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  1. Hmmm… a racing, a fighter and an indie game littered with DLC for 2 months in a row. Interesting. Anyway, I love racing games so I’m getting Hot Wheels and I’ll probably check out Injustice 2 but I’m not into the DC universe.
  2. Edit: Vers. 1.12 (digital) Lap after lap Complete 5 valid laps in Time Attack mode On a hunt for the perfect lap Complete 10 valid laps in Time Attack mode I have done 10 laps in Time Attack but only 4 were valid (gone off track) but trophies popped after lap 5 and 10 respectively. Pole Specialist Obtain 10 Pole Positions in Grand Prix, Championship or Career mode This popped after race 6 I believe in Career and I haven't played any other mode other than Online and Time Attack. Could Online mode count for poles??? I don't remember qualifying but it's possible I did. Looking back at my trophies I did get the trophy for first pole at my first career event. Duh Research & DevelopmentSuccessfully pass a test during Free Practice in Career mode A reliable testerSuccessfully pass 5 different tests during Free Practice in Career mode A proven testerSuccessfully pass 10 different tests during Free Practice in Career mode They pop at the end of the session and there are 4 tests in one session, speed, braking, racing line and complete (for all 3 together). I accidentally repeated one of the tests and both trophies for passing 1 and 5 tests popped together. In the next race weekend I did one of the tests twice on purpose to see if passing 10 would pop and it did. So either it doesn't have to be all different tests and just repeating the same test 10 times would award all 3 trophies together or the complete test (3 together) counts as 3. Reading the forums "A proven tester" trophy required patching as it was unobtainable. Anyone have similar experiences?
  3. It’s been a while since I played the original but the list looks like just a simplified version of that. Nothing was hard from what I remember. Well it depends if you use a guide or not for solving puzzles and missables, but it’s better to try to figure them out on your own first as it’s a very short game to clean up later. They might as well could have just copied the original list (combine them as they were episodic) and add a plat. Kind of disappointing but I guess some people will be happy with all the golds. Ditto for the other game.
  4. Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. I just played the PS3 remaster for the first time recently. The plat will be a massive task for me. I don’t know if I’ll have it in me to go through it again a second time if it gets the same list.
  5. Thank you for the add. It's exactly what I was looking for.
  6. I the Greatest Hits version (NA) and all the DLC is on the disc. No code.
  7. I usually mute everyone because their game is echoing in the background, loud music, kids screaming, unintelligible talking, etc. The only time I leave it on is when I’m doing a boosting session or playing with family/friends. There was one time I was playing the original heist missions in GTA 5 with randoms and one of the guys just wanted to talk about the heists, so we had a good chat.
  8. I already have NFS. I’m interested in Toem but it’s PS5 only so I can’t play it. Granblue looks cool but I’m not very good at fighting games and it needs DLC for plat so I think I’ll pass on it. Oh well, got plenty on my plate inc new releases.
  9. Final Update: Resistance 3 [PS3] - 100% MotoGP 18 [PS4] - 50% -> 100% SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom [PS4] - 100% Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires [PS3] - 100% Papers, Please [Vita] - 100% That's a wrap folks! I finished my final game MotoGP 18. I kind of have mixed feelings about the game. It started out great but when I got to the highest form of Moto racing the handling became crap. I had a hard time slowing down and/or turning the bike no matter how much I upgraded and I just wanted to be done with the game. Thankfully I got the game on sale and it was worth the few bucks I paid for it. I'll probably stick to 4 wheel racing if I can. Thanks for the challenge and good luck everyone still going!
  10. Update: Resistance 3 [PS3] - 100% MotoGP 18 [PS4] - 45% -> 50% SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom [PS4] - 100% Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires [PS3] - 100% Papers, Please [Vita] - 0% -> 100% ☑️ Hello Everyone! I'm back from vacation. As I said earlier I took my Vita with me. Tho I didn't get much game time (too much fun doing other activities) I still managed to finish Papers, Please (which is about 10 hours). I failed miserably at the game on my first (blind) try. Luckily the guide on this site is excellent which made it a breeze. At first I didn't like being on a timer, checking everyone's papers to be in order but by the time I got the hang of it, it didn't bother me at all. Definitely a fun little game. Glory to Arstotzka! Before I left I managed to get a few more races done in MotoGP 18. It's my last remaining game. I'm home for the next week so wrapping it up shouldn't be a problem before the month ends. Peace!
  11. It is possible. I got most other single-player FFs. Definitely not day one tho.
  12. Update: Resistance 3 [PS3] - 40% -> 100% MotoGP 18 [PS4] - 10% -> 45% SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom [PS4] - 100% Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires [PS3] - 100% Papers, Please [Vita] - 0% Since my last update I have finished Resistance 3. And man, that game was awesome. I was a little worried about playing the game on superhuman difficulty because I'm not very good at fps games and while I did die a lot it wasn't that bad. Here's how it went... normal playthrough for funzies and to unlock superhuman, getting through superhuman (you can keep your upgraded weapons), cleaning up misc trophies (about 90% of trophy list) and finishing collectibles. With chapter select the last two went fast. Now I have moved onto MotoGP 18. It's alright so far, plays a lot like some of the more recent F1 games. Trophies are quite easy but they're a bit "off" making them even easier. I'm going to put this on hold because I'm going to travel and stuff so I'll take my Vita and play Papers, Please while I'm away. I should be able to knock that out quite fast and return to MotoGP 18 when I get back. See y'all later and game on!
  13. Yeah that is a hassle. Someone gifted me the EU version of Project Cars 3 and I would have to do the same for the DLC. The game hasn't lived up to the first two entries so I don't mind not having the DLC, but that's another story. I would rather have everything tied to my (main) acc and just get it digitally even if I prefer physical.
  14. Update: I did some testing on my alt account Swoop13TK (used for self boosting so not much is there). For Time Attack I did 6 invalid laps, no trophy. Next lap valid, got the trophy for 5 valid laps. Then did 5 invalid laps, no trophy. Done 1 valid lap, the trophy for 10 valid laps popped. All in one session. It looks like if you do a valid lap after meeting the numbers criteria it will count. That gave me something to go on.... For poles, I started a career and did all practice sessions (3) and finished on top, same for quali and race. Skipped warm up every time. No trophy for 10 poles after race 3 (thinking as long as you finish on top in any session it counts as pole then you have to actually get a pole in the next quali). After that I just skipped straight to quali then race. However I got the trophy once again at the quali at race 6. My guess is that race wins count as poles perhaps then you have to get one more pole at quali. Or the counter is off/requirements are different than stated. I did skip most of the practice session on my main account so I was unsure what would count. For passing tests I did the same braking test 11 times (just to be sure I didn't miscount) and got all 3 trophies together at the end of the session.
  15. Hmmm… I was wondering why I couldn’t find a PS4 disc copy in the US. When I saw the topic it gave me false hope. 😝 That stinks, I guess I gotta go digital. 😕
  16. The community for the challenge is pretty laid back and there aren’t really any consequences if you can’t finish. For that reason I try not to beat myself up too much about not finishing, but it still doesn’t feel right/good. I’m usually harsher on myself when I can’t do what I set out to do. However life just gets in the way sometimes and as long as one has their priorities straight and tried their best, I don’t think it’s something one should lose sleep over (especially when it’s a hobby). What I usually do is when I can’t finish my games I just keep on playing them after the challenge is over instead of dropping them that way it doesn’t feel as bad (Some people carry over their games into the new season if it still qualifies).
  17. I think I’ll sit this one out, but good luck to everyone participating. I’ll still keep following as usual.
  18. Hey Everyone! It's been quite a while since my last update. Since then I received my "new-to-me" copy of Resistance 3 (works flawlessly so far) and gotten back to the game. Unfortunately now I'm about 2 weeks behind where I planned to be by this point. I have finished the campaign and started on Superhuman difficulty (7/20 chapters done). Next week, it will be crunch time at work before my staycation/vacation, which won't leave me much time for gaming but I will try to finish the game on Superhuman if I can. The good thing is, while I was waiting for the game to arrive, I finished up a couple of games (story-wise/personal goal-wise) I was playing on the side and now I can solely focus on this challenge pretty much. I will have to buckle down and hit my games hard for those few days I'll be home and on my trip but I think it's still doable. Resistance 3 [PS3] - 5% -> 40% MotoGP 18 [PS4] - 10% SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom [PS4] - 100% Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires [PS3] - 100% Papers, Please [Vita] - 0% Peace out!
  19. Cool, cool I'll take Yakuza and possibly Little Nightmares.
  20. Damn I was just thinking the other day how this game’s servers are still up. Well, shit.
  21. Rant (don't worry about reading it or giving me a like on this ): Ugh... looks like I'll be putting Resistance 3 on hold for a while. I tried to persevere and only play the game when I have a good amount of time to play it, that way if it starts up I can just keep at it. So far I had no problems as long as I managed to start the game but now I've reached Chapter 16 or 17 and it just won't load the chapter after the cutscene. I tried skipping it, loading the chapter separately instead of continuing, running the game on each update version, disconnecting from internet, playing it on my other PS3... pretty much everything short of rewriting the game's coding on my disc or setting it on fire. So now I've ordered another copy of the game that won't arrive till next weekend. I really hope that one works fine and the problem is not something else I haven't figured out yet because I'm loving the game (not a huge fan of true FPS games but Resistance I do love) so much so that I went and got Burning Skies for the Vita last night. I mean people got the plat on this game somehow, there bound to be a few good copies out there (as long as that is the problem like I said but I haven't found any other solution other than bad installs which I've done a few times now already with no change in the end). Phew! Thanks for reading if you did!
  22. Yo yo yo! Need to vent a little... and update I guess. Resistance 3 [PS3] - 0% -> 5% MotoGP 18 [PS4] - 10% SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom [PS4] - 100% Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires [PS3] - 41% -> 100% Papers, Please [Vita] - 0% Finished up Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires. It went smooth after my last update. I do wish there was a bit more to the game. I'm looking for a meatier DW experience but perhaps I will only find that with my PS4 DW games. Anyway on to the annoying part. I started Resistance 3, but before that I got a "story so far/previously" from YT. I've just finished chapter 6 last night. However there seems to be a problem with either my disc or PS3. The game keeps freezing on boot-up 9 out of 10 times. Once I get the game running it's no issues anymore (unless I quit the game to the main menu). I've read the game can freeze up due to bad installation from disc and it's quite common. I've deleted the game (which takes at least 40 min cause that's messed up too) and reinstalled it but it's still freezing. Right now I'm trying to install it on my other PS3 to see if that runs any better. I might even have to buy another copy of the game if it's all the same. Ugh! I'll keep at it. Anyway wish you all a less frustrating time then I'm having.
  23. Hello Folks! How's everyone doing? I'm doing pretty good myself. Not so sure backlog challenge-wise but here's my update: Resistance 3 [PS3] - 0% MotoGP 18 [PS4] - 10% SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom [PS4] - 100% Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires [PS3] - 0% -> 41% Papers, Please [Vita] - 0% So I started Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires right when I said I would but after playing for a week I still didn't earn any trophies. It was only this past weekend when it really picked up. It took me that long to find the perfect balance between earning trophies and playing the actual game. The guides I read pretty much have you "sim"-ing the months and swooping in at the last moment to finish the scenarios. There are 5 of them, that require you to take over all territories. You can either be the ruler (who decides on invading other territories) or an officer depending on the AI ruler to pick while doing misc battles in-between. I didn't want to go by the guides so I first went with the officer the natural way but the AI ruler was taking too long so I became a ruler myself and sped things up. I do miss out on misc battles this way but I still get plenty of action. Playing as an officer wasn't a complete waste of time either as I collected a lot of points to unlock voices, BGM and stuff for a trophy. All in all I really enjoy the game playing this way. The trophy list is really easy too. It's just playing a battle with certain characters (when they join my army I play as them to unlock their trophy), finishing all 5 scenarios and unlocking all the extra stuff I mentioned above. I should be able to finish the game this week then it's on to Resistance 3 (kind of slowed down with The Division 2 anyway). If I can knock that out by the end of the month I'd say I'm still good on my list. So long peeps!
  24. Sure, I'll grab Crash 4 and Man of Medan.
  25. Hello Everyone! Sorry I haven't been doing my regular updates but I've been a bit busy not leaving me much time to game (but it's not like I haven't kept up with everyone's great progress ). That is until this week when everyone seems to be on vacation and can't get anything done at work so I'm kind of forced to take some time off too. That might sound like an oxymoron but that's how it is. I did manage to finish SpongeBob, but I spent this week playing games not on my list. SpongeBob was more fun than I expected. Pretty much got all of the spatulas on my own but for the socks I definitely needed a guide. Overall not a hard game but there were a couple of tougher spots. Trophy-wise it's mostly just completing the game and collecting everything. Resistance 3 [PS3] - 0% MotoGP 18 [PS4] - 10% SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom [PS4] - 8% -> 100% Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires [PS3] - 0% Papers, Please [Vita] - 0% I thought about tackling Resistance 3 next but I'm in the middle of The Division 2 with my brother and I don't want to play two shooters at the same time (even if one is 1st and the other is 3rd person), so I think I'll start on Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires on Sunday. I don't know when my next update will be, probably when I make some more significant progress. Until then... see y'all!