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  1. This. Btw, why didn't you complete GoW?
  2. I'm also interested in opinions here, will start chasing Gold Rush soon.
  3. Man, I still have nightmares from those
  4. hey - take a look at this video:
  5. any updates on earning trophies during Beta?
  6. Exactly the same thing happened to me.
  7. I was really hoping to see Far Cry 5 in the list...
  8. I've picked Planet of the Eyes yesterday. It's a nice short game, but unlike other easy plats, very enjoyable.
  9. I'm pretty sure that was a culprit for me also.
  10. You need to play it at least 2h to get into it. First 1h - 1h30min is extremely boring (unnecessary tutorial-ish) and you need some time to adapt to controls.
  11. he's a secret agent with iron guts who'd like to transcend this world and become free
  12. heavy rain for me. finally something after months of nothing
  13. will this event repeat this year? any other tips how to grind this effectively (fast) at the moment?
  14. Yes. This one is a time sensitive trophy. Keep checking regularly (normally it's over the weekend).
  15. Can someone confirm this?