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  1. Oh thank you for saying this! Took me ages to kill him. Thought my game glitched and id have to start again!
  2. I can't wait for this game. I'm a huge fan of FromSoftware and I'm hyped for this game! Already pre ordered it! I'm looking forward to rage moments spanning multiple playthroughs!
  3. It should be in the top region Makedonia. It's a large yellow marker, not like the normal side quests.
  4. I'm sure I read you need to be at least chapter 7 before starting the legacy dlc Thank you for this. I was running about for ages trying to find it.
  5. I got plat at around 60 hours..ish. I didn't use the xp boost as the game provides more than enough xp through doing quests, both side and main. I reached lvl.50 before finishing the main questline. Once you reach lvl.20-25, I felt like I got xp faster, so I was levelling up really quickly by conquering forts and killing the cultists, mercenaries etc. Overall I would say don't buy the xp boost, but it's really up to you.
  6. It's definitely out. A few of my friends are earning trophies right now. I heard it's online only so you'll have to update to play it.
  7. Mine says the exact same thing. I'm sure I've been to every island twice now.
  8. I'm really enjoying the game so far, it feels like origins but way smoother. I love the combat. It feels so much better than all previous games. Also the ship's have a better feel to them. I've started on guided mode for my first playthrough but i will definitely be re playing this game on hard and exploration mode. I've run into one major issue though, and that is that the game has crashed on me 5 times already. It appears to happen whenever I attack a fort or leaders house. The game starts glitching as enemies come into view if I'm crouching down. It's like it's trying to process too much at the one time. My console starts getting louder at these points so I know it's going to crash. Other than that, it's a great game so far.
  9. Lol clearly not a fan of the game. Mercy has been nerfed more than twice! Her ultimate used to rez 6 players at once which was her original trophy. Symmetra has been changed more than any other character because people don't like her. I don't believe the game will die out. With OWL and numerous sponsors of the game, it's becoming the biggest esport in history. I don't see Fortnite or Realm Royale getting prime broadcasting slots from ESPN, MLG or Disney. The Animated shorts draw new players in also. The game will be around for years! It a Blizzard game so it will last. Just look at WoW, or Diablo. They've been around for decades and I see Overwatch lasting just as long.
  10. I think the Yakuza series can stack between Asia, US and EU. Not 100% sure though
  11. Joke. I have literally just bought Mafia 3 😡😡
  12. Lol u actually had me going there until I scrolled down 😂😂
  13. I'm having trouble with the mattress stuffer trophy. I've collected over 6000 caps and the trophy still hasn't popped. I've read that others are having trouble with trophies in this game.
  14. I'm UK based but I also have a USA account so I can get the deals. For me, I buy the psn cards from play Asia and use them to purchase games and often, they are alot cheaper because of the exchange rates. So for example, I recently purchased the new Jurassic world game and Fallout 4 GOTY edition on the USA account which cost something like $100 Buying a $100 psn card was £65 for me. If i were to buy both games on the EU store, it would have cost me around £90. So that's a £35 saving just because I purchased on the USA store. In regards to deals, it can be frustrating though as sometimes I'll buy a game on the EU store for its full price and then it will go on sale in the USA store. TLDR; I use both EU and USA stores for my purchases as I find them better. Though I do agree about the Japanese store. Most of their deals are anime like games, which isn't a bad thing I'd you play them. Hope this helps you.
  15. Exactly my thought when I opened the game for the first time