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  1. Damn thats a bummer. Didn't even think to look at the ps3 versions of the games. I was thinking of skipping 14, although i would enjoy playing an MMO that isnt WoW or DCUO. I love Darksiders, just not being able to get the Darksiders 2 plat on PS3 is a kick in the nuts. Might have to suck it up and just not have the PS3 version done.
  2. Yea, I was originally planning on doing Borderlands, Darksiders, then Final Fantasy at first, but the more I thought about it the more I saw I had started games from other series that I could clean up before I started Darksiders since i dont have any of those started yet. My wife got me RE2 remake for xmas and really want to play that, but I know im going to want to finish the others if i start that one.
  3. I didn't think about Infamous, i think i have all those sitting around too. I think I only had a little bit left of KH1, but I just didn't enjoy the game as much as i was hoping I would. GoW was another one I was considering, I'd just have to get Accension.
  4. So I decided that this year I'm going to finish up game series instead of playing random games so that way I'm working towards some sort of goal. I'm just about done with the Borderlands series(just have to finish up TPS on Ps3 and Ps4 then finish up a bit of BL3 for the Plat and 100%) and am thinking about which series to start next. Here are a few I'd like to work on since I either started them, there is a new game coming out soon or I just have the whole series purchased and just have to start them: Bioshock: Not sure how accessible the MP for BS2 is on the PS3 so I'm a bit iffy about starting that one just yet. Darksiders: Probably one of my fav franchises. I completed 1 on Ps3 on a different account but would like to have it completed on this account, esp with Genesis coming out soon. Final Fantasy: I have 7, 8, 9 done, but am really dreading the rest of the games in the series, esp Chocobo's Mystery dungeon and the 13 games. But with 7 remake and Crystal Chronicles coming out shortly it would be really nice to have them all done. Ratchet and Clank: I really enjoyed the remake of the first game, but I had a hard time enjoying the older titles. Dragon Quest: I love this franchise, but Heroes 2 and Builders 2 are turning me off a bit from finishing these off. Any other series suggestions would be great:)
  5. Gimme a Monster Rancher or a Brave Fencher Musashi game and ill be happy.
  6. Yeah i saw it in the guide after i posted it. ill just have to use an old cross save file that doesnt have the map discovered yet.
  7. I popped the other 2 Hammerlock trophies using cross save yet for some reason Been There won't pop. It's the 2nd to last trophy i need for the PS3 version too so any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. Would you say it's pretty close to how SaGa Frontier works in terms of stat growth?
  9. Thanks for the notice. Can finally get this one done next week and continue my grind in mk9
  10. I was hoping this would be the last week I had to play MKX, but nope, they gotta keep me sitting at 98%. Nothing like having to MK games just sitting with 1 trophy left for each lol.
  11. Got it. Restarted my PS4 and finished a tower that had a modifier it didnt have yet. Now to wait for a secret fight in a premier tower and I'll be done with MK X.
  12. Ill have to try again when a new tower spawns. Hopefully that'll do the trick.
  13. I saw people were saying it should pop at 71, so not sure how i dont have it at 88.
  14. I have 88 modifiers and the trophy still has not popped for me. Does anyone know if the trophy is glitched or if there is a way to force it to pop?