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  1. Pretty much, you can chapter select the museum over and over once your done with nice shootin tex
  2. Hide behind the centre controls or whatever they are opposite to him and only pop out when his not attacking
  3. Game isn't exactly hard only hard bits are the boss which you still do .. other than that its pretty much running around and capturing a ghost here and there. So I still feel the sense of accomplishment
  4. Oh my bad, didnt even see that it was posted in another thread this is the method i used from xbox true achievements website https://www.trueachievements.com/viewcomment.aspx?commentid=31137#vch
  5. You can get this trophy after finishing the game on another difficulty. - Same glitch still works as in the Ghostbusters ps3 / xbox 360 version. After you have beat the game, if you go back through and just replay through the last chapter of each act you will unlock this trophy when you beat the final boss. (The last chapter has a boss in each one so kill the boss and skip the cut scenes) I played it safe and went to the next mission after returning to the base I also did the tutorial level just to be safe as well and when I started the first actual level when you go to the hotel I quit out and skipped to the final act of chapter 1 and started from there..
  6. hey guys not sure if this is 100% the correct place to post this but it's a suggestion / feedback.. Not sure how popular this idea would be but I think it would help a few guys like myself if this is able to be done, my idea being that for region and console stacks that if you go into 1 region on the right hand side where its got the other regions to make the background shaded different colours if you haven't started / started / completed... I find that there is no easy or quick way to see if you have completed all the region stacks of a game other than going into one region and then going to the other ones... for example my idea 30 second paint edit.... Obviously the different colours are the state of the different games for example: Green = 100% in that console / region Orange = Started Purple = Not started I find it hard to keep up with all the different regions as I'm finding the other regions are sometimes getting released days / weeks / months after each other (example being recently Perils Of Baking Asia getting released after months of the other ones) Whats everyone opinion on this ? worth it ? is it possible ? Or am I just missing something the site currently offers?
  7. Personally i just hide the games i know I’ll never complete but still want to play
  8. Fix next week: https://bethesda.net/community/topic/358283/wolfenstein-youngblood-bug-fix-update-v1-0-3-notes?language[]=en
  9. Fix next week apparently : https://bethesda.net/community/topic/358283/wolfenstein-youngblood-bug-fix-update-v1-0-3-notes?language=en&utm_source=Community&utm_medium=facebook&utm_content=00 id Software&sf106355827=1&fbclid=IwAR2LOOVd1Y9llqE1wX_TKFt3SJynaUGss4oIaxPHnVZwebxPQeZ6X46L2lk
  10. The code is yours.. the code lets you invite whoever has the trail version of the game to play with you. Can be used for inviting multiple people.
  11. Easy way to put it ... Guy with the pass can invite whoever ... whoever you want invited only needs to download the trail version of the game to play with you.
  12. Think he means ... Seen someone with the game and now I want to plat this game , but am unable to get the game due to it only being digital and now delisted .
  13. Im guessing your 754 hidden trophies may include 5 games you have platted? Hence the incorrect trophy count
  14. in how many hours!!! edit: its out now YAAAAAAAAAAY!