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  1. The least achievers on my list is at 10. I would love to have something in the single digits (I do enjoy finding niche hidden gems) The trophy in question is the platinum trophy for the game #Funtime and it's actually a pretty fun game. It's a chill twin-stick game, mostly survival arenas but there's other challenges in there too like building score in a time limit or mazes to escape etc. There's also an interesting mode where you have a wrecking ball attached to you that builds up your multiplier on direct hits but also can kill you if you're not paying attention to it. I hope one day I can find a good game with under 10 achievers but at the same time if it's good then I'd rather see it get far more than 10 achievers I won't gatekeep low achievement trophies, if it's a cool fun game then I want other people to enjoy it too.
  2. Anything else? Reason I ask is neither of those sound like they'd practically make it 'harder'. The hardest parts of the game don't involve pinkies or imps (well, imps are pretty much everywhere, but you get the point) and I can't say I ever really paused during an actual level run. Levels ain't that long and besides, IIRC, the game can crash if you keep going at the same level too long. Also, power ups didn't respawn (unless they changed that?) With those things in mind, odds are you'd be restarting some of the levels (particularly dying after burning through a power up) rather than just respawning over and over so... just have a breather between restarts? The biggest threat is totally hit-scan enemies (that 2nd to last level final sprint, they can chew you up without a 2nd player) and also rooms cluttered with higher health enemies because, if playing solo in coop, you physically don't have enough DPS to clear a room before things start respawning and it can sometimes just feel like you're making absolutely no progress I can't think of any level in the game where those 2 changes would make any real tangible difference. There is one room with an obnoxious amount of pinkies but you can shoot them in safety before going in and will mostly ignore the remainder (just kill enough to get through) meanwhile imps, or most projectiles really, aren't a big threat at all. I get it, technically you can argue it's objectively 'harder' because those are direct enemy buffs with no seemingly no nerfs... But... in practice I just don't see that doing much. The 2nd to last level isn't going to be made any more difficult and that's the real hurdle to face in a Doom 2 coop Nightmare run. I supposed maybe it can increase your chances of slipping up to an imp fireball, but that's the least of your worries. Doom 2s coop Nightmare is totally unfair though, but then it is ultimately made for coop and loners like me playing it solo aren't really playing as intended so I guess I should have expected it to be unfair
  3. Not even joking or meme-ing, I'd somewhat like to have the dedication to go through the Ratalaika catalogue just for the hell of it to bump my numbers considering so many in my circles have done a bunch of them, I'm like the only person I know who doesn't have any of those games Thing is, I just don't have that tolerance or mental resistance to plough through many bad games. I can watch other people play them, I've enjoyed Steam dumpster diving streams on Twitch but to actually play through them all myself, I don't think I could... Maybe if I had a group of friends to joke around with or something whilst I did each one, but otherwise it's something I think is impossible for me to do alone. I know it's not the 'skill' that people think of when they see this kind of thread, but that dedication is a skill in its own right. It's out of my skill level in that regard, I just can't. As for 'skill' in the other sense, I guess I'd love to be able to complete a difficult rythym game at some point in the future. I can't think of anything specific, but it's a genre I'm weakest at and I've certainly never contemplated fully completing one as they'd most likely be way out of my league. Any other challenge I feel I can overcome regardless how hard it may be as long as I'm willing to put in the effort.
  4. No competition for this one, easily Lizard Lady vs the Cats. There's a few personal stinkers I've tried from sales/PS+ that didn't quite deliver in my eyes, but nothing I'd consider outright bad... except that
  5. I believe it has to be 2 accounts, but I'm not sure since I'm only going off of other people's posts I found online.
  6. From what I hear the VITA trick relates to being on the same network, so physically owning both a VITA/PS4 (or also works between PS4/PS5) Thanks for reminding me I made this thread because I did find a workaround and should update this thread with the info. Joining a friend from another region (in my case, a friend from NA) seemed to work. It doesn't connect right away and it looks like it's the same error at first but as long as you keep having your friend make a session and try to quick-join eventually you'll get in. It's difficult to find someone to help, because NA players have no problem playing either local or online and thus won't really be looking for partners. I was fortunate enough to have a friend with the game who offered up the help. My guess is the problem is EU server related? And since the game is technically online only (there's no local save files) that could explain why local coop doesn't work either, as it's still using EU matchmaking for the 2 local accounts. But by constantly trying to join an NA friend eventually it puts you into the NA servers I guess? Not entirely sure what causes it or why, but this appears to at least be one extra alternative solution for EU players.
  7. First result on Google for most platinums in a day is a video with 50 in 16 hours. There's more than 300 games similar to those mentioned in the description (including the stacks) so if we assume 50 platinums in 16 hours is a reasonable pace to go through these kind of games then 300 could theoretically be about 96 hours worth. 96 hours at that rate spread across a year would be like doing just under 2 hours a week, or heck, binge it 16 hours a day and just do it in a week like a lunatic 96 hours is still 'work', it's effort and money (especially if you binge it!), but I know where people are coming from with that kind of statement and yeah, plausible to hit those numbers fairly easily on a fresh new account, theres more than enough games, just a matter of how many you play at once and the breaks between them (some games/stacks can even be played at the same time like skipping VNs on multiple consoles) I'm no expert, and I didn't watch the video (maybe he's a speedrunner), so maybe it'd take longer but I reckon it's totally still possible to crank out 300 platinums without too much time or effort. Oh and I agree the pops shouldn't be frowned upon, honestly I don't think any of it should really be frowned upon.
  8. Kind of a backlogger, I guess? I don't actively focus more on one over the other, but as a budget gamer I don't tend to buy many brand new games right out the gate (especially since I might not play them immediately) so I'll wait until a juicy sale or if I'm like 'yes I will play this right now'. Generally I'm a very spontaneous gamer, whatever I'm in the mood for when I switch my console on is what I'll do and I don't really think about it. Sometimes the games newer, sometimes it's old, sometimes it's a purchase from a sale then and there never explicitly looking at my backlog but it's there to dip into if I fancy something in it.
  9. This leads me onto a small vent about much of the elitist crowd. The one thing I always find hypocritical about the elitist 'ultra rare' trophies crowd is that indeed, the same 'problems' actually do exist. They complain about Rata games/stacks, people playing easier games to inflate a number (platinums/trophies/level) and that every trophy whores profile 'looks the same'. Go to one of these elitist profiles and you'll notice the following: Stacks, easy games with URs to inflate the count and guess what? Their profiles also all look the same with the exact same easy UR games/stacks littering their lists. Instead of Ratalaika it'll be the same PS+ inflated titles with a lot of URs such as, off the top of my head: Magicka 2, Injustice stacks, In Space We Brawl stacks (a game which is literally just boosting with multiple controllers) etc. And I have absolutely nothing against that, just as I have nothing against regular trophy whores, you're free to enjoy yourself however you like and if that's what your account consists of them I'm not shaming you at all! But when some people keep up with the elitist attitude and criticising trophy whore accounts for what they do it always comes across just so hypocritical since they basically do the exact same thing just in pursuit of a different number. Pretty common to see a profile with over 1,000 URs that hasn't got any remotely difficult games in there these days (and if they do, it'll be just one recognisable popular game with a really well established reputation like Meat Boy or Wolfenstein 2 etc. because they need make sure people are able to recognise their so-called elite skills right? An elitist doesn't want to challenge themself, they just want other people to think they're a better than them 👀) At least big trophy whore accounts don't generally obnoxiously put others down to lift themselves up. They do what they do because they enjoy it or are chasing trophy leaderboards competitively, they ain't claiming to be more 'talented' gamers, unlike said elitists. And again, nothing wrong with what they do, just the hypocrisy of those who choose to put others down.
  10. In this case what constitutes a stack? I've always viewed stacks more as literally the exact same release but with a seperate list. So, regional stacks, general platform stacks etc. but if a game gets remastered or ported to a new generation much later in some 'complete' or expanded package I'm not sure I personally consider it so much of a stack even though, it is, I guess, still the same game. I have one 'stack' on my main account, Payday 2 on PS3 and PS4, though PS4 version is pretty much an entirely different game by comparison (and even that pales in comparison to the PC version) so it doesn't 'feel' like a stack to some degree, it feels like a natural progression of the series much like going from Hitman to Hitman 2 and then to Hitman 3. Old content is there, but plenty of new content and features. I keep my old consoles, so unless there's a considerable reason to play via a newer-gen remastered release (aside GRAAAAAAAPHICS) then I just stick to the version I have, I see no need to stack for the sake of stacking. Like, if I fancy replying through TLOU, I'll replay through it on PS3 just fine. But I guess many trophy hunters would consider that a waste of time to be replaying the game and having no extra trophies to show for it but... hey, I just play games to enjoy the games.
  11. Just stumbled on this topic and now I have a question now based on the phrasing here. Do you need Hitman 2 installed to claim the legacy maps for Hitman 3? I don't have Hitman 3 yet (already done the progression carry-over though) and don't currently have Hitman 2 installed because it's pretty beefy and I need the space. Will I specifically have to reinstall 2? I remember that being the case to get 1's maps in 2 so it wouldn't surprise me, it's just, like I say, a beefy install
  12. It wouldn't bother me because I don't think much to Halo, but maybe all this time those chain messages back on PS3 were right and that's the true reason it might happen 'send this to all your friends and Halo will come to PS' etc. etc. There's a couple XBox exclusives I'd love to see on PS, so if it's a kind of trend then I'm hoping for those one day, but Halo... 'meh', just another indentity-less shooty bang bang game. XBox are totally going down this kind of path so it's definitely plausible even if these are their poster boys. What I'd be more shocked to see (and I'd also much rather see) are Nintendos flagship games making their way onto PS. I don't own any modern Nintendo consoles but I'd love to play the likes of Mario Odyssey and the newer Pokemon for example.
  13. I've never had a problem with the existence of easy platinum games etc. they've always been a thing and always will be because some games are hard and others are easy, that's just how it is. Not every game is made exclusively for the hardcore crowd. I think it would be a bit gatekeeping to say, for example, something like "Hannah Montanna shouldn't have a plat". Why not? I don't think the difficulty of the game should be a decider on whether a game should or shouldn't have a platinum (I think for consistency sake all games should gave a platinum as a mark of game completion). Quantity of platinums a player owns doesn't really matter and you can always see where those platinums come from if anyone really cares about their #HardcoreGamer e-peen. The only 2 things that slightly bother me with the structure of the trophy system over time are: 1) Game appropriate lists - A lot of games out there don't have lists that seem appropriate to the games content. For example, a lot of AAA games have hard modes but don't require them for the platinum? I always used to think the concept of 100%ing the achievements for a game were to represent 100%ing the game but often that's not the case. To bring Hannah Montanna into the equation, despite being an easy game, that's an appropriate list if I'm not mistaken. I haven't played it myself but from what little I've heard you have to do everything and get top scores etc. and whilst it's easy to do that'd be an actual 100% game completion requirement so... makes sense for a trophy list to me. Meanwhile let's take another random game, God of War 2018, where you can get the platinum without even touching a higher difficulty and 100%ing the game, or Doom Eternal which not too long ago I 100% completed despite having already unlocked the platinum long before that, it doesn't make sense to me. On the flip-side, there's kids games and casual games which throw out random more difficult achievements that aren't tied to the games completion at all. Whilst I think it's overrated in difficulty and overhated, take Infallible from Fall Guys, is it necessarily appropriate for a casual game like that? Or what about games where you've 100% the content but for some reason an achievement is like "Yo! Kill this arbitrary number of enemies" or "Die 1000 times". Frankly, the player should just have the platinum at that point, that's just silly mindless post-completion grind for the sake of it. Would be nice to just have a consistent structure where a platinum says 'I completed this game' and the game title says 'This is what game that is '. Easy to judge at a glance, no need to be a trophy expert, hard game is hard platinum, easy game is easy platinum, either way, you know the person completed it all in that game. 2) Stacks - Really simple and self explanatory, this can be acceptable for multiple platforms (particularly during a generation transition) and naturally remasters etc. will get another list, but having a seperate list for every store region the games available in is baffling and it's obviously exploited by certain publishers. They know exactly what they're doing when they shovel out a game I'd expect to be free on flash sites back in the day and attempt to sell it to you numerous times, they're exploiting trophy addicts for a quick buck. Yes, it's a niche community and their entire business model doesn't revolve around it, but that doesn't mean they're doing this 'accidentally' or they're innocent. They used to advertise the stacks quite prominently but I haven't seen it in a while, wonder if maybe they got into trouble with Sony over advertising it, didn't Sony remove another game from the store for advertising itself as a quick plat? 1 game, 1 trophy list as far as I'm concerned. If you complete the game *ding* platinum. If you don't, well you have however many trophies you have by the end of you time with it. Again this ties into a neat structured system, having the same game show up a dozen times looks crazy. It's nice just just see what yourself and other people have/haven't completed in a neat organised fashion, stacks just bloat and messy the profile. If you want to play these crap games and stack them for trophies then by all means do it! Everyone is free to enjoy themselves however they want and I'm not going to shame someone for having a load of easy games on their list, they certainly have a lot more patience for bad games than me which I admire that perseverance. I wouldn't even be able to 100% just one of those games, it's technically not as 'easy' as people make out, need to be pretty resilient and I admit I absolutely couldn't do it. Also, to have that much disposable income to casually throw away on increasing a number on your profile, obviously the persons in a better financial position than me, good on them. Some of these people have a lot of free time and disposable cash, isn't that the dream? Money and time? So what if they're not spending it how you would, they're enjoying themselves 👍 The only reason it's worth 'roasting' someone with an easy trophy whore account is as a clapback if they're publicly trying to brag about it and frame it as if it makes them a more skilled gamer but honestly... 1) you can ignore them and not say anything and 2) I've never actually seen anyone do that unironically. I've seen people boast about being a good trophy hunter, but yes, technically that's accurate because they have a lot of trophies. But I've never seen anyone try and make the claim that their Ratalaika filled list makes them a 'better' gamer other than as a joke to bait elitists . In short, to each their own, but I would have liked to see improvements, better regulation and consistent structure to the trophy system in general which would effectively eliminate a lot of this. Systems broke, but I ain't mad 👍
  14. To me, this one really worked in those games. If they ever revisit the Legends Spyro universe in the future and they don't get Elijah Wood on board then it'd be a big nope from me, he simply is Legends Spyro in my eyes.
  15. Yeah, I think grade should be the primary sorting for identical rarity. It's a small minor detail, but I do see this in people's rarest trophy lists quite a bit and it feels odd not seeing the platinum in the higher spot.