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  1. Its good that you got the points you needed, if it wasn't for the free play I doubt many of us would get the platinum for this game.
  2. Pretty sure there's some rng involved but going up and right all the time and only going left when up and right isn't an option seems to be the best strategy from a few other message boards I've seen. The tip was also given on the first page of this topic as well. Hope you'll be able to pass the puzzle soon, I never got past 7-3 so you've done better then I ever did.
  3. For the most part they look easy. The Take My Hand - Reanimate another play and They'll Tell Stories About This - Finish a quest line without ever being defeated are the two trophies that could give the most trouble. That being said we don't know how much it will cost to buy a house or how generous the world is with giving rewards.
  4. Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink.
  5. I'm pressing R1 and its not responding to me no matter what I do. L1 just keeps opening the umbrella or whatever is in my hand at the time. Thanks for the response though. Edit: Just tried something else after posting this and now feel completely stupid. I held down L1 while looking at the lever and got the train to stop by pressing the moving L3 stick. *Crawls under rock and dies from embarrassment*
  6. I'm in the third act and I have to stop the train at a certain part of the track. The trouble is I can stop it or make it go backwards or anything. I was hoping someone knew how to deal with the issue as I don't want to start the whole act from the beginning and have to endure the shopping cart puzzle again. It was way more challenging for me then it should have been. Has anyone encountered this problem before?
  7. 1) Lumo - 0.70% 2) LittleBigPlanet Karting - 2.70% 3) LittleBigPlanet - 3.41% 4) LittleBigPlanet 2 - 3.52% 5) Amnesia Collection - 4.24% 6) Metro Last Light - 4.39% 7) Puppeteer - 4.43% 8) The Last of Us (PS3) - 4.73% 9) Tomb Raider (PS3) - 5.51% 10) Bioshock 2 (PS3) - 5.85%
  8. Probably no longer relevant but for others that might be scouring the web looking for info, I got the gold bar first as well, then got the quest to make the silver necklace but didn't get the silver bar recipe then. I got it from the character that sells sheep after I bought my second sheep. I had a bunch of requests for making items requiring the silver bars but no way to make them so it was a relief when I finally got the recipe.
  9. Yeah mine was PS4 version. I haven't played the game since I platinumed it back in December but I'd assume so.
  10. At least now I know of a possible reason but outside of autosaves I only ever saved once manually and that was to go and get a meal it was one of my freebie afternoons before the main holiday events started so I figured it would be a quick and fun game to enjoy a lazy afternoon with.
  11. That's a shame. Other then the incident that I mentioned above I had no issues with the game afterward. Hopefully you'll continue on with the game if you still haven't played the whole thing it's entertaining.
  12. The endings trophies are only available after getting to the final boss in the epilogue, save before fighting that boss, beat it (should be really easy by the end) and pick an ending. Once you've seen the ending reload the save before that boss and rinse and repeat two more times.
  13. Got to level 92, Abram's strength is 1224, using the accessory great earring I got it to 1296 and managed to beat Enah 10 times. My party was a rank 10 priest, rank 10 bard, and a rank 10 chevalier. I used about 46 high herb stews (which can be bought in the first town thought it was a monster drop only item) and used 100 drp when I died at the 9th fight and didn't really have any issue after that.
  14. Got my party to level 89 now, Abram's strength is at 1001 and have about 4 unused large crystals to cash in for fragments later on, tried Enah again and made it past the 4th round but lost almost at the end of the fifth where the enemy had gotten a stat boost. I'll keep the save idea in mind it could definitely come in handy.
  15. That's a lot. I'm guessing you were able to beat Enah then? Was it still a tough fight?