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  1. Yup, got this pre-ordered. Too bad it doesn't come with the controller skin like the Launch Edition. Still I'm happy with what's included in this.
  2. I like night mode even during the day so I second this idea.
  3. Uncharted: Golden Abyss (PS+), I didn’t have a Vita at the time but added it to my library just in case one day I might (and I do).
  4. I don’t know I’ve kinda gotten used to the surprises. I really love it when a non-AAA under the radar game that I don’t know much about and would never have bought turns out great. Now if I could control PS+ for a month that would ruin the whole thing. Although I wouldn’t mind adding a whole bunch of racing games, like F1 2011 for the Vita, maybe Ride 1/2 for PS3/4.
  5. Been a while since did something for this challenge, so I knocked out Everybody's Gone To The Rapture. I thought the story was really good and the soundtrack too. Did a blind run first but haven't managed to get any trophies other than just pretty much reaching the end. Then 100% story and cleanup. I guess my only gripe with the game is the walking speed (even with R2) but nobody likes that. Got a bit of vacation coming up and F1 2018 comes out on the 24th. I would like to get 2 more plats before F1 (preferably something from my list here). Also bought a Vita so maybe for next year I can do my PS+ games for that too. Progress: 16/39
  6. Personally I really enjoyed the game. I preordered the game and had a few days off when I got it and I couldn't put it down. The only thing that sucked is collectibles not shown on map after all the upgrades and redoing missions on hardest difficulty (why have replay if you can't use it for that). Both needed fixing and patched later. But anyway, it's not hard to please me so I don't know if it means much coming from me that it was good ... btw I really liked Valkyria Revolution and Operation Raccoon City too (just to give a few examples of spin-offs). But to be honest none of those games live up to the main series. I don't know what we'll see first SR5 or AoM2. I don't think AoM did that well but they did want a new start for SR and this might have been it. And with SR5 the only place they could go is time travel I think. PS: Gat Out of Hell was pretty cool too.
  7. Seems to be like a good month. Already have Mafia 3 and don’t know much about all the others but from @IBadDriverI‘s vid they look pretty cool. I think I’ll add at least 3-4 games to my backlog. Edit: Yup it's Bound by Flame, Here They Lie and Space Hulk for me.
  8. Aaaand done: Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon - [100%] Jurassic Park: The Intruder - [100%] The Cavalry - [100%] The Depths - [100%] The Survivors - [100%] God of War: Chains of Olympus - [100%] Sacred Citadel - [0% => 100%] Just Cause 2 - [88% => 100%] Now I've played all Sacred games on console I believe. All of them play different. My go to character is the Seraphim ever since Sacred 2 and she hasn't let me down in this one either. Quite easy plat and the grind reduced to a minimal with 2 controllers. Just Cause 2 Hardcore run didn't pose any trouble either and constantly being on the hunt for collectibles and kills it was a fun experience not leaving me with too much to clean up at the end. Still got a month to spare but I think I'm gonna call it here and not add anymore game. I've got some vacation time coming up and F1 2018 to look forward to at the end of August so I don't want to have too much on my plate. I'll join again sometime next year (seem to be one per year with me with this challenge ). Good luck everyone!
  9. @kryptor_kris I just tried it and it works fine. Maybe it’s because you’re in a different region? Have you tried just going to GS website and searching for MUA Bundle?
  10. Just gonna put my 2 cents here. Not gonna lie, first time I saw the new layout (w/o those minor modifications) I was like WTF happened? It really surprised me. It looks a little better now BUT I still prefer the old one. This one just seems a bit too cluttered in places. If we don’t get a choice then I can get used to this with time.
  11. You need PS+ (which I see you have) to transfer saves. You have to upload your save from PS3 HDD or PSNow to PS+ cloud, then you can download it on the other end. Edit: Nvm, my bad, I see you got that figured out.
  12. Update: Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon - [100%] Jurassic Park: The Intruder - [100%] The Cavalry - [100%] The Depths - [100%] The Survivors - [100%] God of War: Chains of Olympus - [100%] Sacred Citadel - [0%] Just Cause 2 - [75% => 88%] Finished my first run in JC2 and beat the first two missions on hardcore. Think I might start on my final game, Sacred Citadel, while slowly progressing in JC2 towards that plat. I would like to finish this up by Aug 10th in time for my vacation but if not no prob, I'm sure I can knock out fast whatever is remaining.
  13. Flash sale on a Thursday??? Anyway, nothing interesting for me (I'd grab the Dead Rising bundle if I didn't have the games already), however I did pick up a couple of games from the Mid-Year sale so I'm cool. It's in the style of REmake, fixed cameras and tank controls. I'd say it's as good as that game except you have an AI partner (sometimes).
  14. Update: Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon - [100%] Jurassic Park: The Intruder - [100%] The Cavalry - [100%] The Depths - [100%] The Survivors - [100%] God of War: Chains of Olympus - [100%] Sacred Citadel - [0%] Just Cause 2 - [40% => 75%] Made some good progress in JC2 (50% in-game) over the weekend (didn't have much time in the first part of the week). I'm close to reaching the requirements for most trophies I'm missing (currently 93/104 vehicles with 2 dlc cars to substitute) and hopefully reach 75% by the end of this week. Then Hardcore for next week.
  15. That’s some interesting work around. I prolly wouldn’t have done it if I knew about it back when I played it since I needed 4 playthroughs for plat (first run was a blind one). And I never found any of the games to be hard (aside from 2-3 spots in ME2) on insanity difficulty.