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  1. My Big Sister release will be 1st week of May.
    Price 5.99$ (same as steam :)), and cross-buy as usual!

    1. DrHambone


      Gracias para el informacion! No puedo esperar jugar!

    2. starcrunch061


      You often have a pre-buy discount. Any such luck on this release?

    3. RatalaikaGames


      For SONY NA yes, for SONY EU sadly nope cause only games >=10$ can have it :(

  2. We just released the list, sorry asian releases happen while on EU is midnight hehe
  3. It took me 50m, I think if you are good at this kind of game you could lower it to 45m? Maybe even 40m. Our usual is 50m to 1h
  4. Well we don't like charging different on different systems it doesnt look fair.... Last game we did under 5$ we didn't release it on xbox one. We preffer add new stuff to make it worth 5$ for this one besides new outfits we did a new level o,o
  5. Yes, PS4 list should release soon!!
  6. Hello, It's 4.99$/Eur with the paid DLC included and some extras. As we always mention we can't go lower 5$ and release on xbox one XD. It releases this week on EU/NA and Asia, asia was on the 18th if I recall correctly.... Cross-buy as usual.
  7. Yes, it's ours. Release next week, 5$. 4 stacks + asian stacks when eastasiasoft releases it.
  8. Hey there, when Peasant Knight comes on Xbox one?



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Richtoon


      But some of their games are on Xbox One too 

    3. The Blakk Vulture

      The Blakk Vulture

      Ratalaika told me on Twitter about a week ago they wouldn't be able to. Something to do with price points :dunno:

    4. Richtoon


      Aw that’s shame! Would be nice for easy extra 1000G :( 

  9. And it took me 1h..... Dear god I suck at games..........
  10. Yes, from Petite Games, but will take a while to release...... This one is still on QA on some consoles and all >.>.... This must be one of the PSVita lists that got approved early pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
  11. Nope, no April, this one is still on QA on some consoles and all >.>.... This must be one of the PSVita lists that got approved early pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
  12. Durign PS3, until late PS4 Sony enforced something. I cant go into detail due to NDA but there was something to regulate this that went away ~2016? Or so I think... I didnt lived it myself cause we started on 3DS/Wii U back then but that's what Ive been told.
  13. Yes, it's ours XD. It's an action platformer, 8 levels, 8 bosses. You get powerups of the bosses you defeat. It will be 4.99$/Eur, cross-buy. EU/NA "soon", Asia a bit later down the line, prob late April.
  14. Wow.... I wasnt expecting this.... When we designed the trophies, I actually extended it from 1st boss to complete level 46 due to I could do it in less than 5m initially >.<! And I could do it in 10m on both PS4/PS Vita. This shows timing & adjusting difficulty for non puzzle/adventure games is quite complex haha
  15. Can you give us more information about the issue so we can investigate it? So far we've not seen any issues with achievements/trophies on any console.