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  1. Would also like to know as I'm missing the DLC trophies too
  2. That's what I thought too! Looks like a really intriguing, chilled out game with some mystery!
  3. Hey there! What do you guys think of the trophy list? It's a shame it doesn't have a platinum but I'm looking forward to playing it!
  4. It's nice to finally see this game get its trophy list! What do you all think about it? I personally can't wait to give this game a go
  5. Hey there everyone! Sorry if this is old news but like some of you a bought this game a while back to only discover it didn't have a trophy list but I saw today that there is finally a trophy list and it has a platinum!
  6. Happy to hear you got Danger Zone and I'm very confident you're going to wrap this up nicely! Good luck with the challenges!
  7. I finally got my platinum! I know when you put your time to it back in the summer you'll complete this game no problem! Also if I remember correctly, I believe I received the ice cream truck twice but I wasn't too aware of the tank and should have restarted the run instead of doing the truck all over again, if that was possible!
  8. Hey there again! 😄 Ever since we spoke about the game some more I really wanted to try and push for this platinum once and for all! I saw you were doing some challenges and they seem really damn cool and hope you have a lot of fun with them! (Might check some out myself) What I ended up doing for Danger Zone was starting the game on Apocalypse Mode and collecting the needed items: - Mask - Gun - Map - Flashlight - Radio - Medkit - one family member From there I made a backup save and basically repeated the next ingame 30 days over and over until the RNG gods gave me mercy. It popped when I wasn't even expecting it too which leads into my suspicion that some items can be broken and then replaced and still work? I did try using the suitcase too but found that more often then not some items just didn't want to break and I'd bring back more stuff! But I really do like your thinking and I believe that's a solid plan! My routine would be: - Scavenge with one family member (take mask) - Heal family member (use medkit) - Wait for destruction event (hope radio and map are included) - wait for defend situation (use gun) - send family member once again (use flashlight) This is what seemed to work for me but I think its important to have both of our perspectives and planning for anyone who might browse this down the line! Thanks again for always sharing your kindness with me and for always being so, so helpful too. Hopefully I can get the Panzer trophy today!
  9. Hello everyone! I'm currently trying to achieve this trophy and it seems to be quite troublesome and very RNG based. I've read a few ways online to try and achieve it but I would also just like to see if anyone else had a way that they did it?
  10. Thanks for the tip! I remember reading a while back that the Timmy scout mission was the easiest challenge and I did it in the end after about 12 runs. Glad you managed to achieve it quicker though! Now all I've got left is: - Danger Zone (I'm unlucky with RNG) - Cuckoos Nest ( Edit, I got this last night. Basically didn't interact with anything, anyone and let them get sick too. Took me about 6 tries!) - Manhattan Project & Dead Hand (I'll do a similar method for when trying to get Konrad style and aim for Army/twins ending) - Not Alone (not too sure the requirements for this one apart from tweaking the radio when it suggests to?) - Panzer (from what I've read its very, very RNG and I'm not having much luck with it sadly)
  11. A quick update - I managed to unlock Cat Lady & the other cat related trophy! Thanks for the tips. Now I'm actually trying to unlock the trophy "Rogue One" but having a little trouble with that. Currently what's left for me are these trophies: - Rogue One - Panzer - Not Alone - Soup Can Into Space - Yes Man - Dead Hand - Manhanttan Project - Cuckoos nest - Danger Zone
  12. Thats awesome to hear, nice one! And thanks again for sharing more info about the trophy. I'll give that a go tonight and work on some others, in which I'll post some updates and tips if they feel needed to share! But keep us updated with how you get on with your next unlocks!
  13. A quick little update, I managed to get Konrad Style! Thanks for giving me the motivation to return back and give it another try 😊 now to try and work on the other left over trophies!
  14. There are technically are few missable trophies due to exploration and collecting certain items but if you've ever played the Resident evil series, silent Hill or enjoy looking around to the best of your ability, you should be okay! You can platinum the game in one playthrough but that means having to complete the game on survival + collect all the other trophies that are missable in one run. There isn't a speedrun trophy, which is handy for when things get a little tough. There is a great video from @optinooby that plays through the survival run bit by bit. I personally did two runs, one for my normal run to enjoy the game and get the missbale trophies and then the second run to focus purely on survival! Here is the link to Optinoobs video that helped with survival (but also doing one playthrough)
  15. That's so true, some of these are really RNG based trophies but I'm sure you're going to get them and achieve that platinum! Would love to know your progress and any tips you find along the way to your platinum