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  1. Thanks for the heads up, I too had pretty much finished all the challenges so I wondered how a couple of the mastery cap changes would work since I would have nowhere near enough unfinished challenges to make that gap I didn't mind the sniper levels when going for silent assassin/points, what sucked were all the challenges which required waiting like 10 minutes at times... So if those aren't impacted and all I need to do is another score/SA run then I'm happy with that one. I won't be getting the game yet, waiting to get it for PS5 specifically and we all know how difficult it is to get hold of one but I have done to process to transfer my progress and I'm all set to round off this incredibly moreish trilogy. I am going to revisit all the Hitman 1 and 2 levels again (and finish a couple challenges I hadn't done) as well, but not having to worry about redoing so many of the challenges is going to be handy.
  2. Honestly, though I'm not into trophies this is welcome news, I've been hoping to carry my progress without borking any trophy unlocks since I've almost 100% all content on Hitman 2 at this point . Honestly would like to finish up the remainder of the challenges I need to give a crack plus Hitman 3s new content without redoing everything again from 1 and 2 yet again (and that'd be the 3rd time doing the first games content ) The game is so moreish and replayable though, so it wouldn't be the end of the world to do it all again, but I'd rather revisit the older levels again freely and not try to specifically do all the challenges etc. that I'd already done a couple times.
  3. Agreed, there's marketing regulations to protect against that kind of thing (depending on your country of course) Many cover their backs yet can safely 'lie' with wording that suggests or implies rather than outright tells people something (depending how strict regulations are). In the case of Cyberpunk, they instead have outright lied in their marketing, flat out statements of 'fact' which were shown to be false upon release. This sadly was not some typical jazzy and slightly misleading marketing that hooked some 'gullible idiots' by implying it's a better game than it was, they outright said 'this is how it is' and sure enough, this is not how it is. Whilst yes, I certainly think we as consumers should learn considering how prevalent this has been in modern gaming, I can't outright hold the customer at fault completely. Whilst we've had FO76, Anthem and others, their marketing wasn't as outright misrepresentative as Cyberpunk, which feels weird to think about, because I guess Cyberpunk is technically a better game than those πŸ‘€
  4. I don't outright dislike the game and theres a lot of hyperbole with the surrounding the general gamer discourse, heck there's even a couple redeeming qualities. However, even with bugs aside it's just a really another mediocre bland forgettable open world game. I wouldn't be putting it on any 'worst games' lists like some people have been but it certainly wouldn't come anywhere close to being on the upper end of this years releases either, nor will I probably even remember much of the game in a years time. The way they've handled it (both post launch and during development) has burned a lot of goodwill for CDPR as well, I'm unsure if they can pull this back with the attitude they're showing at the moment but time will tell and maybe with some substantial free content updates (as with every unfinished game these days) maybe it could evolve into a somewhat competent game and CDPR could earn back some faith from the gaming community. Thing is, I'm not actually all that disappointed because I pretty much expected this, all the red flags were there across the development and marketing of the game especially leading up to launch (and especially how obnoxiously over marketed this game was, no other game in the last couple years comes close!). I knew it was going to be just another one of those 'meh' releases but I guess with Witcher 3 under CDPRs belt people still went in with really high expectations despite the flags and surely we have learned from the many times before, just because a team makes one hit game/series doesn't make everything they touch magically turns to gold. The fact they were leveraging Witcher 3s success so much should have rang alarm bells too. There are some studios I do agree can genuinely feel like a seal of quality, but those often have a legacy of hit after hit. Witcher 3 was one game, one very good GOTD contender, but still one game nonetheless, they don't have that untouchable track record to be looked upon in such the favour they are. Also, not to dunk too much on the studio (especially since it's the management that fucked up, not those grinding away for days developing the game), but some of the strongest elements of Witcher 3 aren't a CDPR creation, just sayin' πŸ‘€ so maybe don't give them TOO much credit for how great that turned out.
  5. I can't wait to dig into Hitman 3, though this time around I'm glad to hear progress seems to be carrying over because whilst Hitman 1 I didn't really complete too much outside of the trophy requirements, when it came time Hitman 2 (and the Hitman 1 legacy maps in that version) I more or less 100% everything, only reason I didn't finish absolutely everything is knowing that Hitman 3 was coming later down the line and thinking I'd have to yet again go through everything again . Though I am curious how they'll handle legacy maps this time around and if there will even be trophies for them. Reason being is Hitman 2 already has 2 lists for that alone, if you add all those legacy achievements in the Hitman 3 version then I expect the game to have damn near 3 full lists
  6. I've beaten the game with all characters and just finished an arcade run but only half of the character runs have popped (and they popped during a different run after they were supposed to) and my arcade run hasn't popped. Do I just keep playing and hope they randomly pop late or do I redo it all again? Considering some of the tricky moments in very hard I don't fancy having to run through very hard arcade multiple times to pop it.
  7. I often like it hard and short. πŸ‘€ But yeah, jokes aside, I enjoy games in which they'd be generally fairly short but only if you're perfect, any time it takes is dependent on your ability. Could be a 100hr plus if you suck, less than 5hrs if you're a god at the game, that kind of thing. I love me a long relaxing game from time to time too, having to really comb over everything and sink hours and hours into it but I'd rather challenge myself over a variety of games in that time than commit so much of it to something that doesn't challenge me in any way.
  8. Not really, I'm just much less likely to play them. I don't like the Battle Royale trend nor Sports games, I'm also not a fan of Visual Novels or Rhythm games, I also suck at Racing Sims but... I've played at least one game from every one of those genres and I'll often step out of my comfort zone to try something I don't usually play. There is however one genre I absolutely refuse to play: MMORPGs, and why is that? I get way too easily addicted to an unhealthy level, so I cut them out my life a long time ago and haven't dared touched one since.
  9. Absolutely I don't know what it is about this game I really think it should round off as some kind of trilogy. Nothing more though, no 4/5/6/7 and beyond, but a trilogy would somehow seem fitting. Also, a physical bundle release for the trilogy is a definite must.
  10. So I did some playing around on the site and one of the suggested searches (free games with platinums) seems to be including stuff that doesn't quite fit the mark. It shows anything free associated with games that have platinums, this includes free trials/demos and free DLCs for games. For example, Battlefield 4 shows up twice in this filter because of 2 free DLC and a Call of Duty games shows up too. One thing I love however is the discount % filter and also the quick view of prices in other regions to be able to recommend grabbing the game to friends in other countries if said game is discounted there too. I used to make use of sites like psprices but I think this makes browsing easier than that, all it's missing compared to that site as far as I can tell is the price history graphs they have, unless this site also does similar and I'm just not seeing it.
  11. Whilst I have no interest in the trophy features, the various sorting and searching options are phenomenal compared to the actual store and this may be how I browse the store for new hidden indie gems (esp. during sales).
  12. Because I don't? Having a platinum in a game doesn't mean you've hunted for trophies in it, a fair chunk of them seem like they're almost directly tied to in game completion. And no I don't think you're a stalker, you're not the first nor the last to figure that one out lol. I am curious what game caused you to make the link because normally it's something else entirely.
  13. Forgive me if this has been done before but over the years I see so much tearing down of each others profiles in the trophy community I would love for there to be a moment of building each other up. So, this thread is really simple, a sort of shout-out thread. Basically all I ask is that you post up some profiles that you really love for whatever reason and explain why they're awesome to you. Maybe you find it impressive, aspirational, or maybe they just look really neat and organised. Maybe you really respect the person or their attitudes to trophy hunting. I want this to be a positive and judgement free zone, none of this 'oh that profile isn't actually good' or anything and let's see how many great people y'all want to talk about and introduce me to . If you can, tag them to be sure they can see the good vibes you're sharing about their account and if you discover a users profile for the first time from this thread that you've fallen in love with let them know too. As I don't trophy hunt or keep tabs on other people's profiles I don't have any shout-outs to share myself, aside from perhaps giving a big ups to Hakoom for being a consistent staple of the number 1 spot, but I look forward to y'alls
  14. Makes me want to go back and try them out, been looking for an excuse to replay them.
  15. Yes, because how else would we see this totally unique and important hot take among all those other hundreds of less worthy posters, how else will this hot take get likes buried in all that? This person is super important!