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  1. Okay, my immaturity shows, I found that hilarious. For my main it's "Evil Eats" and here it's "First Of Many". Eh, nothing interesting or funny for me :/
  2. When I see this thread...
  3. Considering how they often screw them up and end up glitched/unobtainable and it takes often whole years to either fix or just get the patch through (esp. EU lol), I imagine they just didn't want to bother, saves themselves a lot of hassle, they already have enough on their plate.
  4. Totally agree on this one. I don't really like GTAV to begin with (I havent reinstalled it since before this update even dropped so...) but the idea of having to do the same long and probably boring (if the previous heists are anything to go by) challenge 3 seperate times, just with a different quantity of players sounds utterly awful. I used to remember disliking Heists enough as it was because you couldn't ever find anyone (unless you were playing a finale) and they were still super dull, so what's the odds you'll find a group of 4 willing to tackle the entire thing without getting killed, and do it all over again 2 more times? Or wait, maybe even 3 more times since you'd have to do the 3 player one twice so everyone gets it (or find another player each after you split off into pairs for the 2 player one) Seems like a lot of time and hassle in an already shitty game just for the sake of a trophy, and not even a 'prestigious' one at that, since there's load of exploits to make it easy for some people, it's just a case of who decides to literally waste away their time for the sake of one silver.
  5. Frankly the way I see it, easy or hard, there's way too few owners to conclude anything and come to a general concensus. I wouldn't judge it on percentage or a handful of achievers opinions necessarily. OP obviously believes it difficult for them and a guide writer thinks it's easy, that's just how the game was for those respective individuals. There's people who genuinely didn't find SMB all that hard and people who'd give it an 11/10 if they could, but because there's a much bigger sample size we can come to a general understanding of where the difficulty lies among the community, you can't really fairly do that when barely over 10 people have even beat the thing and only just over 100 people have even tried the game.
  6. Just looked at his profile. Game has just over 100 games owners, of course the % will be higher, only ~10 people have it done though.
  7. It eventually did for me lol, I didn't do anything differently though, unusual but hey at least it unlocked.
  8. You may have accidentally missed a level or something? If you have a video maybe upload it and someone might be able to point out whatever issue caused you not to get it.
  9. I don't see the point personally, it seems an unnecessary use of time and money because the site on mobile works fantastically already (especially compared to competitors). I don't see what an app would really add beyond what you can already do by just bookmarking the site as a button on your phone lol. Honestly, this site does a good job at accessibility, meanwhile sites like TrueTrophies have very poor mobile optimisation and charge simply just for the ability to even use a mobile version at all
  10. Saw a guy playing it on Twitch not too long ago and immediately reminded me of the days I used to sit and play PMD games. It's a really fun formula actually and I'm going to assume is equally as much of a time-sink. I'm not a FF fan myself but I'm tempted to grab it to be honest and lose my life to it for a bit.
  11. I'm going to use you as an example to say something that I'm sure will trigger a couple of people but I'm just having a bit of fun I checked your profile, you don't quite have 100 URs (yet) but you've honestly got a higher quantity of skilled/difficult platinums than some people I've seen on this site who have 1,000+ URs. If that alone doesn't debunk the whole having more URs = having more difficult games completed then I don't know what will
  12. Couldn't care less about ultra Rare or %s as a whole. Naturally you could claim it is more 'impressive' to have rarer/more difficult completions but as we all know rarity and difficulty don't necessarily go hand in hand and there's easy shit out there in the 1% region and some crazy hard stuff barely scraping under 10% or so. Generally I would be more interested in what the games are than what the percentage of them is. According to my stats I have 62 platinums of Ultra Rare status, some I can understand for sure, forum users like to talk about them being difficult or that they couldn't be bothered with 'x' or 'y'... But, some I'm just like 'huh?' because... I don't know why they're so rare at all lol. I suppose a couple because of Playstation Plus, but some are just rare for... reasons? Also, I see some people mentioned PSN rarity... Oh my goodness that's useless. Don't get me wrong it could be handy because it's factoring in the whole playerbase for an accurate reading of just how rare it is among all players of the game but... it needs another decimal for sure! Half my god damn games are riddled with 0.1%s considering how low the %s are, an extra decimal is more important I feel. Over here on PSNP it'd be fine to have just a single decimal, it doesn't make a big difference and hardly anything hits the 0.1% region, but PSN, almost every games platinum is sub-5%.
  13. That's true, first of the 3 Dark Souls was what, late 2011? Around that time the main kind of games were of course the Call of Duty games and various other very handholding easy games. I guess in contrast to the games of the time it could have been a shocker to have been hit with a game that doesn't babysit you throughout, especially for the mainstream. I guess that goes to show just how dumbed down those years were for AAA gaming lol.
  14. Not a month for me. Surge could maybe attract my attention if I'm not really playing anything, it happens, from time to time I'll spontaneously start a game from my backlog or PS+ backlog that I wasn't massively wanting to play that much. It doesn't seem a bad game or anything, actually it seems rather good, just not something to really excite me. If I play it, it'll be a solid experience to pass the time I guess, I've just got so many other more interesting games on the horizon. Conan however, not a chance, definitely not my kind of thing. I would say overall I'm less excited over PS+ games and that's not because they're somehow objectively 'getting worse' as some ignorant people would say, but instead because thanks to PS+ (and my own spending habits) I've got a backlog/library of games that I am genuinely really interested in, so when a fairly good game comes on PS+ I just don't really jump to playing it or plan on playing it really any time soon unless it's really something special that catches my attention (which in the past would usually be newly released indie titles I didn't really know of beforehand, but after so many people complaining about indies we rarely seem to get them now...)
  15. There's a guy I know who exclusively plays easy games, he regularly looks up guides before he buys and will refuse to buy anything if it either doesn't have a guide or the difficulty is rated too high. He bought VR quite some time ago, so, my way of answering this will be to look at any UR VR games he has because that's just the type of guy he is. Here's what I found: Battlezone Eagle Flight RIGS - MCL Beat Saber Naturally take this list with a pinch of salt, I do not own VR and have no intention to so I'm just basing the list entirely on what I said above. Also the guy got banned from here so he could have just cheated a couple hard ones for all I know.