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  1. Shoot me a friend request - but make sure you say It's for Knack... I'm picky when it comes to adding friends - so I never accept anyone if I don't know who they are. (I haven't started it - but more than likely will get started over the next week or so)
  2. Love It, Well Said! For me, it started as a way to get the most out of my game, I don't put it down until it's finished. (Given there are exceptions to this...) But even before trophies were a thing, i'd play a game to 100% completion (or 106% if we are talking about Crash Bandicoot) back on the PS2. There was no shown glory, just the experience of getting the most out of the game. For me now, and part of why i joined this website and contribute as much as I can, is it puts me in a mindset/ or with a group of people that do the same thing that I do. We trophy hunt. I have absolutely no Real Life friends that enjoy the Trophy hunting aspect as I do... so doing that and being here on this site, is getting to enjoy something that I enjoy... with someone else! And to echo what Dr. Bloodmoney said... do something and try to be good at it. For those that aren't as good... or have troubles with certain parts of a game, it's why I contribute guides. It helps those that maybe have less time to figure it out for themselves, or people that may just get lost in a game, but enjoy the game themselves. /endrant
  3. Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (PS3) #125: Hero of Ancaria Can't tell you how many hundreds of hours i've put into this... and I didn't cheese the difficulty trophies... 100% earned without any shortcuts (and another game off of my PS3 Backlog) WOO HOO! Enjoyment 5/10 (Ranges from 3 to 8 - Very long game) Difficulty 4/10 (10/10 fighting some buggy bosses) Time: Estimated about 200+ hours.
  4. Like most everyone else... When I clean up my backlog to a point that i can accept it.... Or when my PS4 backlog becomes larger than my PS3 one.
  5. The first one was better... the second felt like a chore grinding as much as was required. That being said i think the ONLY improvement from the first to the second was how they handled a second split screen player. If that doesn't interest you though... For me personally, it felt stale quick. Pick up quest A, grab and kill things. Pick up quest B, grab and kill things. Pick up quest C, grab and kill things. I personally would skip it if you've played the first... And if you haven't, Skip the second and play the first
  6. Pretty much set on the Elgato it seems now to actually get one...
  7. Thank you both for you input so far, hoping someone will come along as use something other than the Elgato (just for some variety)
  8. I Figured this to be the best spot to place the question, so here goes... What capture tools do you use to stream/edit your PS3/PS4/XB360/XB1 videos? I know that you can capture videos with the PS4 and XB1 easy enough, but to get the good editing tools one must use a 3rd party product of some sort. I'd like to know what you use, maybe some Pros/Cons about it... because i'm looking to spend some of this tax return on some video capturing soft/hardware. Let me know, Thanks!
  9. Anything that's an STD. (Before you question it, hear me out.) Playing any FPS Online someone is bound to kill you... and you can't even get mad when the Following occours... "SwampGas was killed by AIDS" or the best one is of course is... "SwampGas was killed by Chlamydia" Honorable Mention: For the same reason above - but a call-out to the Old Oregon Trail "Dysentery"
  10. (4.23% Ultra Rare) #123: Dungeon Defenders (PS3) Legendary Defender Trendy salutes you! Difficulty: Impossible/10 (With Only 1 Player) Difficulty: 8/10 (With 2 Players Splitscreen) 4 Years... from my first trophy to the last. Obviously not strait but one more off my backlog. No one has acquired this trophy in 6 months. A very long and semi (not game breaking) glitchy Tower Defense game. Great game... but a whole lot o' grinding
  11. I've never had any Zombies issues. May be an issue with the latest patch? I'd try deleting the game file and try re-downloading all the patches.
  12. This is by far one of the most easy Easter eggs in a Call of Duty/Zombie game in... forever. The zombies themselves are easier (minus the two bigger special zombies) and the level layout is beneficial for the player. Not only that but Pack-A-Punch is very simple to unlock and can be done easily by wave 4/5. Given this was done solo and I've only played it once with a partner (Gets even easier with that extra player).
  13. Think of it more as a hack & slash than an Action/Adventure... It plays like that with puzzles. Now for completionists, it's a grind, no doubt about that. Personally this is my second most favorite hack and slash series I've played (Space Marine being my favorite). Though Netflix on the side wouldn't be out of question... only have to really pay attention to the large boss fights and the puzzles.
  14. Final Fantasy X-2 I love a good RPG (And None of the Final Fantasy games have disappointed me that I've played... but man i couldn't get past the chick flick game intro.)