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  1. I played it in co-op, it was perfectly fine. No issues at all. Just enjoy the game with a friend 🙂. Be careful not to use the activity cards because it will ruin your save and reset you to chapter 2 everytime you boot up the game.
  2. Correction: you must have the trophies earned from the ps4 version, after that you can upload any save file (if you lost your completed save) and download it on the PS5 version, any trophies your have from the ps4 version will pop on the PS5. so it’s like autopop is tight to your trophies earned from the ps4 version and NOT your save file. However, you still need to upload and download a save file.
  3. Thank you for mentioning AC syndicate as i was afraid it won’t run well on PS5. Was there any major crashes or bugs in the game on PS5?
  4. I can 100% confirm that you will get all trophies (except the 5 new trophies and NG+) on the remastered version of Spider man 2018 and Miles Morales by just downloading any save data (uploaded from the ps4 version first) even if it’s sitting at 0% and even if you don’t have any trophies from the ps4 version. In Conclusion: you can autopop all trophies but 5 and NG+ Trophies (if you don’t have them) for the remastered version, and all trophies on miles morales by downloading any save file it can be new (0%) or old save, it doesn’t matter you don’t need to have the trophies on the ps4 version to unlock them on ps5.
  5. same here, they really need to fix them asap
  6. A new update has been released but it seems there is nothing about fixing the bugged trophies on the ps5 which is a little concerning. I don’t know why they didn’t fix them, is it really that hard to program 2 trophies. Here is the patch notes: Addressed a potential progression blocker created when Xbox Series X|S users would log into a map before the host and interact with mission objectives in multiplayer Updated vehicle spawners to not activate while another player has started travel to another map Added Anointment support to the Linc Legendary pistol Adjusted the damage of thrown Tediore weapons Addressed a reported concern that the Action Skill End apply Terror Anointment was only applying one stack of Terror Updated the Siren’s Infusion and Forceful Expression skills to work with the Cryo element Updated the Siren’s Ascendant skill to work with Expedite Updated the Gunner’s Iron Cub to receive Action Skill Damage boosts from Class Mods Adjusted the Gunner’s skills Desperate Measures, Stroke the Embers, and Scorching RPMs to work with Iron Cub Addressed a reported concern that the Beastmaster’s Cmdl3t Class Mod was causing pets to behave strangely Adjusted the Operative’s Devil Raider skin’s appearance on head customizations Addressed a reported concern that the Hot Spring grenade mod would continue to heal players after the Area of Effect ended Players entering Arms Race will now start with a full-heal Skill points gained during Arm Race have been changed to update without the need for a Save/Quit Updated the mini-map to follow party member’s locations while in spectator mode Made a change to the timer bar in Arms Race to correctly show the amount of time remaining during the “Kill Heavyweight Harker” objective Mission weapons will no longer stay in a player’s inventory during Arms Race Addressed a reported concern that action skills would not properly unlock while in Arms Race when a level one character gained a level [Xbox Series X|S] Addressed a reported concern that a player’s controller could continue vibrating through a loading screen in some instances [Xbox Series X|S] Addressed a reported concern that the controller would vibrate while loading into a map if using Iron Cub Source is from the official Borderlands website
  7. Because of what he said below: i thought it’s very rare and i must do it again on the ps4 version because it doesn’t autopop. If it’s really not that rare then yeah ok i’ll do the ps5 version and 2 ps4 stacks
  8. That doesn’t apply for fortnite or online games. It can be 2 ways but problems might occur like only some trophies will pop not all. Please make sure your informations are correct before posting them or at least give an exception if there is any because what you wrote doesn’t apply here. ☺️ Ok WOW that’s unfortunate guess i’ll say no to this game as i don’t wanna play the ps4 version or wait 3 years for 1 trophy
  9. How does auto pop for this game work? i played the game using an EU disc on PS4 and got the platinum trophy about 2 months ago. ( I didn’t upload my save) I deleted the game and the save data recently got the Ultimate edition (Na version) for PS4 and PS5 replayed the game on PS4 and reached 97% then uploaded the save using the main menu of the game. Started the PS5 VERSION and downloaded the save (with 97% completion and no NG+) all trophies popped including the platinum. I guess it doesn’t depend on my save file?! Or what? The real question is can i do this with Spider man Remastered as i don’t have my save data as well but i earned the platinum awhile ago? here is the image of the platinum popping on the main menu with save file saying 97% and no ng+ completion.
  10. That’s not bad, right? I mean it seems an easy trophy to pop!
  11. Don’t you need internet anyway to download digital games and/or update them to the latest version. You still need internet whether you own physical or digital copies if you want to get the latest updates. Right?!☺️
  12. Nope, there is nothing about autopop trophies for fortnite on PS4 (not PS5)
  13. Hello everyone I know how stacking works between last gen and new gen in most games but since Fortnite is an online game i was wondering if i can play the PS5 version First and get the platinum trophy then link my account to the PS4 version and get the platinum again on the PS4 version &/OR regional stack as well! Or is it PS4 to PS5 only?
  14. Any luck with you? 😂 dang it's been 2 weeks for me. Anyone who started cyberpunk has probably finished it 🤣
  15. Welp... I unlocked Coda the hardest character in gaming. Can’t wait to keep dying in the next 500 hours, hopefully Not more