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  1. What’s the source for this claim?
  2. Count me in published 2 guides 80k individual guide views 144k total views I don’t qualify for any category 😬
  3. You will only autopop the base trophies you already earned on spider man 2018 version (base game and not dlcs). For dlcs, it has to be tight to the save file you uploaded so if the 28% save is from the dlcs you will only autopop the trophies tight to you save file. For Miles Morales, all you have to do is upload any save file and the trophies should pop up assuming you already earned them on the ps4 version.
  4. Predator: hunting grounds was the worse for me. The grind required is just insane for an online game and on top of that, few people were trying to compete on first achiever so i joined the battle. 23 hours playing and less than 4 sleeping for a week. If i can just go back in time and prevent myself from starting this terrible nightmare
  5. Will the trophy unlock if i won 100 matches in Quick play classic? Like did they fix it with the new updates
  6. I think my game crashed once when I entered one of the levels in Zone 3 as Coda. It upset me but the fact the we all die in 99.9% of our attempts makes it less infuriating.
  7. Hello everyone First of all, I would like to thank Trozenator for reaching out to me and help to update my Cyberpunk 2077 guide. I honestly didn't know that there were some minor changes regarding both trophies and game features. So with the release of more updates in the future, it would be helpful to write down here any new features that can affect trophies whether it's positive or negative, and also get a discussion about them. Alright, now for the changes with v1.3: Ten out of Ten: Added a new AFK exploit that makes the trophy easier Autojock: Added 2 new exploits ( Ashura Crafting and Sasquatch ). Fixed some information in regard to fixers and how they reach you for new vehicles Updated the Vehicle table to include Fixer name and images of the vehicle exactly like how it's shown in the Frequent Flyer: All dataterms (150) need to be found for the trophy to unlock. Unlike with the previous versions, in which less than 130 were required. Added new images of the map to include all dataterms. If there are any changes or fixes I'm not aware of, please write them down so I can work on updating the related trophies. Again, all these updates were done by Trozenator @HYPERS all credit goes to him.
  8. Haha that sucks man but I don’t think you should give up
  9. Wow i was such a noob a year ago 😶‍🌫️
  10. This is why you should go out from time to time and smell the sweet fresh air, hangout with friends and maybe have a job.
  11. In short: any keyboard (that works with XiM) will get the job done for Coda. Personally, not only did i buy the cheapest keyboard but also bought the cheapest adapter, and you can only find 1 youtube video about it.
  12. Please help me understand the rules as i read them 5 times still no clue: so do we need to get as many (rare) trophies as possible in the preliminar phase? Or just 1 trophy? Another question: how exactly we compete in the actual tournament after Aug 8th, is also get many rare trophies? Basically should i not get any rare trophies and save them for the tournament after Aug 8th?
  13. If it wasn’t for the Fun gameplay, i would’ve quit a long time ago 🌚But in regards to the OP’s question: Why are we trying to complete the hardest plat on ps?
  14. Bought: Rift apart + it takes two Gifted: spider man remastered/ miles morales + Outriders PS+: every ps5 game offered since launch
  15. You can do the upgrade glitch on Chapter 10. It worked for me and just a note: you need to craft 1 ammo then on the 2nd time crafting select what you need to upgrade