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  1. I don't know what you mean by doable but I do know that the lowest of the low trophy gonna take nearly 1000 hours to finally get a chance to pop it. Coda is much easier (Controller or keyboard) especially if you attempt clearing her after lowest of the low. Everything takes time to master in this game even getting the first low% clear on Aria gonna take at least 100 hours which by the time you get the platinum, you can clear her anytime you want. Funny how the learning curve of this game works
  2. How did you exactly know it's one of the last mail quests?
  3. The DLC mission bugged for me a few times before I was able to reach the boss. How exactly can I get the 2nd trophy? The difficulty didn't increase on the mirror
  4. Yes you need to play a match...jumpmaster trophy will unlock if you're the jump master. Some other trophies will pop once you die or win.
  5. It is possible to duplicate gold if you think getting 1 million gold is a grind. The duplication method requires a 2nd player ( I've only tested it with a friend online and not split screen so feel free to test that out). Here are the steps: Backup your save data join a friend/ or let a friend join you, then trade all of your gold quit the game and download your save again. Once you open the game you will have all your gold back. let your friend do the above steps so you can dup more gold than before. Note: When you join a friend, it will say you have 0 gold. However, this can easily be fixed.. let your friend give you 1 gold bar and your gold should be back to normal. Happy trophy hunting
  6. What about the specters? Are they included in the patch? Will they be added to the notebook just the like the specter prime?
  7. Thanks, I've updated all the prices in my guide.
  8. 1- 700 isn't enough for the trophy to pop, I had to type till 1100 I believe and the trophy unlocked
  9. Since the event is over, I can now share my progress: Outriders (1 dlc): new horizon Borderlands 3 (2 dlcs): the psycho king and director’s cut Cities skyline (1 dlc): green city COD infinite warfare (4 dlcs): all available dlcs Red dead redemption (2 dlcs): Dlc pack 1 + undead nightmare COD modern warfare (1 dlc): spec ops Ark: survival evolved (3 dlcs) Little big planet 3 (1 dlc): the journey home COD ghosts (2 dlcs): dlc pack 1 + 4 Thats all folks…happy new year to everyone
  10. Yo that was me 😂
  11. The keyboard remapping is done on a computer using the adapter’s software. You connect the adapter to a computer, install the app/program specific to your adapter then remap the button. Remapping is done so you can link the keyboard buttons to the controller buttons, for example: you choose Space as L1 while F is R1 and so on…
  12. Ok so in order to play with a keyboard you need to use an adapter. This allows the game to recognize your keyboard in a way. You can buy the one recommended in the guide or buy a cheaper one it doesn't matter which one you get as long as it works properly. The app you install on your pc is required so you can remap your buttons on they keyboard. For the most part you will need both the arrow keys and w a s d keys (my recommendation is to use the arrows for movement and w a s d f for spells and throwing the dagger space for bombs). if you need anything else feel free to ask me. Note that you don't need a mouse for this game but you can use it on other games if you like.
  13. Good luck to all the Authors on this site.. Your effort is appreciated
  14. My cyberpunk guide has reached 100k views so I would like to be in the individual guide exceeded 100.000 views category
  15. Oh well thanks for the answer EDIT: the trophy autopopped when I started the game today