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  1. Hi guys, I've already suggested all your answers and questions by reading, which was a lot and was able to solve some problems myself, but I still can not get my PS3 online via PC with Gonespy. I'm not so smart in that. Therefore, I ask you to help me. Here are some infos and pictures: System: Win 7 Router: Fritzbox IP: Static Links to the pictures: https://ibb.co/ThN6Jk6 https://ibb.co/jZ8vyKh https://ibb.co/QvXC8zJ https://ibb.co/y5fJDKD https://ibb.co/vkmjQmK https://ibb.co/LN26Vpz https://ibb.co/mh0fC9j https://ibb.co/mBjFvp9 Also, I noticed that my activated Gonespy is different from the successful one, since the GPCMService is missing on port 29900 but I missing the GPSP service on port 29901 - what can I do ?? Now a few questions: Was it already therefore banned or warned? Do I have to additionally set up a DMS server for this or is it enough if my router settings are the same? - If so, what do I have to do? For more informations write me THX Ps. Please be frugal with me, so I can help others too. and sorry for my bad english.