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  1. Hi everyone. So my crew magically disappeared a couple days ago and it was level 49.5. Can anyone please invite me to their level 50 crew so I can get the trophy? PSN Name: Sykogene Cheers.
  2. No, you only get the one version you buy.
  3. Just tried discharge, and it won't pop. I tried split screen and online. Any ideas? The strange thing about the split screen is that it awarded the trophy to the other player/account even though they died and didn't shoot the thunderbolt. So I tried with player 2 killing me, but still no pop for me. **UPDATE** Got it to pop, and for anyone else having problems this is what I did. Signed in my PS4 with a different PSN user and created a private multiplayer match on my PS4. Joined the game on my PS5 with my primary PSN user and zapped my PS4 user, boom trophy popped. initially when I was having trouble making it pop, it was from a game I created on my primary account on PS5. So maybe the work around is another user create the game and you join it.