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  1. PS3 Ride Lightning Returns Vita F1 2011 Tales of Hearts R
  2. I don't mind speedruns for trophies, some I actually quite enjoy, but if it doesn't involve a trophy I just take my time with the game. Now, I've made it into the Top 50 Fastest 100%ers a few times with some games but that's because I couldn't put them down and had plenty of time on my hands when I played them but definitely wasn't trying for them.
  3. I've been sitting on 898 points since this "revamping" started. No points activity since 10/27/18 and passes still not available.
  4. I just started playing this. I'm not great at platformers and definitely not used to Rayman yet but I'd say it's quite easy to get silvers right now. Actually got gold on my first day and silvers on the next two (they were close to gold too). I figured, once I'm better at the game I'll be able to get golds easier if the playerbase stays the same. With silvers only it takes about 6 months tho... as long as you unlock all the challenges.
  5. Let's see... Mostly I just want to get games done with online requirements. Just Cause 3: Played JC2 last year. Want to continue on with the series. Got all the DLCs too so shooting for 100%. Rayman Legends: It's prolly one of the first game I'll start with since it takes 3-4 months but I can play another game simultaneously. Soul Sacrifice: Hey, my Vita needs some love too. XCOM 2: I just have the base game but I like strat games and I played the first one too. Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition: I was hoping to play this with my brother but we'll see. Onrush: Yeah, idk, I like racing games and this is sort of a racing game (not in a traditional way). Rise of the Tomb Raider: Just continuing on with TR. A little refresher of the first would be good and I have to read the TR comics with some ties between the two games. Need for Speed: I've been meaning to play this for quite a while and EA can always mess up the servers so gotta get on it. Prolly not going for 100%, will try the DLC but not too concerned about it. Need for Speed Payback: See above, I'm behind on some racing games. How to Survive 2: Well first of all I have to play the first game first but that doesn't have a plat. I liked what I saw from both games so I grabbed them on sale. Freedom Wars: Another one for the Vita. I've been hearing some good things about this game. Mad Max: Luckily they fixed the stuff they messed up but the scavenger glitch is still around. Hopefully I get lucky. Overlord Fellowship of Evil: I like the Overlord games but Overlord II caught me out with its servers closing so this will be my redemption. The game has some performance issues which is why I was hesitant to get it for so long but finally bought it. Final Fantasy XV: I'm still on the 1.26 patch w/o using Charles or whatever. That's why I want get this done 100% before having to use that method. That's it for now but here are a few games I'm considering. They are basically games next in line of a franchise I want to complete. Tales of Xillia 2: Got almost all of the Tales of games but I played Xillia 1 first and I want to continue on with this. God of War: It's the original one, it's the next one in the order for me. Metal Gear Solid 2: Played it a bunch of times on PS2 but I got the HD collection a few years ago and I want to get through all of them. Replayed MGS1 quite some time ago and started on PW to get the online trophies but dropped it as I want to do them in order. Lately my (J)RPG hunger came back so might see more of that from me, I do have a lot of them in my backlog.
  6. It’s best to just pick up a backup (or even your first) console on the cheap (I scored one for $25, 2 years ago) as I don’t think Sony will do anything with PS3 systems anymore. They’ll just direct you to PSNow and like Neyaru said it has drawbacks and not for everyone. Or get it repaired if it breaks but the system might not last long after that (I’ve had bad experiences with all kinds of repair shops, so I try to fix my own stuff now). As far as different systems go, in my case, my launch model got YLOD after 4 years then I got a Slim which is still going strong (knock on wood) coming up on 8 years. Got some good mileage out of it too. Backup is the same model.
  7. Let's see... Not too bad (also did a bunch of games without ). Usually I average around 20-25 in a year.
  8. I’ve seen him sell 2x sometimes but never more than that.
  9. I wouldn’t mind seeing a trophy breakdown for each month’s games in writing. I usually just check out @IBadDriverI‘s vid which is very similar but also shows some of the gameplay. I do have one suggestion tho, if it’s not too much trouble maybe indicating if a game has DLCs with trophies at the time they are offered. Some games like Killing Floor 2 keep on adding trophies so it would be a pain to track all of them down for every game offered in the past so I don’t think that’s necessary.
  10. Grabbing Portal Knights, ZOE and Fallen Legion. Not bad, not bad.
  11. Merry Christmas! Unfortunately no, I'm not close to any plat. Well Day of the Tentacle maybe but my progress is quite slow and may have to do a second run.
  12. Let's see, I only got 3 games this year that came out in 2018. F1 2018, Valkyryia Chronicles 4 and Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Since one of them is pretty much a copy/paste from previous years and another is a remake I'm gonna have to go with VC4.
  13. Tearaway Unfolded is done. It was an ok game. It started out fine (I thought it was quite charming) but I stopped to play the first Spyro game and after that it was hard going back to it. Delivering the misplaced gophers pissed me off a little however. The whole game took me quite a bit longer than I planned. I have The Deadly Tower of Monsters picked out next to play. I can prolly finish it over the weekend. Edit: The Deadly Tower of Monsters is also done. It was a really fun game, loved the humor with the director's commentary and such. Very short game, almost replaced my fastest plat (just 16 min shy). Edit 2: And another down, Forma.8. Once again just an ok game. The lack of guides (except for that 2hr 100% walkthrough) made going for the only missable trophy more confusing that it actually is. Besides the collectibles I had to take a quick look at the guide twice on how to defeat 2 bosses. Edit 3: Hue is done too. It was a pretty good puzzle game. Only the last puzzle gave me trouble, couldn't figure out one move. *sigh* Otherwise it was a very enjoyable game. Alright, I'm running low on short games but I don't want to start on a heavy hitter that I couldn't finish before my X-mas break. I got NFS: Most Wanted (Vita) planned for 150th plat (it's about halfway done, the PS3 version took me 4 days and some stuff carries over so this shouldn't take long either), then I'll see what else I have still time for this year. Edit 4: Finished Day of The Tentacle Remastered. It's gonna be my last PS+ game this year. I had to peek at a guide a couple of times because I missed some items in the environment but it was a good point and click game. Overall I think I did alright but unfortunately it had no effect on my backlog. Bought 42 games and finished 42 games (overall), so that would make it even... except I haven't counted the games I grabbed from PS+ this year. Progress: 26/39 +1
  14. SOMA - The vid says it's from the people that made Amnesia: Dark Descent which I thought was alright so gonna grab it. Onrush - A racing game (though not a traditional one) so I'll grab this one too. Steredenn - No idea WTF this is. Steins;Gate - People say it's a great VN. I've been dipping my toes into the genre but haven't found "the one" yet so we'll see about this. Iconoclasts - Don't know much about this other than it's a Metroid like game (which isn't my schtick), so pass. Papers, Please - Title has come up here and there but don't know anything about it. I'll add it to my library just in case but not sure I'll ever play it. It doesn't seem to me like they have any killer titles this month, but they still have a few alright games.
  15. I don't think the auto-update works for anyone. It's prolly turned off as there's no ETA on the next update. This is what I got (last update was manual): Updated 10 hours, 26 minutes ago • Updating soon