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  1. Your post helped me a lot to unlock the trophy! I don't know f it's glitched because of the race settings (number of opponents, AI skill and aggressiveness etc) but I realize that the most important thing is to improve your hot lap time every lap. My setup was like this and will post it on the forum : Go to the single-player mode Select a quick race and 5 minutes of race length and whatever time (I choose 10 pm to farm the SA) Choose the start grid at the first position Number of opponents to 16 AI skill to 80 AI aggressiveness to 0 Then go to the difficulty mode and set the damage to 100% (difficulty should be personalized, equals to pro difficulty) Choose any track and any car Then start the race and do a clean lap and most important thing, improve your lap time every lap as I did here below : I think this is the key to getting the trophy because, from the description, it says specifically "Valid hotlap speeds".Thanks to you
  2. Yes, I did unlock it normally while playing on the latest patch (1.8.7). This is how I did it : Set up a practice session in the single-player menu Select Paul Ricard track and the Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT3 Go in a straight line and go at full speed, then crash into the first tire barrier, and from that just keep driving and crash the car into any barrier of the track, after some hits the car should stop and the trophy should pop. Here's a french video guide about this trophy :
  3. Thanks for the info, so to avoid any surprise, better to play offline or like you said, disable the online stats. Like I said also, will definitely update everyone here about my progression of the career mode
  4. Apparently, you have to play offline (with no internet connection) to be able to get the gold medal during endurance events. This is what @bdias10 told in MP. I'm about to start the career mode on the PS5 version so will update you guys about this soon. Side note about the trophy "Special" (get on a special event leaderboard"), it's currently impossible for me to get it because the current event is on a DLC track, which is Autodromo di Imola, and it comes from the DLC "2020 GT World Challenge Pack". So if I don't get the DLC, the platinum is unobtainable at the moment until the developers release a new event with a track from the base game. Anyway, I'm on the game for a while so will tell you right away if I see an event with a track from the base game.
  5. I can confirm this method still works great on the PS5 version with the latest patch (1.8.7). I did the same and the trophy popped after 6 laps of Brands Hatch. The trophy is obtainable with the latest patch on the PS5 then
  6. I realize that since I started playing this game, I've been posting on the PS4 version thread instead of this one ! So I don't know if you got the trophy since then but I can confirm to you that the trophy unlocked for me on the PS5 version which is 1.8.7 I did it in hot lap mode with the Bentley Continental GT3 with an aggressive setup
  7. Good advice, choose the Bentley Continental GT3 car with an aggressive setup. I didn't adjust the setups at all and I play with a controller on the PS5 version. I have a steering wheel but for the moment, cannot use it but I'm sure I would have gotten it faster. I got the trophy with a timed lap of 2:24:950 after 10 laps (funny note, got also the trophy "10 laps in hot lap mode" at the same time). The key turns are the "Eau Rouge" (gear 5 and just decelerate) and the last corner when you can brake later than you might anticipate. Just be patient, it needs practice to get used to the controller and the make of the car but it's really doable with a controller
  8. The useful message you wrote there I wanted to share my experience with this trophy and give a recent update about it. I got it on the PS5 version and the latest version which is 1.008.007. My lap time average was 4.443.850 and the gap was between 0.850 and 0.960ms between each lap. After the fifth lap, I saw my CN got green (was 98) and after the sixth lap, got CN 99 and the trophy. However, the procedure from your message, I did it after one try yesterday by driving at 100km and stuck in first gear. But I was really inconsistent after 22 laps and because of the second corner of the track where I was always breaking in a different way on each lap. I was stuck at 98 so that's why I tried the method below today. You have to get the three stars to be able to be evaluated for consistency, so be patient again. Good luck for the future players and the trophy is still obtainable
  9. I think it's because maybe during your first playthrough, you already burned some explosive barrels right? Because like I said on my side, the trophy did pop when I burned the fourth one. But yes it's always reassuring when it pops earlier than expected but I had to do a complete playthrough.
  10. If it's about burning 42 objects, same for me I unlocked it during my second playthrough too But it's about the explosive barrels, it's not really recommended to do that during a speedrun. Simply because the explosive barrels cause damage to the Okomotive and you will waste time by extinguishing and fixing the modules
  11. I can't agree more, it's an amazing indie game and I'm about to play the sequel For the ones who love indie games, I highly recommend this game! Unfortunately, as a trophy side, the game has some glitchy trophies like "Burn 42 objects" and "Fire In The Hole" but they can get unlocked because I got the 100% of the trophies.
  12. I can confirm the trophy "Fire In The Hole" is really bugged from the last version of the game, which is, 1.02. You didn't explain how you got this trophy because I didn't get it during my first playthrough even if I burned them all. First of all, the trophy "The answer to life, the universe and everything", which is to burn 42 objects will unlock naturally during your fourth playthrough. I got it during my second playthrough, which was my speed run. So about the buggy trophy mentioned first, here are the cases I didn't get it, so pay attention : In the first playthrough, destroy each barrel that I found, the trophy is not unlocked when I burned the last one at the end of the game Just replayed the checkpoint, pick up the barrel and reload other checkpoints for the rest of the barrels, the trophy was not unlocked In the second playthrough, kept all barrels until the end and reload the checkpoint, the trophy is not unlocked So here is the solution that worked for me : During my third playthrough for this trophy only, you have to do a one-shot run without quitting the game. Plus, pick up each barrel and put them at the right corner of your locomotive, where is your bed. When you reach the last barrel, stop your locomotive, pick it up and burn each one make sure to extinguish the fire and fix the modules before burning the next one. In my case, I forgot to mention it, but during my speed run, I burned only one barrel because I didn't have any other object to fill my fuel tank. So when I burned the fifth barrel, I got the trophy but there was still one left to burn. So I feel like the game saved that I burned at least one barrel during my previous playthrough To resume, just do a one-shot run, pick up each barrel and burn them all at the end. In the worse case, it doesn't work either, I suggest you unlock all other trophies and then, delete the save file and start from scratch. Hope it will help future players who are willing to play this game, which by the way, is amazing and original
  13. I finished the classic mode today and luckily, I didn't have any crashes during the whole playthrough. I played the game with the last patch 1.05. During the chapter 7, I did these steps : Trigger the man mission with the paintings to find and go back to the safe room and make a save file. Complete the side mission from Sykes by rescuing him. Go to Sanctuary hotel as your first painting to interact. Go to Devil's taproom for the second and last painting. Maybe the last patch fixed this issue but can't be sure at 100% guys.
  14. Yes I'm so frustrated now because of this damn trophy. I'm doing my second playthrough to get all collectibles and upgrade all weapons and I didn't know you had to pick the two missing pieces of the Sniper Rifle in chapter 3. I got the Rifle from chapter 15 by exploring the level from my first blinded playthrough. So I guess I have to do 3 playthroughs instead of just 2 initially : Finish my second playthrough to get all the remaining trophies (collectibles, upgraded weapons, specific actions) Play a new fresh game to pick up the two missing pieces of the Sniper Rifle and also pick up all the weapons again in the game... Play a new game plus and just craft all munitions and fuel and hopefully get the trophy Play a new game in Classic mode to get the last trophy of the game It's annoying me because I will waste my time playing an entire playthrough. The trophy guide mentions this trophy as locked if you miss the pieces from chapter 3 fortunately for the ones who read first. But, I don't read any trophy guide when I play a game for the first time so this trophy is really annoying. Update Finally, I did it differently. Instead of doing another nightmare playthrough, I did the classic playthrough with cheats (didn't want to be bothered with the difficulty and finish as soon as possible the game. I assume that entirely) and picked up all weapons, especially the sniper rifle from the chapter 3. So you have to pick up the sniper rifle from chapter 3 or you will avoid the trophy for good on your playthrough file.
  15. Same for me, I got it just today so it's not bugged and I got it from my PS5 so with the backward compatibility. I did it in a simple way by creating a new game by selecting the mission "Pact with Rais" and then going to the area near the bus and you will encounter the Rai's men with two hostages at least. Anyway someone just posted the right video above with details. Just to add up something important, don't try to quit the game and click on continue after you successfully encounter and defeat Rai's men. Just go back to the game menu and delete the current save and create a new game again with the same steps. It's easier that way to go around to find another encounter. So I finally got the platinum trophy and can continue playing the DLC and the Bozak challenge