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  1. Good! Now that’s what I like to hear.
  2. Update 2: Resident Evil 3 [PS4] - 0% Shadow of the Tomb Raider [PS4] - 0% Farming Simulator 14 [Vita] - 0% Skylanders Trap Team [PS3] - 0% Darksiders [PS3] - 40% -> 100% Metal Gear Solid 3 [PS3] - 0% F1 2021 [PS4] - 30% -> 48% Mugen Souls Z [PS3] - 0% LEGO Dimenisons [PS3] - 0% Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear [PS3] - 0% -> 73% Darksiders: First game done. It's an awesome God of War-esque hack n' slash game. One cool thing about it is the "finishers" don't involve a bunch of QTE's (I always thought that takes away from the cinematic). I have this game on PS4 also, which I'll enjoy the second time sometime in the future. Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear: This game is giving me all kinds of trouble. First off I wanted to use my Move and Nav controllers to play it, but when I tried the battery was completely dead in the Nav controller. It wouldn't charge and only work when plugged in. I had to order a new one, take apart the controller and replace it, which meant I had to delay the start of this game. Second, there is a trophy for shooting all radios that has to be done in one sitting. Of course the game freezes on me and locks up my PS3... I'll have to try for that again another day next week. Third, there are sections where the Move has to be flicked in a direction which most of the time doesn't register for me. If not for my troubles I would have finished the game. Otherwise the game is not completely terrible. F1 2021: Since I had time to kill while waiting for the battery to arrive for my Nav controller I just played this game. I'm about 2/3 into my first season in career. Also found someone cool to do the co-op career trophies with. The trophies look out of order because we skipped all the races for 'Two Player Career Complete', then realized we actually have to finish a race for 'Start A Two Player Career'. Oops! That's it for this week. As for next week, I'll wrap up Heavy Fire (hopefully), continue with F1 and since next weekend is wide open for me I'll start Skylanders (possibly Friday night). See y'all next time! And Game on!
  3. Update 1: Resident Evil 3 [PS4] - 0% Shadow of the Tomb Raider [PS4] - 0% Farming Simulator 14 [Vita] - 0% Skylanders Trap Team [PS3] - 0% Darksiders [PS3] - 11% -> 40% Metal Gear Solid 3 [PS3] - 0% F1 2021 [PS4] - 22% -> 30% Mugen Souls Z [PS3] - 0% LEGO Dimenisons [PS3] - 0% Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear [PS3] - 0% I just had a long(er) weekend with Monday being a holiday here. I thought with the extra free time I would be able to get to the end of Darksiders but not just yet. Before I reach the final boss I'll have to do a cleanup. I also missed a couple of trophies which means a partial second playthrough is required. I also knocked out the Story Mode in F1 2021. It's full of drama as one would expect and the writing isn't great but at least they're are trying/expanding on something new. Some of the races are "scenario" races which the early F1 games had that I did like back then. My plan for the week is to complete Darksiders (I got my controller rubber banded right now for riding 100 miles on my horse) and start on Heavy Fire... maybe start career in F1 too if I have time. Game on!
  4. Wow! That's a nice turnout. This might be one of the most people we had in these challenges. So, since it started, here are my percentages... I got a bit of a head start (all same games). Resident Evil 3 [PS4] - 0% Shadow of the Tomb Raider [PS4] - 0% Farming Simulator 14 [Vita] - 0% Skylanders Trap Team [PS3] - 0% Darksiders [PS3] - 0% -> 11% Metal Gear Solid 3 [PS3] - 0% F1 2021 [PS4] - 0% -> 22% Mugen Souls Z [PS3] - 0% LEGO Dimenisons [PS3] - 0% Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear [PS3] - 0% I just wanted to get the online part out of the way in F1 2021. Got most of it done (it was fun), all I need is to find someone for the co-op career. I'm leaving this game for a milestone, progress will be slow. Work right now is a bit light. I got home early yesterday and with nothing to do, I thought I'd fire up Darksiders. Loving it so far. Started on Apocalyptic difficulty but sometimes it kicks my butt while still getting used to the controls and trying to figure out bosses. All right, good luck everyone! And, game on!
  5. August Update: Well, not much to report. After finishing MGS2 at the beginning of the month I haven't touched another PS3 game. Still playing Code: Realize on Vita from vacation (this game is NOT 10hrs like the guide says even if I'm an extremely slow reader, or are you supposed to just skip everything ) and went and got F1 2021 (PS4) and tackled the online (still need to find someone for co-op career). With two months left to go, I got three more games planned (at least) for this event. Darksiders, Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear and Skylanders; Trap Team, then it's F1 2021 for a milestone and if I can still fit it in before November I'll go for Metal Gear Solid 3 (should be faster/easier than MGS2). For now I'm focusing on wrapping up Code: Realize before this month is up so I can get back on track with my PS3 games. List: Finished: 13/59 + 0/6 (no trophies)
  6. Let's see... Predator - hard pass Overcooked - no one to play with and no PS5 so pass but will add to library HItman 2 - I'll take it but I'm not sure what is the situation with the co-op stuff
  7. In Progress: Games I started playing or about to start as part of an event/challenge here on this site. I only install physical/PS+ games when I’m ready to play them due to space unless they fall into one of the other folders. Online: Games with online trophies. Somewhat of a priority. I don’t like online stuff much but I try to squeeze a game in from time to time. Digital: Games I actually bought digitally. Both finished and unfinished. F2P: Free to play games. Apps: Apps I use or can’t delete.
  8. I've been a Crazy Lixx fan for a long time now. New album (Street Lethal) out Nov. 5th. Woot!
  9. Happened to me too. I started Code Realize (PS+) while I was still home. But then I went on vacation and connected to the WiFi at the place and upon trying to start up the game it told me to activate the vita. I didn’t have to deactivate, just activate. I haven’t had problems since. I wonder if I’ll have to do it again once I get home and connect to my home network.
  10. Sorry for posting so many times but I just have to say: I DID IT! I got the plat in MGS 2. It was just bothering me so I guess I couldn't give up. Having done 500+ VR missions with only a handful blocking me wasn't going to stand. Anyway, I updated my previous post to reflect that. And now I can go on vacation with a little bit of peace of mind.
  11. Well, here's another update in just a few short days: Metal Gear Solid 2 The plat shall not be mine. I'm giving up on it. I did all I could, but I just cannot do the last set of hold up missions. I can't get the hang of the sensitivity of the button. I did everything else tho and got the VR missions up to 98.4%. Shame really, but it's as complete as I'll ever get it. Other than that, MGS 2 is a great game. It's a bit cheesy and the story is quite confusing at the end. You can't win 'em all. But I got this one. List: Finished: 13/59 + 0/6 (no trophies) Until next time! Game on!
  12. Hello gang! Did anyone miss me? No? Awww Anyway, I'm back and I would like to sign up this time. I read it was considered the minimum games might change to 10 (it didn't, it's still 5) and I thought that would be a good number for me as I've been dragging my feet a bit. So here's my list: Resident Evil 3 [PS4] - 0% Shadow of the Tomb Raider [PS4] - 0% Farming Simulator 14 [Vita] - 0% Skylanders Trap Team [PS3] - 0% Darksiders [PS3] - 0% Metal Gear Solid 3 [PS3] - 0% F1 2021 [PS4] - 0% Mugen Souls Z [PS3] - 0% LEGO Dimenisons [PS3] - 0% Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear [PS3] - 0% It's a bit ambitious for me but I'll give it my best (major props to whoever can do the 45+15 games). I don't have F1 2021 yet but I'm planning to pick it up in the next couple of weeks, definitely before the end of Aug. The Good Life should also release during this challenge, which I'm getting a copy of as a backer. I might add it or swap it in depending on how I'll be doing. See you all at the start!
  13. Co-op Drivers' World Champion You won the Drivers' World Championship in a Co-op season Keep Your Friends Close You have completed a full Co-op season Keeping it Clean You completed an Online Race without making contact with an opponent's car Teamwork You won the Constructors' World Championship in a Co-op Championship 10 Online You have won 10 Online Races 35 Online You have won 35 Online Races If I missed any maybe someone can correct me but I believe these are the online trophies.
  14. July update: Monster Jam: Battlegrounds This game was short and... well short. Alright it was quite easy too. The game works but doesn't perform very well. It froze on my twice, one time completely locking up my PS3 and all I could do was unplug it from the power outlet. The game has a good mix of 2D skill drives (think Trials Fusion), races (they could barely be called that) and arena stunt events (controls terrible). I bought this game for a couple of bucks before it came to PS+. It was an O.K. distraction for a few hours. In other news: I finished Freedom Wars (Vita). This game just sort of clicked for me. I was worried I wouldn't be able to solo the entire game but I did. Weapon crafting/upgrading/modding was quite difficult to wrap my head around at first, however once I understood, it wasn't so confusing. Anyways, that game wasn't for this event. What is for this event is Metal Gear Solid 2. I got a huge chunk of it done. Finished all campaign playthroughs for collecting all required dog tags. Extreme difficulty wasn't that bad. The harrier and Ray fights gave me some trouble but mostly because of the controls or getting stuck on the environment. I'm halfway through Snake Tales (extra what-if missions) and dipped my toes into the VR missions (just done the first, only 510 more to go ). I'm really dreading those VR missions, they make it look so easy on Youtube. Also I can totally relate to this while playing: I'll be going on vacation early next month and I don't expect to finish MGS2 before that. I do plan on taking my Vita with me on the trip so whatever I end up playing on it will provide some distraction from MGS2 also. I do hope to finish MGS2 before the end of August (wish me luck on that). List: Finished: 12/59 + 0/6 (no trophies) Until next time! Game on!
  15. Have you tried sweet talking to it?