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  1. One word: UGH!
  2. I put plats of games in there that are very special to me. Some for a very strange reason.
  3. Alright, I got one more game done: LittleBigPlanet 3 It was short, but not exactly sweet. I mean the game definitely has its charm, some humor and a couple of good tunes but even after like 500 patches it's still not that polished. I fell through the map a few times, jump button doesn't always respond for me and trophies can glitch. Speaking of trophies glitching, only one glitched on me for completing all quests. At first I didn't know if I'd had to start over or use the exploit (there's one) to get around it, but thankfully I just had to go into a quest stage I already completed and it popped right away. Overall it was ok, but it wasn't good enough for me to get the DLC. So I guess it's completed with just the plat. Next up: Not sure yet. I found out Minecraft also has online trophies, but that game is not calling my name right now. Actually nothing's really standing out to me from my list. I think I'll just sleep on it and see what I'll be in the mood for tomorrow. List: Finished: 4/56 + 0/6 (no trophies)
  4. Farm Together - Everything is on a timer even if the game is not running. You can do your planting/harvesting, fishing, raising animals, etc then wait from a few minutes to a couple of days to do it again. You also build your own farm.
  5. I don't think a whole lot of people are playing anymore. I got this trophy a couple of months ago but even then I was put into empty lobbies sometime. If that happens just wait a couple of minutes and see if anyone joins. If not try a different day/time. That worked for me. Worst case scenario, start a gaming session.
  6. Happy New Year peeps! I hope everyone had pleasant holidays. Well, here I am with my check-in and 2 games completed. Farming Simulator and Skylanders: Swap Force: I do not know what it is about farming but I have always enjoyed it... in games. It goes back all the way to my Runescape days (I would get paid membership just to be able to farm ). These games are extremely boring to just about anyone but I find them quite relaxing. Farming Sims are also very easy. I do wish there was more to the trophy list (especially the early ones like this one), they're too simple. For driving 1000 miles I just rubberbanded my controller, it isn't really about farming so I didn't care. Glumshaaaaanks!!! Lol, I think Skylanders needs no introductions but just in case, it's a game for kids... in a grown man's body. This entry finally has jumping and new figures consisting of a top and bottom half that can be mixed and matched for different elements and skills. I have my personal go-to figures I like to use like Terra"where'smyfivedollars"fin and Chill but I think I found a new one that just joined my faves: Scorp. Anyway, I had enough skylanders and special items to handle anything the game threw at me (time, score and nightmare modes). It helps when you can pick them up by the bag in certain stores super cheap. I had the item for one of the DLC levels too (no trophies). On that level I fell thru the floor at the boss fight twice and had to restart from the checkpoint. Something to look out for. So what is next for me? Hmm... most likely LittleBigPlanet 3. It's the only game I have left on PS3 with online trophies. The thing is tho I bought a second-hand PS3 some time ago and it came with LBP3 and Minecraft so I have yet to test if those games even work. I only wanted the system and the 2 controllers as a backup to mine (it was well worth the price just for those), but I wasn't going to say no to extra games. Well, hopefully they work, otherwise I get to cross 2 games off of my list pretty quick. List: Finished: 3/56 + 0/6 (no trophies)
  7. Yeah, nice lineup I just got Shadow, but I'll take Greedfall and Maneater (for when I get a PS5).
  8. The Legend of Dragoon Remake (doesn’t exist) as long as they don’t botch it. Otherwise I’ll be ready when I’ll be ready (financially I’m ready).
  9. Oh snap, you're right. I completely forgot there was a second game to Symphonia. Yes I do want to play both. Corrected now. As for DW, well it's what you'd expect from a mindless hack n' slash/musou game. If you're not into it, it's going to be pretty boring and repetitive. Haven't heard of Sengoku Basara but after looking it up I can say the gameplay is pretty similar but definitely not as long (still a grind). DW7XL is more of an expansion to DW7 and I probably wouldn't recommend starting with 7XL like I did (my DW7 disc was damaged). Most of the DW games have no online trophies but you can play online.
  10. Finally, I got a game on the board... Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends I had fun with this, like I posted before, it's been quite a while since I played a DW game. I cheesed some of the stages with the flute/fan setup especially on the harder stages. I feel like I could have done them without that but it saved me some time and maybe some frustration. This game had some unnecessary grind at the end, with everything done I still needed to clear 400+ stages for 1 trophy (1000 stages). I clocked in just above 100 hours in the end. I think my next game will be Skylanders: Swap Force. A trophy became unobtainable earlier this year but I got it just before that so I should be good. Now, I have an embarrassingly large collection of Skylanders and I prefer to have them out all over the place when I get some time off from work (which won't be for another 2 weeks). That's why I'm going to wait a little to start on it. Meanwhile I promised my siblings to play some PS4 games with them to fill in that gap but starting next year I really want to tackle my PS3 games hard, mainly with the heavy hitters I got. List: Finished: 1/56 + 0/6 (no trophies) In that case I updated my counter, should be easier to track. Also added a game which I just got: Farming Simulator.
  11. January 1/6/20 Rainbow Skies (PS4) $10 1/9/20 Bag of Skylanders $4 1/16/20 Humble Australia Fire Relief Bundle (PC) $25 February 2/12/20 Gravel (PS4) $10 2/19/20 Farming Simulator 17 Platinum Edition (PS4) $5 2/23/20 Two Point Hospital (PS4) $40 April 4/27/20 PS+ 1-year sub $34 July 7/7/20 F1 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition (PS4) $70 Oct 10/31/20 Rage 2 (PS4) $5 Dec 12/1/20 Farming Simulator (PS3) $16 Total - $219 * New * Played/Finished Lol, another Farming Sim. I'm still missing one from my collection.
  12. I’ll take JC4 (I have yet to play JC3 so I won’t play JC4 right away) the rest is just too mp focused for me. I think they especially messed up worms but whatevs.
  13. @Dr_Mayus Sorry to hear that, hopefully things get better for you. Thank you for the event tho, I quite enjoyed it, as did the game. @Dav9834 Thanks for the badges. I think they look pretty cool.
  14. Definitely buying though not for a year or even longer. I may even wait for the "slim" PS5. However I'm only going with PS for next gen. I feel like too many of my systems/handhelds are just collecting dust.
  15. Well I finally started on my game(s). DW7 XL is as fun as I remember DW games being. Looking at the trophy list I think I'll be able to handle the grind just fine, but I'll need some games plugged in here and there because I don't want to get burned out too fast. Most likely I won't do an update every week but the fact that I actually started something deserved one. List: Finished: 0/60