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  1. i found the flying levels a lot easier then i remember from the PS1 days.
  2. 0 Motion sickness, will plat.
  3. what plat are you most proud of.
  4. Enjoy
  5. yes, new game plus allows u you get plat and carries over challenge tokens.
  6. I have completed the IX easter egg 5 times now and it has crashed as the cutscene has started every time, is this a know issue and when is it being fixed.
  7. Zombies is my favourite game mode so, exciting for me.
  8. this worked, thanks for that.
  9. I have done everything i could think of, restart game, fast forward time, fast travel. but no matter what i do i can't get a Hippo to spawn at the Hippo camp just west of lake mareotis. it is the last location i need for the trophy and cannot think of anything else.
  10. I had the same problem, ended up having to go back to an old save and ended up getting all parts before late mission.