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  1. UPDATE: For anyone else interested in the answers - from playing more Flowers - to trigger this event you have to wait for a meteorite to drop a "mysterious seed", and then plant it and push it after it has finished growing to trigger the arrival of Lily who will give you quests that will eventually lead to a recipe for a flower pot - and you can buy seeds from her Crab claws - you just have to be lucky and wait for a specific type of monster to be on Deiland which will after you defeat them give you the claws you need Wool - apparently you can get this from letting your sheep escape by not feeding them, but a far quicker way is to go to Umi and buy it from him as it is not too expensive Still no idea on frogs though
  2. Hey Been playing the game for a little while now - and have gotten to a point where a lot of my quests are waiting on items that I don't have any idea how to access yet The main thing is flowers - I understand from some research that you need to get a flower pot recipe, but I have no idea how this can be triggered? Also, crab claws? And frogs? And wool? Any help would be much appreciated! There's not too much on this game on the web
  3. Thanks - yeah I thought that might be the case - it just seems weird that gold would pop first you know!
  4. If anyone else is struggling with this - the mine cart is emptied by the pirate character Still no news on the silver bars though
  5. Hi! I was breaking rocks in the mine when the notification that the cart was full popped up - however I don't know how to empty it? It's probably really simple but I can't figure it out for the life of me - any help? also I need silver bars but I don't have the option to make silver bars only gold - does anyone know how I can get the recipe for it? Thank you
  6. Haha - it was made for you lol
  7. Thank you! I actually was able to get the trophy on free-roam and quickly found a turtle on the trail South East of the lookout as well
  8. Trying to get the trophy "Love Turts" - and was following the instructions in the guide and I went to the exact place and there was no turtle?! Has anyone else has this? It was Day 2 - have been looking on the internet for other spots and also checked them too but no success