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  1. I am convinced that the game depends on the server not to have had been able to play before. A server revived when I asked it.
  2. Nuclear throne developer seems to be over and disappears from the ps store and may not get a daily trophy.
  3. I got 40 colors trophy earlier than 25 colors trophy. It is terrible!!
  4. I killed 600 my alts in war mode. But I couldn't get trophy. Afterwards, I killed 600 my alts and bots in solo-FPP. I got trophy. War mode is not counted by ps4.
  5. The last update dedicated for the console versions of GWENT (9th December, 2019) disables the following: 1. Matchmaking with other platforms 2. Ranked progression and ranked matches 3. Seasonal and other events 4. Arena mode But New season and rank match start now. I don't know how long it will be, we still have a chance for rank trophy.
  6. The season ended an hour ago. Can't play rank matches already.
  7. This season end 10 hours later.
  8. Yes. The description is "planned" and is subject to change.
  9. Japanese official news applicable part コンソール版(PS4・Xbox One)のアリーナモードについて*、現在は新規で課金アイテム『鏡の破片』を買うことは出来ず、既存の『鏡の破片』もしくは鉱石にて入場が可能です。ただし12月9日(月)以降は鉱石での入場も不可能となる予定です * 2019.12.06追記:アリーナモードの現状および今後の対応について追記いたしました
  10. Participation in Arena Mode with ore will end on December 9 This was written in Japanese official news Let's do our best for the rest of the day
  11. It was exactly "1.03 came" Sorry.
  12. 1.03 is coming!! It became possible to get platinum trophy.