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  1. # 28 - Oninaki Difficulty - 3/10 Enjoyment - 3/10 I really feel badly having to give this game such a low enjoyment rating. I have really appreciated what this developer has been doing with all of their games, and despite them not all being on this profile I have gotten 100% for the three of their games thus far. The problem here was the grind. If you look at this account and my old one (Oro_Castoro), you'll see a lot of RPG's, so I'm not new to grinds. But this one was absolutely awful. The game itself was ok; the music was ok; the gameplay was ok; the story was ok. I wish that this developer would maybe do some more interesting stuff but what I really wish was that they wouldn't slap an arbitrary 15+ hour grind onto the post-game for one or two trophies. When you use special attacks in Oninaki, there is a random chance that you'll get something for that skill called an "Awakening". There are a total of 20 of them and they unlock in a random order for every skill. You can increase the chance of Awakening by upgrading your weapons, but at the end of the day, it took that 15+ hour grind to get all 20 of them. It went from boring to mind-numbing to maddening. It took longer to get all the Awakenings than it took for me to complete the 101 floor post-game dungeon, which itself took over 10 hours of the same combat from the main game, which itself was completely invariable. There was never an end in sight. It was so random that I could not tell when it would be done. But hour after hour it was the same exact string of like 25 seconds of button inputs, for 15+ hours. You can imagine that this was not fun. I'm sorry to turn this into a venting session, but this game took me so long to do because doing it for longer than like an hour at a time put me at risk for running my head into a wall. My next game has got to be a well-earned respite from this genre.
  2. Honestly I don't even care. I wrote the guide for the game and have not been looking forward to a new set of trophies to do anyway lol...
  3. People's humdrum hatred for this game got so stale so fast. I always appreciate the point at which the bandwagoners of disliking a game fade away and the people who actually appreciate it stick around, or people actually give the games a fair shot. There are bad games, and then there are games that just rub people the wrong way, and the latter is what this series has always been. And except for Lightning Returns being a disaster of a conclusion, the series is great. I've held out for a long time in hoping that the series would get a PS4 release so that I could plat the games again on this account, but at some point I'll just have to go back on the ps3 for them.
  4. I know dude I'm telling you, the trophies took a lot away from this game
  5. It took me a few tries I can tell you that much. If you're absolutely sure that you are doing it correctly and you see no splash when you jump the 3 bodies of water, I'm sorry to say but you might just have to do your run over. I had a problem with the Hard Brawler trophy. I did it in mission 5, but it did not want to unlock. I had to start over and I ended up getting it in mission 2.
  6. # 26 - World of Final Fantasy Difficulty - 2/10 Enjoyment - 6/10 I tried writing the post for this game when I got the plat originally, but after like 10 minutes of typing I accidentally went back a page on my browser and it deleted everything I wrote. Let's suffice it to say that this game is fun, pretty mindless, not a terrible grind, superbly easy, recommendable if you like the sound of Final Fantasy x Pokemon. # 27 - Assault Suit Leynos Difficulty - 7/10 Enjoyment - 4/10 I like to think that when I'm giving consideration to a game's difficulty and enjoyment ratings, that it's a balance between the game itself and the platinum effort since for me they're one and the same. Well let me distinguish between both parts for ASL: without the inclusion of the platinum effort, the game's difficulty would be maybe a 4/10, and my enjoyment would be maybe a 6/10. This is one of those games that, if you don't care about getting the platinum then I'd recommend not bothering. This list is comprised mostly of stupid, obnoxious trophies. I was going to make a guide for the game but it's just too much of a pain despite my real-time 100% being around 9 hours of in-game time. By far the worst trophy of all is Old Tricks - 3 full hours of my 9 hour platinum run was dedicated to this single trophy. You can go and watch a video of it being done in only a few minutes, and in a successful attempt that is how long it takes, but how simply it's done in a video belies how random and RNG-related the doing of this really is. You effectively have to kill only the boss in Stage 1 on Classic Mode, but different enemies spawn randomly and are seemingly designed to negate this trophy, because if they kill each other (and they do, constantly), you get the points for it and you have to start the stage over again. You have to be absolutely flawless at this one particular thing, and it demands such a buy-in of skill which no other point in the game demands that it makes the entire trophy list completely imbalanced. Without this one trophy the difficulty would be a 5/10, which may not seem like much of a jump but I consider the difference between a 5 & 7 to not be unsubstantial. The game is good, if you like side-scrolling games like this. The majority of the trophies come from Arcade Mode, which is easier in every way except for some reason the final boss, to whom they've added an extra phase from Classic Mode, which is just how the original game was released complete with a step up in difficulty. But again, a small handful of the 35 trophies in total, including a few which are honestly a little buggy, diminished my enjoyment of this game to below average. As someone who gives ratings without inflation-bias, which is to say that a 5/10 isn't bad and is instead perfectly average for my relative perspective, 4/10 isn't horrible, but it's disappointing that the trophy list works against the game big time here.
  7. I've been giving Ruiner thought since it was last on sale. This time I believe I'll pick it up since I enjoy twin stick shooters
  9. #25 - Bastion Difficulty - 6/10 Enjoyment - 5/10 I played this game once on PC years ago and had meant to come back to it on PS4. It went on sale for like five dollars a couple of sales ago so I decided to get it. I'll admit that for me, this was a 5/10 game, but I think my metrics are a bit different than some people's, because a 5 for me is sincerely average and not a terrible thing. You have to do two games but the only thing different about the second play through is that you can replay stages, but I found I never needed to do that. Insofar as that's the case, the plat required that I play through the exact same game twice for what felt like no reason whatsoever, which I kind of resented. If you're going to ask the player to play the game over, at least have the games be different outside of an arbitrary score being attached to the one. That said, it was fine, short too. The challenge all comes right at the end, because there are Idols that you can activate which each of the 10 of them do something different to make the game harder, and you have to complete four wave events with all of them on. One of them is actually still very easy, but they ramp up and I lost a few times and was forced to really think about it. Not sure what I'll play next but my old account had 26 plats so whatever I get next will tie my old account so that's cool.
  10. You're good, I ought to have clarified I did it in seasonal to start anyway
  11. I'm definitely not inclined to argue with you, you've clearly got a superior case to be made, but if OP is in seasonal then he may find that he can do as I did. Otherwise I don't know about non-seasonal because I didn't do non-seasonal. I DO know that the season has recently changed to S17, so if he WAS seasonal and did not finish out his characters then they've all been booted to non-seasonal and he may find an issue with that - To clarify, that wasn't sarcasm, I never know how I come off here, I respect that you've got the fastest clear and thus understand the game very very well. I can't account for the difference in our accounts or anyone's online saying the opposite of what I'm saying other than it may just be a seasonal thing
  12. I'm just telling you, and I'm looking at my own game right now, my one and only hardcore character has never been through the campaign. My friends with whom I played the game did not beat the campaign on hardcore either. We bought and started the game at the same time, and never played with any other people. They were all Seasonal characters. We went from 500 bounties in seasonal softcore, to making characters in seasonal hardcore, and jumped right into Adventure mode. Maybe it's different for seasonal? No, I never played this on ps3, only pc
  13. I just did this game. None of us played the campaign in Hardcore to unlock Adventure Mode, we only played it in softcore. OP has already beaten Act V in softcore I guess. He did the game the same way I did, and now should be able to do Adventure in hardcore
  14. No @dimi_mel that's not true, you absolutely can get them in adventure mode... All you have to do in hardcore is level the character in rifts and then just jump around and kill Diablo and Malthael for the trophies
  15. #24 - Ninjin: Clash of Carrots Difficulty - 8/10 Enjoyment - 7/10 This game was a doozy. Immediately proceeding Dark Cloud 2 which took just shy of 3 months, this game took 6 days. That said, this was a very, very challenging game. Honestly I would go so far as to say one of the most difficult games I have every played. It's a side-scrolling beatemup which, though I know they aren't exactly known for their noob-friendly gameplay, I was NOT expecting to be as hard as it was. It started off relatively easy, but by the end of having to grind out an S-rank on the last 5 stages, I was reaching the end of my rope. Oddly enough (?) it was S-ranking the fifth to last stage which was the absolute single toughest thing this game provided. The rarest trophies are for collecting all of the game's accessories and swords and whatever, because when you kill enemies they have a chance to drop chests containing gear to be used as you proceed. But they don't account for all the gear. The last pieces of gear you'll get are from completing 50 waves in the game's endless mode - but there's a catch. If you could choose your gear it would be easy-peasy. But the game mixes it up by starting you in endless mode with the base gear, and every three waves it gives you a selection of three random pieces of gear - swords, throwing weapons, and accessories - for you to choose one of, and take it from there. Without luck, because it is 100% R~N~G baby, you WILL NOT succeed. You need a pretty immaculate gear setup to win, which took me in particular about 35 tries to achieve. Anyway, no one plays this game but I might put up a guide. Either way, it was a lot of fun and a pretty rewarding plat. Not sure what's next but probably something easier...