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  1. The main problem I think that hurts the game is coming off the high of GoW3. There's nothing bad about Ascension but its more of the same, people would be getting tired of it and then after peaking so high with the 3rd game it just doesn't really feel too exciting. I liked it, but it didn't get me very enthusiastic about the it.
  2. Exactly how I feel when it comes to grind and difficulty. Estimated time is the figure people give to talk about time consumption/grind. Difficulty rating should be purely based on a skill requirement. The way I like to rate them myself is almost like difficulty represents where on the scale of 1-10 your ability would you need to be to tackle the game within the alloted estimated time. Because ultimately any game, even 10/10 you could do eventually if you just keep putting more and more practice in for months and months. So, I see difficulty rating purely as the skill requirement.
  3. 7.5/10, I don't know a great deal on how difficult it is, I'm leaning towards the easier side, but it's a fun game with plenty to see and do so great job.
  4. I've always been tempted by that, it looks fun but I can never seem to catch it in a sale and also seeing Devolver having any kind of involvement makes me hesitant.
  5. My brief summary of what I'd like to see: 1) 100% of everything in the main adventure mode 2) Beat all the time trial times 3) Something for the online, perhaps 50 wins or something simple like that I do like the ideas you bring up from Blur, I thought those were really cool in that game, would be fitting here.
  6. Yes, absolute load of shite
  7. Blind, games like this are typically pointless with a guide. The real fun of this kind of game is working things out etc. Playing most games with a guide right away usually takes away from the experience anyway, but games like this even more so... Blind or not at all. Unless you just want easy trophies, then go for it, knock yourself out.
  8. Never judge a games difficulty on rarity, you'll find common %s being harder than expected and rare %s being bloody easy. Rarity is just purely how many people got it out of the playerbase, it's nothing more, it's not a difficulty rating. Some of the easiest games I've played in the last few years have platinums around the 1% region and some more difficult ones have been around the 10-20% region.
  9. The Walking Dead The Final Season
  10. I just remembered one of my friends had deleted me once and we only spoke like a couple days before he did. It was a really odd experience but he has quite serious OCD and I've seen him delete people at weird times for very very obscure reasons before (like playing a certain game, finding out they were from a certain country etc. all kinds of odd stuff.) In that situation I certainly wasn't offended and I still see him as a friend and care about him. Wish him the best with his issues. Miss hanging out and chatting with him and his weird quirks, he was self-aware of much of it and we had some good laughs about some of his oddities.
  11. I remember this site used to have tips, I wrote a couple on my main account back in the day. Seeing as that was removed I don't see the addition of comments coming. Personally I don't much see the point, some games have individual trophies that might be worth discussing but that's what the forums for.
  12. Nope, never had that one
  13. I tend to be the person to delete in most situations. I have a small friends list and whilst those sitting on hundreds of friends will think that's because I'm 'unpopular' or 'uncool' I don't care. My friends list is a FRIENDS list, to be on it you have to be a friend. Over time sometimes you can drift apart from friends and if we haven't spoken for a long while then I might end up deleting them. I sometimes add someone for the sake of being able to invite them to games or allow them to join friend only games etc. But if we don't develop the beginning of some kind of friendship whilst playing together then odds are I'll delete them not long after we're done playing together. Deleting someone isn't saying I think anything wrong of them, I've met a couple people who I've thought were nice enough but we didn't click or anything, just played that one particular game for a bit then they moved on and never spoke to each other again. I know PSN has massively increased friends list sizes so it's not like I have a lack of space, I just prefer not having people I don't really know padding out my list. Oh, btw here's a fun game for anyone with a massive friends list who wants to cut it down. I played this with a friend who had about 400 guys on his friends list. Basically you have to go through your friends list, ideally with someone else there to witness and have a laugh with to make it more fun, and each persons name you read out you HAVE to say at least one thing about them from the top of your head, whether it be how you met, something about their personality, a fact about them etc. And if you can't come up with something immediately delete them. It can be hilarious going through and reading some weird ass name and being like "who the heck is this!?". I remember my friend reached a dude and the only thing he could say was he thinks he might be French because of his name xD, safe to say that one was deleted.
  14. Not sure why anyone would want CTTR bundled in with this. CNK I understand, CTR was awesome on PS1 and CNK did follow it up okay on PS2, it was nothing amazing but it did no damage, just more of the same. But the later PS2 game CTTR was awful, it was one of the games during Crash's bigger downwards spiral and it was frankly awful. But hey, people trash on the Legend of Spyro trilogy and I loved them, so, I can understand how it feels to be in that niche that enjoyed the later games what most consider to be well and truly beyond the death of a franchise.
  15. Psychotoxic