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  1. I finished the classic mode today and luckily, I didn't have any crashes during the whole playthrough. I played the game with the last patch 1.05. During the chapter 7, I did these steps : Trigger the man mission with the paintings to find and go back to the safe room and make a save file. Complete the side mission from Sykes by rescuing him. Go to Sanctuary hotel as your first painting to interact. Go to Devil's taproom for the second and last painting. Maybe the last patch fixed this issue but can't be sure at 100% guys.
  2. Yes I'm so frustrated now because of this damn trophy. I'm doing my second playthrough to get all collectibles and upgrade all weapons and I didn't know you had to pick the two missing pieces of the Sniper Rifle in chapter 3. I got the Rifle from chapter 15 by exploring the level from my first blinded playthrough. So I guess I have to do 3 playthroughs instead of just 2 initially : Finish my second playthrough to get all the remaining trophies (collectibles, upgraded weapons, specific actions) Play a new fresh game to pick up the two missing pieces of the Sniper Rifle and also pick up all the weapons again in the game... Play a new game plus and just craft all munitions and fuel and hopefully get the trophy Play a new game in Classic mode to get the last trophy of the game It's annoying me because I will waste my time playing an entire playthrough. The trophy guide mentions this trophy as locked if you miss the pieces from chapter 3 fortunately for the ones who read first. But, I don't read any trophy guide when I play a game for the first time so this trophy is really annoying. Update Finally, I did it differently. Instead of doing another nightmare playthrough, I did the classic playthrough with cheats (didn't want to be bothered with the difficulty and finish as soon as possible the game. I assume that entirely) and picked up all weapons, especially the sniper rifle from the chapter 3. So you have to pick up the sniper rifle from chapter 3 or you will avoid the trophy for good on your playthrough file.
  3. Same for me, I got it just today so it's not bugged and I got it from my PS5 so with the backward compatibility. I did it in a simple way by creating a new game by selecting the mission "Pact with Rais" and then going to the area near the bus and you will encounter the Rai's men with two hostages at least. Anyway someone just posted the right video above with details. Just to add up something important, don't try to quit the game and click on continue after you successfully encounter and defeat Rai's men. Just go back to the game menu and delete the current save and create a new game again with the same steps. It's easier that way to go around to find another encounter. So I finally got the platinum trophy and can continue playing the DLC and the Bozak challenge
  4. Thanks for your reply and I can also confirm that it works like a charm on PS5! So I did it yesterday night for like one hour on PS5 and it's really easy to do it. I've been doing it from the DLC The Following because the stash is really close where you spawn again after you get kicked out because you turn off your internet connection. To resume how I do it compared to the guide, here is it : Obtain exactly 99 relief packages from the quarantine zone Shuffle Turtle Just put all your 99 relief packages in your stash Go to the first safe zone in the DLC The Following and face the stash and making sure that the open prompt is visible Search for another player's game from the quick game's option (your session should be public) Accept the popup message and while this game is loading, wait for the loading icon to disappear. Immediately hold the PS button to go back to Settings then Network Settings, then uncheck and recheck the box you were hovering over. Go back to the game which should show a disconnection message. Spam around 5 times or more to open the stash box (just spam the square button to be sure to not get to the right side of the menu because it will crash automatically) before you're returned to your solo game. If you've done this part correctly, you should see the menu pop up just before the screen turns black. Use the left analog stick to get to the right side of the menu. Drop the DRPs using and immediately press to close the menu. Pick up the DRPs. Your original DRPs should still be in your single-player stash. Don't need to put your duplicate package in your stash yet, you can keep it and repeat the process from step 1 I think I have enough relief packages so tonight will sell all of them on Nightmares mode and will tell you if it was enough to reach legend rank 250
  5. Hi guys, I went back playing on Dying Light. I really love this game and wanna get the 100% before playing the second one I have to come to use the glitch method to get EXP with the relief packages. To be ready for the Bozak challenges obviously. I didn't try it yet but after searching a lot on websites and Youtube, I feel like it's still working but wanted to have your feedback first Anyway, I will definitely try this glitch and will come back to you with my own feedback. At the moment, I've been picking up the relief packages from the quarantine zone Stuffed Turtle to reach 99 items. Then I will be ready to try the glitch.
  6. I just got the trophy a few minutes ago and I just tried twice. I followed the video from the PSN trophy guide and it went fine. I really don't know why your cat won't appear when you're done break four hiss higs. I've been playing Control Ultimate Edition on PS5 in case you wanna know. Did you try to quit your game and hit continue game? Did you try also to reload an old save? The last trophy I need to get now is the one with the Altered Vending Machines. I just need to destroy two more and I'm done but guess I will have to hit the endgame chapter and play just a bit of the DLC from scratch to reset the bug of machines not appearing anymore.
  7. Are you playing on the PS4 or PS5 version? If it's the PS5 version, then you should be able to track how many left collectibles you need to get the trophy :). If it's just the PS4 version, I guess you have to track and count manually what you already got. Don't remember in the collectibles menu, but hopefully, the collectibles from this DLC are in his own menu? I got this trophy easily by checking every corner during this DLC and doing all the side missions. Check if you've done everything in this DLC. Finally, I suggest you to check the collectibles list from the trophy guide and check all collectibles you already got:
  8. I'm having a hard time getting the trophy about spending 100 ability points because I already completed the main game in 100% except for the puzzle and the hidden locations and also the DLC AWE but still not enough ability points to get the trophy yet. I'm about to start the second DLC but I feel like I might do the puzzle and find all hidden locations. I still have 56 ability points to spend, seems really like a lot but maybe doing the puzzle and the hidden locations should be enough but not sure about that. This 100% completion of this game is getting me insane because I have also the vending machines bugged and I miss 2 hidden trends to update the surge weapon to level 3. The only way to get this material is to wait for the alerts missions and it's so grinding and random that makes me crazy. Update: Got 100% completion today. So finally I had to wait for the alerts missions called "important targets" and it was the only way for me to get the hidden trends. For the Vending Spree trophy, I did it for the last by restarting the game from the endgame chapter and it went perfectly. I could kill the 2 vending machines remaining and got my last trophy. For the ability points, the DLC Foundation was really enough to get points for the trophy, it went smooth! I didn't need at the end to do the hidden locations or whatever from the main game.
  9. I don't understand this question. If you love racing games, why should you avoid them ? I checked your PSN profile and you played a lot of racing games such as WRC, NFS, etc. You will certainly like Project Cars and the career mode is excellent! For me, you should give it a try, and honestly, this game has maybe one of the best career modes I've ever seen before. By the way guys, I finally got the platinum yesterday ! I already did 2 events before the developers updated all the community events and I got the trophy on the 69th event on 111 events in total. So I did 18 events after the update. Events that you did before and there are not in the list of the events still count. There are still 42 events available so you have a double chance to get the trophy because you "just" need to do 20 events. Good luck all of you
  10. Second thought, my remark was really wrong indeed! Actually, LN is more doable than Limbo because of the save backup and also that you can just do a normal run and perhaps finish under one hour. You're right, it's just that I got too much frustrated on my no-death run because I wanted to be quick for each section, the thing that I shouldn't have cared too much as I explained. So you have to be fast during your run but don't need to be too fast, some sections are easier to do it faster than others so don't need to get stuck on the ones you have a hard time like I stupidly did. You can check my review about Limbo from one of the recent topics from the game section but actually, there is luck but also you can count when you have to jump on go to the other section. Unfortunately, you can't abuse save backups like for LN, you have to finish the game in one run straight (you can pause or even put the console in reset mode I think). But yes for this trophy, you need patience and motivation like many other trophies like that.
  11. Finally did it after three days of trying and progressing through my "speedrun" ! Honestly, compared to Limbo, this trophy from LN was really hard and challenging. The main problem is not the time but to die and without backing your save on the cloud, it would have been very difficult. But I think you can still do a normal run without rushing anything and still finish the game in under one hour but you can't be so sure. I tried to record my time from my "speedrun" but I finally gave up because I had to retry so many times on some specific levels to be sure that I can pass in a few seconds and save time. I guess maybe I took 50 minutes or even a bit less to finish the game without dying. I followed this speedrun on Youtube but obviously, I couldn't do everything he did and some glitch already seems fixed. Also, this video on Youtube shows that the guy could finish the game in 57 minutes without dying and took his time really. There is a commentary where a guy gives tips on every part of the walkthrough where you can save time. I couldn't do every tip that he advised so will tell you guys what I did : So you don't need to do exactly what shows on the speedrun video because the guy trained to do this speedrun for a lot of hours. Hope the two links and my list of tips will help you to get the trophy and be able to beat the game in under one hour without dying Good luck to all of you I really loved this game so going to do all the DLCs and then play the second game !
  12. After I finished Limbo, I decided obviously to play the next game of the same studio, Inside then I really loved this game, especially the graphics in cell-shading, the details in each level, and the most important, the level design of puzzle-solving! The adventure is also really thrilling, I tried to understand what's going and why the little boy has to escape from some security guards and it becomes clear when you progress through the game. Actually didn't expect that ending and the main point of why we were escaping something. Can't tell more but I found it amazing. I also loved the script when the decors get destructible. The challenge of this game is far easier than Limbo. No need to complete the game with no deaths or whatever, just finish the game and find all collectibles. Some collectibles were really hard to find for me but I only realized after 2 hours when I got my first collectible that the clue was the yellow cable hahaha. After I finished the game, I used a video guide to find the other collectibles I missed. This game is clearly amazing and it's a must-play game to do in my opinion But wonder when Playdead will release his next game because it's been already 4 years since Inside was released
  13. Finally got this trophy, it was quite a big challenge, hard but not impossible with a lot of practice and patience So I wanna share my experience with this specific trophy because the rest is pretty easy to get. To resume how many walkthroughs I did here's : Enjoy the game and solve every level Play again the game just to remember every level where I struggle the most Practice every level I noted down from the chapter select. Watch videos and solutions on Youtube to know exactly when and where to jump etc Play the game trying to avoid too many deaths but finally ended up with like 20 deaths Practice again Play the game trying to really be close to just 5 deaths or less but ended up again with like just 8 deaths Practice again Play the game and I did some break by pausing. I really progressed bit by bit and I could reach the end of the game with 0 deaths. But the two last obstacles almost got me. Before the last one, you have to jump at the right moment before the gravity made you up to the top and I died 3 times in a row. I almost started panicking but I remembered that I have to count 3 seconds before jumping and I could pass it. The last obstacle, I took a long time before attempting it because wanted to make sure that I was rightly positioned and ready to jump after 3 seconds. Finally did it and finished the game with 4 deaths only. So it took almost 6 hours or even more to be able to beat the game with 5 deaths or less. Here's the list of the chapters I was struggling and I suggest you practice a lot : The key to getting the trophy is to master each level where you can struggle and then be really patient and don't hesitate to take a break by pausing the game. One more thing, to have your best chances on your side, you must not die before reaching the middle of the game, so chapter 21. Then try to not die more than twice before reaching the last three chapters. Good luck to the future players who will attempt this trophy Besides this trophy, I really loved playing this game and using my brain to solve each level, it was really enjoyable!
  14. You're right ! I forgot to mention that because this is what it said in the trophy guide I wanted to make sure that I would have gotten it in a proper way. Not really looking forward to Abzu because I really just wanna play some famous indie games. I still have a lot of triple-A games in my backlog coming on PS5 mostly. But thanks will still try to take a look at this game But my next indie games will be Unravel, Inside and The Little Nightmares and that's it for now. Maybe later Unravel 2 and The Little Nightmares 2.
  15. Yes that's strange. According to the trophy guide, met the companion at the Tunnels level should be fine. I think it's really better to meet a companion at the Bridge level. It worked for me to get the Companion trophy so will really recommend you to do the same. Thanks for the video . I used the trick just once just few minutes ago then decided to go the next level and I met another companion and got the trophy ! So I just needed to meet 2 other companions to get the trophy. I'm finally over with this game that I really loved it. Next one should be Limbo. I'm playing indie games for my first time at the moment. It's nice to play short and relaxing games like that after a long run of big games. Yes that's right don't even need to finish the game to make it count for the Wonder trophy. Again you're right the Bridge level is the best location to do this trophy and to meet a companion that hopefully will follow you until the end.