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  1. Had no idea this was a thing... I never received one if it is a thing!
  2. For me it plays alongside games like Rocket League. You play a match and it lasts for 10-30 minutes. Then you can put it down for a few days without missing out on anything. On terms of trophies, this game and Rocket League are two fun games that I will continue to play even after acquiring all trophies... DBD is incredibly fun and 'balanced'. Play as a notorious killer, hunting 4 other players/survivors, or play as a survivor and try and escape the Killer's menacing presence. The concept is good.. one of those games that doesn't take much to have fun with, but to rank up to the higher levels will take some skill. The Matchmaking is fairly good at the lower levels (from 20-15 or so) which is where most of the beginners will be for a chunk of time, you'll have killers that don't understand they have a 2nd ability... and you'll have survivors that don't understand you need to fix generators to escape. For me personally it is one of the top 5 games for replay-ability just because it is never the same game twice. The thrill of hunting your prey, or the anxiety of hiding from a killer... keeps the game fresh
  3. the way the console is dead, no. But as Snow said... So yes?
  4. Hot Shots Tennis (Just love all of the Hot Shots Series) How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition (Long Game, had a story) Warhammer 40K: Kill Team (It's Warhammer - Fun Hack & Slash) Plants vs. Zombies (Nothing Easy about finishing that) Resident Evil 4 (RE Game with No Plat?!) Tokyo Jungle (On the fence about this - but the grind was real...) Wolfenstein 3D (Classic - Needed a Plat) Zombie Apocalypse (It only needed a Plat because one turned into a Zombie to complete this game.)
  5. I'll echo this.. I purchased it assuming Motorstorm for PS4... But... it was not. On the flip side, I look at this game now (after playing it for a little) as a game by itself, though it isn't the Motorstorm I was hoping for, it's a 'racing' game that takes racing where it's never gone before. I absolutely love the game and and very glad I picked it up.. definitely one of those games that i'll be playing for quite some time. But yes, it isn't Motorstorm.
  6. I only played the Beta, so I'm not sure about the released version, but if it anything like many other games releasing recently... You may play against AI until level 5 or otherwise. Someone would have to confirm this, but i speculate that may be the case.
  7. https://psnprofiles.com/sessions Use it, Love it.
  8. Pretty sure that's already a thing... Spyro: PlayStation Store
  9. This is easy... Dead Space 1 Dead Space 2 Dead Space 3 (Remove every MP/Co-Op Aspect of it) On a side Note... Dead Space 4?
  10. This was actually touched on earlier this year, that being said IF it happens - it wont be soon - probably next year sometime at the earliest.
  11. All of PS Network is finicky right now - variety of games are having their MP partly broken, other games can't even connect online. I'd chalk it up to that.
  12. That may come down to being finding the right person/right time. You may just make a No Date/No Time Specific Gaming Session and have someone message you that wants to work with you on it. The only other solution I could find is use a 2nd PS4 if you have access to one and boost it yourself. (Not sure what gameplay is like so not 100% sure you could do this - but if available... ;P
  13. Very proud to be one of 23 Platinum achievers for MLB 2K9 - Very Impressive. (On a side note your TC says it's rarity is .38% where as your "most rare" trophies says .35% - Same trophy. Found that odd Still an awesome only 23 users. - And I just realized (edit) - you were #2, even better!
  14. Pretty successful from my experiences. - Do what you are supposed to and show up on time - things normally go smooth.