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  1. It's been 5 years since I did it so I don't want to say anything stupid. I'd say the campaign is about a couple of hours max to the point of unlocking things and for MP "Vic Vos" is the most time consuming one (rest is really fast). There are different ways going about it but unless you get deep into the game the best method is playing VS matches. It can be set up to run on its own with 1 min matches. If I remember correctly you get 50 cam for 1 person per match and you need 20k cam. So with waiting time and all I'd say 10+ hrs for that. Of course if you have more people it becomes faster just don't play with too many people because there's a limit and new people cancel out the old ones. If anyone has done this more recently or knows better please correct me as it's been a while.
  2. I was a PS+ subscriber before I got a PS4 so I started adding games to my library and this was the first of them: But the first game I actually bought was this:
  3. You need to pretty much complete chapter 1 to unlock trading and mp. It’s supposed to be P2P so online may never go down but yeah don’t risk it, I didn’t.
  4. Yup, but now I'm confused. I couldn't see this on my phone before but the two pics posted, one for EU the other for NA, the cases are different color. I'm not sure if it's gonna be different for every region or same for all and they just messed up the pic.
  5. I read they’ll come in a red case too.
  6. I got an Xbox 1 S also but I'd say 95% of my game time is spent on PS3/PS4. I pretty much missed out on the 360 so I use it for BC and current exclusives only. Everything else I play on PS systems. So yeah my Xbox is collecting dust for the most part but there are still games that I want to play on it so I'm holding on to it. If you can't say the same just sell it.
  7. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon - [45% => 100%] Jurassic Park: The Intruder - [0 => 100%] The Cavalry - [0 => 100%] The Depths -[0 => 100%] The Survivors - [0 => 100%] God of War: Chains of Olympus - [0%] Sacred Citadel - [0%] Just Cause 2 - [0%] That's two games down. Not sure which to start next... GOW or Sacred, but I would like to finish one of them before the end of the month. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon was alright. A friend of mine recommended it to me and I got it the next time it went on sale. It was my first FC game. I didn't have to redo the story for headshotting all enemies, luckily I found the one I was missing in the open world. Very easy and straightforward. Jurassic Park: The Game, oh boy, annoying QTEs, freezes and crashes. Better to get the QTEs perfect in story rather than scenario because it can be reloaded if messed up on it and there are checkpoints, not so much for scenario. Easy to tell this was an early TT game, I'm just glad I didn't pay too much for it. Story was ok even if some characters turned out to be dicks.
  8. I guess most people thought, myself included, Feb 22nd was a good release date for Days Gone. Then all these other titles get the same date. *sigh Out of the 4 games (including Crackdown 3), only Days Gone is day one purchase for me. All the other games I'd only buy if they went on sale maybe, I'm kind of interested in them but I can pass on them for a while... a long while. And about Days Gone, to me it seems more like Mad Max meets zombies than TLOU (I don't like TLOU).
  9. I tried yesterday but it was out and said try again tomorrow at 10am PST. I was on time today but they were already gone. WTF? Do they have only one code for each day?
  10. Grrrr.... you took the last one! 😝 Regarding the sale there are a couple of games I’m eyeing, but I only have $6 in my wallet and I don’t know if I have the Just Cause 3 dlc. I’d rather go with that if I don’t.
  11. Let's just agree to disagree on that. This topic is about the trailer which didn't show anything else about gameplay other than that. Also like I said it was a joke which you don't seem to get. Actually I have multiple MGS collections with all games so clearly I hate the guy (that's sarcasm btw). And I'm not hating on the game just hate it when people use cheap tactics, I see through that so I make fun of it, that's not hate on the game. Look, I'm just gonna drop this cause clearly you don't know much about me throwing those accusations around and this nonsense ain't worth it to me.
  12. "A walking simulator is a type of video game which lacks many of the traditional aspects of a game (such as a goal, win/loss conditions, any kind of game system to interact with) despite taking the form of a video game. The phrase implies that there is basically nothing to do in the game other than walking around." That was like a full 2 minutes of the vid which parts of it looked like the actual gameplay. Rest is just cutscenes. And the end which is still just walking. Also it was only a joke, but whatevs.
  13. Not a COD fan, prolly gonna pass. Like stated above, much rather have something else. Oh well we already got XCOM 2 this month so I'm cool.
  14. Looks like a walking simulator Seriously don't know what people see in Kojima and the more I see of this game the more I think he's way way way overrated. Just likes to keep people guessing with pretty much nothing to show.
  15. What? Did you trade in Crash? Then you deserve to be screwed over by new trophies.