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  1. I never saw this thread before, and I know it's old news, but although I think a lot of the dissenting opinions of having a 100% account are judgmental at best and almost make me MORE glad I have one, I do also think that if you know there aren't glitched trophies or the 100% isn't locked, you should not let difficulty stand in your way.
  2. Dude that red one is sexy as hell
  3. This is so bizarre and obnoxious. I'll just play through casually on my other account then
  4. Yeah, I guess what I mean is these trophies are unavoidable right?
  5. Sorry to ask a potentially dumb question, but is the idea then that you necessarily get these other trophies as soon as you boot up any of the ME games?
  6. Lame sale
  7. Common sense is surprisingly difficult to find here sometimes I've realized lol
  8. It's sad that @coldhardcrash_ even felt inclined to respond to this. This is a really pathetic message on a trophy hunting site and makes me plain confused
  9. Yes, unacceptable, I stand firmly by what I said. A precedent has been set for what ps2 games should cost and the lists they should have and this is a lazy list and it's expensive. I don't care what other people are willing to pay for, I speak for myself. It's self-righteous people like you who seek to make problems out this. For me it's a simple "Not worth it, won't buy it." Lists matter to me especially when I can just go play these games on my ps2 if I want. Look at the other ps2 games on PS4 and tell me if this is in line with what we have available. If you don't have a ps2 and you don't care about the list, then more power to you.
  10. Well, no harm no foul I guess lol
  11. Yeah, we're all nerds. But you, a nerd, telling another person, also a nerd, to get a life as we all sit here talking about a 20 year old fantasy game, is the thing that makes my eyes roll to the back of my head
  12. This is always a funny thing to see, like you are so elevated to be able to judge another person that their decisions regarding anything mean that they are in need of a lifestyle adjustment. You're just as big a nerd as anyone else here, you just approach playing videogames a little differently. I don't care about this game by the way, the list and the price are just unacceptable
  13. Well, yes it is for trophy hunters who would otherwise have liked to get the platinum for it. That applies to varying degrees and it's super cool that you bought, played, completed, and loved a game that had no trophies for some reason, but games should have better lists than this and it is a turn-off that this list is so miserable. Not to mention, it's a PS2 game which costs $30.
  14. This is one of the most pathetic lists I've ever seen
  15. This game is an experience that WAY more people should have. Absolutely incredible game