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  1. so if the people you are playing with does it count towards the 5 wins in a row
  2. thanks
  3. do all the people get credit or only the one who makes it?
  4. Fun enough for a game I bought on sale, not hard at all even the challenges never took more then 2-3 attempts.
  5. Borderland the first one, have the other remakes but don't want to have to do the underdomes again
  6. I want to start this game, just wondering if there is stuff I need to worry about for the plat. Nevermind, someone else asked. Is there a way to delete?
  7. I'm finishing the plat as I am writing this. first play through was fine be replaying all of these unskipable cut scenes over and over is draining my will to live.
  8. got the plat yesterday 377hrs, started worrying crowns at 325ish
  9. Ya I am after the 100% completion, people play the vs mode? really just want to make sure it is attainable. edit: thanks for the answers
  10. Thinking about going for the plat in the resident evil games on ps4, do people still play the online? Or would I be able to get boosting partners easily?