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  1. Looking for any help people can offer with this, I can get to the hunters but thats it. I only need the extract trophy now.
  2. So, finishing the prologue on banana's difficulty has popped the normal, hard and banana trophies respectivley
  3. Phew - I messaged the admins about it too as wasn’t sure. Will keep an eye on here, thanks for replying
  4. So, the game has saved my credentials for the Paradox account and when trying to create a new one I get an error message - I started the first level and healed myself and three trophies have popped. I am reluctant to continue as I dont want to get banned.
  5. So I have created another account to test the above and the respective trophies related to damage, kills, healing and deaths unlocked when the respective action took place in the game. Can someone advise on if I am allowed to do this, as I dont want to get banned, or should I create a new Paradox account just to be safe?
  6. Hi All, I have platinumed this on a different PSN account, I am now starting this on a new PSN account but using the same Paradox account. I have noticed that my stats have transferred from my old PSN account so I am a little worried that when I kill something I will get a trophy. Has anyone else experienced this and will I get penalised for cheating ? Thanks
  7. I cannot get this trophy no matter what I do lol
  8. Finally got this trophy - I got it in Season 5, Austria Powertrain 15/15 100% - I got all discounts and two of the failure upgrades Chasis 21/21 100% - I got all discounts and two of the failure upgrades Aero 7/26 27% - I got all discounts and three of the failure updgrades Durability - 23/23 100% Competencies 9/12 - 75%
  9. Upon reading this, the third line is incorrect - I received the 100% compendium trophy when I created the last persona for the Jester Arcana, I received the trophy even though I have not yet got to point four on the list. I wasn't expecting the trophy to pop for 100% knowing the above, but I don't think its correct now. Happy to provide more details, but didn't want to spoil the game with names etc
  10. I hate this trophy
  11. I've played more than 30 games too and it hasnt popped. I'm wondering what decides when the game is fully finished?
  12. Thanks for the replies. I need to play through NG+ to get one of the covenant trophies as someone was kind enough to drop weapons for me and boss souls.
  13. Thanks both, will use my save for the second ending
  14. Hi everyone, I’ve beaten the last boss and wondered if I was allowed to reload a save from a USB to get the different ending. I’m assuming it’s ok as it doable in Bloodborne but don’t want my account getting banned.......
  15. Thanks FilmFanatic - I wondered as the trophies will pop pretty quickly....