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  1. That's very strange, we will take a look but so far we haven't got any issue report for PS4/Xbox versions.
  2. The issue should be fixed now, update the game and everything should be unlocking fine.
  3. Understood, we've been checking and if you need to unlock trophy 1, it unlocks 2, and so on.... So far PS4 EU/NA and Vita NA are working fine and are not affected by this issue that's why we suspect it's a deploy problem. We've asked sony what could be causing this and we're working on a patch in case we've to manually adjust the numbers to fix issue for VITA EU.
  4. So @WaddysWDS if I understood you correctly, you played the game, the trophy popped corrected on the right side but then didn't appeared on the trophy app? And only on PSVita, right?! We got a few comments about this we're investigating but sounds more related on how the trophies got published to PSN more than game-issues because we only have to code the "trophy unlcok" so if it appears on the right side it should be good?!
  5. I don't care what anyone says! I enjoy your games! They are mostly quick and fun! Sometimes I like to play a game for 30mins and finish it. 

    1. Froopy the Temmie

      Froopy the Temmie

      Agreed.  Your games are like a fine break from difficult trophies.  Loved Super Destronaut DX <3 

    2. SuchRemorse


      I actually like all of them. lol

  6. There have been some changes that made it impossible to do discounts recently, hope they will be updated in May/June and we can return them. We still have em for games >10$ on EU as usual.
  7. I've just seen your youtube announcement. Thanks for bringing some more english VNs to consoles. Can we expect them to come to both vita and ps4?

  8. That we don't decide on trophy difficulty, languages to be translated to, release dates, and any other overall quality thing on the project, we just deliver something as we're told with the trophies we're told, etc...
  9. EU sales are by invite so we need to be invited to sale as simple as that hehe
  10. We did help porting it but we're NOT releasing it! Just to be 100% clear hehe.
  11. Hello how are you!? I just wanted you to know that I really enjoy your Games! Just curious. Do you take requests on games you release? What is your method of obtaining games!? Do you ever put them out on physical media? The only game I ever found on physical was devious dungeons. And that was from playasia. 

  12. Yes, it should be PSVita EU... We asked for a fix on Monday, still waiting to hear back >.<! Hope it is solved next week =/
  13. My Big Sister release will be 1st week of May.
    Price 5.99$ (same as steam :)), and cross-buy as usual!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. starcrunch061


      You often have a pre-buy discount. Any such luck on this release?

    3. RatalaikaGames


      For SONY NA yes, for SONY EU sadly nope cause only games >=10$ can have it :(

    4. BrettyBoy


      Add MetalGal to UK psn store if possible.

  14. We just released the list, sorry asian releases happen while on EU is midnight hehe
  15. It took me 50m, I think if you are good at this kind of game you could lower it to 45m? Maybe even 40m. Our usual is 50m to 1h