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  1. Hmm, I think I have no issues with stealth per se, just not when it is the main feature, or used exclusively. But yeah those games are a minority in my collection. I played the first Deus Ex and a couple of Splinter Cells. Funny enough I recently bought both Dishonored titles oh and Shadow Blades but that's a different kind of stealth. So yeah guns blazing is my preferred method too. Hmm I was thinking about trying out Crunchyroll too at point. Since I am kind of interested in anime, but more the Ghost in a Shell type. I checked the website a bit but I should see if there are alternatives first before testing it. I am also not a fan of streaming service. Knowing me I end up binge watching the entire collection in on big session. I prefer to buy DVDs/BluRays. But sadly it is impossible to find animes with english subs and I don't like the german kind. Oh and regarding the notes, here in germany a one is the highest note you can achieve. I guess you do the other way around?
  2. Maybe you spell checker is just giving you notes for your trophies! Congratulations on your latest achievements Like I mentioned before I am really interest in playing Lara Croft GO now. But I wait a while before I buy it, my 2 for 1 rule and all that! And I think I made up my mind what games I am going to purchase next. I might just finish more of my games and grab it as soon as it on sale, who knows. The name might be a nod to the Lara Croft Coop games, as they are a bit similar. Well I mean they have the same isometric perspective and have some puzzles in it. Now that I think of it, they should make a PS4 port for the first Lara Croft game, Guardian of Light i think, it is a great game even if you play it solo. The second isn't that great solo and it has some serious issues. In any case I can recommend you Guardian of Light, as it is available for the PS3. Maybe you already have it. LEGO doesn't really sound like a fun game, so kudos for your patience. Are you planing on playing more of them or is your hunger for them sated now? Aren't there more then a dozen out there by now? Same goes for Hitman GO or any of the other games. Somehow it irks me to play an assassin, not sure why because I have no problem to assassinate dozens of enemies in other games. Maybe it is all that hiding and disguising. I did play the very first one and never made it beyond the first contract. I guess No.47 and me are better off going separate ways! By the way how is your Crunchyroll experience going?
  3. Yes! Although I never played the campaigns. Spent hours playing the skirmish maps.
  4. Many many many times!
  5. Ironically there is a mod that does just that. And it seems to be working just fine with any controller out there. And it isn't just some mod patched together. It is a very serious project from what I can tell. But then again I stopped playing WoW at the end of 2017, so I am not sure if it is still maintained. But it does a pretty good job. Of course it is not the real thing and I am not sure if you can perform as good as you can with mouse and keyboard, especially in raids. But Blizzard is simplifying the controls with every new addon and if they keep doing that you can play WoW with just a 2 button mouse someday.
  6. It is not just the dimensions but the quality too. And the number of colors. You could use a lower resolution or quality for JPEG that's usually the best way to reduce the file size. If it just then person in the your background image then you have to select it with a rectangular selection tool and crop it, meaning to cut it out. This way you reduce the file size by huge bit. Then you save the image as a JPEG and use a lower quality. Usually any imaging app shows you the amount of the new file size before you save it. So you can get the best dimensions. But you can also fit the image later when you import it to your profile.
  7. No I haven't
  8. Oh I sure you know what you mean. Personally I blame Steam for that. They started these insane sales as far as I know. My gog.com account is also full of those cheap games, I think I haven't even played one of them. It kinda carried over to my PS4 now but strangely I have it much better under control, well not as much as I hoped I would, but the number of games I have actually played from start to finish is really high compared to my PC years. I think the trophies and progress bar actually helps me focus, strange as that may sounds. But yeah, we are all collectors of great deals, must be genetics. Only we hunt for virtual goods now instead of food and fire wood. Anyway I think you should save some money for a PS4, who knows maybe there is a great deal waiting to be found. But then again, those prices you would have to pay are really scary. Hopefully that changes soon.
  9. Thank you once again! Yeah I've sort of stopped playing Shantae, but then again not really. What I am trying to say is that I play it for a bit every day mostly since I finished most of the game. And I am doing this for a while now. I was focusing on Gravity Rush in the meantime. The beauty of Shantae is that all the difficult passages are quite easy once you practiced them a lot, almost like muscle memory. But taking a break on regular basis is certainly good for ones sanity. Well like I like said just two arcade modes and I am put it on my shelf, so to speak. The time trials and the hardcore mode can wait! Battle Chasers is PS4/PC/XBox One only as far as I know. It was released a year ago I think. The turn based combat is actually quite interesting as I mentioned but after a while you repeat certain steps like with most games of this kind. Then again it is not super long and it requires some planing after all, because the overcharge mode can be the difference between victory or defeat. Maybe check out a some videos or reviews. Hmm I would say once you bought a PS4(Pro) we could have a little chat about what games I consider should-be-played. Yeah the more games you have in your collection the harder it is to keep the completion rate high, unless you hide a lot of games. I hope I can stay true to my plan and play every game I add to it. So far this has worked ok-ish, but lately I started to focus on a few games again and managed to finish them all. So my Rank E games stay below 10. Hopefully I can reduce that to 1 or even 0 someday. This is were the trophy and progess bar actually helps a lot. As for your low motivation, I know what you mean. I have this once or twice per year too, and I watch a lot of TV shows then. It is a good way to recharge your batteries. But the desire to play games will never go away, right?
  10. Having just finished Gravity Rush Remastered I simply had to find out how the story continues. So here is my latest addition to my collection.
  11. +++ Breaking News +++ And my 10th Platinum!
  12. Gravity Rush Remastered It's all Relative I finally bought this game two weeks ago and it hasn't disappointed me apart from a few minor annoyances such as the camera and the controls. It takes a bit getting used to and even then it still can be confusing on occasion, especially when you are doing time trials. The story is a real treat, it might not be the most spectacular one but it is unique in its own way and the overall tone is just great. I somehow expected it to be some kind of drama or melodrama, but instead it is light-hearted tale of a girl in the midst of a troubled city/world. Well until the final act, but still it remains this wonderful odd tone and Kat is just a delight! Same goes for the music, the world and the setting, they really are quite different from the usual games I play. It is really entertaining to explore and learn more about all of this. Overall the game is rather easy apart from the orientation and there are only a few difficult missions, heck I even enjoyed most of the challenges. Except that Vendecentre Sweeper Trial, well until I discovered that Stasis Field can be charged up. Silly me and silly tutorial for not telling me! Being an easy game gathering all the trophies isn't difficult either. There are few challenges that can be frustrating but after a few skill upgrades and some persistence they turn out quite easy. There is a guide available here but I only used it to find one collectable and for one boss fight. This would be my 10th Platinum Trophy!
  13. Second part of my July activities Apart from the 2 platinum trophies I made some good progress with a these two games. Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition Arrgh!! It never ends!! Seriously, this game has so much content. I now have completed the main story and the two addons "Friends to the End" & "Pirate Queen's Quest". All three of them are hilarious and full of great ideas. The two addons are so different from the main game. My favourite one is probably "Friends to the End" which is a great Trine clone. The Pirate Quest is really cool because it tells Risky Boots version of the main game. She is the Pirate Queen and the villain of the main story. But this time Shantae becomes the antagonist, well for Risky Boots anyway. And then there are the four Arcade Modes, of those I have complete 2 now. Only the Ninja mode and the Jammie mode remains. I really like the idea behind these modes, they can be completed quickly and the stories are funny and interesting and they too change the game quite a lot. Honestly this game reminds me quite a bit of NieR:Automata somehow, because there are lots of different aspect of the same story and you get to play each one of them yourself. Unfortunately I don't think I will get the platinum for this game. I have almost collected all the trophies I could but there are some serious ones left. I would need to replay each mode again as a time trial. I am not really sure if I want to do this. I could do those in a painstakingly process with lots of backup saves. Not my favourite thing! Oh and then there is also the hardcore mode, which might be a good side project once I've finished the Ninja mode. Battlechasers: Nightwar I always wanted to pick this up because it looks so damn interesting. I like turn based combat and this game has a great combat system. Lots of interesting skills and it is engaging to use different skills, because of a little thing called overcharge. There are four basic actions for each character and they are free of costs. Instead it charges your mana bar and powers all the skills which costs mana. And the time where a character can act depends on how fast or slow a skill is. So the turn based combat changes quite a lot this way and it can even make a huge difference in a battle. This game is basically a western JRPG in every sense of the world. With quite the unusual cast, for instance you have a little girl who is your tank and a huge battle golem who is your healer! And there is no main character, instead each character is equal and the story revolves around the entire group. The world itself is rather small, with eight randomised dungeons and a fixed overmap. But you can replay these dungeons at any time, with three different difficulties, you find much needed items and resources this way. The game itself is based on a popular but not very successful comic series, which was designed by Joe Madureira. Top 15 changes Hop made a strong entrance and went straight to the 2nd place and the Book of Unwritten Tales 2 made it to the 8th place. Unfortunately this means that RiME stayed only for a little while. The other stuff! Well, I can't stop fiddling with my list. I removed all the games I haven't even started yet. It just bloats up the list too much. Instead I will only add games for which I have earned at least one trophy. This way I can organise this list more efficiently. Oh and I am going to call that backlog my personal shop or something from now on! And I have set two goals now. First one would be to keep my completion rate above 50% from now on and hopefully reach 75% sometime this year. The second is easier said then done but I won't buy new games until I have finished two or more old ones! Simply by following this rule: For every two games I finish I could buy a new one. This leads me to my wishlist. There are only few games left now. Those would be Gravity Rush 2, Divinity Original Sin 2, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Odin Sphere. The last one is really tempting me but of course the new Tomb Raider does too. And having almost finished Gravity Rush I really want to know how it continues. Original Sin 2 is a really great RPG and I played it extensively on my PC. This new version that will be released for PS4 soon is really interesting too because they added a lot of things and changed the game substantially, making it even better or so they claim. Which they already did with the first one and it really made the game so much better. But the thing is I will get this game for free anyway because I own the PC version, but there are no trophies. And regarding my new rule I could buy two more games.
  14. Yeah, I am not a fan of these huge worlds which are filled with fed-ex quest and tons of collectables. Although I don't object to this in general it just shouldn't be the main objective of the game. And I admit playing games on a PlayStation changed my attitude a bit now, mainly because it usually comes with a trophy. Silly maybe but it is a nice reward in a way. Who knows maybe I will enjoy GTA one day. And I agree, PS+ games are basically a bonus. That's why I wrote in my first post that I like to be surprised and for me it is an incentive to play a game. For instance RiME, I would never have bought it, but it turned out that I liked it. So thanks to Sony for a "free" game. But as I said it is hardly my main source for new games, actually I am a subscriber since January 2018 and I have only downloaded 6 PS+ games so far.
  15. Oh International Karate, I loved that game.