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  1. is the hardest thing I have ever done in a game. I did it in SMB2 pretty easy, in this game it was sooooo hard. The game i won to get it was an insane finish, my hands were shaking.
  2. Yeah I just bought it digitally.
  3. What version of the game should i buy if i want to get 100%
  4. thanks
  5. I was able to get this in custom franchise in 1 attempt
  6. Can anyone who has this let me know how you got it i feel like i have done it like 4 times now maybe I am doing something wrong.
  7. I was coming here to ask the same thing i have done it in every game mode and not unlocked it
  8. Can i play and normal and then survival in new game plus? and will that unlock all the dificulty trophies?
  9. yes only the main missions for new game plus
  10. thanks going to be playing with a friend looking forward to it
  11. Anything I should know before start going for 100%?
  12. About to start this very soon what should i focus on at the beginning
  13. thank you
  14. I had the same last one and was the exact opposite lol
  15. I hate that there was a glitch, i got it legit and now people will think I am lying..... sad times
  16. I just finished getting the plat and I wish I would have did all my crown hunting with lures (besides monsters with event quests with higher chances), after switching to that method it went SO much faster. Lure monter measure kill or banishing ball re-lure.
  17. After seeing this I feel like i got lucky, it was time consuming but i would get a clue like 50% of the time and I did nothing special besides give them stuff that made them happy when I clicked on it.
  18. I just have to wait for 1 twilight mission for 100%, Plat is like 5/10, 100% is like 9/10.
  19. so if the people you are playing with does it count towards the 5 wins in a row
  20. thanks
  21. do all the people get credit or only the one who makes it?
  22. Fun enough for a game I bought on sale, not hard at all even the challenges never took more then 2-3 attempts.
  23. Borderland the first one, have the other remakes but don't want to have to do the underdomes again
  24. I want to start this game, just wondering if there is stuff I need to worry about for the plat. Nevermind, someone else asked. Is there a way to delete?
  25. I'm finishing the plat as I am writing this. first play through was fine be replaying all of these unskipable cut scenes over and over is draining my will to live.