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  1. Whilst I don't have any examples off the top of my head, I'd generally not include what would be called 'platinum blocker' bronzes where the rest of the list is easier, only because technically since it's likely all you have left then I guess you could argue it's a bronze and a platinum, technically, right? The insane 'only a bronze!?' types I'd totally think about would be either in DLC or games without platinums, that way they're always purely just a bronze and nothing more, or games where whilst hard for a bronze, they're not the sole gatekeeper of the platinum.
  2. We all have game we somewhat regret spending cash on that turned out mediocre but I don't think I've ever regretted having a game on my account or wish I could remove it because to me the trophy list being there feels almost like a kind of documentation of your modern gaming 'career', the highs and the lows, removing things you've done feels like a totally false representation of yourself. If for any reason anyone looked at my trophy list I'd like them to know it's 100% accurate to what I've played, when I've played them and what I've done in them (as far as trophies can track at least, won't know all my multiplayer game stats, or games that just don't have trophies for some tasks) so I like every 'blemish' because no one's perfect, we don't always buy masterpieces, sometimes we get a dud and move on or maybe a game was too difficult or the game required so much of our time and we moved onto a new shiny game that released. I would probably look at any so called 'perfect' account quite cynically, I would instantly assume they've essentially manufacturered a false account and that's not a real representation of their gaming history. They've probably practiced games on an alt before deciding what to play or to get an 'impressive' completion time they can pretend was a 'blind playthrough', they probably cheat/boost/glitch etc. their trophies just do not reflect reality. They may not have done any of this and just happen to have naturally ended up like that, but when so many people try to maintain false online profiles anything 'too perfect' seems fake 'if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is' as they say. I'd much rather have a believable natural account with blemishes than have people question my authenticity, I like to be real and honest, just who I am.
  3. Spot on what I expected for the price, I'm ready for it and I honestly got goosebumps at GoW . All the industry bullshit aside, it feels like a great time to be a gamer.
  4. I'd say a part of that is unfamiliarity and change, veterans of the first have poured hours into the first game to know it inside out. I wouldn't necessarily say Spelunky 2 is 'harder' so whilst veterans may be stumbling a little over the new additions I don't think players who are completely new to both games would have that much more difficulty entering with 2 over 1 personally. I wouldn't consider playing the first a requirement overall but it's great stuff and worth a play anyway, plus I think it's pretty cheap these days(?) so no harm in dipping your toes here before plunging into the 2nd.
  5. Too little too late if they patch it now, there's already been the massive surge of cheaters using it so it's not like the trophy has any kind of 'prestige' of 'bragging rights' on it's own. They may as well not bother fixing it at this point if they haven't in this update (especially if it's not a quick easy fix, rather they focus on more important matters). I doubt they'll patch it if it still works, they've expressed interest in making the trophy easier down the road anyway so rather than fixing the exploit it instead might just be the case that the exploit is the least efficient method compared to whatever easier legit alternatives they bring to the table.
  6. If you exclude multiplayer I can't say I've delved that many crazy hours into one single game because I'm a variety gamer at heart. In the stats Sony gave out once though one single-player game clocked up a lot and that was Binding of Isaac. Strongest contenders on PS4 would be multiplayer games and it would comfortably be Rainbow 6 Siege at that peak I reckon. If you include multiplayer games and we go back to my youth where I had more free time then I dare not even try to calculate how many hours I've spent in MMOs over the years... Whether that be the countless time on Runescape in or more niche MMOs that I've plowed ridiculous numbers into... I don't play MMOs at all anymore because I just know I'll get hooked. At one point, in an MMO called FlyFF I had the highest HP/DEF tank on the entire server as well as having a second character who ranked up there with the top DPS/PvP players in the server, safe to say you don't just do that overnight 👀. And that's not the worst part, whilst I had high levels in a few MMOs I didn't spend all my time grinding I actually socialised and just hung around certain social areas for just as much if not more of my time in those games, that just skyrockets my playtime even more... like I said earlier in this post... I don't even want to begin to calculate my hours, but it's comfortably in the thousands.
  7. Almost never, on a rare occasion I've glanced at some strangers PSN level that I've played with or something but that's about as far as it goes. Couple of friends of mine claim to be trophy hunters so I might creepily check if they've sneakily completed something without telling anyone 👀. I can't speak for everyone and I'm sure this thread will prove me wrong, but I generally don't think people really tend to actually look at each others trophies much at all unless the person is actively promoting/talking about their trophies and whatnot (though it's clear some check because they want to use someone's profiles to criticise their opinion on these forums). I've looked at Hakoom from time to time, see how his totals are looking, but he's the #1 so it's only natural to check out how the record holder is doing lol.
  8. If you can find one offering maybe >$20 an hour I might sell-out
  9. Yeah I've noticed that, whenever they offer money it always works out considerably less than minimum wage. Now sure if you're a speedrunner or you just really fancy completing the game again for fun then it probably could be worthwhile getting a bit of cash on top for something you may have essentially done already. But otherwise... Cmon... I would never do it anyway, but if I did, I'd at least charge by the hour and I'm certain no one would be willing to pay that way since bigger games would cost them a small fortune
  10. I think for a lot of people it's the stark contrast between how easy chill and relaxed the game is and one particular more difficult challenge in a minigame. No way on earth could I consider that challenge bumping it all the way up to 8 but I can understand how the contrast could make it feel that way to some. It's predominantly a grind but not in a bad way with a small tiny dose of difficulty in there, mostly like a 1/10 for 99% of the trophies with that last 1% being like a 4? But when you've been playing a borderline 1/10 for a few hundred hours and try that spike to a 4(?) it's going to maybe 'feel' like a nightmare all of a sudden but... Nah, not even remotely close to that kind of 8/10 difficulty, at the absolute most, maybe a 5. I know some people factor length into difficulty ratings though (which doesn't make sense because you have an estimated completion time for that) so maybe that's part of the reason it got labelled so high instead, but it's really not difficult in terms of skill, it's a good switch-off game for the most part, relaxing, I'd recommend buying it to be honest 👍
  11. Looks like they put more work into the trophy icons than the box-art
  12. I get this a lot and I'm not sure why, one person sent me an invite on 3 seperate occasions (so far 👀) with an identical copy/paste PSN message each time. I reckon a bunch of those communities use bots to mass message certain types of accounts. The one I had was something to do with completion rates or something, thing is I did reply the second time saying basically 'no thanks you've invited me twice now with the same message please stop'. Guy apologised but a month or so later I got another one from the same guy and it wouldn't surprise me if I get another one day. Weird, because my main account isn't active on any forums (if you Google my PSN you pretty much just get a PSNProfile page) so I don't know how they find me.
  13. I wouldn't join any 'trophy' communities on PSN, they're really boring IMO, it's all the same constant flow of posts like this: User 1 - "#69 My Name is Mayo" User 2 - "#180 Call of Duty Modern Black Warfare Ops 7" User 1 - "#70 Slyde" User 3 - Can someone help me boost User 1 - "#71 Hannah Montannas Big Day Out" User 2 - "#181 Find Your Car Keys - The Game" User 4 - "#890 Kim Kardashian Dance Party" etc. etc.
  14. I don't really trophy hunt at all to be honest but yes this is a secondary account, I initially made this just to help my main finish up something in Driveclub because I didn't know anyone who had the game. After that I oddly liked peoples reactions to the name so I started using it for multiplayer games occasionally. Eventually I pretty much 'retired' this account and just used it for signing up and commenting here. I still find it hilarious when people comment assuming this is my main account though this community is so obsessed with stalking/criticising profiles of people who make a post on this forum that when they do it to me and don't realise it's a blatant alt I find it hilarious! But I guess it's just another thing about modern discussions these days on the internet in general, people want rather try to discredit the individual person making the comment so they dig into their history or something rather than debate or discuss the actual points they made. Agree that Doom 2 nightmare coop is an odd inclusion, especially because it's local only. Taking on a difficult coop challenge is one thing but when it's local it seriously limits the people you can play with and I don't know about you but I don't really even know anyone who plays games in my personal life these days (at least, not anyone competent). I ended up doing it solo with a second controller just sitting there idle and whilst it's nowhere near as hard as people made out its certainly kinda frustrating because it's designed for coop. That level near the end with the end level dash up the hill is quite luck based solo because you're shot at from all angles at the end of the level by hitscan enemies who are near the the start which means they will have all definitely respawned during your run of the whole level and since you have no coop partner to go back and clear them for you they become guaranteed damage to sponge. You can go from full health and armour to dead in a bad run and theres nothing you can do but run through it and hope for the best since you can't dodge hitscan enemies and you can't sit there and fight them there either.
  15. I've had a few messages, some with hilarious stories to try and make me feel bad for them lol. I ignore them, don't even respond with a 'no' since I'm sure the kind going around begging for people to do things for them are entitled enough to argue with you for refusing. One dude told me his son or brother or something started a game on his 100% account without his knowledge and he was devastated and really wanted his completion back. I can't remember if he actually even offered me any money for it in the message so... I had a scumbag as well as cheap skate Dude did get the trophies not too long after with a pretty quick completion time which seems suspect, guess he found someone I got a lot of requests when I finished Doom 2, know couple friends who had the same when they completed it too. I like the ones where they're like 'I was admiring your amazing trophies and...', kissing my ass isn't going to get what you want but I'll take the free ego boost thank you. I don't see the point, a fake account just seems silly to me. Trophy communities are so niche it's not like you're going to get fame and recognition for boasting that you have 1 hard platinum trophy. I would hate looking at my own list and seeing something that doesn't belong, something I haven't actually done. I like that these days trophies and achievement can exist as like some kind of representation of your gaming life over the years, you played this, beat that, did that thing, didn't do that thing etc. what's the point in one that's false and doesn't represent you. But hey, in the days of social media where everyone's trying to falsly portray themselves as the perfect human being at all times I guess I'm not surprised.