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  1. I like the idea, but not including some sort of 100% games seems to be defeating the point (i understand why not, but it just seems kinda odd where some of the most difficult trophies are in games that don't have a Platinum) *Looks at Action Henk* Whatever ya'll do would be good - but i feel this could be a way to get some of the "non-Platinum games" that deserve the love, some love
  2. No, this is the norm, and lets be honest, there is nothing good about being a Socialist. Buck up Buttercup and get PS+, or don't... no one is forcing you to. God forbid a company tries to make money.
  3. I believe this has been discussed before (maybe it's been years and I've lost track of time) But i agree - nothing worse than scrolling on a phone for 30 seconds to get down to the trophy description you are looking to find. Good Idea
  4. Becuase with more players, creates a wider range of time that would qualify for 1%. Now if every 'new' player goes for that trophy that would make it more difficult. But the skill level on this game is tough enough I don't think most players would achieve it... Making the overall leaderboard have many more players therefore making it easier.
  5. I saw this post originally from a Loot Crate Facebook post and tweaked it slightly for this; List the alphabet and then your favorite game from that letter. (Preferably one from your profile that you have played) - Leave Letters Blank if you don't have any that apply. And of course, I'll start A - Axiom Verge (Best Metroid-esk Game I've Played) B - Bioshock C - Crysis 2 (There were plenty that qualified for 'C' but Crysis 2 had my favorite/unique Online MP experience) D - Dead By Daylight (Love Killing Me Some Survivors) / Dead Space (Favorite Horror Game of all time) E - Everybody's Golf (My Only 'E' Game, but Love me some Hot Shots Golf) F - Far Cry 3 G - Guacamelee! H - Horizon Zero Dawn I - inFamous J - Just Cause 2 K - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (Forgettable but my only 'K' game) L - Little Big Planet 2 (Liked 2 more than 3) M - Motorstorm (Pacific Rift or Apocalypse) N - NFL Blitz O - Onrush (Motorstorm-esk Game) P - Portal 2 or Paladins... Portal 2 Wins Q - None R - Rocket League S - Lots of Good 'S' Games... but I'll go with Sacred 2: Fallen Angel as my favorite T - That's You (Amazing Party Game Fit for all ages) U - Unreal Tournament 3 V - Vitamin Z (Only 'V' - but it's Free on the Vita!) W - Wipeout HD or Warframe (Kudos for Warframe coming from a shaky start to where they are now) X - XCOM (Enemy Unknown / Enemy Within / 2) - The Best Turn Based Strategy games of all time - rivaling Chaos Gate Y - None Z - Zombie Driver # - No Numerical Games
  6. More players, but more people going for the trophy maybe, if i had to gander a guess it might be slightly easier.
  7. I can't confirm that personally - just by what i've seen in every couch co-op i've ever played on PS3/PS4
  8. Typically if you 'Sign In' to play as another player in Split-screen both players will receive the trophies. Obviously if there in no 'signing into an account' for Player 2, nothing will be earned.
  9. That pretty much sums it up. Portal 2 (Only if you don't have a PC)
  10. Unplug your Power cord, plug it back in - let it do the error check. Continue Playing.
  11. How was that? If it's worth while it will be my final PS3 Platinum.
  12. You sir, are an inspiration Thank You for sharing. (My brother too was born with a multitude of disabilities and probably would have struggled to even hold a controller). Thank You again for sharing.
  13. I just did this whole process, it took quite a few attempts but it finally worked. Just erase your cloud file and try to re-upload it. Again, took quite a few tries... but then all but (4?) popped for me.
  14. That's how it started for me
  15. I'm with the OP on this one, I am more likely to assist a 'friend's' boosting session over a randoms - even if i don't need it.
  16. And you pretty much just sold me when you said Bioshock... Well played sir, well played. Same, that's why I was so bummed. :/
  17. So I think the biggest turn off for me was the demo they released. I was super psyched for Prey, to the point I almost pre-ordered it... then PS4 allowed a demo to be played... and I never trouched it again after that. Controls were clunky and just a plain mess. To my understanding the controls were patched either shortly after the game released or maybe it was fixed before release... but that experience ruined it for me... and I have a hard time even trying it because of that. Honestly if the demo wouldn't have been released, i bet it would have sold significantly more.
  18. Platinum #139 (The Best Metroid-esk) Game Since Super Metroid.
  19. So, I looked, because I'm curious - what got flagged? I didn't see any Time-Stamp Discrepancies. What prompted this Flagging?
  20. Quick Google Search Pulled the Following: Via YouTube :
  21. Normally I would say No, but there is a single exception that I know of on my profile that I would love to get rid of... Dragon Fin Soup, All because the game was released broken, given away free as a PS+ Game, Will never get fixed. 0% Completion Rate - It needs to go. I don't care about perfect profiles, just the one exception I posted.
  22. So, i didn't play with the Mascot, Black Mage, or Gun Mage hardly at all. I suppose I went more 'survivability' than anything making this game silly easy to the point I didn't look at my HP bar hardly at all. Used Rikku (To Start Stealing From the Founder on Floor 1) Gunner (Primary) Thief (Secondary) Samurai (Secondary) Dark Knight (Secondary) Trainer (Secondary) [Looking back I should have gone Dark Knight or Trainer as Primary (For the Damage) But oh well] This set up gives Confuseproof / Doomproof / Detect All Traps Triple Tiara Accessory (3 Regular Attacks) Soldier's Bandana Accessory (1/2 Damage From All Attacks) Rolled through the entire game... stopped stealing from the Founder around Floor 30.
  23. So I'm going to say what I used - making the entire game a joke honestly. Get to Chapter 5 Visit Farplane Capture Adamantortoise (L) Pod / Besaid Island Unlearn Tremor Learn Vigor (3 Turbo Ether) Learn Auto-Life (2 Pixie Dust) Learn Nonpareil (1 Muscle Belt) Learn Auto-Haste (3 Speed Bracer) Learn Spellspring (1 Ragnarok) Use the 'Tempered Will' Garment Grid (For Howl) Use the 'Mascot' Dressphere (For Ribbon & Best Stat Bonus) There isn't a single fight this setup loses to... as long as you leave it on 3 stars or below you can win every fight in the game (Trema Included) ~~~ If you want o use Chocobo & Tornberry I would choose a Mech with Impale as your 3rd (Machina Leader / Machina Hunter / Machina Ranger) Unlearn Attack and fill up your abilities with Full-Life/Auto-Life or other Self/Team Buffing abilities leaving Impale as your only form of attacking. Constant 9,999 hits at a very rapid rate.
  24. So after playing with this a lot, i BELIEVE (not 100% proven by myself) that If you go through Chapter Select and EVERY chapter has "Grounded" labeled as "Highest Difficulty Completed" just pick the last mission and play it again on Grounded - It should get you the Grounded AND Grounded Plus Trophy (My Trophies are listed below via Link - See Time Stamps) https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/2752-the-last-of-us-remastered/SwampGas13 Hopefully that works for you!
  25. Doesn't bother me - put your favorite (I almost put "Crystalis" for my 'C'... but NES is a Looooonnggg Time Ago)