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  1. Hello do you know how to kill 5 farmers with one bombkin please ? It's impossible.
  2. Because most of the elitist players have most of the time not a big number of platinums while it's generally the opposite for players who play Ratalaika and cie. Almost every player who was mad at me had less than 50 platinums and even less. But i don't care about what they think, i'm here to play, not to impose myself a virtual conformism.
  3. I will always buy their games. Fast and fun games which can offer until 6 (8 for Distraint) platinums for each game. It's just perfect.
  4. I add Bandit Six : Combined Arms. Very easy and 3 stacks. Edit : Oops it already was in the list. Anyway i recommend this game.
  5. Why can't you just enjoy the game instead of doing some political correctness ?
  6. Thanks. Good luck you will need a lot of motivation.
  7. No i said it will, whatever people's opinions because COD used to patch a lot of glitchs even the fun inoffensive ones. So i don't see why they would do an exception.
  8. Yes for some games, if you move a little bit it the controlers become crazy. This is the first thing to fix.
  9. It would be nonsense. I hope you will be wrong. I just hope it won't end up like the PSVITA (except for Ratalaika).
  10. Hello, the PSVR started years ago and there are more and more games on it. Personally i would like to buy Five Nights At Freddy's next. How do you think this handsome technology will evolve on PS5 ?
  11. Lol we won't stop you from doing this, we just said our points of view.
  12. Ah Activision... A long story of server shutdowns.
  13. I loved Dying Light, Dead Rising 2 Off The Record and Dead By Deadlight. Especially because horror/zombie games are my favourites.
  14. The only regret i would have is that there's no Until Dawn 2. There's the one on VR but it's another style of game.