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  1. As far as I know THQ Nordic only acquired the trademark but not the distribution rights for the existing game, which makes a remake impossible.
  2. Well, consider how EA managed to fuck up a license like Star Wars in just 5 years I think it is save to say that it is probably better if they don't touch Mass Effect for a few more years. Hell I really hope that Anthem will be a good enough game so BioWare won't get squashed by EA like so many other studios in recent years. And if Anthem turns out be a good thing for everyone involved, we might see a new Mass Effect down the line somewhere, or even a remaster of the first 3 games. But to be honest I would rather have them work on a new one, same with Dragon Age by the way.
  3. This was a little anniversary gift for my PS4, well and for me of course. My first year as a Playstation gamer sure was a lot of fun! Heard a lot of good things about Vesperia that I couldn't resist the temptation and it seems to be a nice start into the series. Risen on the other hand is certainly a mixed bag, and yes Piranha Bytes has made better games in the past but I am fan of the Studio since their first game. Oh and I live rather close to them so I gotta support the only local game developer around.
  4. One year ago little old me walked into a store and after a while I was on my way home with a white PS4 Pro. I even got a few games, both on disc and from the PSN Store on going Winter Sale. And what better way to treat my little companion with a nice anniversary game, right? So I bought Tales of Vesperia.


    🎂 🎆 Happy Anniversary 🎆 🎂

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    2. Durandal


      Thank you all!


      @Honor_HandYeah I remember you had played a few Tales last year, even finished one or two right? I have started it and I think it will be a great journey. But I better continue Dragon Quest XI first, and then play Vesperia and Berseria, which I have in my archive for quite some time. And they are both very similar so it might be less confusing for me, in regard of character development and all that stuff.


      @PooPooBlast For me at more sense to buy a Pro right from the get go because it was already out for a while and I got a pretty nice deal for mine. And it payed off now because I have bought a 4K display recently.

    3. Honor_Hand


      @Durandal Correct. I played and platinumed the Tales of Xillia and also played Tales of Symphonia but I didn't get the plat on this last one because it required way too many playthroughs. It was still a great game though. Maybe I will get to it again later this year or start another one. Yeah, better don't let those JRPGs pile up. They can be quite a huge undertaking once you sit down to play one.

    4. Durandal


      Oh I am aware of it. Vesperia seems quite a chore sometimes when it comes to trophies. I also learned my lesson when I played Ni no Kuni II, but at least the Tales games I have are better then this game. From what I can gather.

  5. I like them, because they have cute graphics and have even greater stories/characters. Usually much better ones then a lot of western RPGs. Which usually has some hero in it without any flaws or personality and does the same crap like any other hero in most western RPGs. No saying that all JRPG are good or even do things differently but some do, some of the are even bold when it comes to story telling. that's what I like in games in general. Of course there are great western RPGs too but they tend to be rather alike these days.
  6. Only 2 trophies are hidden from my account. Simply because I don't own the game anymore. The game in question is Monster Hunter: World which I found rather tedious or the endless loot spiral, which is quite funny because I actually enjoy Destiny 2 at the moment. Other than this reason I don't think I will ever hide any trophies since there might be a chance that I pick a game up at some point again, if I ever stop playing it that is. And I might even buy MHW at some day, if I have the urge to slay really big monsters.
  7. That's a really nice recap. I am very happy for you that the year ended like it did. Unpacking your PS4 must have been the highlight of the year or was it the T-Shirt. And you sure played quite a few games, so glad you still enjoy them, given all the shit that has happened to you this year! I remember lots of cool sounding games you finished and how it tempted me to buy a PS3. And you liked my recommendation, I am honored! And now that you have a PS4 you can play the reboot and tell me which TR generation you like better. I also am eager to hear you take on Trine, maybe I can help you out somehow with some trophies, since it is a nice coop game. Good luck with your goals for this year. The last two sound very fun indeed.
  8. 22nd & final Platinum Trophy for 2018! (Maybe even my final trophy for this year altogether)


    Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! Great game just like the first one. As usual I wrote a few thoughts about this trophy in a post over at the MRP thread.


    Onto the final game of the trilogy then! And it couldn't come with a better title: Year of the Dragon! 🀄 Sounds ominous somehow, doesn't it? Maybe I should focus on dragon based games for 2019. I even have a few already, like Dragon Quest XI & Dragon Age Inquisition. But there are also lots of dragons in my collection that needs slaying. ⚔️:D


    Anyway Happy New Year everyone!🍷

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    2. MidnightDragon
    3. Durandal


      Thank you guys


      @Honor_Hand Oh yes I do! Even if I sometimes wanted to wipe it off my harddrive. You know those frustrating moments when nothing works. :) But it's a great trilogy.


      Thanks for your tips, actually Dragon Dogma came out for the PS4 quite a while ago and it sounds like a good game. But I have my plate full with full fledged RPGs for quite some time, Dragon's Crown on the other hand sounds like a nice addition. Not sure if it's something I would play, since it requires quite a bit of co-op as far as I know, but who knows maybe at some point.

    4. Honor_Hand



      Well, the co-op in Dragon's Crown is not mandatory if I remember right but it definitely helps to streamline the process a lot. It is also much more fun to play with a partner too than to play it alone. :)


      Heehee, I know how those frustrating moments go 😂

  9. Sypro 2: Ripto's Rage! Collected all Trophies & Skill Points My second Spyro game! And it was even better then the first one. Mostly because the story was more interesting and there were more characters involved, some of them are simply hilarious too. I also liked the locations more then the ones from the first game, not really because they looked better but they were larger and they had more things for me to do with the added orb challenges. The rest is pretty much on par with the first one, even the sometimes kind of bad controls. The camera is a bit too sensitive for my taste, especially during the flight levels and when Spyro is supercharged. But nothing a little bit of practice can fix. The trophies were also a bit more challenging for me this time. I think they managed a nice balance between easy and more difficult trophies, although there aren't any really challenging trophies in this game. But most importantly I had a lot of fun collecting my trophies for the second Spyro adventure, due the really interesting objectives. There aren't any trophies for just collecting things, instead they had me do all kinds of fun things. Oh, and I even managed to collect all the skill points for the art gallery! I am really glad I picked up this trilogy when it came out! And I definitely can recommend them to anyone who hasn't played a Spyro game before, like me.
  10. I pretty much prefer stylized graphics over so called real graphics. It is much more interesting! Especially when the creators come up with something really intriguing or artistic. Like Trine or the Warcraft III for example. Sure "real" graphics has it's appeal but it always falls short to stylized graphics. But my real issue with realistic graphics is more technical and hence complicated. It's a bit of a rant I agree but here you go ... There is no such thing as realistic graphics in video games anyway. Never has been, never will be. The problem with the current technology is simply put a fake or an illusion. Realistic lightning is simply not possible in real time, since it requires a lot of computing power. Current tech uses a raster that simply put traces every light from the camera to the source, which is not how real lightning works. Our eyes and anything else receives light and it reacts with the surface, which creates almost infinite light sources. And that's something you can't simulate. Raytracing is a technology that simulates it to a point and it is only possible in per-rendered images or movies. This may sound like a silly argument when you consider how good games can look but it is still not real, and you can see the difference, especially when it comes to shadows and diffuse lightning, and more importantly reflections in any surface, not just glass. These things will always be limited, not just the real world. Another thing is how the real world is actually build. I am talking about particles, elements and all the physics that is involved in our universe. Of course a game doesn't have to simulate the physical world but it needs to create an object from very small "particles" otherwise you will always have a somewhat flat surface that is covered with a few objects, or even a lot but you will still see the flat surface eventually, if you look close enough. It is literally all in the detail! Just look at a tree and you will see how much detail a simple object like a tree has, and then look at a tree in any game. It looks complete unreal when you compare it to the real thing, of course you have to look close enough. And it also looks unreal if you look how objects are arranged in any virtual world, they usually hover somehow or stick unrealistically in a surface. Our world and consequently real images look is so detailed and random, it cannot be replicated not with such immense detail. While a computer generated world always looks too orderly or simple. But the most striking argument for me is when it comes to animations. Again it looks completely unreal to me, because any object is always animate with a loop of a set amount of motions, most visibly in trees, not to mention the lack of any realistic wind in any game. It usually is just a few trees swaying around almost mechanically and without any relation to the entire scene. Or look at any character in any game, they usually do the same set of animations over and over again. Sure they have a lot of animations available but you have to create a system where a character behaves real in order to have it look real. And a real person doesn't do the same thing over and over again, there is always a variation visible. There might be a time when lightning can somehow be simulated in real time but it will always be limited because of the sheer computing power it requires. Just as it might be possible to calculate all the things that makes our world real. But I highly doubt that it will ever be possible to combine everything that is required to create truly realistic graphics in real time. Because it will always be trade off between what's possible and what a developer is willing to invest. And I doubt that any developer will ever go to such impossible lengths to create a world that looks real, because it will always be too expensive in the end. I also find the idea of creating virtual world that looks real silly. What for? A virtual world is usually set in a fantasy world or an alternative version of our world. Why does it have to look exactly like ours? Personally I find it much more intriguing to explore a stylized world then the real thing, because I just have to go outside to see the real thing! And I have a real problem when characters look real, it is actually a bit disgusting to me. Because it always looks like a lifeless shell to me, albeit a fascinating one but still lifeless. And the more effort they put into making it more real the stranger it looks in the end. You know, Uncanny Valley and all that!
  11. Why am I not following you?! I am going to follow you from now on! Just so you know! ;)

    1. PooPooBlast


      Haha idk xD


      Thanks for the follow :D

  12. This is me doing the Ocean Speedway under 1:10! Took me a few hours to figure out the optimal route and a lot of tries to finally master it. Maybe it will help someone somehow. :)


  13. @acemilo98 Exactly! I remember when EA took risks by exploring the market like you said. Of course games back then weren't so expansive to make but games like Divinity Original Sin can be successful without a huge budget and fancy eye candy. It seems most big publishers have lost touch with their fan base and just care about profit. Sounds like a cliché but it true. The next loss will be Blizzard. They are already under huge pressure from Activision and it seems they have finally lost what they always cared most for, independence and creative freedom. But thank god there are still so many great studios that continue to give us great games. No one really needs EA anymore, at least not in its current form.
  14. Hey, I got a quick question for you. I saw that you are interested in Anthem and even got a key for the alpha phase of the game. Did you play it and more importantly what are you thoughts about the game? I am kinda interested in buying it at some point myself, but since this is a new terrain for BioWare I thought I gather some impression first. :)


    Maybe even you know other people who have played the alpha, the more information the better.

    1. Durandal


      *maybe you even ...

    2. LucianaRosethorn


      Hey! ^_^ I wasn't able to find anyone else with the Alpha so I can't give you another opinion to go to but I'll happily share mine. First of all I don't have much experience with the game, I was only able to get on to a server once while all of the other times they were filled and so I never even got to play the multiplayer map.


      Gameplay is still obviously iffy but there's still a lot they can improve on, the combat seems solid for what it is. You have your main weapon, grenade, a blast if I remember correctly and a overcharge skill which I believe is different for each class along with all the other weapons. The main mechanic is flying but over time your suit over heats so you'll need to fly through water or dive bomb to reduce it, there are skills you can upgrade to make it last longer and some classes are better than others. One thing I didn't like is that you press L3 to start flying but if you're on a slope it seems to struggle, along with the fact it was very sensitive. There weren't a lot of enemies in the part I played but they seem very weak and there wasn't much variety, it was mostly showing the world which was very pretty. There was a lot of gates which required you to collect orbs by flying but you could only hold 3 at a time and so it soon became boring but at the same time I believe it was showing off the mechanics so I didn't mind. 


      Story wise I didn't care, so I can't say much about it. I definitely lost interest whenever they were trying to tell me something. It has a very similar feel to destiny for obvious reasons but with mechs, so if that's something you're interested in then the story may be more appealing to you. Overall I got bored very quickly since it was just flying and not much fighting, story didn't interest me but I was certainly interested in exploring the worlds as they do draw you in. It's hard to say if it's worth the money but I think it would be if they fix things but remember I didn't get the full experience so this is just I I feel after playing a little. 


      I hope this helps, even if it's a little. =)

    3. Durandal


      Thank you for you input! The reason why I am interested in Anthem is it seems like a different approach to the Destiny concept but more local since it is on one planet as far as I can tell. So it might be a bit more interesting story and location wise, and since BioWare has promised a more meaningful story with decisions it could mean that the game has more depths. Something that Destiny lacks when it comes the Guardian and the story itself.


      Overall it sounds like that the game has potential. And hopefully there will be more information about the game in the coming weeks. Are you planing to continue playing any more alpha versions or do you just wait for the final game?

  15. Just a heads up for anyone who didn't notice this. There is currently an item you can claim for free on the PS+ Exclusives page, which was added Dec 19th 2018. Here is a link to the item, but be aware that it might not work because it goes to the German store, but maybe it redirects you to your region.