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  1. Assegai When I first played. Van Uber only because their stats fit my playstyle perfectly. I haven't not been able to qualify for an event with Van Uber.
  2. This, This and This. I played the PS3 version and that's how I played... frustrating and annoying. Going through the game again on the PS4 there is a WORLD of difference when i just master the track and vehicle over the weapons. Don't get me wrong, weapons and boosts are nice, but you can easily win by achieving "perfect laps"... or the closest thing you can to it. Again, as long as it's valid on some spots on some tracks... I have had to break the habit from the first time I played... it's quicker to go regular speed and not hit a wall then use a boost and lose momentum.
  3. Though that would probably work... I just got better Shaved off 1/2 a second - now i don't have to worry about it anymore
  4. Becasue it's your first time getting under 30 seconds? It's still broken - just did a 28.5 and nothing. Developer even said it was broken (Read Above/Below) AND... Finally beat my best 28.112 with a 27.850... and unlocked... /happy dance
  5. The trophies as a whole are fixed after I had talked to the developer. He said that the 30 sec speed run on the tutorial is still partially broken. It only checks for the requirements if you have beaten your best time, not if you have beaten 30 seconds. (Verified) Currently it is unlockable, you just have to beat your best time under 30 seconds, not just under 30 seconds. Otherwise, we are back on track
  6. I talked to the developer and he said the last patch should have fixed it (10/24) - but alas it did not, pulled another 27.5 on the Tutorial and nothing At least he is actively participating in fixing this, don't think it will be down for long.
  7. LISE, who else would it be? lol
  8. Not sure which patch broke them, but certain trophies (if not all) are currently broken. I completed 3 different 'Goals' last night that should have netted me 3 different trophies, but alas - I'm still without. Just as a warning to anyone currently in this game. Journeyman https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/11433-spelunky-2/6-journeyman (Finally Got my first win - 800 Deaths Later) Track Star https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/11433-spelunky-2/21-track-star (29.5 Seconds) Arena Champion https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/11433-spelunky-2/22-arena-champion
  9. I have only experienced this in 1 game, back in the old PS1 (i think) era. An Old Call of Duty or Medal of Honor game, brightness was turned all the way up and even then running through these dark catacombs made me ill so quickly I never got past that part.
  10. I Loled. That 30th question...
  11. Dead Space, No Question. (1 & 2)
  12. 1) MLB The Show 19 (0.31%) 2) Twisted Metal (0.51%) 3) Army of Two: The 40th Day (0.76%) 4) XCOM 2 (0.84%) 5) Call of Duty: Black Ops II (0.92%) 6) XCOM: Enemy Unknown (0.95%) 7) MotorStorm: Pacific Rift (0.99%) Kept everything under 1%
  13. Not sure if this was going to ever be for consoles... but Starcraft:Ghost, was supposed to be a FPS, or 3rd Person Shooter where you assumed the role of a Ghost from Starcraft. (I was working at GameStop when it was first announced... made a killing off of preorders for this game, and then... it never happened.)
  14. Agreed, PvP and Multiplayer are two separate things. Bling Brigade is Multiplayer (Just realized this was only a Bronze trophy.... ughhh), Date Night is Multiplayer. Welcome To The Chip is PvP, Aerial Support is PvP. I could see an argument for separating the two.
  15. Dead Space Dead Space 2 Dead Space 3 (But Good)