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  1. It's not a bug just hard to do. You can skip this chest since there are 5 extra Nornir chests that you don't need to unlock, 30 chests are enough to get you max health and rage for the trophy.
  2. We'll test it and make the necessary change Thank you.
  3. I wrote a post about this issue and how to fix it. I was on the PS5 version. Your game crashed while you were playing or your playstation turned off during your play session. You have to do every mission (marked as not completed) again and in order
  4. ONLY co-op and you can be queued with a random player
  5. Same here...this is so annoying Edit: did it again and still no trophy. Probably glitched in the same way as Junker queen where you have to pick a different hero, die then choose Bastion.
  6. Thank you! You saved me another boring run after glitching 2 times before
  7. There is a glitch in the game where some missions won't count or appear on the mission select screen. Restarting the game should fix it but any completed missions when this bug was activated (probably on mission 6: Cartel protection) won't count for the veteran trophy. The trophy for completing all missions on any difficulty should unlock and it's not affected by this bug. Here is what happened to me and one of my friends: I started the game and played missions 6-9 in one setting then halfway through mission 10 I closed the game. A few hours later, started the game again and went to the mission select screen. Mission 6 wasn't completed and missions 7-9 were not there. However, mission 10 was there (Here is an image). Every subsequent mission including mission 10 was marked as completed but not on veteran which means no trophy. Highest completed difficulty is blank like in this image: All these missions have to be done again on veteran for the trophy. Completing the missing missions is not enough. My advice is to always quit to the main menu after completing each level and check the mission select screen.
  8. You can create your own gaming session on the site to ask for help
  9. There is no need to play in top-tier mode to pop the trophy. I just got it playing low-tier.
  10. I had a similar issue (not the same) with Stray on PS5. The first few trophies popped normally but then the trophy list disappeared or something so 3-4 trophies didn't pop when they should've and they're not buggy or something. I managed to get them again through chapter select later after closing the app.
  11. The game is kinda old so finding dedicated streamers is a bit tough but you can watch all of SpootyBiscuit videos on youtube and check his twitch channel. Spooty is the beast of necrodancer and you can learn a lot from him. You can also join the community-made Necrodancer discord server if you have any question or to leaen more strategies. There are many great players you get to know and watch them play
  12. You're welcome. I recommend you play on ps3 or ps vita while boosting this to ease it a bit. The grind is real if you just focus on this game only
  13. Yes boosted everything because servers are dead and so impossible to start any match. Used 3 accounts until I reached Master league with my main then you really need 2. The reason for 3 accounts is that you won't be able to find your alt when you reach high Diamond/Elite. This requires a 3rd account to boost your alt to the platinum league (should be enough). After reaching Master with your main just keep losing till you go back to diamond or platinum and just take turns (for wins) between your alt and your main. Remember, you need 1k matches and win half of them so taking turns for wins won't slow you down.