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  1. Okay, maybe some stuff isn't available yet, I just judged by what I knew of the game and the list. Fair enough. But the "not figured out yet" one doesn't stand so much because of insider knowledge, there was actually once a small drama in the zombies community because of some group who got insider info to be world's first. Just looked plausible to me, quite a lot of games with similar type lists would be. After all this one does seem rather easy and straightforward (once the EE is figured out that is). So if everything was available and working it'd be totally possible to do non-blackout pre launch and blackout on launch day. My bad though, didn't know stuff wasn't available or not working. Thanks for the info guys.
  2. Are you saying they're wrong? Because I thought their point was spot on, CoD usually has inflated rarity. Most players just get it for multiplayer. Even when there's been a trophy for STARTING the campaign it's been barely a majority (60% or so on PSN). No campaign this time though, but there is Zombies and judging by the rarity on other CoD Zombies, yeah this'll likely be quite rare. Zombies isn't as popular and when people do play it most of them don't tend to bother with the EEs and stuff. They've never been hard, point me to one hard CoD platinum, I challenge you
  3. It's totally plausible looking at the list to have the platinum on release date for a variety of factors. Not only do some games have the whole test thing but early copies etc. and insider info or experience doing the required tasks etc. Sure, maybe not that many people would have early access in order to get those blackout trophies maybe, but lets be real, all those blackout trophies could be earned on release day and if everything else was earned before the standard release date those would be all they needed for plat to pop. Never be shocked to see release date plats, so many factors at play. At least it suggests it's not an unobtainable one when you see that
  4. That's not the objective... But okay. You actually try to earn special moves etc. and attempt to land them for kills, with higher level specials being easier to land but harder to earn. A fair amount of arenas don't even have edges to fall off of if I recall correctly. All that is similar is it being 2d multi-layered arena fighting game with a cast of characters from various other games. And I must repeat, if it truly is a 'rip-off' why would that be such a bad thing? Smash is a good game, why would a Playstation themed Smash be 'bad' if it did the exact same thing? Sure, being a copycat looks bad, but if the games good then the games good. As we've seen in the Battle Royale space with the PUBG vs. Fortnite 'copying' argument, you can't claim ownership to a genre, especially one you weren't even the first to do, and even moreso when the game has a different identity.
  5. It's not actually much of a Smash rip-off at all, and why would that be a bad thing if it was. It's actually a pretty solid game and honestly it had potential if people who hadn't even played it didn't keep just labelling it some shitty Smash knock-off. The main thing that wasn't well executed was that so many iconic characters were missing, but if this had more PS icons it would have been a bloody good game. Why is Smash somehow the only fighting game with characters from multiple properties allowed, can't someone else do that? Smash wasn't even the first to do it... *facepalm*
  6. Weirdly I'm with you on that, there's a few competitive mobile games I've played an I love trying to hang with the 'big dogs' without spending a single penny, using skill and strategy to overcome the imbalance that spending creates. I'll never be at the top of those games but being able to compete without spending feels insanely satisfying.
  7. I checked the youtube link hoping for some evidence within, like maybe you uploaded your playthrough, however the disputed game doesn't even seem to be there so I don't understand the relevance to the dispute?
  8. Does average even matter much, I imagine most people will be around the same, and from what I've seen here, most are 30s/40s and yet their profiles can be vastly different. When you average up whole games and whole profiles, even if they have mostly super rare platinums etc. the average of the game is usually never super low, only a few games have that kind of low average, so unless you're literally only playing those games and avoiding anything else odds are you're 30%+. Only thing you can see in average is if someone's 50%+ then odds are they're either only playing easy games or have a low completion % (since early game trophies have the higher %s). Anyways, my results: This account - 51.25% Main account - 31.25% Obviously this accounts % is higher since I don't really even play on it has low completion and most common stuff, but interestingly, it's still only just over 50%, I guess that shows even if your trophies are a majority of common ones you still barely end up >50%
  9. You could very well be right. Though while I acknowledge bad apples did always exist, it just feels more common and 'acceptable' in today's scene, likely for the same reasons I mentioned in my last post about easy access *shrugs* It's almost impossible to accurately gather any data on this and memories, as you say, we sometime forget the bad and almost nostalgically say it was 'better in our day' lol. So, really we'll never know. Just feels like it to me and whether it's truly factual or not, I can't change how it feels I guess. It's just such a shame that when given the illusion of anonymity people feel the need to be so nasty while in the real world most wouldn't. From trolls to keyboard warriors etc. Also, 8000 hours, damn son I rather not know how many hours I've spent in MMOs, I mostly cut them out of life like 10 years ago though. Out of curiousity, what do you think of the newer updated Runescape? Have you tried it? Last time I checked was back when they added Dunegoneering and haven't been back since. And an additional note for everyone, regarding this thread, a small update. I don't think this games community relates to my original post, I think it was just the influx of 'CoD kiddies' (is that still the diss/term?) from it being on PS+, since I've heard similar stories from other multiplayer games the month/month after they're added on PS+, it's unlikely the game.
  10. How long ago are we talking? Because (and I'm trying not to have nostalgia goggles on but I may be slightly misguided by nostalgia) when I started playing online in the early origins of online gaming, there were quite few if any toxic players, and none of this more modern degree from personal experience and most server hosting did a fairly good job of filtering out bad eggs probably since in the grand scheme of things it was a smaller and more intimate online environment in the early days. Maybe I'm just remembering the good times and filtering out the bad, but I've never seen what we see in the modern online gaming landscape back then at all. I think in part it's due to how it required more effort and dedication to gaming to actually play online whereas these days anyone, who maybe wouldn't be arsed back in the day, can whip up a game online and take their frustrations in their lives out on random strangers, whether through kicking their butts (a healthy way) or by trolling and harassing, bringing people down to their miserable level (a much more unhealthy way). Heck, do you remember having LAN parties and whatnot back in the day? Good luck being toxic there I can guarantee you'd never be allowed back, people established rules and took them super seriously (maybe even too seriously) back then, and even today with LAN meet ups.
  11. 1.23 adding the content dropped and as has an additional 1.24 patch. After both patches no new trophies have been added however, that isn't to say they won't be necessarily, but for now it appears they haven't. Glad to drop in to the game again and see what's new, how much content there is etc. as the game was getting a bit tired and dull for me so I moved on, though kept it installed knowing they're going to add some content. It's been a while since it's PS+ period so I can probably safely assume the toxicity has gone (I came to the conclusion that the high levels of toxicity were probably not due to the actual games community but most likely just the PS+ crowd)
  12. There's a difference between skipping dialogues and 'playing a game you don't enjoy' for trophies. One is just like watching a bad movie, the other is like fast forwarding a movie and then saying you've watched it. Literally skipping a game is absolutely pointless regardless if you get trophies for it. Anyone claiming to enjoy skipping VNs etc. is lying to themselves, you get no enjoyment skipping a game in all its entirety, just like you get nothing from fast forwarding a whole movie.
  13. Just replying to say everyone can add me to the 'I thought this was somehow related to PS1 Croc' club. God damnit, Croc is so nostalgic to me, I feel tricked, even if it wasn't actually a good game looking back on it. Now I suddenly want some kind of Croc remake or reboot xD.
  14. Okay so this is probably a really dumb question but here we go: Are there any other reasons a player may be on this site but not be on the leaderboards aside from flags. Such as choosing not to be etc. The reason I ask is just because I met someone, high level, but I forgot their name so I looked for players around their level on the leaderboards and couldn't find him. Searched PSN and managed to stumble across him again and found his PSNP page which had the leaderboard part missing. Out of curiosity I wanted to figure out if he was for sure removed or that there's a possibility he just opted out or something.
  15. If the graph does backdate that'd be interesting, I'm curious when I've been at my highest and lowest all-time. If it also says your totals (trophy and unearned) alongside it. I've always wanted to know what my lowest completion has ever been and my highest amount of unearned but I can't find many archived moments of my profile, especially data from before I existed on PSNP database.