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  1. If you can't see the "add to cart" and "buy" buttons in the ps3 console store, you can buy them by moving from one square down to the top and pressing the enter button. There are actually transparent buttons that work. If the page of the corresponding product exists, you can purchase it. I'm sorry if the solution is only for the Japanese store.
  2. The trophy has been fixed in today's patch !!
  3. You need to slam after the drone is fired and in tracking. Since the drone will be ejected even when using the skill, the 4th injection will be the trophy acquisition timing. Since it is CT during the drone injection motion, the trophy cannot be obtained unless the enemy is found at a timing other than the drone CT and the slam CT. It's a trophy that just needs luck ... This is my 3 drones example of failure. Slamming a car with no enemies will also fire the drone, but it will not be counted.
  4. Please check the result screen after the match. If there are other people in the room besides the last two, the trophy has not been taken. I think this is a server-side bug. There is nothing we can do while playing. Whenever I couldn't get the trophy, I could see the dead player at 1: 30-1: 40 as the third player on the results screen. And we should leave the room promptly after losing.
  5. This is a server-side bug or a problem for those who lose early. Even if the conditions are met, the trophy cannot be obtained unless the result screen is in the state of two people. If some people don't get out of the room right away, or if a dead person (1:30 killed) remains with a bug, there's nothing you can do about it.
  6. it's Google Translate mistake.
  7. It is a crown that can usually be obtained only after one lap. There are six of them: death, blood, hatred, love, luck, protection. It's easy because you can get it in weekly L0 and try again and again with the same seed. There are also exploits, so you don't have to clear L1 to unlock all crowns while you can play weekly.
  8. There is only one ONLINE trophy, but the easiest way to unlock the loop crown is to clear the weekly. We strongly recommend that you clear the weekly weekly while the server is running until you unlock all 6 loop crowns once.
  9. I got "tooled up" on ps4, then when I got lv50 on ps4 and ps5 at the same time I got "tooled up" on ps5 at the same time. I tried to get "geared up" on ps4 and ps5 at the same time, but I could get only ps4. Perhaps a server redirect is required.
  10. You can earn more than double the experience points by logging in ps4 and ps5 at the same time in Deathmatch and playing the same match. Normally, you can earn 300xp and 200 gold without doing anything, but if you log in at the same time, you can earn 900xp and 600 gold. If you do damage or kill during the match, it will be added further. This method also doubles the progress in the daily.
  11. I couldn't get the trophy because the stats stopped at 22%.
  12. I got "Tooled Up" trophy in PS4. Next I played a match in PS5. But I couldn't get "Tooled Up" trophy in PS5. Trophy with only one acquisition flag may only be available on either platform. ・Maxed Out (If Lv51 does not exist) ・Tooled Up ・Geared Up
  13. ver1.003 came. It still buged...
  14. Last Worm Standing trophy is buggy too. I won three times. But I couldn't get trophy.
  15. I am convinced that the game depends on the server not to have had been able to play before. A server revived when I asked it.