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  1. There's no being shamed for a 'H', it's just information that literally says you have hidden trophies... which, if you have the icon, is true, you do. What other people views they place on the 'H' is their business, who cares. The actual symbol is nothing but factual information about your profile. Just like if you have 10 trophies, your profile will say 10 trophies... The site itself is not shaming you for having 10 of them but I'm sure some asshats will shame people for 'only having 10', but again, that's their business, why would anyone flat out remove the trophy counters because some people shame people on their numbers. Hidden trophies are the same, it's just the factual information being shown.
  2. I'm sure most will overlook it so I'm going to leave this recommendation here. Digimon World Next Order, regardless whether you're a fan or not of Digimon, or even if you have never even seen/played or heard of Digimon before it's a really fun game with plenty to do. Totally worth this price. Such a great gameplay formula like the first Digimon World game on PS1.
  3. I've never given up on something due to skill reasons. I'm not a trophy hunter so if I'm not enjoying myself then I certainly would move on but one thing I do enjoy is challenge and overcoming challenge so I can't forsee myself ever giving up on something skill-based. I have however recently attempted a platinum for personal reasons (honoring a good friend of mine who died #FuckCancer). The game is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and... the trophies are glitched, and I've been very tempted to walk away from it. I have 24 crossbow kills as of now yet still no trophy for getting 10. I have 35 grenade kills but nothing for getting 30. 300+ SMG/shotgun kills and nothing for 200... etc. I'm approaching the 1,000 total kills (somewhere around 750) and I have a pretty strong suspicion that the 1,000 will also not unlock at 1,000. If there was some kind of indication as to when I would unlock them I'd consider pushing on but the fact that I could literally get 5,000+ kills and still not obtain any of them is what puts me off, it's the endlessness of the grind just hoping that each kill is somehow miraculously the last one.
  4. What this drama I missed out on? It sounds exciting.
  5. April 2019 219 Trophies Runner up: October 2013 216 Trophies These are the only two over 200, I am not a trophy hunter so keep that in mind lol.
  6. People just use the word grind these days for anything of any duration they don't enjoy. If it's 1 minute they aren't enjoying it's a grind, I see it a lot on multiplayer game discussions for games that aren't even long, probably mostly because they suck the fun out of it by boosting instead of playing.
  7. From XBox I'd choose Killer Instinct for sure, it's probably the ONLY XBox game I can think of that I would want. Not do disrespect the XBox exclusives (I'm sure loads of people adore them) but there's a reason I haven't just bought an XBox or something. Then when it comes to Nintendo I could just keep listing loads of stuff but I'm going to just pick one, and that's Pokemon. A full console Pokemon RPG on Playstation is something that would absolutely never happen but would be so god damn amazing if it did. And my final pick is perhaps an unusual one on PC. I would actually pick Old School Runescape , the thing is it would actually work quite well on consoles as I've tried it with a controller on PC before. These 3 picks are off the top of my head and trying to distribute them kind of evenly among other platforms. There's probably more I can think of I'd want more than these but I'm too lazy to think.
  8. So... the meme about "putting your KD on a resume"... will that be a genuine thing one day? Honestly I feel awkward bigging up anything I've done as it is, let alone something in a game of all things. If genuinely having gaming accomplishments in your CV were a real thing somehow (lol) I would probably go with something super obvious and recognisable like the Super Meat Boy platinum, perhaps a SoulsBorne game (even though I disagree with their reputation). If you wanted something to 'impress' in the context of a CV and whatnot it's not always going to be something you personally found the most difficult to do but rather what other people would recognise and that you can sell more.
  9. Nope, never heard of it.
  10. Funnily enough I have a milestone coming up and for the first time ever I've decided I want to do something special for it. A friend of mine who was hooked on a particular game and always bugged me that I should grab it recently passed away. I bought the game just to play but noticed I was very close to a milestone and that's when I decided that to honor him I would not only play this game but 100% it for that milestone. It's going okay so far but it's quite an involved one (looking at probably 100+ hours maybe). I'm not at the exact point of the milestone just yet so luckily I'm not stuck avoiding playing any other game for the duration until I'm done with this or anything and I will obviously will need to fill up the small gap before I pop the 100%. But it's pretty much all good to go.
  12. Everywhere I look says this gun isn't classed as a sniper rifle, however I just obtained the trophy for getting 30 kills at 100+ meters using a sniper or AR whilst using the Win94 specifically so it made me question whether or not kills with it count towards the sniper headshots.
  13. When the heck did a discussion on some silly trophy whore games turn into full blown politics?
  14. Still got to be the opening for me, after all this time I still tear up when she dies. I know it's the 'obvious' answer and not very original of a choice but I feel like there's a good reason so many people choose it.
  15. Until all this about Walmart recently I didn't actually know they sold guns. I knew guns were easy to come by in America but I still thought you had to go specifically to a gun store. Walmart sells guns? It seems just so alien of a concept to me. It's fun to learn new things though, now I know.