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  1. Oddworld: New n tasty
  2. Enter the gungeon
  3. Crash team racing nitro-fueled
  4. This is how crown rewards works on a previous game, concretly MHGU. When MHGU(for Nintendo Switch) comes out, i already played MHG(for Nintendo 3ds), I 100% completed awards on guild card, switch version give you the option to transfer data and carry all your progress from 3ds version. Doing this does not mean that I haved to farm all the crowns that I already own, just haved to farm crowns from new monsters. So now there was 4 golden crown awards on guild card, 2 from MHG and 2 from MHGU. To acchive those from MHG(base game/low rank and high rank) you just need crowns from base game monsters, otherwise, to acchieve those from MHGU(game expansion/G rank) you need crowns from every olds and new monsters on the game. I think its gonna be the same with MHW and MHW: Iceborne. So yeah, the more crowns from MHW you own, more close to acchieve crowns rewards fron MHW: Iceborne you are. On MH games, crowns are not attached to quest rank in any way, you can farm it from low,high or master/G rank, but there are specific quests(events/advanced/special) where is more easy to farm, cause they have higest crown monsters appears ratio.
  5. You guys should not be so angry at crowns trophies...crowns achivements allways been on MH saga, but now is a lot more easy to earn them since there are events quest every week where you can farm 4 crowns at time and a lot of people playing the game if you dont want to farm in solo.
  6. Hi! if you already own the digital version of MHW(like me) you should buy the digital version of MHW ICEBORNE. Is a DLC content/Expansion, so I think you only should go for the complete version/disk if you dont own MHW already. Acoording to developer team, you need to finish MHW main story first, and then you could play this new story content(Iceborne). All your progress will carry on(armors, weapons, awards on guild card), but like in other games on the saga, hunter rank should be reset(there will be a new rank “master rank”). About the most op weapon question, Im long sword main since MH3, its a very balanced and powerfull weapon(the best one that complement my playstyle). But there are others weapons that speed runners preffer, like bow guns or charged axe.
  7. Almost the same they do with awards list on previous MH games, when G rank version its out... they just add more of the same awards on guild card. Anyway, as a MH veteran im happy to see Iceborn expansion having separate trophy list and his own platinum!
  8. Hi, I haved the same problem as you. The solution is to change language to English on console settings, then star the game and buy the destroyer or dreadnaught ship(both trophies are glitched for some ppl) .I hope this help you to get platinum trophy ✌️.