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  1. Good luck.
  2. I played the free play one a bunch without knowing what I was doing I got to the point where I needed a 2048 square and failed it a bunch of times. I also failed the other levels and stages a bunch before succeeding so I got points pretty fast due to how badly I sucked.
  3. Definitely going to get it, I saw some gameplay footage of it last year and was disappointed that it hadn't been released for PS4.
  4. I only needed to get to 7-3 and had enough points to buy the final stuff so that's where I stopped. Was so happy when I got past 6-2 though.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I've gotten super close to beating it now with your method but still working on it, hopefully I'll get it soon and be able to move onto the next stage.
  6. I've managed to get to level 6 stage 2 but find that I'm stuck, I know I can get points semi faster on free play but those bonus points for completing the levels would be nice to get. Does anyone have any idea how to get past it? It has 3 unmoveable blocks and 2 64's blocks already there.
  7. At least a few people have gotten the platinum so it's not an impossible game to beat.
  8. I was playing the game tonight, and with only 3 letters left to collect the game crashed. When I went to reload my save file it was corrupted and I'll have to replay the game again. Going to try saving data to a usb stick the next time I play. Fortunately the game doesn't appear to be very long so its not like I lost even 10 hours so its just a slight annoyance. Anyways just wanted to post the warning in case anyone else came across the issue. There's a serious lack of information about this game which is a shame.
  9. @JFGleason - The low level field surprise attacks worked well. Where I was focused on getting the bike book maxed out first the surprise fights that I'd started while riding didn't seem to count for books. Just wandering around on the fields was better then the dungeons as they were smaller, and easier to avoid getting detected. I actually didn't need to complete the Forest of Pain as I'd gotten enough fights by the time I'd gotten to the 40th floor. I was curious enough to keep playing it to see if it was as bad as the message boards back in 2007ish made it sound. Overall it really wasn't that bad, but at least the dungeon was well named.
  10. @RaveNScythE - I do surpise attacks more often then not and rengeki as soon as its possible. I did enough fighting that when I started volume 3 it started off at halfway through rank 7 but fighting hasn't really been a favorite thing to do. @sepheroithisgod - I'm still working on items as well, rank 8 at 740 out of whatever is the max but once the forest of pain is finished or I fight the dopple I should get it finished pretty fast, but year constant fighting is boring but allows me to catch up on shows as little focus is needed once you start the fight.
  11. The first book is oddly enough the book I'm having issues with in volume 3. I'm at level 150 and have the game's story done but only around 420 on rank 8, I've been fighting non-stop but the book doesn't seem to go up in rank as fast as it did in the other two games. Did anyone else experience this or am I just being paranoid and a bit impatient?
  12. I used this in my tinderbox collectible playthrough as it covers tinderboxes, notes, laudanum, lantern oil, and memory cylinders etc. and it did work, just as a heads up it also tells the locations of monsters and what appears to make them spawn so not sure if you'll want to use it or not.
  13. That's true, I died a bunch of times with the first electrical one and that didn't disappear, I know in DD the water monster never disappeared and a few others as well like you said.
  14. That's odd as when I died after the bridge collapsed in that sewer (I think it was the sewer), the monster that had been down there wasn't walking around or anything afterward.
  15. In case anyone else ever looks for the answer: When you die you respawn and you'll have your collectibles intact. The first time I died the monster that killed me was gone when the respawn happened, but the second time in a different area the monster was still there.