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  1. Silent Hill - I played it about 10 years ago (bit late to the party) and I was in my early 20s with a few survival horror games under my belt already. But this game... this game freaked the hell outta me. The whole atmosphere is so bad (good).
  2. Phew, came home from work about half an hour ago and everything works for me. I couldn't connect for an hour before I left. It's good that they fixed it while I was out.
  3. Yes, I pre-order 1-3 games a year. Ones I'm really excited for and want to play day one. Usually bonuses decide (if places offer different ones) where I pre-order but I don't really have a preference otherwise, I have gotten them from both online and physical stores. I've never really been burned badly either. I mean sure, sometimes there are some bugs at release (like every year for F1 games), but as far as gameplay goes I always do my research before committing to getting the game.
  4. Thanks! Got the e-mail too.
  5. Well it's a good thing you said that (eventhough I already knew it was alright) because I just completed a game that wasn't on my list. And while I have personally decided against playing some games on my list this year (like MGS V because I want to play the MGS games in order so I have a lot of catching up to do) I'm not gonna remove them from my list. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (Vita) This was a completely unlplanned game for me. So was buying the Vita this year, but since I got one and this was one of the few games I added to my library over the years from IGC for it, I was considering playing it (again) just not this year, until they announced they were closing the servers. So it moved up on my priority list. It wasn't anything new since I already completed the PS3 version years ago. Currently I'm working on Valkyria Chronicles 4 plat and I have Until Dawn planned for Halloween (to start playing). I need to find something to play in-between. 🤔 Progress: 20/39 +1
  6. Here's another if anyone wants it. J9PJAEEELC
  7. Nope, it's my PSN persona. I even use it as my "real name" on PS4 so I always see that.
  8. Hmmmm... no wonder Sony is shutting down all their old games' servers. Changing PSN name would most likely have a problem with those games and they just don't want to deal with it. And they're also ending IGC for PS3/Vita in March. Something is afoot at Sony. Maybe I'm reading too much into it but I think all this could be related. Either way I'm not gonna change my name, but anybody else who does, it's a "do it at your own risk" thing.
  9. @Dante_MS Sorry about not being clear. Yeah I finished the games a long time ago. I just wanted to help confirm that my versions of the games don't work either the way they're supposed to so people don't go buying multiple copies thinking that it does.
  10. I couldn't access the gallery. As soon as I selected it I got the servers are closed message (or whatever it says) and threw me back to the character customization.
  11. I just unlocked Rank 5 in the Infirmary with 52 weapons (replayed Ch. 7-2 battle to get the final). That's pretty much on par with @undefinedmike's 62 with 8-10 bought (those don't count). So I'm assuming you unlock a rank every 13 weapons (1/5 of the total 65) you get from battles with Rank 1 available from start. Wonder if there's any prize for getting all 65. 🤔 But I'm not gonna go there. 😝
  12. Just checked my copies of SR3 (vanilla with SR2 digital code) and SR4 (commander in chief edition), both NA disc version on an alt account with a fresh install of the games plus latest patches and no trophy for either game. Tried both at the shop and when the game wants you to create your char. Looks like the trophies cannot be gotten just @Dante_MS's way now, unless other versions of the game/diff patches work (which I highly doubt).
  13. I don't think the ones you buy at the Infirmary count (for other than having the whole collection), only the ones gotten from missions. Unfortunately buying some will throw off the count. Finally finished the story today (with 46 weapons) and had Rank 4s already unlocked for me in the Infirmary. I guess I have done too much first run. Replayed some missions after that and got 4 more weapons but no Rank 5 yet (tho that dude said he didn't have it either with 51). I'll try to get more as I still have a bunch of stuff to do post game. Maybe someone can chime in with their numbers and ranks so we can compare. Anyways, best of luck. Those early missions should be easy to meet all conditions. You're probably not far off.
  14. Thanks for making this topic. I almost missed out on a Rank 4 reward weapon, but thankfully I was aware because of you (still missed a Rank 2 but I should be able to get that later). I haven't finished the game yet but I'm up to Rank 5 and just want to say that my experience is the same as yours. After reaching a certain rank, missions won't give you a lower rank weapon. I'm with @cckerberos on this, I think you have to keep doing missions and meet all the different conditions to get more weapons. You might be missing 3 "types" of weapons but you don't have enough number of weapons in total (that includes duplicate drops). Or think of it this way, higher rank weapons unlock in the Infirmary by the total number of conditions met in missions. As a side note, (maybe it's obvious but) I believe your R&D tier doesn't go up until you actually buy the upgrade itself even if it is unlocked. I already had tier 10 upgrade unlocked for Rank 5 weapons but I replayed some older missions to get the missing Rank 4 I needed. After that all I did was buy the upgrade and did another older mission and got a Rank 5. No progress in the game whatsoever other than buying the upgrade. This also leads me to the conclusion that, that one guy who only received Rank 1 weapons throughout the game probably never bought upgrades past tier 3, but the total number of weapons/conditions met came into play to unlock everything in the Infirmary. I should be able to test this once I finish the game (though that may be a while). Hopefully I'll be missing Rank 4s in the Infirmary too so it's more accurate.
  15. I think the cross buy ended for this game a couple of years ago. And cross play could still work but it just didn't for me. Sorry, I didn't mean auto-stack, just that I would play it again on Vita and you could match up with PS3.