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  1. Killer Instinct I suppose, but I could already just play that on PC if I wanted to so... I'm not trying to dump on XBox exclusives but there's really absolutely nothing there for me.
  2. I've seen a few friends avatars go back to the grey smiley face over the last few months and just today it happened to me, anyone know why this is or have had it happen themselves?
  3. Do you really expect me to believe you that you're able to connect to these matches but magically 100% of those are laggy and 'unplayable'? Sure, I imagine you might get lag issues somewhat regularly, but then you probably carry on using that excuse across any loss you receive fairly. Especially with the attitude you're giving, you're very transparent my dude. Full ignorance on display here, I DO own the game (want a photograph or screenshot or something?). Just because I'm calling out what I perceived to be the truth you instantly jump onto the hate-wagon, which, to me, just showcases I was correct to begin with. This is an alt-account "you dunce" Yes I'm a Brit, not sure what the issue there is? You racist or something? And no I'm not a Cena fan, I haven't watched Wrestling since the 90s and very early 00s when Stone Cold/The Rock were relevant. And if I was a Cena fan though, again, how is that even remotely relevant? Hate wrestling and want to hate on someone else who might? Just seems like you're taking attempts to dig at me because I hit a nerve... further reinforcing my original judgement here. Spoiled? I work hard for everything I have, I came from a very poor background actually... Anything I own, I worked damn well hard for, nothing got handed to me on a platter. Though it's funny you should call people spoiled brats when you are the one who wants trophies without the work huh? The other guy was reasonable, I felt no need to say much else or revisit this thread. But you? My word, I can read between the lines here. Lazy, spoiled child looking for the easy way, everything holding you back is something or someone else's fault.
  4. And how does that change anything though? I'm not going to say 'get better Internet' because, if you can manage to play a full match in order to boost you're clearly able to play a real match too right? It's just an excuse to justify not doing it legit when in reality nothings actually stopping you. The idea of 'not my fault, I'm forced to cheat' is peculiar to me. To each their own, but, when it comes to a ranked or competitive form of matchmaking I certainly draw the line for boosters and cheats.
  5. Boosting... ranked... matches? What kind of self entitlement is that?! Learn the game, win some matches. It's not even asking for many, you can probably even just get lucky by button mashing.
  6. I avoid no games for any trophy related reasons. Unobtainable? Too hard? I don't care, if I want to play the game I'm going to play it and enjoy my time. Life is stressful enough without trying to manage your gaming collection around whether or not you can or can't get a particular virtual icon in them.
  7. Rep is rather pointless, most of the time it comes down to having a generic response to a thread but being quick enough to be in the first couple responses lol. I had a post simply summed up as just be free to enjoy yourself however you want, a kind of generic predictable response to be honest and... I think I've had almost 20 rep on it in the last few days... We all know how it works, whether it's YouTube comments, Twitter etc. just making the generic obvious response that most people would agree with gets likes easy. One I see a lot, is threads popping up about trophy whoring or completionists or whatever trophy habits, then one of the first replies is like 'to each their own' and wham a highly repped post.
  8. Always lowkey bugs me when people complain about more trophy support in a game. I understand OCD completionists don't like revisiting a game they think they're 'done with' but in context of the game itself it's great to support the game further and give long term players more tasks to do, and extra trophies as a reward.
  9. I don't do it because I get no enjoyment from those frankly crappy little games and I feel no need to inflate my trophy count for the epeen. That being said, I couldn't care less if other people do it, it's their time/money and if they feel like they're getting something out of it, good for them, everyone should have the freedom to enjoy what they like so long as they aren't effecting somebody else in the process.
  10. I'm too spontaneous with games to ever plan anything out like that, and I don't care about trophies to begin with. I've got a couple of friends who've done it though, I guess it makes the milestone more of an occasion, setting up a significant game for it.
  11. Why not just make a clean account? It's not like you need to track your cheated games? huh?
  12. Can't say I've ever had this happen in the dozen runs I've had, never seen it happen to anyone else either. When was the latest patch? Maybe they broke something.
  13. On the whole I'd say RDR is better than RDR2. Especially in the context of time period it was released, RDR2 felt really underwhelming and dated in its game design. Narrative and map is a clearer win for RDR to me but the protagonist is a closer call in my eyes, though I think Marston edges it in my mind.
  14. Visual Novel, always easy because they're just just skipping through text.
  15. I don't use guides but this sounds like a decent option to have available.