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  1. Yeah it’s glitchy. I had to do it multiple times to sync up some trophies too.
  2. If the game is easy for you doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone. That’s just my opinion. I find the game pretty difficult but I rushed through it anyway. It’s of coz not as hard as games like meatboy. It’s good that they are nerfing the hammer. I think the developers are trying to make the game as challenging as possible. The Darkstar Crusher (Legendary Hammer) primary trait has been adjusted: It will no longer affect Bosses (this includes Midbosses). Duration is now set to 15 seconds (previously 20s). The Time Bubble will slow enemies by 50% (previously 70%). Trait text will match the effect (previously, displayed 30% even though it was slowing by 70%).
  3. Nothing's truly difficult in this game if you are fully maxed out. This guide is for people that may need some help if they are stuck. The tower is more of an endurance battle than anything else. It takes roughly 3 hours to reach to floor 50 from scratch. Also, I have written down the exactly same thing about how to deal with certain enemies bcz they can kill you easily. I almost died once during my play through. The game may get glitched out too bcz sometimes enemies just don't spawn at all. For me personally, the satisfaction of beating Godfall is to obtain the platinum as quickly as possible and move on. It took me longer than expected (almost a week) so I think this game actually takes some efforts to complete. Loots are all random and it takes some knowledge to piece the gears together. I wouldn't underestimate the monsters in Godfall because they are pretty strong in my opinion especially when they pile up on you in group. Only few bosses show up in the trials because the game is basically in Beta right now. I think I may try it again if the developers actually improve the game.
  4. I paid $100 for Godfall lol. That game is basically in Beta right now. I didn’t buy Miles Morales because I played Spider-Man on PS4 and it didn’t have too many depths. Final boss fight was basically a QTE sequence. Good job for speaking up. Godfall is even worse It’s a beta game that costs $70 - $100.
  5. Many people are supporting the developers on Godfall Reddit. I think the game should have been delayed because it’s clearly still in Beta. That’s just my opinion.
  6. The game has a lot of bugs at this moment. You will experience them sooner or later. It doesn’t make Godfall unplayable though. It’s a fun game but I think it’s more like a beta right now. Who knows what’s going to happen later bcz Counterplay Studios pretty much disappeared after the game launched. Zero communication from the developers so far. They released a 15 seconds clip about a legendary weapon. It’s a weird move if you ask me.
  7. Yeah the trials is a bit annoying but it’s not that hard once you are geared up for it. Some people are already killing bosses in 1 hit but the monsters can’t get any stronger. Loots and skills are not that great either, too simplified. Path of Exile and Diablo 3 have more depths than Godfall. This game is very shallow atm. I wish the game will get more content updates but I think the developers are completely silent now. Not sure what they are up to. The game is crashing and/or enemies not spawning at all. Those two issues forced me to restart the tower runs many times.
  8. It’s pretty hard but I completed the platinum solo. It maybe easier with team. Game play is amazing coz it’s made for next gen.
  9. Yeah games are extremely expensive now..
  10. It’s an amazing game but it has a lot of bugs atm. The platinum takes about 30-40 hours to complete for me. It’s built from the ground up for ps5 and newer pc. Loading times is pretty much instant and performance mode locks the game at 60 fps with occasional stutter due to bugs/glitches. If the trophies don’t pop properly, you can try these steps. It’s a PS5 bug. I go offline to make sure that the trophy is actually unlocked with correct time stamp. Then go back online and do the following: Settings —> Saved Data and Game/App Settings —> Game Status —> Sync with PlayStation Network.
  11. 30-40 hours.
  12. Idk how that works..
  13. Yeah I did that too. Now i need 2500 army strength rating then i’m done with all the online trophies. thanks for the help.
  14. I got the online vendetta to show up after finishing a conquest mission. now i just want to get the game over with.
  15. I don’t think ps5 has any issue. I saw other posts people had the same problem too.. They said to restart the router, unplug the console, etc... i am trying that