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  1. Another day and another platinum trophy! This time it's another PSN trophy. ;)


    Anyway the trophy I got this time is for "Ghost of a Tale". A wonderful short-ish adventure/RPG.


    And as usual I have written a few words about my experience. Actually it's a huge wall of text, just saying if you choose to read it.


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    2. MidnightDragon
    3. Durandal


      thanks all



      Well it has all the ingredients of a Tolkien story. Hobbit like hero and the story itself is much more then it seems at the beginning and so on. Stealth is your best friend in the first couple of hours until you find a guards armor. Well, you become a member of the guards actually. But it's not that you have to be constantly on your guard. There are only a dozen guards or so in the entire game and they have a very specific patrol. So once you know where they are and patrol you can easily out-sneak them. But I would it say it's about 20% sneaking and 80% free roaming. And the controls are quite good so it's easy to sneak/hide or sprint. Using items on the other hand could have been handled a bit better.


      Well I stories in general have a strong pull on me for as long I can remember and when anything has something interesting to tell you can bet that I am immersed in it somehow, it could be anything really, a book a movie and especially games. And this game is top notch when it comes to story telling. But I bet that's how most of us feel when it comes to games, right? :)


    4. Honor_Hand



      I'm more of a gameplay kind-of-guy. That means, how the game plays (if it's relaxing, enjoyable and entertaining) it's what I give the more weight in games. But I have to agree, having an important story can be quite a hook at times, especially if it's one that has been well thought and has look to look forward into. :)