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  1. I would like to join again as well. I've been debating this past week if I should join and while my overall mood hasn't changed (it's pretty bad) I just love this community and feel like it would be a mistake not to be a part of it. Sometimes you just have to take the dive and hope for the best. Here are my games: Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3) - 0%: I'm about 10 hours into the game. Majority of the trophies don't come till late/post game or even second playthrough. It's been almost 4 years since I played the first ToX game (my first Tales of game, since then I have collected all the games on PS3/PS4/Vita I believe), also for one of these backlog challenges. Naturally, I needed a refresher of what happened before ToX2 so I watched a couple of recaps. God of War 3 (PS3) - 0%: It's my last game of the series on PS3 then I can move on to PS4. From the demo, I know it starts up where GoW2 left off which is still fresh on my mind. Prolly won't play the PS4 stack for a while. Bioshock Infinite (PS3) - 0%: I haven't played a Bioshock game in forever and I had this game for quite some time. It's the Complete Edition that means I don't have to worry about spending money on dlc. I want to finish up the Bioshock games on PS3 before doing them on PS4. Do the trophies still glitch if you get signed out of PSN while playing this game? I'll play it offline just to be safe. Zone of the Enders HD Edition (PS3) - 0%: I played this game back on PS2 but don't remember any of it. If I recall the game came with Metal Gear Solid 2 demo, my friend bought it for that reason and I borrowed it from him. Cat Quest (PS4) - 0%: Anything with cats is awesome (ToX2 has cats too). Can't wait to play this, but unfortunately I'll have to. I don't want to play 2 rpgs at the same time so it will have to wait till I at least finish the story once in ToX2. Frankly I don't know if I will be able to finish all these (even with only joining with 5 games) because ToX2 will be a big time sink and Bioshock Infinite isn't a small fry either. I will still try my best. I'm mostly focusing on my PS3 backlog as I want to reduce the number significantly before I jump on next gen. I have 60-70 games to go, a lot of them (j)rpgs however. It's hard to find time for those kind of games outside of weekends sometimes. I tossed in a PS4 game too, I didn't want that system to get neglected. Outside of my list I'll be playing Need for Speed Shift but because of dlc I'm not adding it here.
  2. In my backlog? Darksiders 2 (PS3) -The online trophy is impossible to get. I might still start it up and get what I can one day. I do have the PS4 port (which also has its own problems) so I'm not too worried about it. On my profile? Overlord 2 (PS3) - Servers shut down w/o notice. Otherwise I'm done with the game. WipEout HD (PS3) - Technically it's still possible to get, but I just don't have the skills for it. Also considered done. @DogFoRaw5: PES 2014 has no online trophies. You can still get that if you want although the game is not great and quite boring going for plat, IMHO.
  3. So these are the games. I guess I’ll pass on both, neither is my kind of game. I’ll take Farming Sim and Cities over these two any day. May was a great month for me. Then again, I’m weird.
  4. Yes, I got the same email one week ago. Haven't activated it yet but I got till the 7th of next month to redeem it.
  5. I kind of had enough with these leaks/rumors/speculations. I'll just wait a couple more hours till they announce the official list.
  6. Final Update: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (PS4) - 100% God of War II (PS3) - 100% Spyro 2 - Ripto's Rage (PS4) - 100% Syberia 3 (PS4) - 100% Knack (PS4) - 82% => 100% Final Fight: Double Impact (PS3) - 100% Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel (PS3) - 100% Knack is done and that brings my list to a completion. The plat took me 4+ playthroughs. I took a couple of days off before I started on Very Hard difficulty. I didn't want to play it back-to-back-to-back-to-back. Very Hard had a couple of frustrating spots but for the most part it was ok. Overall it wasn't a bad game. I hear Knack 2 is better, if it comes to PS+ or I can find it on the cheap I wouldn't mind picking it up. Once again this was fun. I had a bit of a snafu with PS+ in the middle but managed to rectify it and stuck to my original list (and then some) in the end. As for the Summer Challenge, I thought about joining. I got the games picked out and uploaded on my profile but I don't want to make it official just yet. With a little more than a week left until the start I want to use this time to recharge and see where my mindset will be before I commit. Good luck to everyone still in this!
  7. Update #12: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (PS4) - 100% God of War II (PS3) - 100% Spyro 2 - Ripto's Rage (PS4) - 100% Syberia 3 (PS4) - 100% Knack (PS4) - 8% => 82% Final Fight: Double Impact (PS3) - 100% Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel (PS3) - 100% Knack is a pretty fun game and the story is alright too. Done 2+ runs already and Time/Coliseum Attack stages. Getting Diamond Knack was a pain but it sure was worth it. I'm at the end of my Hard playthrough right now with Diamond Knack while also collecting all treasure chests. It is quite manageable so far. I'm hoping Very Hard won't be a whole lot harder. I should be able to wrap everything up sometime next week.
  8. I was a bit tired last night after my gaming session to do an update but here it is now. Update #11: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (PS4) - 100% God of War II (PS3) - 100% Spyro 2 - Ripto's Rage (PS4) - 100% Syberia 3 (PS4) - 100% Knack (PS4) - 0% => 8% Final Fight: Double Impact (PS3) - 100% Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel (PS3) - 100% Most of last week I played Two Point Hospital but managed to wrap it up. It is an excellent game and definitely my GOTY (considering it's the only game I bought that came out this year it has no competition ). Towards the final levels there was an occasional lag and sometimes selecting an item didn't bring up the menu. I'm not sure if the latest patch caused it or that there are just too many things going on in those levels. The game is also very easy (for me), there are plenty of strategies out there to get by if you're struggling. Well with Two Point Hospital done (maybe I should have added the game to my list but I was taking my sweet time with it) I can now focus on my sole remaining game in this challenge, Knack. I started it last night and gone through 3 chapters. I really like it so far but it's definitely not a cakewalk even on "easy". That's right I started on easy and I hope to get everything done except playing it on the 2 hardest difficulties of course. I hope RNG will be on my side to get Diamond Knack and everything else. Three weeks left to wrap this thing up. Let's do it!
  9. Absolutely. Any PS+ game I'm interested in gets added to my library and is treated like all the other games I actually own... usually just becoming part of my backlog. I try to play a few of them every year. Now that PS+ is required for online (tho I don't play a lot of MP games) and cloud storage being really useful for me it's hard to go without the service. I still consider the games as a main part of it. Even if I'm not interested in some of the games or already own them I still get plenty games out of it. But since I've been a subscriber it has really opened my eyes on some of the games given. I used to really dislike indie games, thought they were all trash but there are quite a few gems. And I never would have thought I'd play a VN, while I still haven't found one that really grabs me (not played many) I'm definitely open to them.
  10. Update #10: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (PS4) - 100% God of War II (PS3) - 71% => 100% Spyro 2 - Ripto's Rage (PS4) - 100% Syberia 3 (PS4) - 100% Knack (PS4) - 0% Final Fight: Double Impact (PS3) - 100% Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel (PS3) - 79% => 100% Well both GOW and AoT wrapped up. Not much game time on the weekend tho. GOW II: With each entry I love the GoW games more and more (too bad I almost finished them all ). I just had to do an extra/quick run for a couple of stuff I missed in the first go. AoT: TDC: I had a few hours of grind left in the game. Nothing too hard, just repetitive. I don't play these type of games often but it was really fun. Visceral sure knew how to make great games. It's too bad about the fate of that studio. All that's left is Knack... but right now I'm playing Two Point Hospital. I still have 4 hospitals left to go, so I don't know if I'll start Knack before finishing that but it should be pretty soon either way. The final push is upon us. Keep safe y'all!
  11. So the rumors weren’t true. I guess everything happens for a reason. Wasn’t going to resub to PS+ but then I got a good deal on it I couldn’t pass up. And now it turns out the actual PS+ games are a good pick (for me). I love the farming sim games and I don’t have ‘19 yet and I always wanted to play Cities: Skylines. I know the latter has a bunch of expensive dlc but I don’t care about that. Awesome month!
  12. I know it's not my usual update time but I think the following deserves a post. PS+ (US) is on sale right now at CDkeys. I wasn't going to re-sub yet but I couldn't let this deal go. I'd rather pay $34 now than $60 later. Which means I would like to re-add Knack to my list (it wasn't the game I was thinking of adding on Sunday). I don't know if this cancels out my used swap or not but it doesn't make a difference to me, I'm good either way. Otherwise I just made a little bit of progress in Army of Two. Update #9: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (PS4) - 100% God of War II (PS3) - 71% Spyro 2 - Ripto's Rage (PS4) - 100% Syberia 3 (PS4) - 100% Knack (PS4) - 0%*** Final Fight: Double Impact (PS3) - 100% Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel (PS3) - 65% => 79% *** Re-added
  13. It's been a while since I bought anything... January 01/06/20 Rainbow Skies (PS4) $9.73 01/09/20 Bag of Skylanders $3.71 01/16/20 Humble Australia Fire Relief Bundle (PC) $25 February 2/12/20 Gravel (PS4) $10 2/19/20 Farming Simulator 17 Platinum Edition (PS4) $5 2/23/20 Two Point Hospital (PS4) $40 April 4/27/20 PS+ 1-year sub (CDkey) $34 - I couldn't pass up this deal Total - $127.44 * New To answer a couple of questions that have been asked. The reason I participate in this thread is simply out of curiosity on my spending. Simple as that. Sure the pandemic has changed my budget but I don't live outside of my means. And out of the stuff I got I only played Two Point Hospital. PS+ will be put to use right away and Skylanders figs always come handy and they get multiple uses. The rest are definitely not wasted money. I will get to play them... eventually. I wish I could play them all right away.
  14. If true I'm good for another month without PS+. Not interested in Dark Souls and already have Dying Light.
  15. Update #8: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (PS4) - 100% God of War II (PS3) - 71% Spyro 2 - Ripto's Rage (PS4) - 57% => 100% Syberia 3 (PS4) - 100% (Knack (PS4) - 0%)/Final Fight: Double Impact (PS3) - 30% => 100% ✅ Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel (PS3) - 0% => 65% Swaps: 1/2 The week started off slow, very slow. I didn't feel like playing anything. I forced myself playing through Magic Sword twice (I messed up on my first run but luckily it's very short, 30-45 mins) and completed the first chapter of Army of Two. It wasn't working for me so I stopped till I was actually in the mood later in the week. I came back pretty strong too (especially on the weekend) completing two games. Spyro 2: I was already done with the story, just had to clean up some trophies. I took me about an hour or so. Final Fight: Double Impact: Magic Sword (the other game in this "collection") was just ok. I only got this game for Final Fight. Vault items were easier to unlock for Magic Sword but needed a guide for finding the secret doors and stuff. I did the co-op run by myself with two controllers. I didn't feel like finding a boosting partner for a game that's not very popular and I didn't trust playing with randoms going through all levels without skipping (that's what the secret doors are for). Also didn't have anyone for couch co-op. Army of Two: Now this is a really fun cover-based third-person shooter with over-the-top action. Already played through it twice, once on normal and once on insane. I ran into a glitch on the final boss on insane but managed to get around it easy. The AI partner is quite good in this game which is a rarity. I'm done with the difficult part but there's still the grindy part left. PS: There's always someone with an RPG to piss in your cereal. I think I'll be able to finish off my last two games on my list next week. That will leave me with a month still left to go. I might just have to add one more game (I think I have a candidate), but I should also finish up Two Point Hospital (I haven't touched it in a month).