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  1. Lol, Syberia 3 is on sale. Too bad I can get the physical copy for less than half of that. It's such a shame the game is full of bugs and glitches, wouldn't spend more than $5, maaaaaybe $10 on it like this. Yeah, nothing for me it seems.
  2. Alright, I'm back in action. Took some time off to play Project Cars 2 and Alan Wake but that's all done. Now to get back to some of my PS+ games. My plan is to knock out Alien Rage, Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, Blood Knights and From Dust still this month. We'll see how that'll go. Already started on Alien Rage. Gave me a bit of motion sickness in the beginning, hopefully it will go away.
  3. I redeemed a $10 PSN so far but I'm real close to another $10 (less than 100 pts). I think I might be able to get one more before the year is over so that should make it $30 total in a year.
  4. Maybe try this instead...
  5. Mine started wearing off (it's still in one piece) after about a year. I just got the Gel Tabz. The texture on these are pretty much gone so they got a smooth surface now.
  6. From next month's list the only game that interests me that I don't already have and it's for a system I own, doesn't have any trophies. So no pressure on me.
  7. Syberia Collection is done. Syberia 2 suffers from the same problems as the first one but not to the same extent. I don't know if I had a brain fart or the puzzles were harder but I just couldn't figure out some of them without help eventhough the answers were right in front of me. Well the story is over (there's Syberia 3 but I read it's a different "chapter"). I think they're worth a rent or PS+ but not much more. I got time off for the rest of the week but prolly won't start another game from my list till next week. Also I'll have to figure out what to play next. Still focusing on PS3 titles but I'm thinking I should play one of four games that doesn't have a plat (Alien Rage, Bionic Commande Rearmed 2, Blood Knights, From Dust).
  8. Mad Max (PS4) - Already have it, otherwise it would've been cool. Trackmania Turbo (PS4) - Not really interested. In Space We Brawl (PS3) - I hear it's local mp only, got enuff controllers but no one to play with so... pass. Toy Home (PS3) [No Trophies] - Looks fun to me, so what if there are no trophies. 99 Vidas (Vita) - I like side-scrolling beat em ups but unless we get the PS4 version too it's a no go for me. Q*Bert Rebooted (PS4/PS3/Vita) - Also pass, not my kinda game. Only 1 game for me it seems and it happens to be on PS3.
  9. Hells to the yes baby! This is really sweet.
  10. I should make a couple of things clear before posting my answer. One, I did delete 2 games with 0% when that feature was introduced, Two, I don't want a 100% profile. So my answer is no I wouldn't delete anything on my profile with trophies, even if it has unobtainables. I also have games I might never go back to. I somewhat consider my profile a history/log of what I've been through... good or bad. Wouldn't want to change that.
  11. Just finished Syberia 1! That's right, it turns out Syberia Collection (as it was advertised and unbeknownst to me which is why I put it on my list like that) is actually 2 games with 2 lists... unlike Amnesia Collection which I believe is 3-in-1. Anyways, it's a nice little point and click puzzle game with a good story but it could have used quite a bit of polishing. I had sound stuttering and was getting stuck on the environment to the point I had to quit and reload (good thing it autosaves often). It also didn't need the "speedrun" trophy but it was easy after knowing everything from the first run. I will start Syberia II this weekend, wanna know how the story continues but I fear I will run into the same problems as I did with the first game. Edit: Just consider the "Collection" done when I've finished S2. Oh and why do my "spoilers" stop working. I mean when I put them in my post it works but after a while it doesn't. Weird. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. 😒 Edit: and now it works again, must be something with my browser.
  12. I jump back and forth between PS3 and PS4. The problem is I got plenty of games on other consoles too that I rarely touch (like my XB1 that I just got recently) and dating back to PS1. But yeah the system I got the most games in my backlog for is PS3 (about 70, which can last me a couple of years at my pace), but got about the same for PS4 (and it's growing). So I really couldn't pick a primary system but I definitely haven't moved on from playing my PS3. Thankfully I don't have anymore online trophies on PS3 (that I care for, like Uncharted 2/3 dlc), therefore I'm not in a hurry to finish up my backlog for now.
  13. It doesn't look too hard (by VC standards). We'll have to wait and see what War Hero brings but it's quite doable. I'm sure collecting everything will be a grind but it doesn't really bother me with VC. Yeah the trophy images aren't great but I do like how the plat looks. I can hardly wait for this game to get here.
  14. @ShakeNBake663: No probs, life happens, just take it easy