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  1. May 15th until May 23rd (12:59 am or 0:59) Spyro Reignited Trilogy €24,99 €39,99
  2. May 8th until May 16th (12:59 am or 0:59) Standard €39,99 €69,99 / Legend of Dawn €49,99 €89,99
  3. @Honor_Hand Nice intro indeed. Brings back a lot of memories. Thanks for digging it up.
  4. More Hollow Knight Silksong information, maybe even a hint at the PS4 release date. Slim chance I know but it might be that Team Cherry will tag along with Nintendo this year and show something. Microsoft might actually be a good source for cool new titles for PlayStation too, since Sony not being there. Unless they cut out the PS4 logo out of any trailer on purpose. Ubisoft maybe too, but most of their games are of little interest to me, even Assassin's Creed now. Other then that, it's going to be business as usual with lots of fancy trailers and little or no actual gameplay information. And lots of hype of course. Oh, and maybe Ori and the Blind Forrest will find its way to our beloved PlayStation this year and the announce it at E3. I know I am being delusional now but I can't help myself.
  5. Yeah, it didn't felt felt so ridiculous as the newer stories, more serious or sincere. But it matched the overall theme of the game perfectly in my opinion. Not to mention how cool some of those events were. I guess the NFS series was heavily influenced by The Fast & The Furious later on. Sometimes it was ok, sometimes not.
  6. I give you the perfect reason! For that I have to quote the lyrics from a great song though. Here it goes ... And have you ever wanted something so badly That it possessed your body and your soul Through the night and through the day? Until you finally get it And then you realize That it wasn't what you wanted after all And then those self same sickly little thoughts Now go and attach themselves to something ... or somebody, new! And the whole Goddamn thing starts all over again - "True Happiness (This way lies)" from Dusk by The The The song is in a way about this but not specifically of course . It's about the need to own something and why we still keep buying ... well anything really.
  7. Porsche (Unleashed), definitely! It was a game that really was about the cars and not some silly stunts or cool dudes hanging around and doing cool stuff. What I mean by this is that you learned a lot about the history of all the cars the company had build so far, it was really like a travel through time. I liked the underworld games though, but all games after Porsche have one really annoying thing in common, a story. Or I should rather say a really embarrassing one, which always around some guy having to prove himself by winning races against other guys, or sometimes a gal. Don't get me started on these live action sequences, terrible. Ok, Porsche does have a story too, but it's more like a guide through the game and can be ignored more or less. It was also not in your face all the time. Anyway after Porsche it was all going downhill for my taste. I also liked the games before Porsche most of all the High Stakes/Road Challenge (1999), because of the interesting career mode and the High Stake races, which was a one on one race were the loser had to give up his car.
  8. May 1st until May 9th(12:59 am or 0:59) Standard €24,99 €69,99
  9. ! Alan Parsons Project - Tales of Mystery and Imagination: Edgar Allan Poe When I first listened to this album I wasn't sure what I was listening to. It was not just rock music but someone reading poetry as well. I never had such an experience before. But it's a damn fine album. Full of great rock songs but the best of it is of course the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe. "The Raven" is probably his most famous work and Parson did an amazing job creating a song about it. "A dream within a dream" is another of those songs. It starts with someone reading an interpretation of one of his poems, well it is actually a letter written by Poe as far as I know. And then the song starts, just an instrumental piece but still fantastic. I was simply mesmerized by it. "The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether" is another great song. But the star for me is definitely "The Fall of the House Usher" which is a five part instrumental song which also includes a part of one of Poe's poems. This album has shown me then that music is so much more then just fancy rhythms and someone singing along. Tito & Tarantula - tarantism A really great rock album by an American rock band. They are probably best know for "After Dark" which was feature in Rodriguez' movie "From Dusk till Dawn". But they certainly know how to make more then good rock ballads for Salma Hayek's iconic dance/vampire scene. They are heavily influenced by Mexican/American music or chicano rock. Songs that I like are "Slippin' and slidin'" and "Angry cockroaches" among others. I also had the pleasure of meeting the band when they performed life in a small club in Mannheim/Germany. Great guys all of them! Also a real shame that I lost the CD, it was signed by the band! Guns n' Roses - Use your Illusion I & II I knew GnR from Appetite of Destruction and their great song "Welcome to the Jungle" and I instantly liked what I heard. Use your Illusion are both such great albums, released at the same time, and certainly the best albums they made. Full of great heavy metal songs but also blues and rock songs, and a few great ballads. There are too many songs that I like to put them in here, just listen to the album! The Verve - Urban Hymns It's my all time favorite not just because of the great song "Bitter Sweet Symphony", but also for songs like "Lucky Man" or "Sonnet" It's certainly one of the best Britrock albums from the 90s. Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds First of all this is a true concept album, meaning it's a story or musical if you will. The main genre is I guess progressive rock but also symphonic rock. Secondly this is a retelling of H.G. Wells famous story "The War of the Worlds". The one where the Martians attack Earth and almost wipe out humankind only to be wiped out by bacteria! Ups spoiler alert. The story was written in 1897-98 and Jeff Wayne made a perfect rock musical out of it, although it derived a bit from the original. They hired Richard Burton to read the part of the protagonist but they also hired a few other great actors/musicians to play the rest of the cast. Among them Phil Lynott and Julie Covington and they did such a great job. Over the decades the Album was performed live a lot, with different actors/musicians. It has since spawned several iterations of the original album and even a video game. Anyway, the songs are also great. They capture all the emotions of the characters perfectly but also complement the story in an interesting way. It really is a great and rather unique album that everyone who has an interest in music should listen to, as in the entire thing and not just the songs. Special Mentions: Bruce Springsteen Can't go without him when putting a list of my favorite album together, can I? But there is no real favorite album, because I love them all, or at least the one I have. For me it's like he writes his songs for me in a way. I always feel sort of connected to his kind of music and lyrics. Springsteen's music always had this interesting way about it, something that I just have to listen to.
  10. Before you read this, if at all, a little warning is in order. This represents a long time for me when it comes to music, more then three decades actually. Anyway keep reading and I hope you will find something you enjoy listening to as well. Aerial - Kate Bush Kate Bush's voice is probably one of the most beautiful female voices out there. And she really knows how to use her voice. She also has a great feeling for music and has always experimented with all kinds of genre. I only have a few of her albums though but I was always interested in her songs. This album however blew me away when heard it the first time. Songs like "How to be invisible", "Nocturnal" and "Aerial" alone are worth buying the album but it's also a great experience to listen to the whole thing. It's what I would call a concept album because all the song as a whole are like a paintings and not just music. Johnny Cash - American Recordings III: Solitary Man Great album from an artist I never took serious in all my life! What's so great of this one, and all of his "American Recordings" albums is the fact that he is covering famous contemporary songs from all kinds band and artists. "One" is a perfect example for this. It' of course a famous U2 song but his rendition is almost better or Nick Cave's song "The Mercy Seat" too. They are so amazing because it is just him and his guitar mostly, instead of the songs usual instrumentation. And his voice gives all these songs such a strong emotion. My favorite song however is "Wayfaring Stranger" which is a traditional American song about a cowboy who was shot and then buried. It's a beautiful song, which was also featured in the TV Series "Deadwood" performed by Ian McShane. Actually I confused this song with "Streets of Laredo" from another album, but it's as good as the other song. Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame made this exceptional album in 1992. I love every damn minute of it. It's not only the music but also the lyrics. It's actually a story about mankind and the main song is a satirical play about a bunch of aliens who came to earth when all of humankind had amused themselves to death and what they would find. I gave 10 out of 14 songs a perfect 5 star rating, and the other 4 a 4 star rating. That's how much I love this album. "Perfect Sense", "The bravery of being out of range" and "It's a miracle" are among my favorite songs of all times. Pink Floyd - Animals Definitely my favorite Pink Floyd album. Ok, they are all great but this one perfect. There are only five songs on it but they are fantastic in it's own right. Four of them are over 10 minutes long, with "Dogs"17 minutes long. These aren't just songs to me, they are more like a stories. The music is very experimental, but well it's Pink Floyd after all. Ry Cooder - Crossroads This is actually a soundtrack, and the movie got me into Blues. The movie is about Robert Johnson, a black blues man who allegedly made a deal with a devil to become a greatest guitarist and singer. There are so many legends surrounding this man. He was only 27 years when he died and he only recorded about 30 songs but his influence is still felt today. His songs were covered by so many artists, among them The Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton to name just a few. Anyway this album is full of great blues songs, "He made a man out of me" performed by Amy Madigan, she has such a great voice. But the name giving song "Crossroads" is my favorite, which is a cover of Johnson most famous song performed by Ry Cooder and friends. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!! I am a big fan of Nick Cave, so it's a bit difficult to pick on of his many great albums. But this one is truly amazing. Very down to earth rock but with his usual poetic lyrics. Every song is so full of energy you can't help yourself but crank up the volume. "More news from Nowhere" is a fine example of how powerful all of the songs really are. The The - Dusk My favorite album of Matt Johnson, the introduction alone is perfect. It's a very blues like album with great lyrics. "Helpline Operator" is a good example why this album is so great. The Sisters of Mercy - Floodland One of the most famous Gothic Rock album I think. Very moody and dark songs but still excellent. "This Corrosion" and "Flood II" are my favorites of Andrew Eldritch's work. Grant Lee Buffalo - fuzzy I remember hearing this song on MTV in the background. The next day I bought the album. It's a great fusion of poetry and experimental rock music. A lot of the songs are much like stories, you probably see a recurring theme in my choice of music by now, with excellent lyrics. "Jupiter and Teardrop" is such a song. It's a tragic love story that ends badly when one of them got into trouble with the law. But the music is perfect as well. Other songs I like a lot are "Wish you well" and "You just have to be crazy". Westernhagen - Halleluja Probably the only German rock star, at least by the time he released this album. It's also the only album I would add in my all time favorite list. Mostly because I think the German language is useless when it comes to modern lyrics or poetry. Anyway a solid rock album with great songs, very good performance as well, which is not a usual thing when it comes to German music. "SeXy" is a great song but my favorite is "Der Chor der Blöden", which means the choir of the stupid literally. It's a song about the stupidity of people or the stupid things we keep doing, I guess it sounds rather melodramatic but it's actually a satirical song. Dire Straits - Love over Gold A great progressive rock album by Dire Straits. "Telegraph Roads" and "Private Investigation" are among my all time favorite songs. Mark Knopfler's guitar is as always amazing but also the overall performance of the band. I love the lyrics as well, especially from "Telegraph Roads". Marilyn Manson - mechanical animals I guess I have a rather broad spectrum of genres when it comes to music. Manson is certainly one at the extreme end of the spectrum. But I just love his music. The powerful songs and the lyrics have such a great pull on me. But it's also Manson's artistic work which he puts into all of his music. This album is no different as it is the second installment of his rock opera/concept rock trilogy, which includes "Antichrist Superstar" and "Holywood". It's not easy to pick a favorite song for this album but I guess "Rock is dead" and "Coma White" would be it if I had to choose. Sting - nothing like the sun I was in what could be called my literature phase when I listened to this album all day long. The music itself is great too but the lyrics really pulled me in. Such great way with words. "English man in New York" and "They dance alone" are certainly well known songs and also my favorites, but it's "Little Wing" that I like the best. Although that's a Jimi Hendrix cover. Tom Waits - Mule Variations This is basically a placeholder for every Tom Waits album ever released. I simply adore everything he and his wife ever made. The lyrics, the choice of instruments, his voice! All so unexpected but outright perfect. He just doesn't writes and performs songs, he lives them. Especially on stage. He is what I would call a true artist. Certainly one of the best songwriter of all times. "Hold on" is such a song, although it's actually a rather contemporary song compared to his usual process. But it's a perfect melancholic but still cheerful song, you just got to love it. "Get behind the Mule" is more what Waits usually does, gritty and raw! Unique even! "Fillipino box spring hog" is even more weird if you are not familiar with his work. For me it's just amazing. "What's he building" is another fine example of his diversity when it comes to songwriting. It's actually more like a reading with very little music then an actual song. He tells the story of a man who is building something and someone is wondering what the hell it is that he is building. This is what poetry sounds like when combined with music, what little there is. And he is not afraid to experiment with just about every genre. He always surprises you. If one is ever going to embark on Waits musical journey, one has to be prepared for a lot of interesting but weird stuff! Skunk Anansie - Paranoid & Sunburnt Skunk Anansie is an extraordinary British Rock band, with a rather broad range of rock genres. It includes alternative, indie and hard rock but also alternative metal and a few other genres. What I really like about this band though is the lead singer, she is just amazing. The way she slaps you with the lyrics is phenomenal. Such an angry voice, but at the same time very talented. She can just as well sing with a soft voice when it's required. And it fits perfectly with the bands overall theme, which is protest songs in a way. They usually have a strong message behind their song and they certainly let you and everybody else know about it. "Intellectualize my blackness" is one of such song but also "And here I stand". "Charity" is probably my favorite song from this album. Pink Floyd - p•u•l•s•e A live album of the greatest rock band ever. It's of course a compilation but also a live performance of "The Dark side of the Moon" But that's not the reason why it's my second favorite Floyd album. It's because I was there! Not where they recorded it, but I watched them playing the same show in Germany. And it was THE BEST open air concert experience I ever had. Prince - Sign of the times Definitely my all time favorite album of Prince. I was a huge fan of his in the 80s and 90s. I really loved how he kept changing his musical portfolio. No album was like the others and this one was no exception. It is also regarded as his greatest album ever. It is being called a masterpiece time and time again. Every best of list is not complete without this one, and that is not me saying this. Just listen to the album and you know why everyone was and ever will be raving about this album, if you are into rock music that is. Oh, and rest in peace my hero of the 80s/90s. A blues band from Glasgow Scotland, well it's actually a rock band. But album has blues written all over it. I was most intrigued by the guitar play of Ally McErlaine and Sharleen Spiteri voice. The songs aren't spectacular but still great rock/blues songs. My favorite songs are "I don't want a lover" and "Prayer for you". The best album Gary Moore every recorded, rest his soul! This is a pure love letter to the Blues. And of course Moore's guitarplay is simple amazing and he certainly can sing the Blues. I actually love all the songs on this record but "Still got the Blues" is certainly among my favorites, but also "As the years go passing by" and "Oh, pretty woman". Most of the songs are also cover versions. I also watched him perform this album in a small concert hall in Mannheim/Germany. It is one of my favorite concerts to this day. Great Irish singer/songwriter duo, by which I mean Cara Dillon and her husband Sam Lakeman. They usually arrange traditional folk song into something more modern, while still staying true to the original. And Cara's voice is mesmerizing, but also the musical performance of all the guest artists and Mr. Lakeman. "There were roses" is my favorite song, not only from this album but from all the songs I know of them. It's a sad ballad about the Irish insanity that happened during The Troubles. It is an iconic Irish folk song written by Tommy Sands, based on a true story. Other songs I love are "Falling like a Star", which is one of the few original songs by Lakeman & Dillon and their arrangement of the traditional folk song "The emigrants farewell".
  11. Another day and another platinum trophy! This time it's another PSN trophy. ;)


    Anyway the trophy I got this time is for "Ghost of a Tale". A wonderful short-ish adventure/RPG.


    And as usual I have written a few words about my experience. Actually it's a huge wall of text, just saying if you choose to read it.


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      thanks all



      Well it has all the ingredients of a Tolkien story. Hobbit like hero and the story itself is much more then it seems at the beginning and so on. Stealth is your best friend in the first couple of hours until you find a guards armor. Well, you become a member of the guards actually. But it's not that you have to be constantly on your guard. There are only a dozen guards or so in the entire game and they have a very specific patrol. So once you know where they are and patrol you can easily out-sneak them. But I would it say it's about 20% sneaking and 80% free roaming. And the controls are quite good so it's easy to sneak/hide or sprint. Using items on the other hand could have been handled a bit better.


      Well I stories in general have a strong pull on me for as long I can remember and when anything has something interesting to tell you can bet that I am immersed in it somehow, it could be anything really, a book a movie and especially games. And this game is top notch when it comes to story telling. But I bet that's how most of us feel when it comes to games, right? :)


    4. Honor_Hand



      I'm more of a gameplay kind-of-guy. That means, how the game plays (if it's relaxing, enjoyable and entertaining) it's what I give the more weight in games. But I have to agree, having an important story can be quite a hook at times, especially if it's one that has been well thought and has look to look forward into. :)

  12. Yeah, that's usually the case. Especially when you use the autochannel feature. It happens quite often that this feature messes things up. But if you pick a specific channel it sometimes happens that the router has a different opinion and picks a more crowded channel. I swear I sometimes think my router is possessed by an evil AI.
  13. The Minstrel (reach the end of the tale) first trophy earned: March 19th, 2019 last trophy earned: April 18th, 2019 --- Ghost of a Tale is another indie game made by only a handful of people. But what a great fantasy RPG they've made! I truly enjoyed every minute of it, mostly because of the fantastic writing. The story is simply amazing, it has Tolkien written all over it. You know, an unlikely hero stumbles into an epic tale what only seemed as a straightforward "task" at the beginning. But the further the story progresses the more you get the sense that this much more then a simple love story. Oh and those dialogues! Just brilliant, full of wit and charm but also filled with so much lore. It actually feels like having a true dialogue with a person and not just someone explaining the obvious to you, like so many other games. But let me start at the beginning. The game has you playing a mouse, and a minstrel to boot. You and your wife were summoned to a local baron to perform at one of his balls. He then requests a rather insulting song to be played, which your wife refuses to sing. Long story short he threw both of you into a different prison for that. When Tilo, that's you, wakes up in his cell he only wants to find his wife and escape with her. Strangely enough there is already a message and your cell key waiting for you. From who, you don't know and you also can't imagine why someone would want to help you. This is the premises of a great story, trust me! One that takes great care to unravel every mystery and plot device, and not leaving you more confused at the end of the game! The reason why is rather simple. The game is filled with lore, which you can either learn from the many dialogues or from books or songs. Even an item description has sometimes useful information for you. But the game never points your nose straight at it, which makes it even more rewarding when you draw the right conclusions. And there are so many aha moments in the game to be discovered. Not just plot twists but also small details, each of these moments enlightens you more and more until the complete story is revealed. And like I said it is, for me at least, something that could have been written by Tolkien himself. One of the reasons why the writing is so great is simply because the game doesn't disrespect your intelligence. Which a lot of games and even movies/shows tend do. This game really is like reading a book. Quite literally actually, because there is no voice acting whatsoever. But it's worth reading every single line. I said the dialogues are amazing and I feel like I should explain this a bit further. Most games only give you a few options to chose from when you have a conversation and it never really gives you the opportunity to question something further. Instead these conversations usually happen only to progress the story as quickly as possible. This game on the other hand gives you a lot more options when you talk to someone and it lets you explore a topic much more thoroughly. Sometimes it goes on for hours, interrupted by other things of course. And most of the characters you meet has an important role in the plot. It is a great joy to uncover these roles and the background of these characters. A few words about the gameplay. That's what you really want to know, right? First of all this is a game with almost no fighting, the few fights you can't avoid are easy enough. And since your character is a minstrel and a mouse you wouldn't stand a chance against any armed enemy. So you have to rely on stealth and deception. The first third of the story is about acquiring a specific costume, which lets you move around freely in any of the few locations. If you don't wear this costume any guard that has spotted you will attack you. You can hide in a lot of place if that happens but first you have to break the line of sight, you can also sprint to escape. There are many hiding places which are usually buckets or barrels but you can just hide in the shadows. Putting this game into a specific genre is a bit difficult, but I think it is foremost a full blown RPG, albeit a rather short and linear one. Your character earns experience and you can unlock several skills. You also gain more health and stamina with each level, which is needed to sprint longer. There are six sets of armor or costumes you can collect. They are a great tool to deceive someone and therefore gain valuable information or even access a new location. Or you can trick someone to give you something of importance. It's really a great way to use a game asset, other then just giving you some stats, which these costumes do too. The most interesting and somewhat unique asset however are the songs of the game. You are after all a bard, with a lute and everything! Sometimes you have to play a song for someone and depending on your choice the result might differ somehow. And you have to write your own song! Which itself is a great way to complete a quest or two. The songs are also beautifully performed if you choose to listen to them, even the lyrics are meaningful. Other aspects of the game are stealth and solving puzzles or doing various tasks. Stealth means either hiding or sneaking around, but you can also steal keys from guards to open one of the many locked chests or doors. Combat is basically not an option, mostly because Tilo doesn't know what end of a sword to hold and he is also to weak. However you can knock out guards for a while by hitting them with a bottle. There are other enemies too, well actually there are 5 spiders you have to kill. But it's very easy because you can either kill them by throwing something at them or just by luring them into a trap. The heart of the game however lies in your abilities to hide and/or use the game assets to your advantage. There are only 20 trophies throughout the game and most of them are easily obtained by simple playing the game. There are lots of collectables but they are usually not that hard to find, and you can actually get help by asking the right person or paying them. The more or less challenging trophies are the ones were you have to finish the game with a specific objective. These are not getting spotted by any guard, not getting hit by an enemy or not eating anything to regain health. But this is easy enough. It definitely helps to restart the game a few times early on to get the hang of the sneaking and hiding mechanism. And you can heal by sleeping later on in the game. Once you find that costume I've mentioned earlier you don't have to worry about the guards anymore. Not getting hit by an enemy can be tricky but the few enemies in this game move kind of slow! You only have to be very careful at some point during the game not to get hit, but you can simply reload a save game to reset this objective. So another wall of text from me, right? But this game deserves it! Even more so it deserves to be played! Like I said you will be rewarded with a fantastic story and some very interesting gameplay elements. There are only a few technical hiccups in form of low framerates and camera woes, but it's nothing game breaking. The only thing that I found a bit unfulfilling is the ending, it feels like the game is just the beginning of a greater story. I hope that this is case though, because I would love to explore this unique world even further! And after all "The Lord of the Rings" required three books to be told.
  14. It depends on your vicinity or how many WiFi routers you have close by. The closer they are the more likely it is that they interfere with your WiFi devices. The best channel are the ones with no other device using it, or the least devices if the whole spectrum is being used. Usually your router can show you what channels are being used by other devices. However there is one problem you can only see other WiFi devices but no other interference from microwaves or anything that somehow sends signals on the 2,4ghz or 5ghz frequency. As a rule you should place your router in the center of your apartment and 1 meter above ground. Same goes with any receiver. Higher up means they can communicate easier with each other. And keep any WiFi device away from powerlines or microwaves, at least 30 cm. As for the channel it might be best if you simply use the auto channel feature of your router if you are not that tech savvy. Another thing that you can consider is the frequency, as in 2,4 or 5ghz. 2,4 is basically used by everything these days so the chances that some other device will interfere somehow is rather high. Especially in an environment with a lot of WiFi devices. 5gh on the other hand is a stronger frequency, which means it can handle more interference but not all devices support 5ghz yet. And 5gh is usually used as an official frequency like police radio, at least in our country. So if you are close the a police radio repeater you might not be able to 5ghz, or at least the specific police radio channel. But modern routers can scan anything in your area and automatically restrict you from using these channels, if they spot one. One last thing, WiFi is a good network for normal traffic but it is usually not that great when it comes to online games. You ping/latency usually suffers when you use WiFi, depending on the strength of the signal and how many interference there is. And 5ghz is better for online gaming because it is a stronger frequency. Hope that helps a bit.
  15. @Spaz Well it's mostly because we as a society are still afraid of the unknown. That's why we invented god(s) in the first place. To explain why the world turned dark at night and other things but also why we do what we do. Today we invent new hysteria, diseases and psychological disorders to convince ourselves that too much porn or video games or whatever is bad for our sanity/health. And it is always the voice that cries out the loudest who got the most attention. So when a group of people is shouting from the rooftops that a naked girl/guy on a cover is bad for whatever reason, they are attracting the self righteous advocates who think they know what's best. And there you have your recipe for control and censorship. Although we need to address this somehow because otherwise it will never stop. We need some kind of forum where we could debate these issues in a "civilized" way. Of course the problem with this is that nobody has time for that, they just want everything that offends them gone, without even trying to understand the thing that is offending them. Which is essentially a problem as old as our civilization. Although I am not so sure if this would even change anything. Old civilizations like the Greeks and a lot others tried this. Philosophy. But it's more or less dead nowadays, except in those circles where these questions still matter. Our civilization is essentially controlled by an unwillingness to understand the unknown. I remember the fallout of a shooting here in Germany when a 19 year guy killed a bunch of people. They found some shooter games on his computer and voila paranoia took over. People went on and conducted a good old book burning, eh sorry video game burning in the streets! I kid you not! They too used something they didn't understand to blame the next best thing, something that's always been a thorn in our generation, video games. Luckily nobody really attended to this insanity, just a few people and it ended up as a laughing stock. If they had instead focused their attention on the real problem they could have understood why he did it. Turned out he was severely harassed all his life and he also couldn't handle all the stress that school and his family put on him. In the end he just snapped. So this whole disaster could have avoided if we had listened to him or anyone who is in a similar situation. We still don't! And that's why we still get these horrible incidents sometimes. And we still blame the unknown for it. Sure there are lots of people who want to figure out what went wrong but the joke here is that nobody really cares anyway. They just want to vent their frustration somehow. And when the steam is out of their system they simply move on until the next shit hits the fan. Really sad, isn't it? This hysteria is so fucked up nowadays that every slight against whoever explodes somehow. But instead of talking about it or even understanding it, companies like Sony try to avoid the iceberg by placing these ridiculous rules upon themselves. But of course the problem itself can't be avoided like this, because nobody wants to understand what's offending them in the first place. Or why people actually enjoy this or that. Has anyone actually ever listened to someone why he/she likes these games that Sony is so hard to censor these days? Probably not! They go against that poor guy in full force just to vent some frustration or whatever. Of course the reality is that you can't get rid of it anyway. There is always a way to satisfy your need somehow. I mean porn and drugs still exist, right? This right there should be a clear message that you can't sweep something under the rug because it offends someone or even fight it with all your might. The war against drug is lost. What we need is to educate people properly, why this or that might have some bad consequences, whatever they may be. But we don't even to that properly. I digress, sorry. But there is an undeniable similarity here. We just need to stop and look at it! But this has always been the case. Gutenberg was blamed because he actually gave people a chance to educate themselves when he invented the book print. Elvis probably got a lot of blame just because he danced in a rather sexual style. Rock music in the 60s was condemned as the source of something evil. TVs too and a lot of other things. And these days it's video games and everything that is different from the mainstream. Ironically Gutenberg is a hero these days, we all love rock music and TV is the greatest invention of all times. Hilarious, and I am sure in a few decades video games are completely accepted somehow because all the naysayers are gone and dead by then. But they too will have their fair share of this stupidity to carry, we just need to invent it first. It's probably going to be advanced computer algorithms and artificial intelligence. And the really sad part is that all the groups that seemed to be the cause for so much distress in our society finally had enough and they lash out. But instead of doing it in a civilized way like talking to each other they use the same pitchfork as the other guys. That's why social whatever warriors exist in the first place and all these other groups. Ironically they too seem not to care in the slightest to solve the problem they are pointing at. They just bash against everyone who doesn't understand their point of view. And so the circle is complete. It's always the unknown that causes the most distress in our society. And the unwillingness to understand it.