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  1. Welcome Kaiser! Aren't we all kids trapped in an aging body, at least sometimes right? A favorite song of mine is actually "I don't want to grow up" by Tom Waits. Although it's not a happy song. In any case you will fit right in here, now play some games and show us some trophies. Or what ever comes to mind.
  2. I keep some of the shots that were taken when I earned a trophy. True enough they are terrible sometimes but once in a while there is a good one too. And it is more important for me to have a reminder that I did something worth remembering, so the little notification in the upper left corner is probably the highlight anyway. With the automatic screenshots I have at least a memento of these moments. Sure I could make a manual shot and photoshop the notification into the image but that's too much of an hassle for me. And I always forget to make a screenshot when I am sucked into a game. What I am doing pretty much since I bought my PS4 is making videos, but not when I get a trophy, more like moments that I liked or something I want to remember in general. I even archive these moments on my youtube channel now.
  3. Strange that there just the Diablo Necromancer DLC but not the main game on sale.
  4. That would be awesome indeed but after Night Dive messed up the development of the System Shock remake I really doubt we will see or even hear anything about this project in this decade. Even the remake is years away now.
  5. Can't say much about most of these games except World of Warcraft, Diablo and Dragon Age. WoW would be possible but I don't think that's going to happen, it's too old by now and Blizzard already said they won't do a WoW port for any kind of console. Diablo 3 is practically dead, and in limbo for at 2 years now. Not sure if Blizzard even has plans for Diablo 4 at this point, maybe they come up with a new class DLC, probably the druid, but this franchise clearly isn't very high up on Blizzards development schedule. Not while they produce content for all their other games. It is peacefully resting in its grave, right next to Warcraft 4, so to speak. And Dragon Age 4, for heaven's sake NO! At least not like the last disaster, or two even. If they indeed plan a 4th entry then they better go back to the company roots and make a true sequel to Origins. Especially when you consider how successful Pillars of Eternity and Divinity Original Sin II are. But then again EA can't earn a shitload of money with these kind of games so we will get another pseudo MMO or gaming-as-a-service BS. But BioWare is hanging by a threat right now anyway. They are working full force on Anthem and hope that it will save the company. If Anthem fails too, at least financially, EA will close the studio for good. Anyway, regarding E3. I don't expect much expect hype and more hype. Lots of fake gameplay and meaningless trailers and only a handful real news. But it will be fun of course to see this and that. The real flow of information will start after the E3 anyway, so that's what I am looking forward too.
  6. So I am upgrading my little kingdom in Ni no Kuni II all day and just thought maybe you want to take a peek. Here it is, just a 2 minute video ... enjoy


    1. Redgrave


      Just wait until you fully upgrade it ;)

    2. Durandal


      can't wait indeed but I'll get there eventually

  7. Or they could program a good app for tablets or mobile devices in general and kind of emulate a Vita. That way they could keep the Vita alive somehow and don't need to make compromises regarding the PS5
  8. Free from EA at last. Deleted my account! Feels kinda good actually. Took quite a while since you have to chat with someone from support, which makes sense because they want to make sure that you are serious.

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    2. Durandal


      @Cthulhu Take a walk in the park and let the sun shine lift up your spirit. :)  Granted that it is not raining where you live or dark already. Good games I am looking forward to, actually Divinity Original Sin II, since I know it's really good having played it a lot on my PC. And Shadow of the Tomb Raider, I admit shamelessly that I am a big fan of the series.

    3. Cthulhu


      @Durandal I am very low battery right now, I need my summer holiday. It's sunny here but I'm at work, unfortunately bills need to be paid. Did some nice walking last week on Texel though. Hopefully the weather next weekend is good because I intend to go outside then too. Except for going to Deadpool 2, that is, which should also lift my spirits.


      I really enjoyed the first Tomb Raider and the last gen trilogy. I don't like the direction the reboot took, and I lost my last bit of trust in reviewers when they all claimed Rise was more like classic TR (which I preferred over the reboot), while it's just that prologue level that's classic Tomb Raider and after that it is exactly the same game the previous one was. Sorry to say I probably won't even check out Shadow until it's on the under €10 bargain sales.


      On PS4 games, I'm cautiously optimistic about Red Dead Redemption II, by the way. I hope Rockstar can make something amazing out of it and not just a new iteration.

    4. Durandal


      @Cthulhu I agree wholeheartedly about the latest TR reboot but somehow I can enjoy, although my favorite TR games will always be Legend and Anniversary. Those two managed to maintain the spirit of the series and updated it nicely to modern standard without compromising too much.


      I am also a little bit curious about Red Dead Redemption II, but mostly for the setting. Which would be refreshing since there aren't that much western themed games out there that I know of. But I don't like playing a gangster or road agent. Not sure why tho.

  9. No worries! yeah I know the feeling. I have done this for my PC collection over at gog.com. I "only" have close to 200 on this account, and most of them just for 5 Euro or below, and most of them are old games I used to have but lost over time. One more advantage for digital copies. If you ever have the chance to play it somehow do it, you will definitely like it too. And it gives you some nice background lore. It is even tightly connected to the second part. And you will learn a great deal about the Wilbur, Ivo & Nate too.
  10. And the latest deal of the week is online. And if you are interested you can even play it for free this weekend. Click on the image to get to the offer. Standard Edition: €19,99 €39,99 Advanced Edition: €24,99 €49,99 Gold Edition: €44,99 €79,99 Complete Edition: €69,99 €119,99
  11. I did enjoy it and the 300+ hours was from my only playthrough, but it is a disappointment if you compare it to DA Origins. It had it's moments but overall just average. I hate it nowadays because what EA or BioWare did to the series. Ok, it's a big improvement after DA2. And one thing I really dislike is the spawn system. I understand that you need to keep an area filled or interesting but it still is poorly handled. I had so many battles where a new group of enemies just spawned in the middle of the fight. And the story was not good. It starts nice but never really impresses and the ending is just boring. It's sad actually because the setting had so much potential, especially when you read the book that tells the story of what happened between DA2 and Inquisition. But instead you get a story full of clichés. There is not even a real conflict between the mages and the templars. It is just a setup for endless repetitive combats.
  12. I think my brother introduced me to it. What do I mean think? Well I am playing games for 35+ years now so the details are a bit fuzzy. But I do remember that he dragged me to a shop in nearby town all those years back to introduce me to something called a computer. Hardly anybody knew what a computer was in my teenage years. It all turned into a real hobby when we both had one of these computers and started exploring or sharing games. I pretty much realised right there and then that I found a long life hobby. I only had one partner who sort of shared my fascination. It started when I showed her what I was doing with my computer. Anyway she had fun doing it and I think she is still playing games nowadays. After that I had a phase where I didn't touch a computer or console for a few years. After starting playing games again I never really met someone who I could share this hobby with. Which sound a bit sad I guess, but I am not cut out for relationships or even socialising on a broader scale And it always turns into a weird conversation when I talk about my gaming life with someone. Sometimes I wonder if people my age still think it's something only kids or younger people do or nerds. But I am happy for anyone who found a partner they can share or do anything together, not just gaming per se. Do I wish this for myself? Sometimes yeah, I sure realise how wonderful it would be to share all those wonderful moments together. There were a few women who were interested in me and might have shared this with me or even embraced it as a hobby, but like I said I am not a relation kind of guy. Last thing and please don't take this the wrong way. These days it really is much easier to share your life as a gamer with anybody in general, no matter the gender or even sexual orientation. Mostly because it is a widely accepted interest nowadays. Back in the days when I was younger you were really hard pressed to find a girl who was even slightly interested in technology let alone video games. Or perhaps I simply grew up in the wrong place.
  13. That's my initial thought too but it is a bit of a hassle isn't it? And why in hell can't I do this via the quick menu, like I can for the Extended Storage.
  14. How do I safely remove an USB device? I have a flash drive and a hard disk where I save backups or transfer screenshots and movies to my computer. I also have my entire music library on the hard drive, which also has a power switch. It is simply inconvenient to go through the menu first to remove it especially when I transfer data more than once or. The thing is do I have to unmount the device via the setting>devices>USB Storage Devices and then choosing the device or can I just unplug it? Usually any operating system such as Windows or MacOS needs to properly unmount any USB drive to prevent data corruption but I haven't found any such information regarding the PS4 system. There is no error message if I just unplug it. Just to clarify this is not about the Extended Storage, I always unmount it first before physically removing it. And you can unmount those via the quick menu too. The second question is about the sleep mode for external hard drives. Usually any modern HDD is put to sleep after a while of inactivity. Does the PS4 support this? From what I can tell it doesn't but maybe someone has a definitive answer.
  15. Not really, because even being indifferent about something and saying it means you voiced your opinion. It's essentially a neutral position and being neutral is still a valid opinion.