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So you stumbled upon my profile, and now you want to know more about me.

Ok, I oblige ... but you might want to check out my introduction first. Just so I don't have to repeat myself too much.
Alright you did that and you probably read the "Interests Section", now let me give you some dirty details!


First let me say that I never had a PlayStation console before until recently, January 2018 to be specific. Just in case you are wondering why I don't mention any of those great PS4 exclusive games. And I am not really an anime or JRPG fan, not because I don't like them, I simply never considered it, but who knows that might change at some point just like I am going to play games like Last of us, Uncharted, Horizon and so on.


Let's start with why I am here. I joined this site because I am a bit obsessed with tracking stuff. I could do spreadsheets for just about everything. And what better place to track my PS4 gaming experience than this site. Although I never really considered myself a trophy hunter but I do appreciate these little buggers when ever I got one. Just not so much that I would spent a whole lot of time and energy to get them all, like playing Tomb Raider multiplayer sessions, I mean really? But I do like to complete the campaign of a game and get as many trophies as I can get, and the ranking system on this site is just perfect for this.


Chapter I: Games (for a detailed overview of my PS4 Games and Ambitions check this thread)


So let's talk about my favourite games. I played a lot of games in my time, going back all the way to the 80s, naturally I have a really long list. However instead of putting that list here let me just tell you what genres I like and what kind of games I prefer in general. Ever since I played the first Tomb Raider back in 1996 I am into 3rd person action adventures. Especially when they come with a setting that involves old forgotten places and an intriguing gameplay. But it's not 3rd person per se, I prefer every perspective where I can see the character(s) I control. I guess being a Playmobil nerd as a kid has something to do with it. So anything where the camera is behind or above my character or party is big plus. Yes I do play first person too but it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable after a while, maybe it's the narrower field of view.


Genre wise it's mostly RPG, but it can be anything from RPGs to strategy, or even a plain old point n' click adventure. It is more about the setting that interests me then the actual genre. And of course it has to tell a story, even a mediocre one as long as it has a plot and character I can discover. I really have no preference I could just pick up any game and fall in love with it or not. Alright let me give you at least a few names to satisfy your curiosity.


My most recent favourite game is NieR:Automata, it completely blew me away. Almost everything of the game is a great experience and it really surprised me how it challenged me philosophically or how it mixes different genres. But most of all I am really impressed how deep and emotional the story is. Of course playing multiple routes to truly finish the story also astonishing. Another game that I will always love is Homeworld, that's a PC only game in case you haven't heard about it. It is strategy game set in space but it's also a journey a few thousand people threatened with extinction. So they set out to find their origin. Think Battlestar Galactica! Amazing experience. Half Life 2, another PC only game. It is still the best first person shooter, period! And System Shock 2, I'm still not sure if I have played anything better than this game or ever will. And some other titles from the top of my head.


• Diablo 2 (as this is still the best Hack 'n Slay out there)
Baldur's Gate I &I I, Icewind Dale, Gothic 1 & 2 (some of my favourite RPGs)
• XCOM (The reboot)
• Divinity Original Sin II (I probably get that on PS4 as well, even with 500+ hours already played)
Elite (and I mean the original game, yes the one that game out in 1984)
• Ori and the Blind Forrest (Sadly this is a Microsoft Exclusive)
• Trine 1 & 2 (just as magical as it is funny)

And so many more ...


Another thing that I find rather fascinating is to record and edit my gameplay video. It never occurred to me to do this with my PC but now I wish I had. I even made a youtube channel to archive some of my gaming moments. For the time being I use SHAREfactory to do this and it is surprisingly easy but effective, even the controls work very well. Somehow I can't wait to find out how it feels to watch myself playing my favorite games in a couple of years, or even show it to others.


Chapter II: Stories


What else? Stories in general maybe. Like most people I love a good story. And again I have no preference or favourite genre. But I prefer character driven stories. Here are a few shows I truly enjoyed watching, more then once even.


• Firefly (a journey about a bunch of people cramped together in spaceship! Lovely characters, cool setting, great stories & humour)
• Deadwood (probably THE best TV show of our time, those characters and these dialogues, marvelous!)
• Breaking Bad (It's true what they say, it is one of the greatest shows ever.)
• Battlestar Galactica (Another fine example of a good character driven story, ok the ending is weird but still a great show.)
• The Walking Dead (I am a sucker for dystopian end of the world themes. And I am still impressed how bold the producers really are, talk about season 7)

• Married with children (It's the Bundy's, 'nuff said)


And a few others like Person of Interest, Fringe, Boardwalk Empire and so on ... Ok, maybe a few words about Game of Thrones, it is a fantastic show, but after season 4 it slowly turned into an eye candy, epic mix that doesn't do the books justice anymore. It's quite sad.


Why no movies you might ask? Well, I love movies or loved them to be honest. It somehow occurred to me that they are simply too short to tell a really good story. Sure I have seen lots of great movies like Blade Runner, Angel Heart, Terminator, Alien, True Romance, Thin Red Line, When Harry met Sally..., Akira, Ghost in the Shell and hundreds more but I prefer a medium that requires more time to experience its story nowadays, like a game or a TV show.


Chapter III: Books & Music


Still with me? Nice! Books, can't go without books when you say you loves stories. This is a bit of an on and off interest, I read a lot of books in my teenage years, and lots more between 18 and 35, but less and less the older I got. Not even sure why. I can still pick up a book and get sucked right into it. Probably because when you play all those games and watch many TV shows something had to give. But I still cherish most of the books I read. Some of the books I really like are everything Oscar Wilde has written, especially his essays and De Profundis. Franz Kafka, I think his books actually started my fascination about strange worlds and characters even if his books are set in our world and time, well early 1900s but still he has set them up in such strange but fascinating way. I also read a lot of Stephen King and Anne Rice; Tolkien's Lord of the Ring and The Hobbit of course; George Martin and Garfield! Ok that's a comic but still. Anyway there are plenty of other names I could put in here, but well I forgot!


Music is something that I enjoy a lot, but like books I hardly listen to it. When I do listen to music it is mostly alternative or alternate music. Let me just throw around some names because this can be a touchy topic. Tom Waits, Stones, Marilyn Manson, Stone Temple Pilots, Luka Bloom, Pink Floyd, Springsteen, Cara Dillon, Cowboy Junkies, Grant Lee Buffalo, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Guns n' Roses, Kate Bush, Nick Cave, Prince, Skunk Anansie and again countless others. I also love soundtracks, I have collected quite a lot of them recently, including music from games, movies and TV shows.


By now you probably realized that I had a lot of time to enjoy all those books, movies, games and whatnot. I and apologies for this super long wall of text. So if you are still with me ... Thank you. But I think it is best if I don't delve to deep into this as this is hardly the place to write a biography. ;)


Chapter IV: The Rest


But let me put a few more words into this, something you might find interesting. As I mentioned in the "Interests Section" I have a strong interest in anything astronomy. Let me just put a little bit more context to it. First of it started with Mass Effect, strangely enough, but I was so into all that science fiction stuff and the game codex was cool. Of course it is mostly bullshit but still. Anyway I started to research some of these topics and stumbled upon a wonderful TV show, well it is more like lecture only on TV. It is still running, I think although I watched it on the internet. Anyway this one guy opened my eyes to the Universe we live in. And so I read more and more about it. Can't help myself but it really is fascinating to learn about nature and the people that spent their lives exploring it for us or even explaining it. And there is so much going on in the Universe, on the macro or micro scale, and especially its history. And thanks to the internet it's not so difficult to understand as it might seem. The TV show I mentioned, you wonder? Well it's a German show called Alpha Centauri run by a network called Bayrischer Rundfunk.


Another thing I am interested in is all things computer, I was always fascinated by it, especially putting a PC together or upgrading a system. Or just reading about the latest developments.


So here we are, my interests in great detail. Well mostly, there is of course a lot more. But that's something for a private discussion! Maybe one or two final things about the real me.


I am a very curious or even inquisitive person. It's important to me to understand things and probably the reason why I find games so interesting. It is after all somewhat of a learning experience.  And I like a good talk, doesn't matter about what, I guess I mean to say I am interested in what other people have to say. Even if I consider myself as an introverted person. It might not be a surprise when I say that I am a strong believer in Freedom of Speech or freedom in general.


Last thing, how old am I exactly, you might wonder. I was born when the world was in turmoil, no not that long ago but still it was a somewhat ugly time. Why? Well Vietnam, Cuba Crisis, Cold War and all that shit, that's was going on when I was born and grew up. Anyway I am child of Woodstock sort of, although my parents probably don't know what that is. So here you have it, born '68!


And with that I shut up ... thanks again for reading


P.S.: Don't hesitate to poke me if you want to know about something, like my gaming history or anything else.