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  1. How many points do you think you can estimate the difficulty of platinum? I think it 8/10 or 9/10
  2. Thank you very much mate. I’ll be waiting🙂
  3. No problem mate! Thank you very much🙂 I agree that the game is very good, for fans of retro shooters. And the graphics are nice, not pixelated. I hope something similar will be released in the future. Of the hardcore space 2D shooters, I only know Sine Mora, Soldner (both parts), R-Type Dimensions. Now can include Space Blaze in this list😎
  4. I can't complete on the difficulty of Prepare or Die mission 4 and the battle with Yuliana in Act 3. In mission 4 a very weak robot and I get killed around when heavy spaceships appear, as there are a lot of enemies. I couldn't find any video so I don't know what to do. I watched the video with the tactics against Yuliana, but nothing happens. Twice I brought her to a situation where she was a couple of shots away from death, but she spams her sword. Maybe there are some hints? In general the DLC is much more hard than the company🙁
  5. Mate, I don't hold a sad against you. You did well to discover these cheat codes. I just don't understand the developers decision to create a very hard game and add cheats to it. I liked the game, but many things look illogical: for example, the shield modifier available on the first two simplest levels; resetting accumulated mega-shots at the beginning of each new level; when one of the players dies, it appears automatically (until all lives are over) without pressing the corresponding button. Again, the game is very good, after a complete in R-Type Dimensions, I wanted to play something like this, and Space Blaze challenged me. In solo, I reached level 5, the most important thing is to keep the weapons collected on the first level.
  6. Im complete this game with my wife, I think solo it seems impossible to do it. I just found out about cheat codes. It is very unpleasant that such a complete shoot'em up will be held by different casuals, and not only hardcore players