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  1. @Sly Ripper Hire This Man! (Pretty sure everything here is volunteer) - but Seriously, Hire This Man!
  2. CTR, Day's Gone, HZD, Division 2... that's a pretty good selection for a small sale.
  3. Normally I ignore Corrupt Save complaints - but I know CTR's first (or second) patch fixed a lot of the 'Corrupted Save File' issues that were plaguing it when it came out. Probably doesn't apply here - but just for anyone that actually reviews this
  4. It is an option, and it is as terrible as you would think... But to answer the actual question, My brother and I are Doubles partners - me from my house and he from his (we don't live close to each other). When i go and visit him for whatever reason we can split screen online (and lose every game because as it was stated earlier - sucks). But that's the only reason you would 'want' to.
  5. Just like those toxic leavers - there are only a few that make it unbearable This pretty much solves most of the issues being discussed here.
  6. And anyone that has any reason to DC is incorrect.
  7. Try the Gaming Sessions Link Listed HERE, Boosting Sessions in Forums are not allowed. Just look and you'll find other sessions as well (Like mine)
  8. Right now i'm almost 100% sure it's bugged in general - Been healing (while injured) like crazy and it hasn't popped.
  9. This game is far superior to F13 in every way imo - playing legit will get you most of the trophies - but there will be some you need to grind out (particularly as a killer). I've never had a problem just group messaging everyone before the game starts and telling them that I'm just farming for a trophy and you won't kill any of them - most of them help
  10. Addons and Offerings are acceptable. You might have just run into a one time glitch. If it happens again upload a video/screenshot and maybe something is going wrong. My only other thought is that one of the survivors DCd - That will put an instant halt on acquiring your trophy as well. You still get credit as killing them in terms of in-game and points. But not for the trophy.
  11. That is the correct way to do it - BUT, did you ONLY use his 3 Unique perks? Because if you use his 3 perks and 1 other perk, it won't get you the trophy. You don't have to double-pip, just get 4 kills (on hooks) using ONLY his 3 unique perks.
  12. Personal Opinion, I love the game and have played it for a while - totally just worth it to play it
  13. It really isn't the easy to find your own people in lobbies - in order to have the best possible chance would be have all of your accounts the same level. Even then you probably won't have an easy time. Depends on the trophy - Most of them can be completed on a single survivor - some require different ones.
  14. for someone that hasn't played it - sure seems like you think you know a lot about it. Guess what - you can earn coins offline too! Almost everything in the game rewards coins. As i stated before, no one is missing you. Everyone that is playing it is enjoying it. (assumption on my part - but who doesn't love CTR - except those that think they know everything about it that haven't played it)