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  1. I hope you guys aren't forgetting about the greatest of all PS2 games.
  2. Maybe you just gave the dev something to think about if he's looking on!
  3. Dude, I would not be able to contain myself if that game got a plat
  4. When I see a 5 on PST I go, "Shit's about to go down." When I see an 8 on PSNP I go, "Another casual list I guess" Though I did want to put ACVD at an 8 and @CelestialRequiem talked me down to a 7
  5. Hopes rising...
  6. Nah dude, just realistic
  7. None of these "games" are ok. This being less than not ok is meaningless because it's for the plat no matter what
  8. But was it Berenstein or Berenstain Bears?
  9. What do you mean : ) If someone doesn't only have one hand to begin with, what could possibly make them play with only one hand while playing a game such as Gal Gun?
  10. I've got my eye on Raiden V and the Mega Man Zero collection
  11. Hey man. Oh, it's me by the way. Real stellar work on the BlazBlue plat. Been an absolute JOY speaking with you. Just remember that even though a certain person on this website - no naming names but we'll call him "CR" - might be a problem, it doesn't mean you have to let him be YOUR problem ; ^       )



    1. AihaLoveleaf


      Thank ya kindly, Mr. Deadly. Mighty nice seeing Litchi's boobies bouncing again after all this time.


      I reckon that CR fella is alright - he did show interest in starting Daytona USA, after all.



    2. Deadly_Ha_Ha


      He's a tricky one so I'd just advise you to keep a watchful eye on the situation. I'll just be right over here if you need me ~~~~~

    3. CelestialRequiem


      This guy sounds like a dumb fuck

  12. You can write the guide dude, give it the 10/10 difficulty it deserves
  13. Stopping by, felt like saying "Hello" but now... I'm reconsidering. I'm leaving without saying "Hello" but I will say:



  14. If this is to make people interested at first glance before all the games become known, this is a "No thanks" at this stage
  15. Finally! Now I can play a quick easy game for a quick easy platinum!