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  1. That's going to make timestamps confusing as heck, I just looked through mine and they look a total mess because they are all different trophies but in the earned order of what they were lol.
  2. Most days I don't even get a single trophy so... Easy answer for me. Obviously it's different for me because I'm not a trophy hunter at all, but looking at the results so far I'm not too unusual .
  3. Meh, the joke was funny the first time but the 2nd time it was just a repeat really and felt like some cringy edgelord teenager wrote it. Maybe this time around they could do something that'll catch us off-guard but I'm not sure if I'm going to stay up late to watch them this year, I'll catch up in the morning.
  4. Pretty much what I was about to say. I have noticed the triggers on the PS4 do tend to wear down quite a bit, it doesn't effect that many games but those that use the full range of the trigger for acceleration etc. can suffer from an older controller that would normally seem to work 'fine' in other games. I was having an issue winning in The Grand Tour (which is VERY easy) because of this issue, I ended up taking out the spring which fixed it and afterward I was now massively in the lead every race. Driveclub is certainly an easy game, this is coming from a guy who sucks at driving games, so if you're struggling that much I'd take a look at your controller or maybe switch the acceleration to another button. EDIT: If you want to test the controller try accelerating and reversing at the same time, some games you'll end up reversing slowly if your acceleration is broken, you can also see where on a track you're losing time, if it's in the straight sections then that likely points to acceleration issues.
  5. I don't necessarily see things as they currently are as being punished, isn't it part of point of the leniency of flags in the first place, to allow for these such unfair issues or small mistakes without full-on removing them. All the user has to do is hide the game which while yes I understand hidden games have a stigma attached to them, ultimately, the trophies are still illegitimate and shouldn't be counted anyways. Only whitelisting I think that makes sense to me is that unobtainable in BO2 (it was the 2nd one right?), because it's only 1 trophy and it can be obtained unintentionally in a modded lobby. If the person obtained all the other trophies in that game legit they shouldn't need to hide the whole thing and lose those trophies for the sake of one trophy which is known to be obtained in that way. If it's more than just that one trophy, such as you have half the damn list, whether your fault or not of course you should be made to hide them, you didn't get them. As far as I'm concerned it's not a punishment to hide/remove trophies you didn't get.
  6. Thickbicorn
  7. Probably a safe bet your friend has done similar things on their own account, if they're tracked on here you could always help the site out and get your own back by reporting them
  8. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Sorry, I just really don't like FF
  9. If Furi doesn't count as 'underrated' then I think a good 50%+ of this thread doesn't either. A lot of the games posted here had good reviews, decent sales etc. but it's not just 'okay' and 'good', the posters feel the games deserve more than that, and that's what I'm running with. Furi may have been decently appreciated in the indie space for a little while, but when's the last time you've honestly seen someone mention it? If you ask random people on your friends list would they know what it is? Also, being known mostly in the indie crowd could be justification for saying it's underrated alone. That being said, any game could technically be considered underrated just as any game can be overrated. It's the personal subjective view that it deserves differently to the attention it actually got. God of War could feel underrated to someone, Fallout76 could feel overrated to someone lol.
  10. Underrated games of an entire generation, ooh this is going to be a tricky one but I'll do my best off the top of my head. Honourable Mention) Titanfall 2 - I'm mostly putting this one here simply because not only was it kind of overlooked and underrated, but suddenly after Apex (and having a sale on TF2 around the same time as that blew up) people started picking it up and seeing what they may have missed and almost everyone I saw who picked it up from the sale have said the same thing, that they thought it was very good. I haven't got around to playing myself, but that's why it's only an honourable mention for mostly being overlooked. 5) Resogun - As a game that basically launched with the system and more or less kicked off PS+ freebies for the generation it was quickly forgotten and discarded almost as if it were just a kind of 'starter game' for the system but it's a good game beyond just that. The gameplay is solid and replayability is there, they added a decent amount post-launch too and it's still a blast to play. 4) Transformers Devastation - This ones here mostly because of two real reasons, firstly PlatinumGames are usually always underrated games anyway and secondly in the kind of people who do buy and appreciate their games, this one was regarded as one of their weaker titles when actually I think it stands pretty close to their other work. The aesthetic is there, the smooth and satisfying combat PlatinumGames are known for is there, I can't see why people fault it so much. Is it quite MGR or Nier Automata to me? Probably not, but it doesn't need to be. 3) Driveclub - I feel bad for Driveclub, it seemed to always be in the shadow of something else when I think it was pretty darn good. I'm not big into racing games at all but I was still sucked into this game and enjoyed my time with it. I have much appreciation for the little things that I feel most people overlooked. It should be up there with the big dogs for racing games but I guess not. 2) Dead Star - I don't know now much I can say without bringing back so much heartbreak. The server closure was so upsetting, this was one of if not the best multiplayer experience I've had all generation. Not just the game but the niche community surrounding it. It was a pretty passionate and welcoming community and the devs just seemingly didn't care about us shortly after they launched the damn thing. I remember the last couple months or so of the game, there was probably only 1 or 2 lobbies at most with all the same familiar faces hanging around, a fun and actually pretty competitive environment yet if we saw new faces most of us would take it slightly easy on them and try to talk to them, encourage them to stay lol, we were basically trying to grow the game (there was some asshole though that was 24/7 AFK with a bot to move him so he didn't get kicked to farm XP, so it wasn't all perfect). So many good times, I just wish it got more of a following to warrant keeping the servers open. I don't know what the developers are doing now, I know their next game after this was a bunch of crap and rightly flopped or something so... They're probably broke *shrugs* 1) Furi - This game is fantastic, if you haven't played it then do so, if you played it and didn't like it, you're wrong. But jokes aside, this game is amazing. I know it got a bit more of a push from being a PS+ title but I don't think generally it really gathered all that much attention. The gameplay is amazing, the aesthetic is nice and the soundtrack is awesome.
  11. Nope, Have you ever cried at a videogame? (If so please let me know what)
  12. But it wouldn't reflect rarity. We don't have the numbers regarding DLC owners so basing rarity on all game owners wouldn't reflect the rarity at all either. The DLC is a seperate purchase, someone who doesn't buy the DLC doesn't have access to 'all of it'. It would be like having rarity for every base game list be calculated out of every person who owns the console that game is on when those people clearly haven't bought or played that game. If someone doesn't buy/own a DLC then they obviously shouldn't be part of the calculation but we just don't and probably never will have that kind of data, so the formula as it is now whilst it is technically a 'made-up' number of sorts, looks much more accurate in actual context. Look at some DLC trophies and you'll tend to think 'yeah it probably is about that rare among those who bought this DLC'. I would rather have a number that looks right than the only other 2 real alternatives which just results in obscenely high or obscenely low rarity by basing it purely on a specific figure that doesn't even represent the true ownership (those figures being either using only people with 1 trophy in it or using all game owners) The only time all game owners should be calculated (and what I was kind of suggesting in my other post) is free DLC and patched in trophies. This is because all game owners have access to the content without having to buy anything additional. As an example, Minecraft gets title updates a lot, all of Minecrafts 'DLC' achievements should be based on all game owners. New Game + trophy lists should also get that treatment too, free updates are available for all. The actual DLC however that you have to actually buy, should remain the same as it is now unless in the future Sony decides to somehow mark people as having/not having a DLC the trophy list is tied to (which will most likely be never)
  13. I don't know how rarities are currently, but another site I've visited has a different rarity for paid and free DLC which I quite like. The free DLC (referred to as 'title update') has its rarity based on ALL game owners and I think this makes perfect sense because it's available to everyone who has the game, there's no paywall. It obviously adds some extra effort as each DLC trophy list has to be categorised into one of the two rather than just having one single formula for all DLC, but it's neato and I think worth the hassle.
  14. If the format didn't matter then I (and many others) probably wouldn't even watch E3 at all. Because ultimately most of it gets leaked if you look around, and the trailers/reveals will be uploaded immediately to just watch in the next morning instead if you choose. It's the event of it, State of Play just has no oomf, it just feels like casually trickling out information which kinda means it's not worth actually watching, just catch up on it in some news article or blog post later. Regardless where the information comes from it doesn't change the release date, you've still got to wait to get your hands the game. So information like this is mostly to build up hype for us and not really much else, so having it in the best format to do that is what works and makes it exciting. It's why I don't care for leaks, you gain nothing from knowing a day or 2 earlier, you just don't get to take part in the exciting reveal, it's almost like a spoiler for a movie in a way. It doesn't change whether I want or don't want the game, but the presentation of a game can make things a little less enthusiastic. Like I said, can't change a release date, so when many games are unlikely to even be released before E3 anyways it just seems like... well, you could have waited and blown them out at a more hyped up moment in a more exciting attention grabbing format.
  15. I really don't like the format of doing these State of Plays, it feels like what Nintendo had been doing and I wasn't a fan of those either. Especially since we know no E3 for Sony, it feels like this is the replacement and I'd much rather have held out for an E3 showcase.