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  1. No, as you need to get it before the Capital City has been destroyed. You can either, get in NG+ and rush through to the Capital City, or get someone who has it to drop it for you. I had a backup save from before the Capital City had been destroyed. So I got the weapon, traded to myself on a new character, then restored my most recent backup save and traded back again from my new character who was holding this for me.
  2. Hi All, Also interested if someone can drop the weapons and souls. Any help would be greatly appreciated. PSN: aus_kiwi_nz Thanks!
  3. Are you able to share the macro please? Many thanks!
  4. No, it has glitched for me as well. I've completed Nyakuza Metro DLC and the two relics I got in this DLC was a green and red crayon. Not the correct relics, and now I can't get the bonus level for completing the relics. I'm on PS5 and loaded my PS4 save which was a 100% complete save. Looks like I'll need to replay the entire game to see if it fixes the order of the relics!
  5. Hello, I've got the warp cell and hyperdrive - any taxi service to the galactic centre would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance for taking the time to help out! PSN: aus_kiwi_nz
  6. I managed to get this trophy yesterday. I did it on Nadiri Dockyards; Easy, AI Fleet Battle with the A-Wing Rotary and everything else as standard. What worked for me was when the imperials went on the attack first - this effectively gave me additional time instead of us attacking first and taking them out. If we attacked first, I would exit and start again. Focus on the enemy squadron when they are attacking, switch to enemy AI when we are attacking. My final kill count was: Enemy Squadron:33 Enemy AI:48. Good luck, it took me about ~10 games to get it. Also, the trophy pops during the event, and not at the end when giving the match summary. This got me as I assumed it would be awarded once the match had been completed.
  7. Hi There, Feel free to add me - PSN: aus_kiwi_nz I've started my hunt for the challenge trophies. Thanks!