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  1. On the screen just before mine area A, there is a bruiser. The digling is to the right of the bruiser.
  2. You should find a Digling in the mines who will open up a shortcut back to Broccoli Grove / Mt. Creme.
  3. For the woolcow:
  4. It's possible that the trophy 'A Peon?' is missable if:
  5. For the sprouties: Unfortunately, I do not remember which golem triggers this trophy. Just talk to every one you come across, including the one in the room above the elevator that leads to the mines, and all three at the end of mine area A.
  6. You will be able to backtrack later on.
  7. For the white catowl: For the prehistoric woolcow: To fix the broken bridge:
  8. To clear the cave door, you just need to tap the rear touchpad a few times.
  9. I was stuck in the same place for a while.