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  1. Down to 1.06%, even better! /Necro
  2. I agree - Spirit is my favorite killer by far. Huntress is an easy second - then everyone else.
  3. And.... Did it again - This time almost exclusively with the Spirit.
  4. So far the two bonus levels (Crash Bandicoot 1 & Crash Bandicoot 3) - Are Free.
  5. Again, it seems like you need practice (not knowing the courses solidified my opinion about that) - Keep practicing, get better. It's not that difficult of a game.
  6. Everything you said just means you need practice. A well made game and the only viable thing you said was you can't skip certain cut scenes after wrecking.
  7. I believe it is the best way to play, I've seen too many times I've turned the game around because there isn't enough focus on generators.
  8. Realistically it's just focusing on Gens over everything else. Even as a killer main, it's the only way to play imo. If you want a chance to survive, you have to complete the generators, if you are wasting time saving someone - you aren't pushing for your escape. What I see to be the 'best' strategy is 2 people always on generators. 1 Person being chased/hooked, 1 person saving that person, 2 people doing gens. /shrug, just what I see from the killer side of things.
  9. The best way for losing a killer is to become one!
  10. Not easily, but possible - especially if you have a killer that is the same rank as your group of survivors - makes things easier... but echoing what @Ryuzaki1993 said... you have to play a while to get III-50, by that time you probably will have most if not all the other trophies.
  11. I've never started a forum post that I can remember - but I enjoy the game so much that I thought I'd give it a whirl... Post a screenshot of you hitting Rank 1 (Both Killer & Survivor if you get both) And of course I'll start it -- This is me hitting Rank 1 as a Killer (Currently 11 as Survivor - with the reset tomorrow Maybe Next Month)
  12. There are plenty of games that you use a previous save to get alternate endings and what not. All perfectly okay to do. Just no save editing... that's a big no-no.
  13. XCOM is simply the best turn-based game ever. But as for RPG... you're out of luck from me :/
  14. Had no idea this was a thing... I never received one if it is a thing!