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  1. Recently, the last game I purchased is sometimes at the bottom of my download list. Have you checked there?
  2. I checked and it is free from the 11th of November and there is no expiry date written.
  3. The URL has just expired... The URL, which expired for a moment, has been restored again. We recommend you to get it as soon as possible.
  4. All the information you need is in the Results screen. night only more speed tower You don't know the score, so use the warp and door as many times as you can to make the blocks disappear.
  5. stamp score Lv1 Lv2 Lv3 SP world tour 0.4m 0.7m 1.3m 2m night house 0.12m 0.25m 0.5m 0.4m star 0.4m 0.8m 1.7m 2.5m drindy 0.25m 0.4m 0.7m 1.5m tower 0.15m 0.25m 0.4m 3m world tour SP about 3000m. drindy SP about 120 statues. tower SP about 150 medals.(about 15,000m)
  6. I've only heard 60 minutes. Sorry.
  7. A friend of mine just finished trying it and can't get any trophies. He got the bounty for 6 consecutive kills and then waited over 50 minutes for the match to end.
  8. 24th 23:00 UTC delist
  9. The following link says velocity2x is xbox only, so I guess ps will stay.
  10. I can't even see ps4 from ps5 on the NA store override2. However, it can be purchased from the ps4 store. Some ps4 games may be invisible from non ps4.
  11. If you are poned or chiied after riichi, you will not get ippatsu.
  12. The latest purchases have been at the bottom of the download list for a few days.
  13. This is wrong. I earned with sub-account to get this trophy. The correct condition is "destroy 400 gauge of your armor". The trophy description is also incorrect and cannot be tracked at milestones.
  14. What about achievements? You don’t lose your progress on the characters that you already own. The Achievements will be made generic (so not specific to Stranger Things), and if you already had completed the achievement, the achievement will be automatically unlocked for you. Achievements are also written, and the Japanese page has "same for trophies". Since it is a game with many additions from the beginning, I think that it will be fixed properly so that it can be removed even if a bug occurs. If you're worried, you should buy it ...
  15. Now maintenance for 1.03 Survival Mode – XP Rewards: Fixed an issue that allowed players to earn large amounts of XP after immediately leaving Survival games based on the World State