knows how much time we spent on the main game. Story is amazing as well.
  2. Medal of Honor Tier 1 Obtain all Campaign and Online trophies
  3. I've been cleaning up my list a bit so I've got some long ones... World at War took me a little over 8 years (not necessarily because of difficulty, I'd just do a bit and then leave it.) It took another 1.5 years for the 100% because the maps finally went on sale. Dead Island took over 6 years. I loved it but didn't feel like redoing act 1 with the other 3 characters. Goldeneye took me over 7 years. I finished all the single player trophies fairly close together but figured I'd never bother with the online. Then I noticed a boosting group for it. Though it's not a platinum, Fat Princess took me 9 years. Finished gladiate about a week ago after not playing for a long time. Im sure there are others.
  4. This is awesome. Thanks for the info. Now I can clean up my soft spot medals (sucks to start over as I was at almost 60) gatekeepers (again, suck to lose the 40 or so I did,) and brutes. Will have to bug my nephew to help me. Also detonator.
  5. Ah, okay, so no purchase necessary from the store? You just download in-game? Thanks.
  6. I'm buying everything right now; game, season pass, bikes, and the 4 bike dlc. However I can't find the EBR dlc in the Canada store. Is it just a part of the Bikes add on now?
  7. Just wanted to post and let people know it's possible. I have been playing co op with my brother, I've hosted every game. The trophy popped for him, and not for me. I checked my save from the night before and it was one of the first 3 that glitched (I was 2/4 when I should have been 3/4). I suggest maybe backing up your save prior to each wisp, as now my hardcore will be a little harder.
  8. Im actually on the side of not being bothered by server shutdowns. I've already been burned a few times (Hasbro Family Game Night games will be incomplete once I get back to finishing them; same for Midnight Club.) I do think League play is a little more obscure tbh, but I'd reluctantly have it fall in the same category as a server shutdown. Games that bother me are ones that have fully functioning servers I can't use because someone else might pop a trophy. A few on this thread can act self righteous as much as they please (not you B1rvine), but it's ridiculous to expect people to take precautions when playing a game they have bought and paid for. I avoided WaW online zombies because I have 300GB of games downloaded on my ps3 and I'm not going to delete my profile in case a trophy got popped online. Even now, all I have left is perkaholics and I can't try to join a Der Riese lobby in case it's hacked. Hacked lobbies are the fault of the dev, in the same way its the dev's fault to leave some sort of developer menu for that Jak game where you can auto pop all your trophies. Frankly, it's not the players fault the lobbies are hacked, and it's also not the players fault that this site can't differentiate between a hacked lobby and CFW. Hacked lobbies affecting still obtainable trophies (not necessarily Big Leagues, as it's been unobtainable for awhile) should in no way leave the gamer at fault. Blame the lazy dev. Its actually a little bizarre tbh, you can use third party software for games like FF9, SR3, 4, and all these Gone Spy games, as well as borderline methods for RDR, GTAV, etc. and developer menus for games like Jak and Corpse Party, and the rationale is, "The user isn't hacking into the game and are simply using what's available to them in-game without CFW," yet literally logging into your game and pressing multiplayer is flagged. Spare me the bs about precautions. Someone who buys a game should be allowed to enter a multiplayer lobby without precautions. This is a lazy dev issue, not a player issue. And that's why it affects a miniscule amount of games.
  9. Unfortunately I am stuck and not sure what else to try. I have done this on both my PC and laptop (one is wireless, one is ethernet.) I have checked for typos. I've put in the addresses you have used (with obviously my own ipv4 address for the last step.) I don't know if it matters but I even put my router into DMZ (after first trying it regularly.) I still cannot connect to the internet on my PS3. Edit: Disabled Windows Defender and it worked. Now to deal with the freezing.
  10. Can I do this before playing through the main game? I played through the game casually with my nephew like a year ago, but plan on starting a whole new playthrough. Would like to get this done asap.
  11. I collect games and buy physical when I can. That said, the vast majority of my Vita collection is digital simply because the games are often so much cheaper. Especially RPGs. I own most of the Lego games physical, some imports, and a handful of others. Aside from that my collection is mostly digital.
  12. Call of Duty: MW2 My (now) wife and I had just moved in together and her mom bought me a PS3 for my birthday. Then my sister and brother-in-law bought me MW2, also for my birthday. Now I'm old and don't get as many birthday presents. 😅
  13. Probably CoD: World at War for me. That one vet mission with the infinite grenades... 😡
  14. I used fire weapons and had no crashes. Did the low level host trick. I was so bored I let my game go 6-8 hours (I would do a couple rounds and then leave to do something else). Either I'm really lucky or the fire weapons really help. As a side note, my alt account (the level 5 host) had all the Ned dlc trophies auto pop on split screen. Found that strange.
  15. Blue Collar Astronaut. Will forever hate it.