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  1. I hate this trophy
  2. I've played more than 30 games too and it hasnt popped. I'm wondering what decides when the game is fully finished?
  3. Thanks for the replies. I need to play through NG+ to get one of the covenant trophies as someone was kind enough to drop weapons for me and boss souls.
  4. Thanks both, will use my save for the second ending
  5. Hi everyone, I’ve beaten the last boss and wondered if I was allowed to reload a save from a USB to get the different ending. I’m assuming it’s ok as it doable in Bloodborne but don’t want my account getting banned.......
  6. Thanks FilmFanatic - I wondered as the trophies will pop pretty quickly....
  7. This doesnt break the rules on here does it ?
  8. Dark Souls remastered for me