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  1. It's not a bad plat, and way easier than Extinction. I finished it around 35 hours on PS4, and that was me taking my time. I'm sure it could be done in 25-30 hours
  2. I beat a Staff Ghost in each zone in Time Trials and still haven't unlocked that color palette, has anyone else had this issue?
  3. I used to go to a mom and pop store called Marx TV Games in the mid-late 90s as a kid and the owner always called Funcoland F U land. He was salty as hell lol.
  4. They do.
  5. I was missing an item in Magic Kingdom. I though I bought all the items from their but i guess i missed one at some point lol. Thanks for the list tho:)
  6. Is it just me or are these super bosses a pain in the ass? Tried a few different ones and holy moly i keep getting my ass handed to me.
  7. Has anyone done pushing limits yet? I have no idea what that even is><
  8. I've been looking for a shop guide and can't seem to find one anywhere.I thought I got all the shops but I guess im missing one or two.
  9. Nah im in NA.
  10. I bought the Anarchy Edition a while ago when Rage 2 came out so I could do both, I just didnt realize Rage 1 had DLC attached to it. Those 2 games will most likely be the next 2 games I finish just incase some wonky stuff happens with the Rage 2 DLC.
  11. Okay, I had to buy a digital PSN card, then use that to buy it. What a mess lol.
  12. Its def odd. I'm trying to purchase it through the PS3. Lets me get all the way to checkout then wont accept any of my payment methods.
  13. For some reason it won't let me buy the DLC. Is it unavailable and the store is just jacked to shit, or can it still be purchased and the issue might be on my end?
  14. What would you consider the best SaGa game? I havent played much of the Romancing SaGa games. I did have Legend and PS2 games and didn't really enjoy them as much as I did Frontier.
  15. I figured it out after i posted it lol. seems like i was missing some small puzzles that i had to complete to get those walls open. I thought they were breakable and werent breaking because there was a better wall breaking ability that i didnt have yet.