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  1. This is super easy... any Single-Player heavy game that has ANY online only trophies. /end thread. No... not EVERYONE hates that list, I got it twice (PS3/PS4) and enjoyed every moment of it.
  2. the problem is that counter you see on the scoreboard isn't the true killstreak. Kills and assists count for that number - technically the person showing a 35 could have 0 kills, but 35 assists. For their 'killstreak' to count they have to get the killing blow. (Easily done with 2 people FYI)
  3. Your account is running on two separate PS4 consoles at the same time, pretty sure that isn't allowed for this site, but i have to ask the followings... Does it matter? Does it make you happy? Does it REALLY matter what other people online feel about it? As long as it's making you and yours happy - go nuts. On that note - why not make your system her Primary and her system your primary? That way ya'll can play on your own accounts on the same game (assuming it's purchased digitally of course).
  4. So by the responses, one of you decided to look at what i was talking about by following the link, thank you @skateak. I too decided to stream it from my phone, can't get HD and the crappy quality it showed at worked fine. I was just wondering if this had happened to anyone else and how to fix it. @DARKB1KE Chrome - No external add-ons except AdBlock; Recorded at HD1080/60FPS/8MBs @Spaz I agree, everything is in HD, but even HD720 wasn't working... had to be HD1080 :/ Which could cause frustration
  5. So I'm by no means an expert.... but is it possible to know why that particular account/game was flagged? Two weeks for a Plat. All trophies are in order, no identical time-stamps... and everything looks as if it was done correctly. But again, I'm no expect - more curious.
  6. So i recorded some videos for a guide i'm writing (have written now)... and made a hand-holding video walkthrough on every trophy... The problem I'm having is if they are played on anything but 1080p... the Audio/Video isn't synced correctly and it freezes a lot. Turn it to 1080 and it's perfect. So my stupid question is..... Why?! I'm hoping someone has some input on this, a bunch of Google/YouTube searching has led me where I started... still confused. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ls4aMd3GRRM&t=18s ^^ Link to one of the videos in question for reference.
  7. #127: The Evil Within (PS3) Pure Evil (4.74%) Never again... simple enough. Loved the game and the bizarreness of it... Until Akumu Mode. It wasn't properly thought out... and i don't say this lightly... it was a BullS..t mode that made you lose every way possible... even with frame-rate lag. The only good news that came out of this game.... one less off the backlog to finish.
  8. You can only trade in 5 Rare items from the same event (Non-Crate/Nitro Crates/etc) The reason you weren't able to select them all is they were from different "parts of the game". Generally, there are probably better details somewhere online - but that's the watered down version.
  9. The Evil Within (Because Eff Akuku Mode) Call of Duty (Because of Zombies)
  10. Hittin' you up, I have a little bit of everything.
  11. Nothing of what you said makes an ounce of sense. I stand by what I've said in that post and others. Please... keep a normal conversation going.
  12. Never in this game, but in others I've had the In-Game Checklist say I've earned the trophy... then it didn't pop. Just keep playing and it will pop later hopefully. (Though I can't speak for this game, just others that do the same)
  13. Thank you for putting it in perfect words.
  14. No, i'm pretty sure I spelled it right. And ya, you can like or dislike whomever you want. But it comes back to this generation of entitled brats. Were there riots and complete disregard for the Electoral process when Obummer was elected? No - Can't say the same for the current President. Which brings up the best argument of them all... If Guns were Illigal, would it stop Criminals? It would work just as well as making certain drugs Illegal.
  15. I hate politics... and it shouldn't be discussed... because after reading all your comments... i realize how ignorant a majority of the people I play with are. Do I have a solution? No... but all you Trump bashers... Guess what, he was elected. Deal with it. Us normals had to deal with Obummer for 8 years - deal with it for another 3 (Where upon someone new gets elected) As for the armed security guard that waited outside... shame on him, he was there for one reason - and he failed. It is a tragedy, yes. Is there a simple solution, no. Is coming on here just to say "Trump is stupid" useful? no. And for those actually discussing what happened and have used your head, thank you. On that exact note, Guns have been around forever... why weren't there school shootings before the last ~10 years? IN MY OPINION: These last generations have been raised horribly, Children that have been babysat by the television.... learn from the TV. And lets be honest, most things on the TV are garbage and provide little to no Good substance. -AND- Media... it's worldwide now, someone can't fart and it not be widespread and viral within days. The entire world is plugged in so everyone hears about what the media is showing... and lets be honest, violence sells (refer to my point about TV). Good natured news does not. Media/News is extremely bias and is going to milk every violent act for what it's worth. EDIT: *Gamertag below shows the last game I played... GTAV - /facepalm --- Not going to go out on a shooting spree through, i was raised to value life and took that wooden spoon across my backside if I deserved it.*