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  1. I Loled. That 30th question...
  2. Dead Space, No Question. (1 & 2)
  3. 1) MLB The Show 19 (0.31%) 2) Twisted Metal (0.51%) 3) Army of Two: The 40th Day (0.76%) 4) XCOM 2 (0.84%) 5) Call of Duty: Black Ops II (0.92%) 6) XCOM: Enemy Unknown (0.95%) 7) MotorStorm: Pacific Rift (0.99%) Kept everything under 1%
  4. Not sure if this was going to ever be for consoles... but Starcraft:Ghost, was supposed to be a FPS, or 3rd Person Shooter where you assumed the role of a Ghost from Starcraft. (I was working at GameStop when it was first announced... made a killing off of preorders for this game, and then... it never happened.)
  5. Agreed, PvP and Multiplayer are two separate things. Bling Brigade is Multiplayer (Just realized this was only a Bronze trophy.... ughhh), Date Night is Multiplayer. Welcome To The Chip is PvP, Aerial Support is PvP. I could see an argument for separating the two.
  6. Dead Space Dead Space 2 Dead Space 3 (But Good)
  7. If it comes up I mention I'm a trophy whore. Proud of it
  8. I never had any problem with XCOM2 or War of the Chosen - maybe an inopportune crash here and there - but the joys of turn based games, you don't actually lose anything.
  9. I played it on an old PS4, never had an issue either? Shame that others are having issues - great games.
  10. Have never had that happen to me to the extent I'm having it happen right now... all for a F2P Game, Warframe. Having a hard time getting into anything else - there is always something to do! When I finally do take a break from it i can always come back to it... just have to get to that point...
  11. @Sly Ripper Hire This Man! (Pretty sure everything here is volunteer) - but Seriously, Hire This Man!
  12. Normally I ignore Corrupt Save complaints - but I know CTR's first (or second) patch fixed a lot of the 'Corrupted Save File' issues that were plaguing it when it came out. Probably doesn't apply here - but just for anyone that actually reviews this
  13. It is an option, and it is as terrible as you would think... But to answer the actual question, My brother and I are Doubles partners - me from my house and he from his (we don't live close to each other). When i go and visit him for whatever reason we can split screen online (and lose every game because as it was stated earlier - sucks). But that's the only reason you would 'want' to.
  14. Just like those toxic leavers - there are only a few that make it unbearable This pretty much solves most of the issues being discussed here.