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  1. Boostable? Sure... Easy enough you shouldn't Have to, definitely.
  2. Don't make an individual forum post asking for help, use the Gaming Sessions Tab Linked HERE. I have used this a many times and never been disappointed - Use it, Love it
  3. I don't feel the story is as murky as stated above - I felt I got the story in most of it's entirety from just playing the game and going for all the trophies. Maybe i just picked up on it easier than most - but the story flowed fairly well imo.
  4. Exactly, that's what I did. Not sure how they would have to play more if you are doing the same thing for them as they did for you. He either is very lucky or... well just lucky. I personally had all my missiles finished except power (maybe - remember it was just 1 left), and lost all progress. Best of luck to you
  5. You can't 'Take Turns' because as soon as you join/play a lobby that is not your own you will *potentially* lose all progress up to that point, you need to host your own games until you get what you are needing - at that point someone else could take over to get their trophy as well.
  6. So the only thing you really need to know; Most of the trophies themselves aren't glitched... but the means of how they are recorded are. To bypass any issue with not getting credit - you have to make sure you host the lobbies - every time. If you have 99 Kills with every Missile type from games you have hosted... and then join someone else's lobby... there is a good possibility you will lose ALL progress towards that trophy and will have to start over. As for the trophies not unlocking when they should... I believe the only one that may have had issues was the 100 Missiles one... Something to do with how the Rectile/Zoomies/SAT Missiles are calculated... just get 100 with each... and if it doesn't unlock go get 25 more with each... and keep doing that. (It has been quite some time since I've gotten the Plat [4/17/2014] so all this just comes from memory... and lets be honest, memory fades as we get older...) Hope it helps - Maybe someone else can come along and elaborate on anything I missed or was incorrect on.
  7. Only one i can think of... You Asked For It Finish the game on 悪夢(AKUMU) mode. Just..... No.... No.... No.... (0.7% on Playstation Network - 5.18% on PSNProfiles)
  8. So I've been playing a while... Yes, the community can be toxic - but I feel you get out of it what you put into it. Treat it as a game and others will follow suit for the most part. I literally just ran into the best group of 4 players I've ever met... there are wonderful people in this community, but you gotta get past the trash/toxic to see the good. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  9. Thank You kind sir! This will be my one and only nomination, but I'm super proud of it! Thank You so much!
  10. XCOM isn't RTS, it's Turn-Based Strategy. RTS is Warcraft / Starcraft / Rise of Nations / Dawn of War. etc. Anything that happens in "Real Time" is RTS.
  11. Everything i've read it's a call-out to the original Road Rash... have heard nothing about micro-transactions. And lets be honest, even if there are - 99% chance they are just cosmetic.
  12. Looks like a great game to hit rank 1 on, grats
  13. Down to 1.06%, even better! /Necro
  14. I agree - Spirit is my favorite killer by far. Huntress is an easy second - then everyone else.
  15. And.... Did it again - This time almost exclusively with the Spirit.