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  1. That's a really fair point actually, it probably was too soon to judge on that. But, I can safely say with more play sessions since then, my opinion remains unchanged xD. I will say one thing about the game that can definitely be judged in one session though, there's not a lot of single player content, and I say that because it takes less than one session to finish all the main 'story' (beating all the bosses and visiting all the areas). There's supposed to be a free update coming so that might add some much needed content so I'm looking forward to revisiting the game for that. This games actually pretty fun from a gameplay standpoint, though it's rough around the edges (to be expected).
  2. Honestly I've done this, I've looked at something and remembered part of my life. Without a cluttered list of trophy whore games it's easy to look at my account that's basically 10 years old and remember parts of the last 10 years. I was young, finishing high school when I made it, I've been through so much in that time and games have always been a part of that journey. Also, sorry if this is a double post... I don't know how to add a new quote to and edit on mobile, whenever I hit quote it goes to a new post and I can't drag or cut/paste it...?
  3. To be honest I've been unable to look at someone with a bunch of multiplayer games with too much respect when they're clearly a trophy hunter. I know it makes me a horrible person to make these kind of assumptions, but every time I see a trophy hunter with a lot of (especially big) multiplayer games I just assume they sat around boosting with people for days and days. Spending a lot of hours boosting may be a form of dedication some trophy hunters respect but, to me, it's the same as doing other mind numbing single player grinds or grinding lots of easy trophies in bad games. There's no enjoyment to be had in taking turns winning or killing each other etc. I know a lot of old accounts with multiplayer probably did it all legit but it's just one of those silly assumptions I make if I see an account that has a lot of trophies but also a lot of multiplayer trophies. I know this probably makes me a bad person but we all have assumptions we make at a glance on people's profiles right? I've seen people assuming someone's a trophy hunter if they're level 30+ when it's not been true I've seen people assume someone's a trophy whore if they've got every Telltale game when they could just be a Telltale fan. Same with people seeing ocassional movie license games, some of them are actually pretty fun. Sadly most of us have some kind of assumption when we see certain things on certain account and the multiplayer one is one of the ones I feel.
  4. I think a night mode would be nice just for aesthetic reasons, I'm down for this. Although, in the meantime I believe theres a few app and extentions that can replicate the desired effect, don't ask me what they're called because I've never really looked, think my brother uses one for his tablet.
  5. Throw labels instead of reading and making counter arguments, says all I need to know about a troll like you. I imagine you'll respond to this because you probably want the last word, your kind usually do. Look forward to seeing what incendiary comments you put in the next thread you stalk me to. But as for this thread, I'm just flat out going to ignore any more childish responses you put my way.
  6. Don't get me wrong, the reason I mentioned Fortnite is I know it has a toxic community of children. The point I was making was that through personal experience I hadn't met one, so the ratio must be lower even if there's a bunch of bad eggs. Every multiplayer game has its assholes, that's a given. But this game, as mentioned prior, felt like >90%. I spoke to some Absolver players (streamers) and they said, like you, the community was alright. Though they acknowledged a problem lately. Could this be a likely relation to Playstation Plus? A game with a low playerbase being on Plus can drastically altar the overall environment and change the ratio of assholes:good people. Of course you would, you're the fool who believes that of somethings unobtainable, that the moment 1 person obtains it, without proof, that suddenly it's obtainable and that's a FACT. Sorry that I prefer to rely on hard evidence. Don't know why you felt you needed to bring that up here other than to stir the pot, calling me a troll? Seems like you're the troll considering that you're following me thread to thread to specifically start an argument. Read their first post, if that doesn't across in an aggressive tone you must be new to the Internet. It oozes aggression. My first response was not negative, though they then felt they needed to call me 'precious' in a sarcastic derogatory way. But of course your view is going to be warped by the fact you personally hate me and follow me thread to thread. I think people should be able to vent about problems they experience in any game they want. Heck, there's threads in some games about how they hate a single individual trophy. Forums are great places to vent and see like minded views or people who disagree and had a pleasant experience. Pretending to be AFK is a cheap tactic? I'm not sure anyone in the world would agree with that one but we'll see if anyone else comments aside from you regarding that before jumping to conclusions, unlike you, I prefer evidence to back me up before I claim anything The people who FIGHT AFKs are the dirty ones, fighting someone who's not there to fight back. Standing in PvE doing nothing isn't an invitation for some desperate guy to come attack you. If I fight back and they don't like losing, then they shouldn't pick fights in the PvE mode and should either stick to PvP matchmaking or play offline. Not everyone standing around is AFK anyway, they could be in the equipments menu. Are you suggesting looking through your newly acquired equipment in PvE is now and dirty tactic because you're standing still like an AFK? The other player gets the first couple hits free, they get the advantage, if they lose its not because of a dirty tactic, they had the upper hand and lost fair and square. Not sure how that could possibly be considered cheap. AFKs aside, how about those who attack you mid-PvE when you're also on low HP? Is it also dirty to fight them back and win that fight too? Is it basically just dirty to fight back full stop, I just have to let the person kill me if they hit me first? EDIT: WOW, just checked your profile and you don't even have the game? Yet you're trying to make judgements on it and argue with me? Seems true that you're just following me thread to thread... Yknow that's kinda weird right?
  7. You really are angry about something, what is the need for these attacks? You've been hostile before I even replied to you. Honestly part of me is starting to think you've been AFK killing and someone fought back and beat you so thats why you were so angry that I said I baited AFKs... You came in this thread already hostile then when I responded you've just been throwing names at me, behaving sarcastically. What are you gaining from this? I'm not quite sure of your intentions. Hmmm, strange, personally I've not seen this level in Street Fighter games. For sure I've seen the ocassional guy who can't handle a loss but I swear in Absolver it's >90% of the playerbase xD. Granted though I've not played a whole lot of SF, good game, just never got into it as much as other fighters. I suppose it is pretty vague, I usually just identify it as those who either troll intentionally, get aggressive when losing or something a bit more exclusive to this game like solely attack players grinding PvE or being AFK and run from any other fight. My main point with this game (as mentioned earlier in this particular post) is that it appears to be like >90% of the community on this game, I see toxicity in other games but much rarer, even the super popular games. I've played Fortnite on an alt account before and despite the huge success and large child following I don't think I even saw a toxic player, not once. Maybe there are a dozens of them, but they're probably buried by everyone else that I don't have to see them frequently.
  8. I'm not sure why you're feeling the need to be snappy and aggressive? Is there something about this topic that's upset you? You seem to have had quite a negative tone from the get-go. And yes, people have every right to complain about toxicity when they're trying to enjoy their free time gaming only to be getting angry messages accusing them of being a cheater or people using taunts constantly. Some of us have more important things to worry about in life without some young kid using their perceived online anonymity to be an asshole over a game. Baiting some sad AFK killer is hardly even comparable to being an AFK killer, that's just playing the game as intended, having a fair PvP fight when someone initiates it. It's hardly 'one-upping' someone when they're landing the first hit, if they can't handle a fight then they shouldn't attack people, if someone's hands are on the controller, they're going to fight back, that's the game.
  9. Day 1 they'll have a bunch of the Steam-level trash quality games just dumped on the store. But really, we know Sony have no quality control these days so when a new console (PS5) launches there's not going to be a tonne of major games on it immediately, so, maybe new games will be buried by that kind of stuff in the early days xD. As for serious predictions though... TLOU 2 will likely have a version available at launch. Death Stranding might be in the same boat with that, both being quite major late gen games. Guerilla might have something for launch, honestly I'd like them to revisit Killzone again but a new IP or HZD2 would be welcome too. FF7, seems quite plausible, it's almost as if next gen is partly why it's taking so long, it's waiting on the next gen.
  10. How is that abusing this system? Enlighten me? If a player is desperate and wants to attack AFK players to get kills what's exactly abusive about pretending to be AFK to lure out those desperate noobs and then give them a genuine fair fight? Sorry for not letting them have a freebie...? Maybe if they got good instead of trying to attack AFKs they might actually stand a chance in a fair fight. I almost feel like the rest of your comment also implies you didn't read the thread properly as nothing you mention seems to relate to anything anyone has said here so I'm not sure who the rest of your comment is aimed at.
  11. Okay, I think I understand the matchmaking after a little tinkering. There appears to be 2 matchmaking factors. The server you're in while matchmaking is where it'll start the search but it won't match you with anyone of too higher ping or something along those lines. Over time sitting in matchmaking the distance effectively expands and you can match with people you normally couldn't. So, what this means for people wanting to match in different regions, it's possible but difficult because it takes time and you'll likely find legit matches in your region first. Join the person who's timezone is non-peak time. For example, if it's 4am for your US friend, join your US friend. This is because it appears to matchmake based on the region you're in (US) so not only is there likely no one for your friend to match up with because of time but you won't get dragged into an EU server while it's searching. Over time the ping range or whatevrer increases until eventually after waiting a while it'll plop you together as a last resort since there were no more suitable players to matchmake with. Basically, unless you or your friend play at odd times of the day you've probably got no chance.
  12. Exactly, 100% this.
  13. Hell no, that vote system always got me super salty. The idea of being teased with something being free on Plus only for everyone who probably has no interest in even playing the games pick something that doesn't interest me just makes me unnecessarily bitter. At least if you don't have a choice and don't like the lineup you don't have that 'here's what you could of had' moment xD.
  14. Something I've been thinking actually, it's probably a good thing for everyone to get an unobtainable or two to put the obsessive side in check. Unless they're the type of person to just make a new account that is.
  15. PS4 - DMC4:SE (considering DMC5, this would be neat. Geometry Wars³: Dimensions (It was on VITA once but I don't have a VITA) PS3 - NGS2 because why not, and I can't think of anything else, good job they're dropped PS3 on PS+ lol VITA - Couldn't care less, cross-buys galore please, I rather have some surprises to explore new games.