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  1. Metal Wolf Chaos for sure, surprised I haven't put more emphasis on getting it before
  2. Maybe Amalur, honestly the first game in I don't even know how long that I even considered downloading from the + selection
  3. Lol, I didn't mean Lovers sorry, I meant just like a co-op game - any co-op game
  4. Right on, thanks, and enjoy your premium subscription to the site. I'll look forward to your expanded trophy cabinet
  5. @enaysoft how much of a nightmare would this game be for someone who didn't speak Japanese
  6. Thanks for reiterating for me your thoughts on the game, sorry I missed your review of it that's my bad. If you want to do a co-op game sometime let me know, I think it would be cool
  7. I generally have come to have serious doubts about people claiming 10/10's on this site. If YOU said it was a 10 for having done SMB and other crazy shit* I'd have more pause for consideration but the average trophy hunter on this site... Nah
  8. I really, seriously doubt this game is a 10/10. Diablo 2 is probably a 10/10. Crypt of the Necromancer is a 10/10. 10/10 is a really special designation for games that are nearly impossible due to extraordinary challenge. Just because a game is hard it doesn't mean it's a 10/10. People need to judge what difficulty is a little more finely
  9. I feel like I'm always late to the party with what you're doing but just now I see you did Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime which I'm super interested in. How'd you find it?
  10. Lol yeah I realized how aggressive my original though was and I had to avail myself with a funny funny joke. This is definitely not the sale for me though. My favorite Halloween games are Costume Quest and Costume Quest 2 and those aren't even in this sale
  11. Lol thanks
  12. You wouldn't catch me undead
  13. Abysmal sale. Not a terrible thing to have happen once in a while because I don't like spending money EVERY sale and this is an easy one to skip
  14. Right on, I'm always down to follow someone who includes a metric of "Disgraces to Humanity"
  15. Dude I don't know how much of it you've seen, and if you're interested anyway then that's all to the good, but I played Darksiders Genesis because I'm following Airship Syndicate and I thought the game sucked. Out of the 52 games on this account it was easily the worst. I don't like Darksiders at all but I figured since it's an isometric RPG it would be fine, but it's boring and tedious to play through. Maybe in co-op it would be better but I can almost guarantee that if it's not for the sake of the Darksiders IP, you can find a significantly better co-op game to play with Mori. I know you didn't ask for my opinion lol but in good faith I can't see someone consider DG and not give my take on the experience
  16. Good for you recognizing what more you could accomplish with a fresh account. I made the same decision after starting Oro_Castoro in 2009 when I ended it in 2018 or whatever. I'll watch out for your progress moving forward
  17. When that trophy list was posted I think my soul left my body for a minute or two. I've never seen a more abhorrent list
  18. I like your name
  19. Dude, I watched that billiards video you embedded in the Yakuza 3 writeup and laughed out loud. All that set up, and the ball just absolutely deviated from the plan. What a nightmare
  20. Oh don't you worry... Brawlhalla gets you when you least expect it...
  21. Nerds like you really make me mad. ANYWAY yeah I know Japanese but I wouldn't say we're close. Acquaintances really.
  22. SAO Fatal Bullet and Tales of Berseria are what I'm looking at, otherwise the sale kind of blows
  23. rjkclarke has always looked at my old account and said to me "Dyl- Deadly, I wish for just one [however long it takes] that I could play Brawlhalla with you." Well dude you're in luck because I was looking to get back into that game and get the 100% on this account and I'm welcoming all comers to play with me : ^ )
  24. For the sake of Risk-taker you'll want to play on Beginner
  25. I'll mirror CR's sentiments that I think this is a great time to go for the plat because when the servers get announced to be closing you will have a more difficult time getting the plat. The more players that are active the more difficult it'll be to do sorties and fight World Bosses. CR and I will be working to get the guide out ASAP and are also here to offer you or anyone else help as needed. It's a terrific game and I'd sooner see it get additional appreciation