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  1. For the sprouties:


    The sprouties in question are the ones who help you get the cage keys.  If you return to them, you will notice the keys were replaced with bagels.  Just clear the path like before and the sprouty will fetch it and place it on the green leaf-table.  Make sure not to accidentally pick it up when you move on to the other key location.


    Unfortunately, I do not remember which golem triggers this trophy.  Just talk to every one you come across, including the one in the room above the elevator that leads to the mines, and all three at the end of mine area A.


  2. For the white catowl:


    On Mt. Creme there is a dead-end area with a large nest.  For the catowl to appear, you will need the yarn ball you get from Luna further up Mt. Creme.


    For the prehistoric woolcow:


    It is only accessible after you reach the shortcut in mine area A.  Use the shortcut to return to Mt. Creme and trek back to the last area where you were chased by the giant snowball. The woolcow is in the hole on the left side of the snowball.


    To fix the broken bridge:


    Talk to the digling at the Mt. Creme shortcut.



  3. I was stuck in the same place for a while.  


    Look for rocks in the background. They are slightly lighter in color than the stalagmites, with straight edges. Tap one and it will rise so you can tap again and claim your sticker.