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  1. So after downgrading to 1.09 I FINALLY have the platinum & 100% and have deleted the game. My last playthrough (flip the bosses) even crashed at the last bloody boss, I was pretty scared it was going to mess up my run but after reloading and flipping the last boss my final trophy popped and then the platinum popped. For anyone else reading this thread I would DEFINITELY downgrade to 1.09 to save yourself a LOT of annoyance. Good riddance to this game. It could have been a great experience but the trophy issues made me hate it. No the game doesn’t have to finish downloading, or at least it didn’t for me anyway. I cancelled it once I got the mapping done and started the download again with the mapping for 1.09 set up. There are a number of PlayStation related entries that pop up in Charles. Are you sure you are finding: http://gs2.ww.prod.dl.playstation.net I also was using the digital version and the ppkgo section was there for me. Maybe try the process again?
  2. Good to know. Thanks for the info 👍 Yeah, that’s what I have been doing too. I’ve only got a few trophies to go. Can’t wait to be done with this game so I can finally delete it.
  3. I have already downgraded so can’t make a video, sorry. But if you have any questions feel free to ask...the guide wasnt hard to follow in my opinion, but as you say, it may not be easy for everyone.
  4. The Downgrading procedure was surprisingly easy do. I’m finally on version 1.09, unfortunately I still need 2 more playthroughs though because I need to flip and kill all the racket bosses. I need to play the game offline twice now because every time I connect to the internet the PS4 tries to download the update to 1.12 even though I have automatic updates turned off. edit: I’ve seen some people asking if it is possible to downgrade without a physical disc. I downgraded from 1.12 to 1.09 on the digital version. I didn’t have a physical copy.
  5. Cheers for the update mate, hopefully they’ll patch it sooner rather than later.
  6. Cheers mate, fingers crossed for a patch at some point then. I might give this game a rest for a while whilst waiting for it to be fixed then.
  7. The Diamond Turkey trophy isn’t popping for me either. I found its need zone, killed it with all harvest checks ticked and it registered as a diamond. No trophy. Reloaded my save file from the cloud like you suggested and killed him again, and again, and again (7 times now). No damned trophy. Did the devs respond to your message about this? Is the trophy supposed to pop as soon as you harvest him or is it delayed?
  8. Trophy just popped for me the “killing a bison with the Alexander bow”. I think PSNProfiles isn’t refreshed with PSN yet maybe? i definitely just got a trophy from the new DLC though. edit. Yup PSN has COTW as having 115 trophies total now.
  9. Just bought the DLC. Going to get stuck in to this reserve today if I have some spare time.