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  1. Hmm, I'm not sure whether I'd agree. Yes, these are basically flat-out trophy whore games and most platinums owners probably did it just for the trophies but also there are probably people who enjoyed one of these. One man's trash is another man's treasure after all. There's people out there who consider Fallout76 one of their favourite games (I actually know someone who does! 😅) I would say that Hannah Montanna is one that would concern me, if you are a fully grown adult playing this not for trophies then that would raise an eyebrow, that's a tad creepy. Mostly these games require context if you're going to say they're 'just for trophies'. If someone only has 1 of these games it's hard to say why they played it, maybe they enjoyed it, maybe it was for meme purposes. If they have a good chunk of them then it's clear they're doing them just for the trophies. And I'll defend Slyde because it's like £0.99 on the store if I remember correctly and is a sliding puzzle game, which people do enjoy, for that kind of price there's nothing wrong with that. Though I would say most people who are into that would download the plethora of free apps on IOS and Android instead, but still, 99 pence for a few puzzles isn't too bad.
  2. You should aspire to have a list that looks exactly like mine. Sadly you've messed up by having some good games completed so perfection is out of your reach 👍. But really, try not to concern yourself with what's considered a 'good' or 'bad' profile, there's all kinds of toxicity surrounding those areas where people just roast everyone's profiles for not having 'x' or not completing 'y'. Enjoy the games you love and enjoy the journeys to completion. If you want some suggestions for challenging games or some series' to get into maybe you could let us know a bit about your gaming tastes? I might have a couple ideas I could give you.
  3. I doubt it'll ever be mainstream. Statistically most gamers don't even FINISH most the games they play let alone go that extra mile to obtain specific trophies in them. I will say however it's becoming less of a small niche these days. Whether that be thanks to Sony acknowledging trophies more directly or the various more mainstream YouTube channels covering topics regarding trophies more often or maybe it's none of the above and it's just something completely random. I remember back in the day there was always a huge divide between the attitudes towards gamerscore and trophies. XBox achievements were always acceptable in the more mainstream crowd, most would still ignore them etc. but if you told your friends you were going for an achievement it'd be like 'okay cool' and maybe even 'would you like some help?'. Trophies on the other hand though, despite being the same type of system, seemed to have more of a stigma attached to them and if you told your friends they'd just call you a trophy whore or something. You can see so much evidence of this online on forums and YouTube comments in XBox communities versus PlayStation ones, I'm not sure how it happened but I'm sure we've all seen it. These days, particularly the last few years I have seen more interest in the trophy scene (not necessarily people who actively hunt/whore the way people on this site do, but people who may go that extea step to finish their AAA plat and then post to their social media). It'll never be mainstream but maybe it'll get even less niche as time goes on, who knows how the PS5 will support it, maybe it'll be the resurgence the system needs to pull it closer to mainstream attention.
  4. So this may be a silly question but is it possible to find what someone's new PSN name is if you only knew their old one? I know this site shows name history but I don't know their current ID, that's what I'm looking for.
  5. There's a lot of pointless Plus hating these days for no reason that some will just find any excuse to mention it, even when it's irrelevant
  6. Good luck with Q, I don't even have a game beginning with Q, and I think there's only one ultra rare option being Quantum Theory. EDIT: I just had a look at my own list and I currently don't have an ultra rare platinum for the following: #, Q, U and X. Maybe I might take some inspiration from this thread myself lol, though I know I won't get Q for reasons stated above
  7. I'm sorry, but, no I've observed this thread and you absolutely cannot make this statement when it's clear you're incapable of a mature grown up debate. But just block anyone who dares to counter argue because that means you've won right? Good job, well done buddy. This is what happens when people talk, discuss and read-up things only with people they agree with, they end up totally weak at debate and having their views challenged. Also, some of your information is flat-out wrong and disproved, I feel like you haven't done much research and probably watched a couple YouTube videos or a couple articles (from probably only one source which you already agree with) and take them as gospel. Inform yourself before making such bold absolutist comments. And this whole 'principle' thing is silly, it's just trying to act all superior but really it's hypocritical do-goodery where you're actually supporting numerous far worse situations daily but spend all your energy hating on and avoiding entertainment products just because of a few poor publisher decisions.
  8. I've mentioned this game and trophy before when talking about how easily you can amass ultra rare trophies these days if you wanted to, I can explain the rarity. This was in the prime of PS+ usage, early enough into the PS4 life cycle that people didn't have big game collections and would try basically every game (considering PS+ was now mandatory for online that was even more people) but it's also the time people started being extra whiny about the plus selections, I remember this month being quite the tipping point for this and this game got a lot of unwanted hate because of that. Long story short, a hell of a lot of people started and dropped this immediately. Doesn't matter how many people try jump on for the easy ultra rares they'll probably still stay ultra rare because you're not going to bring back all those who tried it and took a hard pass. Free Realms is one game I always remember from back in the day because you got the list for free since the game was free to play, but you had to pay premium membership to earn any trophies. Since everyone who played and tried it for free had the list but only members had the trophies the %s were really low. I imagine the equivalent these days would be Fortnite because everyone and their mother downloaded the free Battle Royale version but the trophies are for the Save the World version which is the original paid game.
  9. Titanfall 2 and Modern Warfare Remastered come to mind, I'd imagine Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered should be too based on the original but I haven't tried the remaster yet myself. Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary World Tour can be short and easy, personally I played it all on the highest setting with no rewinding but apparently you can use cheat codes and play on the easiest setting so... That's probably the easiest and quickest I know of if you're okay with cheating. Doom 2016 is fairly quick and easy too, especially since you can choose to play that on a lower difficulty if you want to, again. Also the original Doom is fairly quick and easy too, but I'd say (especially if you're playing solo) that Doom 2 is quite a bit tougher.
  10. Making a snap judgement based on a picture probably isn't the best, but I am in the club that don't like it. I'm hoping that a more traditional Dualshock releases down the line whether 3rd party or official but maybe I'll get used to this new one. Thing for me is the picture looks a lot like other controllers I've used and they've all been really uncomfortable to hold so I have a similar image in my head and it could be nothing like that in reality. First impressions though aren't good for me.
  11. LEGO is always a solid go-to, especially since you can co-op to guide them and theres no real fail state but they do offer puzzles and challanges to figure out. I never played the original MediEvil but after playing the remake I feel that's a good choice for children, it introduces them to many of the staples of gaming but the game itself is easy enough. I'm sure Dreams could offer plenty as well but I haven't checked it out personally, just going by Twitch streamers on that one (and because its user generated content, it's worth looking into levels and monitoring)
  12. I recommend it, especially for the price. If you're familiar with the original it's very much what you'd expect from a modern take on it. It's nothing mind blowing but it's more than worth that price, snap it up!
  13. Would be pretty cool to have additional trophies for the new stuff, I had the same feeling with Apex, every time they added a new character I was hoping for a simple 'win with the character' trophy. The Velo times would be a perfect addition as well as just doing some of the new track/content related stuff.
  14. Nothing would change for me, I'll be playing the same kind of games the same way. Trophies never really got me in any way, only time I pay them any attention is if there's a cool unique additional challenge in the list or if I'm at 90% and am curious as to what would lead me to getting a platinum for it (though that's not to say I would actually do whatever it is, I'd just be sure to take a look, that's all lol) Only reason my main account even has any platinums is because many of which are tied to completing the game and I'm an old school completionist, I don't even look at the list. I've always played through the hardest difficulties, collected all the things and got all the top in game rankings etc. Honestly, one day trophies will cease to exist, we can safely guess they'll stick around for the PS5 generation but beyond that who knows, they could phase out or be replaced/turned into something entirely different in future.