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  1. I dont have this game yet. but you sir are awesome. I will take a look to this again when I buy the game.
  2. I have saves from the Complete edition and normal one. The only thing it did is just separate them in a way that the ones from the Complete edition are their own and cannot be use during the other save from the normal edition. I would like to include a picture, but Im at work.
  3. I was able to get it free when I saw it after a few seconds they updated the store.
  4. I just open random chests while I have Diana as a party leader at least for me is just to explore every part of the map and then I got them without too much effort.
  5. Amanda's thoughts 16 : 00 ~ 17: 59 Occurred in conversation with Amanda in the second floor part of the cafeteria Clear after a few days talking to you Mimosa's small key (Lv 1) I did that mission and then it gave me that one. I already have the trophy for this since it was not difficult, but I had done all the events before moving to the next boss, so I may have done another one related to this, but I got it around the 6 - 7 dungeon.
  6. Im there and I have been able to get in a couple of runs 200 spells stones from the last time I check. You only need to change the difficulty to Super Hard and it will drop more loot. Something I use a lot and I gave to one of the AI is a wind magic that if I not wrong is call " Wind Steal" or something like that that allows you to force the enemies to drop something and since you are playing on the hardest mode it will will give you more enemies on the screen and once that hits them it will force them to drop loot. and since they are higher level and with more HP, You can spawn that as much as you like and it will be easier to farm some materials and rare ones.
  7. There two modes "Underground Labyrinth and Phantom Mirror." The first one you can solo it with two AI, just like single player or you can go online to play with other two players. Phantom Mirror is just online and is kind a PVP since it says you may find another player while going through some dungeons. I have not experience this one since is either I have no luck finding people or not many knows how to access this feature like me before and I just fund it by exploring the whole place.