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  1. Triple XP for all game modes!
  2. after some research and after testing it myself, I found out that while what I said here is valid the same could not be said about For Honor. In my experience this is the first game where a season pass could not be shared (I think it’s something related with the fact the season pass will just unlocked what is already present in to the game). I apologize for the incorrect information I stated before. So the Arcade mode plus all season pass are NOT shared between accounts
  3. Usually for my personal experience, what can not be shared between accounts is the virtual currency of a game (for example: Platinum on Warframe, Zen in NeverWinter, COD Points etc.). For the rest I've never had problems, season passes, dlc, games, etc. To give you an example I have season passes and dlc shared with Ubisoft games and everything works (even what I did not buy with my account)
  4. yes, they can play the Arcade mode but as you wrote, only on the console that you have activated the main account