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  1. Hey dude, I'm a mini mod and I'm gonna call the real mods to have your profile terminated because I just feel it's my obligation to the community to do that!

  2. I love starting my day by reading some funny ass posts man
  3. @hore there are 70 people viewing but only 15 posts. Liven the place up with some fun conversation starters!
  4. big-bird-door.gif




    I'm the Vita Police, coming around just to check that you haven't been playing your PlayStation Vita. I've received reports of suspicious activity on your account. I'm not here to arrest you but if there IS Vita activity on your account then you may be subject to civil penalties


    Watch yourself.

    1. AihaLoveleaf


      Why hello, Officer.


      Nothing to see here; I'm just playing PlayStation 3.



  5. Why put in effort into something when you can NOT and still make money! Because you know people are gonna buy it no matter what it costs
  6. Definitely playing games for fun, not an addiction to climbing the LB, these are games just like any other It's really cool that you put that together though, thanks for continuing to make this site a better and more transparent place
  7. Dude this Weekly is a joke! Easiest one shot run of my life. Get your free loop crown!
  8. I never played AC first of all but I don't see those as being the height of respectable plats. That being said, there is certainly a range of how respectable plats ARE, or games in general. What that troll was saying and what I guess you are saying serves only to bring everyone down to the level of "button presser" and is extremely unfair to those who actually push themselves for their hobby.
  9. Fair enough
  10. This thread may not survive, but unless this alt is trolling the ever loving shit out of all of us, the possibility that someone actually believes this will live on...
  11. @GraniteBeast603 right except I don't put value in the LB and I would wager just about no one in this thread arguing to not support these games does either. You made a patently absurd point about AC2 and ezpz games, are obviously unable to sell it, and are now making claims unrelated to anything having been discussed in lieu of that AC2 point
  12. Whoa man so sorry I'm missing your grand point that everyone here is disagreeing with even though I seriously doubt I am. Why don't you please enlighten me
  13. It's because not all plats are made equally man. Are you seriously arguing that the quality of a game is simultaneously completely relative? A game that's actually a challenge and by extension its platinum vs. these piece of shit shovelware games and their plats, they are NOT comparable. You make it sound like because two people push the same buttons on the controller that their accomplishment is the same. What I'M saying is, that is so cartoonishly ridiculous that you cannot POSSIBLY be serious. I can run down the street but I didn't do what someone who just ran a marathon did despite us both running somewhere.
  14. Dude, I gotta tell you, this "argument" is the reach of a LIFETIME
  15. It's because you in particular seem the most dead set on ignoring any point raised on the matter if you don't agree with it so it could be in regards to anything