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  1. I find it disappointing yes. Disappointing for trophy hunting especially
  2. @OmegaRejectz don't think too poorly of me but the reason I'm going with P5 and not P5R is because P5 has like a 10% plat and P5R has like a 40% plat. I know for a lot of people that's a little loose but that is really a significantly more common plat and I'd rather honestly go with the less updated version with the much rarer plat
  3. Piss poor looking list, another easy plat for the easiest trophy generation. Those were my first thoughts, hope I'm wrong
  4. I'll be picking up Resonance of Fate and P5 Ultimate
  5. Oh I know, but usually sarcasm has a point, which I don't see theirs
  6. I... don't understand what you're saying. You think I would be satisfied if I overwrote my fastest plat milestone with an autopop? Being that I don't autopop trophies, isn't that kind of clearly not the case? Considering I wrote a one sentence response, I don't think it's that deep myself
  7. lol, my condolences to you but stay strong; it's the only UR plat in the series so you'll have that at least Right now I'm going for Armored Core Verdict Day. It'll be my first PS3 game on this account and my rarest plat by a good margin. It's going a little slowly but I'm really happy with the game
  8. If you autopop games then you should have to kiss that milestone goodbye like you already do now
  9. I'm actually excited for this game but this list looks easy. I mean it's a Hot Wheels game so not much more to be expected but I hope it has a surprise difficulty somewhere in this list that keeps it a little lower
  10. You're right, that was a quick rant
  11. Risk-taker from the Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind dlc. This dlc turned KH3 from being the easiest plat in the series (now Melody of Memory) into the hardest 100%. The fights in this game and the post-game fights especially, with all the pro codes on, are the hardest fights I've ever done in video games. They are beautifully done fights, and the difficulty is almost severe with some of them, but it is SO good
  12. Never cared for VR so for me it never had very high limits lol
  13. I haven't done a game twice on this account yet, but I've purchased Gravity Rush on the Vita and will probably do it. I haven't played Gravity Rush in years, but since it was one of my favorite games on the account and I'm starting to play games on other consoles than PS4 now, I figured there was no harm in buying it again. I want to play as many games on the Vita as possible and if it's a stack it doesn't matter
  14. You have the medicine
  15. #1* - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Difficulty - 5/10 Enjoyment - 8/10 This is the start of my Kingdom Hearts smurf account. I have the ps4 KH games with plats done on this, my main account, and I wanted to have a side project to do every Kingdom Hearts game that I could turn to when I felt tired of my main. I have an almost desperate love for the series, and I am choosing to go through the games in in-lore chronological order going from PS3 to PS4. As such, my next game will be BBS on PS4, which I honestly think will be easier/better than the PS3 version. If I'm going to be honest, you likely won't catch me marking my enjoyment of any of these games lower than an 8, maybe a 7 at the lowest for the PS3 version of Re: CoM, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Birth by Sleep as a Kingdom Hearts game is beyond reproach. Its story is so impactful and so moving that no matter what the platinum experience is like, Birth by Sleep the game is untouchable. That being said, this is not the best platinum in the series. I can deal with doing the same things for three characters, I can stand restarting my progress between files, and I can even stand going through the game twice with Terra since on Critical he's just too annoying to bother with and the Beginner PT is actually worth doing... But I cannot stand the Command Board minigame. It's Monopoly lite, if you haven't played BBS. It is so awful, so excruciatingly boring and yet anxiety provoking simultaneously, and just so much an investment of time that the platinum suffers tremendously in my opinion. It is hours, and hours, of this stupid board game in my Kingdom Hearts action-rpg. I'd say miss me with that but I don't have a choice if I want the plat. The trophy guide estimates this game at a 7/10 difficulty, 6 play throughs, 150 hours. That is, two play throughs with each character, one on Critical, one on Normal. Well, no offense, but I think the guide is dead wrong and actually just totally off base. The reasoning for this I think is because the guide writers wanted to spare you from having to do most of the grinding with any character playing on Critical, but the only character that Critical is actually a problem for is Terra, and that's because his dodge does not have perfect i-frames like Ventus and Aqua, and that creates a lot of awful fights. In my opinion, playing on Beginner with Terra after blitzing through Critical and 100%ing his journal on Beginner while then playing Ventus and Aqua on Critical for the 100% is perfectly fine to do and saves two extra play throughs. The game is not a 7/10 difficulty, I find that ridiculous. I think it's a 5, mostly because the grind is more than most people can stomach. At 4 PT's, my total playtime was 66h20m, and that included probably at least a small handful of hours just mulling about or idling the PS3.