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  1. ok, opened the gate by setting the system language to english
  2. how to open the gate in fawtick bayou for a quester?
  3. i attempted to do by own team thanks it worked perfectly i dont know how to do that "take out a couple of the other drivers"
  4. is it possible to beat on solo? my partner AI is useless
  5. thanks you saved me
  6. where can i get that?
  7. hello i found the easiest method for this trophy. i played the scramble match on local. my character was legend difficulty and partner was easy. i finished the match under the par and it was popped. my character`s role was shoot to the hole and my partner`s role was support for me. sorry for my bad english. good luck.
  8. Yes, I confirmed that in JP version 1.00.
  9. Hello. I found the easiest method to get Extreme Manhunt Trophy. First, You change the world difficulty to challenge. Next, You only need to complete the final mein mission and change the mission difficluty to Story before enter. Finaly, you complete the mission and will pop it. Sorry for my bad English. Good luck:)
  10. Hey I tried your method and I got the trophy! Thanks to you and this forum members.
  11. I`m trying to get floppy disk 31. But I can`t get back in there room. So it must be got during the side quest. (quest name is Missing Resistance Fighters) Probably due to completing the quest by entering the code without getting the disk. I posted as a warning. And sorry for my bad English.
  12. Hong Kong is included in the world version. You need to get a Japanese account.
  13. This is the Japanese version. It was released on 20/06/2019. And you can use English in the game.