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  1. Offline for sure, not the biggest fan of multiplayer in general, and when it comes to invasions I'm horrible at PvP, so I always end up getting my butt kicked.
  2. FFXV!
  3. Seems like someone who enjoys the simple things in life.
  4. Thank you for the suggestions, I bought a load of stuff in bulk when I had the chance, I out of those I have all 3 Dead Space games, DS1-3/BB, Until Dawn, The Witcher 3, TLOU, Yakuza 0, Dragon's Dogma and BioShock series, not really sure what to play after Divinity but I know I'm a sucker for Horror and Fantasy RPG, as much as I respect the likes of God of War + Uncharted, I don't think it's my sort of style, but I could be wrong, I've never tried them. I haven't really had the chance to play anything Multiplayer either, so I can't say I'm too sure about Overwatch, not a very competitive person, I just like to get home from work and lose the rest of the day/evening in some fantasy or spooky setting.
  5. Can't say I've heard of either of those, will take a peek, thank you. 😇
  6. I haven't thought about those actually, still pretty new to it all so I think stealth would be a little too much for me to handle for the time being. 😇
  7. I'm keeping an eye on LoTF just now, I mean it's pretty cheap but I've been told it's a very clunky game with sluggish gameplay, as for The Surge it's not really fantasy enough for me, nothing really catches my attention with it sadly. 😕
  8. Currently working on Divinity, started it today and hoping to have it 100% in one run, started on Honour Mode (No deaths allowed 1 save file) but that's to upload/download it's made it managable and should hopefully have the 100% by next week, then it's back to the world of Rapture to start/finish BioShock 2! 😇
  9. Never gets old!
  10. Ooh yeah I was also interested in both Nioh and NieR:Automata, they're pretty cheap now too!
  11. ^ Friday the 13th, very close and it's a rare one! 😇
  12. Do you know if any of the trophy list requires multiplayer? As far as I know it's mostly grinding, which is a lot of fun for me unlike most. Just wondering if I should go out hunting for people to play with or not as I don't have many PSN friends who are into RPG/Horror.
  13. Ooooh I was thinking about that one actually, thank you for the suggestion, seems like a game that will take me a while and I'm all for it, merci! 😇
  14. I'm currently looking for some engaging fantasy RPGs that have some difficulty and require a fair amount of effort to 100%/plat them. I've recently gone through DS3 and BB, will finish up DS1 tomorrow and have plans for go through Divinity: Original Sin and Dragon's Dogma, if anyone has suggestions along with some brief info on the game it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 😇