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  1. When the heck did a discussion on some silly trophy whore games turn into full blown politics?
  2. Still got to be the opening for me, after all this time I still tear up when she dies. I know it's the 'obvious' answer and not very original of a choice but I feel like there's a good reason so many people choose it.
  3. Until all this about Walmart recently I didn't actually know they sold guns. I knew guns were easy to come by in America but I still thought you had to go specifically to a gun store. Walmart sells guns? It seems just so alien of a concept to me. It's fun to learn new things though, now I know.
  4. Jefferies University Network Game, Level Eight BANANA
  5. I couldn't care less how people decide to play their games, I couldn't care less about the so called 'devaluing of the trophy system'. Just do you and let others do them. The only thing I care about is how shady Rata games are as a business practice. Because they're small and the money made isn't in the AAA publisher numbers it's glossed over but it's no different to the way the likes of EA and Activision try to exploit the 'whales' with micros and lootboxes. One game does not need 10 regional stacks for it, but because they know that a minority of their customers will be buying the low budget games 10 times (because they HAVE to in order to compete with fellow whales). Rata are pumping out a lot of shit (and not even putting the effort to test the whole game works, only the trophies!) knowing that even if the majority don't want to whore every version, or heck, don't even want to buy all their crap games, the whales are. No different to the mentality for micros and pay2win economies, the majority don't buy them, many people oppose them, but the whales who have to in order to compete bring in enough revenue to make the resistance irrelevant. None of it really effects me, so honestly I can't be arsed getting angry over it, I have more important things to worry about than some people throwing money at some virtual icons.
  6. Your maths is backwards, massively. You're twisting the numbers as much as you can and still come out with a small profit. $60 for 5 months? Well I'm literally looking at the store right now at a $59.99 12 month subscription. If you're buying the smallest option and stacking them up of course it'll be more expensive. You're choosing the most expensive way to buy Plus and cherry picking the cheapest games on the service and STILL coming out with a profit. Reality, even on their lowest sale price, you've attained $200.83 worth of games in that period (and games aren't on sale 24/7 so using the cheapest price is slightly sketchy but I'll run with it). That's in just under half a year, half your $59.99, so about $30. You're up $170 worth of stuff. Objectively you cannot argue the numbers. It's all subjectivity whether you personally get your moneys worth. If you think all the games are shit and don't want them then PS+ is worth -$59.99 because you've lost that money and gained nothing. If you enjoy every game then it's worth $170+. Most people don't fall in either of those camps, very rare to like every game and equally rare to hate every game. Just because you don't like the service or don't get your moneys worth personally, does not change the objective value.
  7. Ahhh UK, okay not the guy I know lol, guy I know lives in Germany. If you want to be a real asshole you could always 'accept' this offer and just go on their account and put a bunch of your games at 1% trophies on their account and leave it like that. I imagine that would really upset them :P. Honestly I haven't got much issue with trophy sellers, they're using their time and talents to earn some money, usually it works out low pay per hour but if you're enjoying it then it's a nice little bonus bit of cash. It's those who actually buy them who I think are rather sad though, and I do sometimes think they should just be shamed and banned from tracking sites etc.
  8. Unemployed, has OCD, wants to buy some trophies... sounds like someone I know. Wonder if it's the same guy I've had the occasional person approach me offering to pay me to do a trophy for them. I just ignore the messages entirely, don't even tell them 'no' because odds are they'll just hassle me afterwards. Ignore and move on lol.
  9. Great month for me, I've had Wipeout on my wishlist for a long time but I've always put it aside while I've been speculating getting VR, because the VR bundle I keep getting tempted by includes Wipeout as one of the games . I can't say I'm overly enthusiastic by Sniper Elite but I have friends who swear by it and I did enjoy one of the games when I played it on PS3, so with a price-tag of free it'll probably make its way onto my console at some point.
  10. Both work for me haha Some good ones so far it seems.
  11. I'm looking for a bit of a hand, I'm looking for as many PS trophy images that could be interpreted sexually. The more the merrier (trophy titles and descriptions don't count, only the icon). Help a man out?
  12. A safe prediction would be that a bunch of people will moan about whatever shows up regardless.
  13. I don't know about everyone else, but this line is what I'm taking out of this thread 👍
  14. He pretty much has a pattern of weapon usage, the bowling bombs portion is probably being the biggest nuisance on those turns to maintain speed and avoid them. As you mentioned overtaking at the start makes bosses easy but Oxide starts early, so your aim is to overtake early as possible to make things relaxing but you can overtake later but... Eh, might as well make things easy. One of the easiest ways is to get a lead is to hold an Aku-Aku and use it just after or even during the bowling bomb section, then you can easily build up speed/reserves without worrying about the red potions during probably the best section for it (leading to USF shortly after). You'll probably get a huge lead so long as you've overtaken before that USF pad, though it's likely you'll overtake after landing if you haven't already (just stick middle) If you can't get Aku-Aku then bunny hopping the first turn after the jump (the one immediately after he's done with bowling bombs) and drift boost along the inside then along the outside when it straightens out will typically always avoid potions. Once you 'head outside' stay tighter along the right with drift boosting and he shouldn't potion there either and this is most likely the exact turn you'll overtake him on, then just carry the USF boost that comes after this turn a bunch to get a nice safe lead . Likewise if you didn't overtake there, you will when you land just stick to the middle. I hope some of this... helps? I don't know if I've worded it well but I find it hard to explain driving games so well
  15. Onechanbara Z2 Chaos Dead or Alive ... Someone had to do it...