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  1. Genesis PS1 Gameboy(Traded a crapton of baseball cards to a friend for his GB and a copy of Pokemon Blue) Gameboy Color Atari 2600 Xbox PSP Dreamcast Xbox360 PS3 Wii U 3DS Xbox One PS4 PS Vita Switch NES Mini SNES Mini Started collecting for consoles hardcore for a years, so if they are in a wierd order it's because i just started purchasing whatever consoles i could get my hands on at the time. N64 PS2 NES Gamecube Sega Saturn SNES TurboGrafx 16 Superfamicom Gameboy Advance
  2. Do you need to have 1 of every medal or literally every medal?
  3. I shouldve said beating it with Angela wouldve popped the beating it with all six characters and the finish the story with Angela trophies. Weird neither popped.
  4. I wonder if it has something to do with Angela, since all the trophies you are missing are related to her.
  5. Nothing like getting all the trophies but Master Class and realizing I'm too awful at fighting games to finish these missions. Major sad face.
  6. This guy having a hard time with the game makes me feel good. I'm terrible at games on a hard difficulty and only really had trouble with Hell House because I didn't bother with the mechanics on normal and had to learn it on hard.
  7. I highly recommend picking up the PS4 port of the original. There seems to be some things threw in as foreshadowing for people that played the original so i dont know how much sense some of the story will make to new players.
  8. I'm about to drop it to finish up Monster Hunter World. The game disappoints me on the same level the TMNT game did.
  9. Completely agree. Its mediocre at best. I'm only a few hours in and I'm just over it. The original had a lot of issues, but it was just way more enjoyable.
  10. About 7 or 8 hours if you read everything. 5-6 if you skip all the dialogue.
  11. It'll help me atleast, I'm still on the hellish grind:(
  12. Just about done with the plat. It's all story related trophies, and you need to beat it twice. Bad list, decent gameplay, really poor story telling choices.
  13. Damn thats a bummer. Didn't even think to look at the ps3 versions of the games. I was thinking of skipping 14, although i would enjoy playing an MMO that isnt WoW or DCUO. I love Darksiders, just not being able to get the Darksiders 2 plat on PS3 is a kick in the nuts. Might have to suck it up and just not have the PS3 version done.
  14. Yea, I was originally planning on doing Borderlands, Darksiders, then Final Fantasy at first, but the more I thought about it the more I saw I had started games from other series that I could clean up before I started Darksiders since i dont have any of those started yet. My wife got me RE2 remake for xmas and really want to play that, but I know im going to want to finish the others if i start that one.
  15. I didn't think about Infamous, i think i have all those sitting around too. I think I only had a little bit left of KH1, but I just didn't enjoy the game as much as i was hoping I would. GoW was another one I was considering, I'd just have to get Accension.