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  1. Wow thanks dude, I didn't even notice that objective card. I'm going to go for it, I just got the first card of the objective in the few I played last night. This might be a bit of a game changer haha! If my experience with my Brazilian Ronaldo loan card is anything to go by, a powerful card like this could be enough to solo-carry, just give it a couple chemistry links and whatnot.
  2. Dreadful month for me. PvZ doesn't seem the worst thing in the world but I kind of already own that game physically. I really wish we'd go back to mostly indies again, I loved discovering games I otherwise would have overlooked for free as a bonus to my plus subscription.
  3. Well that's a relief to hear, I was thinking that it'd be impossible at this rate. I haven't won a rivals game since my loan players ran out. I've been doing the offline squad battles to try get some coins and complete objectives. I was contemplating seeing if I could play with the transfer economy for profit and good players but I really don't know anything about that side of things. Glad to hear if I stick with it I'll get some good players, would love to get Division 4 out of the way.
  4. Lets throw some famous people in there, I'll go with Jimmy Savile's Break, I'm sure that'll go down fine
  5. Sorry if the title seems a tad misleading, I'm not asking if it's glitched. Going into this game I expected all the FUT complaints to be hyperbole and excuses for poor play and that skill would ultimately overcome any differences in teams (after all, numbers like 70 and 90 don't sound game changing levels of far apart right?) but how wrong I was. In every other online mode I've been dominating and haven't lost a game so I walked into FUT with some confidence that I'd have no issues but as it turns out the powerful player difference takes the skill gap out entirely and the super team wins. I managed to get wins when I had my loan player for 3 matches but he's expired now so I'm left with normal regular non-OP players. As this is very late into the games life cycle I imagine the majority of players have teams or at least a couple players that are super overpowered like that and for a non microtransactions spender I want to know is this now completely unobtainable? Like, is there nothing I can do now? I'm at the point where my skill level at the game is high enough to do this kind of thing if it were balanced but I don't know if it's worth it to keep playing if there aren't any players out there with beatable teams? So that's my question, are there? Is it still obtainable? Did I just get an unlucky run in matchmaking or is everyones teams like that and it is now realistically unobtainable?
  6. I've not used the cabinet feature for my main account at all (I don't even think I've signed up) but if I did I would want to create a sentence using the trophy titles. I don't know what I'd want to say and I'd be limited to whatever words and phrases I've unlocked trophies with but I think that would be more fun than the general 'favourite games' or 'rarest platinums' that a lot of people seem to go for.
  7. There are 2 mains reasons behind this. The first being it's time on PS+, you'll find quite a lot of fairly quick and easy trophies in there that are either ultra rare or verging on it. It was also at a time period where I felt PS+ games had a fairly high play-rate among the general population but people didn't stick much to them (somewhat early gen) and a few games of that era have quite drastically different avg completion rates. The second reason being grind, I've done the level 100 grind and whilst there may be faster techniques found since then it was very much a grind. Theoretically you could AFK the grind and I reckon some people having done so with turbo controllers/macros and the like but I (and probably most) don't have that kind of setup and would need to manually do all that monotonous grind. This doesn't apply to all fighting games, but, generally I find most fighting games are more grind than skill oriented which sometimes makes their rarities intimidating and misleading (which in turn makes them rarer as less people even think of trying). People tend to think of fighting games as a 'hardcore' genre so when they see one with an ultra rare (esp. sub 1%) platinum they assume 'ah, that must be very hard' but 9 times out of 10 it's just grind. What makes the grinds less likely for people to go for is it's usually spread across modes and characters etc. whilst most fighting game players adopt a main you'd be expected to do things like... play 24 hours with each of 28 characters 👀 (MK lol) or a title/badge system that expects you to do a lot of things generally with every character.
  8. No idea and couldn't care less. What is people's obsession with 'celeb beef', the mentality now trickles all the way down to random people with small YouTube channels now. Some people don't get along, some forum posters on this very website don't like each other and we're not making threads speculating why (or maybe you guys have been and I haven't noticed?) I haven't really heard of either, I recently stumbled on Platinum Bro from someone's post in one of the Discords I'm in, he seems a nice guy and his content is perfectly fine to keep his little channel growing and establish a decent audience. When it comes to YouTubers in this kind of scene I'd say Adam McDermott is great, I like his content and I watch every one of his journey episodes but I'm hardly worried about following his personal life and which YouTubers he likes/dislikes etc. I've just never understood this 'celeb gossip' type culture.
  9. Quite disappointing to make the final and then lose, and during penalties of all things which never feels good But, I'm surprised England made the final and with all the controversy over the Denmark game, I found the Italy game nicer to watch and less sloppy even if England basically fell asleep in the second half. I'm no expert on players and who's good/not so good but Shaw stood out to me in the first 20 or so minutes, not just because of the goal but every time someone made a chance it always seemed to be him, but no one seemed to be there to capitalise. Sterling stood out a little, doing a couple dives here and there, but he was also making some chances. Biggest disappointment for me player wise would be Kane, only because I hear he's supposed to be our 'star player'? He did some stuff in other games and sure he did hit his penalty in the shootout but I basically never saw him all game and almost didn't realise he was on the starting lineup if it weren't for the camera randomly cutting to his face , some of the substitutes did more and they were on the pitch less. I feel really bad for Saka. He's been doing well through the tournament but he's supposedly not much of a penalty taker and he's so young for all that pressure of the game decider 5th penalty and now he's going to take the brunt of the toxic English fans rage and racial abuse when, well, he didn't actually take a bad penalty IMO. One of our guys missed when the goalie was definitely not going to save it (and was supposedly substituted specifically as a star penalty taker), Sakas was actually decently placed and not a super weak shot or anything, t'was just saved, penalties do feel a bit like pot luck at times. Sure, it wasn't a brilliant shot, but he certainly didn't let us down to me and I don't blame him at all. We had 90 minutes, extra time too, to win the game if we played well enough. We can't just blame our loss on a couple shots in penalties. We were absent in the second half, we were also too defensive after going 1-0 up so quickly so once they equalised it all went to shit. Like I said, opportunities were ocassionally made but no one was there to capitalise and eventually we ended up falling back and getting pretty much no more chances for the rest of the game. I'm surprised it went to ET/Pens, I thought England would concede a goal. Italy were totally the favourites going in and I actually think they kinda underperformed, this was probably our best shot and sadly we fluffed it but fair play to them for making it that far, can't say the same for our countries past attempts so I'd be proud if I were them. Always next time, or the world cup even At least we've got the taste for a final as a country.
  10. Absolutely. And just in case anyone's worried about bias because of my username, I don't actually watch or follow wrestling and the name comes from a community in-joke (though I did enjoy the attitude era casually in my younger years) This game is a simple little affair, it's not deep and it's not something you're going to plough hundreds of hours in or make it on any of your 'best games' lists but it's honestly not bad either. With my growing backlog usually these kind of games get a pass from me because I have too many bigger and better games still to play but sometimes some of these games just hit the spot and offer a nice change of pace. I've had a handful of frame drops, though I haven't tackled the large royal rumble yet so I can't comment on that but the story rumbles have had no issues so far. For people to think of this as the worst game they've ever played must be hyperbole, either that or someone who hasn't played many games. The micros and general modern day way of unlocking stuff is... annoying to see as always, but, at least it's not all too bad. I haven't bought any characters yet and I've just been slowly going through the story but I can already buy a lot of the most expensive wrestlers through that amount of natural play. Sure, to buy ALL the wrestlers it might take a fair amount of time (I don't know yet) but who cares about the nobodies, I'll get The Rock, Stone Cold, Kane, Flair etc. (Y'know, the ones people actually know or care about ) and my favourite The Undertaker is unlocked from the start anyways. Besides, as I say, this game isn't deep. Most wrestlers will play the same so it's mostly just the cosmetic of having your favourites, there's no real point to unlock everyone like you may want from a typical wrestling game. That sounds like a plus and a negative rolled into one lol 'hey don't worry you don't need to buy them because they're worthless' but I think it's fine for what this game is.
  11. GTAV - 87% I just didn't really enjoy GTA Online at all, so I uninstalled it not long after I had the platinum to never think about it again. When a new DLC update added the Doomsday Heist I simply had (and still do have) zero interest in reinstalling that shite , especially since playing said DLC is for the heists modes and those rely on having other players and I don't know anyone who plays it GTAV (and I'm sure as hell not going to play with the type of randoms you'd find in a game like GTA...) Interesting to me how this is my lowest because it's not particularly low. Generally if I'm invested enough in a game to get a platinum to begin with then I'm probably invested enough to want to play future DLC for it. I'm sure it'll change in time, so many games have a lot of DLC so I'm bound to stick with a game enough to platinum it but not be hooked enough to invest in boat loads of DLC.
  12. I'm such a variety focused gamer so that's a very difficult question. In my younger years it'd be incredibly easy to say MMOs because obviously being massive time sinks you can dedicate your life to just one but I cut those out of my life for that very reason, I was dedicating my life to them and I genuinely had a bit of an addiction of sorts. My favourite genre is Hack & Slash or Action-RPGs so that's probably my selection but I think if I could only play those games I would probably burn out. Another option could be Shooters because they're a fairly safe and prevelent genre and they can have some diversity among them with subgenres and hybrids with other game genres etc. so I could probably still get at least some of that variety fix. Plus I'd probably get pretty good and theres plenty of Shooter games with competitive scenes so I could always take advantage of the fact if I 'git gud' I can still be challenged. Obviously Fighting games would be another option for that high skill ceiling esports vibe but I just don't enjoy those enough to play solely those games. I don't know... one of them.
  13. I just stumbled on this thread because I wanted to know if this could be played without VR somehow too and I can help answer your question why someone would want to (or at least why I would). I got this bundled free with a VR I recieved as a gift and I've never actually owned Skyrim before (unless the Alexa version counts ). Now sure, I could just buy a standard copy Skyrim dirt cheap nowadays but the truth is I do fancy playing it in VR too (esp. since it's kinda gathering dust) so i might as well stick with the freebie version and both get some value from my PSVR and enjoy Skyrim. Thing is, Skyrim as we know is a fairly big game you can sink a fair amount of hours in and not everyone wants to commit all that time into VR. VR feels like something best enjoyed in either small sessions or more spaced out sessions. It'd just be handy to continue your progress in non-VR sessions too, particularly in warm weather when I sure as heck don't fancy having a VR headset on me for hours at a time. I think that's the general vibe I'm feeling when eyeing this game up in my backlog. It has been one of the reasons why I've been reluctant to start the game, having to commit to exclusively playing it in VR. I'd rather have the option to switch back and forth for when I feel like VR and when I don't. True, being in the title is kind of a giveaway. But there are games that have been released and marketed as VR games where the VR isn't mandatory so I can understand someone checking for extra clarification (even a handful with VR in the title!). Particularly since this is effectively supposed to be regular Skyrim practically unchanged just in VR.
  14. That sucks, I really wanted the full set Looks like I'll have to nab it digitally at some point though I'll continue keeping an eye out for physical listing somewhere, hopefully. Edit: Missed the previous post, I'll take a look at that listing.
  15. I've been trying to round off the collection (1,2 and 3) in my library and had no troubles ordering 1 & 2 but for some reason I've never seen 3 in stock anywhere (though it has listings, just always with 'out of stock'). Has this game ever actually been for sale physically or was the physical release very limited? Just wondering if it's worth chasing up or if I have to suck it up and go digital for this entry.