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  1. I want to confirm that @siren2010's method works. Thanks! I'm not sure you have to collect a certain number of archives and it's just a coincidence but after collecting about 16 of them in the cave it started to count for me. Before that I looked up all the spawn locations and made a route for myself that I searched for 20 hours (collecting some that either added to the collectibles or not but counter didn't go up). Once the archives actually start to count you can change servers and it will keep on counting. I had 2 left to go but the server expired so I had to join a new one and it picked up right where I left off. Not sure what happens if you quit the game or lose connection. If the archives spawn in the cave just keep collecting them until they start to count and you're good. Also, after they started to count for me a random person joined and started collecting them too but they took a different route so we were tripping each other up. But I noticed as long as I was near them when they picked up the archive it still counted for me. It might be wise to team up with people if they are already doing them not to mess each other up (or just leave and look for a new game). Unfortunately they left before I could message them to team up. Oh and I did it on Grand Master 2 and 3 difficulty. My brother also went through this process and it worked for him too. @motojontko Sorry no evidence just the person's post on EA forums. I don't use Twitter (or any other social media site), so I didn't bother to check. @Grand_Gore Hope this helps: I had to cut it together from two vids (it's not the best) 0:46 Inside the cave (second part) 0:52 Archive location 1 1:12 Archive location 2 (on top of the junk, it didn't spawn for me this time but usually only one spot works at a time if at all) I think there's another spot between the two that might spawn an archive.
  2. The Dragoon Spirit of the Divine Dragon (or any other dragoon spirit) as long as it chose me.
  3. PSN = I love cats PSNP = My last name
  4. Update: Bound By Flame [PS3] - 100% Eat Them! [PS3] - 0% God of War: Ghost of Sparta [PS3] - 0% Heavy Rain [PS4] - 100% Mad Max [PS4] - 0% Actual Sunlight [Vita] - 100% Driveclub Bikes [PS4] - 18% => 21% How to Survive 2 [PS4] - 0% Wanted Corp [Vita] - 0% Dragonball Xenoverse 2 [PS4] - 72% => 89% Skylanders Giants [PS3] - 0% Grand Kingdom [PS4] - 100% Dragonball Xenoverse 2: I got most things done in the game with one character. It was a bit grindy but the grind is not over. Still have to get to lvl 99, do the Hero Colosseum and get the other races' awoken skills. Other than Hero Colosseum it shouldn't pose much trouble. I have yet to start on HC. As far as I know it's pretty tough and involves quite a lot of RNG but it's more of a strategic sidequest than a skill based one. I might be wrong, idk, gotta look into it. Driveclub Bikes: Finally got back to it. 54/162 gold stars acquired from main game. So far so good, nothing too troubling. I have to make this my next plat before completing DBX2. Most likely I will do all the bike races (inc dlc) only for now then start on cars (main) and do the dlc for cars in the bikes list that way I can focus on the handling of one type of vehicle. For next week my goal is to hit lvl 99 in DBX2 (currently lvl 93) and do as much as I can in DC Bikes. I will also have to do the online trophies for cars. Some people couldn't access the challenges in bikes today and I want to avoid that happening to me with cars.
  5. Oh those Senna tribute events. I'm not great at racing games either (maybe good-ish ) but those took me 4 days to finally do. Well actually just Brands Hatch gave me trouble like you. It was a nightmare but a couple of things pushed me to get it. One I love racing games, two Senna was my childhood hero and three I was doing the seasonal backlog challenge at the time (in which you have to get 100% on your games) so I had plenty of motivation. If I remember correctly you get a nice little documentary at the end if you manage to beat the times about Senna's sister opening up a school for underprivileged kids that Ayrton always wanted to do. But yes it is very hard especially with a controller (wheel users always get a leg up), I don't blame you for giving up on it.
  6. Most of the time I just focus on one game. Rarely, when my brother wants to play a co-op game, servers are about to close for a game or I'm nearing the end of a really long game (but not quite done) I do some jumping around.
  7. Somewhat interested. Might pick it up later, possibly when it's cheaper.
  8. I guess we were due for some new trophies. At first glance this Kuva Lich thing comes with a somewhat complicated system. I hope vanquishing a rank 5 won't be that hard. This has me worried a bit: "This new system coming to PS4 is meant to be challenging. It’s meant to be a threat. It’s meant to posit a vengeful and immortal enemy against you until you can decipher how to defeat them. It will demand your best gear and game knowledge!" I think I'll just wait for a guide before attempting it.
  9. Update: Bound By Flame [PS3] - 100% Eat Them! [PS3] - 0% God of War: Ghost of Sparta [PS3] - 0% Heavy Rain [PS4] - 100% Mad Max [PS4] - 0% Actual Sunlight [Vita] - 100% Driveclub Bikes [PS4] - 18% How to Survive 2 [PS4] - 0% Wanted Corp [Vita] - 0% Dragonball Xenoverse 2 [PS4] - 41% => 72% Skylanders Giants [PS3] - 0% Grand Kingdom [PS4] - 100% Dragonball Xenoverse 2: I have clearly underestimated this game. There's just a ton of things to do. But that's a good problem to have. It's the only game I played all week. I've been focusing more on the DLC stuff too rather than the base game. After putting in who-knows how many hours Krillin still hasn't shown up 10 times with his training, lol. Oh well, I think I'm just gonna keep playing this game for now before starting up something else.
  10. I played a couple of hours yesterday just searching for these archives and still nothing. There’s a thread about this on the EA site and someone mentioned they contacted the devs via Twitter and they’ll look into it (they weren’t even aware of this). To sum it up: it’s still broken
  11. Some kid wearing a life preserver handed them out to a select few people from a flying Delorean.
  12. Nice thread! I think I'll keep a record of this for myself. 2008 - 1 (Uncharted: Drakes Fortune [18.91%]) 2009 - 1 (Resident Evil 5 [15.33%]) 2010 - 3 (Uncharted 2: Among Thieves [16.76%], Brutal Legend [2.88%]) 2011 - 7 (Borderlands [18.03%], F1 2010 [1.51%]) 2012 - 7 (Saints Row: The Third [12.35%], F1 2012 [2.95%]) 2013 - 11 (Lollipop Chainsaw [13.77%], Grand Theft Auto IV [0.95%]) 2014 - 19 (Wolfenstein: The New Order [20.11%], XCOM: Enemy Unknown [0.96%]) 2015 - 22 (inFamous: Second Son [29.39%], Frozen Synapse Prime [2.31%]) 2016 - 28 (The Walking Dead [49.68%], Grand Theft Auto V [1.94%]) 2017 - 23 (Tales from the Borderlands [53.71%], Super Dungeon Bros. [1.19%]) 2018 - 29 (Batman [63.85%], Deus Ex: Mankind Divided [2.75%]) 2019 - 17 (Days Gone [38.31%], Worms: Battlegrounds [1.30%])* Wow, how time flies? Looking through my plats list, it feels like I only played some of these games just yesterday. I started (re)building my gaming library in mid 2005 with the GameCube/PS1/PS2 and didn't get a PS3 till 2007. Of course in the early years not many games had trophy support (actually none in the beginning) and I was still playing a lot of those NGC/PS2 games. Trophy hunting didn't really pick up till I joined PSNP (2012) then I got more serious about it a couple of years later. I kind of took it easy at the start of the year so I don't think I'll be able to get higher than low 20s this year. *In Progress
  13. Wow, I see a lot of you have been busy. Me, however, not so much. Update: Bound By Flame [PS3] - 100% Eat Them! [PS3] - 0% God of War: Ghost of Sparta [PS3] - 0% Heavy Rain [PS4] - 100% Mad Max [PS4] - 0% Actual Sunlight [Vita] - 100% Driveclub Bikes [PS4] - 18% How to Survive 2 [PS4] - 0% Wanted Corp [Vita] - 0% Dragonball Xenoverse 2 [PS4] - 32% => 41% Skylanders Giants [PS3] - 0% Grand Kingdom [PS4] - 100% Dragonball Xenoverse 2: As expected I made very little progress. Limited time on weekdays and pretty much no time on the weekend. I'm not complaining tho, I saw some great racing at COTA. Anyway, on the game, I thought I was done with combos but it turned out one of the DLCs' instructor wants you to do more combos. I mean combos wouldn't be bad in this game if they registered but many times they don't. On top of that the instructor fights back (they all do but not the ones in combo tutorials), so you find an opening, hope he doesn't block/evade and your input registers. Then I progressed a little in the story. Hey, if it sounds like I'm blabbering on about a bunch of nonsense it's the fatigue talking. Well, next week is a new week and everything will be back to normal. I would like to get to as close to the DBX2 plat as I can with one character (I have to create multiple races to do everything) except maybe Expert Missions by my next update. Also seeing so much racing this weekend has really put me in the mood too. I think I'm ready to start up Driveclub Bikes. Technically I already started it but only to got the online trophies done (and whatever came with them).
  14. Pass and pass. Neither is my cup of tea. Well, my backlog is safe for a month.
  15. The future of gaming is indeed scary. Just looking at all the great games coming out in the near future then peeking back at my backlog makes me wonder where the hell I'm gonna find the time to play all them new goodies. That stuff freaks the hell outta me. I usually don't dream (or just don't remember) but I'm definitely having nightmares about this. I'm afraid to go to sleep. 😨