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  1. Working like a charm.
  2. Is afk farming still possible?
  3. are you on ps5? if so, i believe it is an issue server side related to the platform (there are 2 trophies impossible to get it with ps5 - buddy and challenge accepted). beyond that.. is everything working fine
  4. It is possible the get 1st with any car.. i beat the whole game with the beetle. Racing games have something called rubberbanding: To avoid it, use your nitros only on the final lap. I beat the most part of the game with "ladybug".
  5. For people looking for solution.. this works for me: - ace "bone-a-fiide-ride" level - get all collectables (bone-a-fiide-ride) + key - puzzle level (i did with 2 controllers) - ace "the flight shift" level - get all collectables (the flight shift) - ace "spring time" level - get all collectables (spring time) puzzle level 2 ace puzzle level 3 get all collectables from puzzle level 3 get all collectables from the last level (it is just a story) - here you must have 88% dlc completion (you will see this number from home screen > pod > more stories) i did all in one go (this was my second attempt to get this trophy)
  6. I did all online trophies by myself, no need a second player or second controller
  7. Only work here with AI level 10 and 15 seconds (with 10 seconds only gotta draws)
  8. It was not glitched.. i need to sync all viewpoints and walk around the npc's.
  9. I've already liberated all districts, but did not completed courier missions (74%). I've been seeing lots of topics but no fix for that, if someone could help me, i'll appreciate it.
  10. Thank you @Anke! It's done!
  11. I'll try that again, but i'm not getting a higher multiplier running around
  12. How do you guys are achieving 3 stars in this event? What car did you pick? The majority of my combos are just ignored and i dont know why - for example: drift score are not sum up to my general score and i did not hit anything. Why?
  13. killer tips here.. thanks all, easy level 33 with skate-sor3
  14. Same here, it is a ps4 bug only. I have the ps5 trophy record video but does not register as it should be