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  1. TEAM FREDDY Now Dead Rising 2 has been platted as well It is also my 2,000 trophy c:
  2. It was a joke x'P I cannot count past 255!
  3. Does that mean we cannot complete any more games!?
  4. I'll look for it once this event ends :0
  5. It kinda felt like a 2D Silent Hill to me x'D I also liked how the health and sanity system work And the pixel art is really pretty, especially that part But I guess I just really like horror games idk
  6. TEAM FREDDY Platted Claire, really interesting game! I don't think I'll make it to the deadline... but I've decided to order the games I'm gonna play by what I think it'd take me the shortest time to complete, to the longest. so I'm gonna be playing them in this order from now - Dead Rising 2 - Lego Jurassic world - Despair Girls - Beyond Two souls - The evil Within (This one will be my doom)
  7. UPDATE!!! Just platted: 8. Zero escape: The Nonary Games another 50 hours or so platinum... I didn't pick my games very well.... I don't think I'm gonna make it in time
  8. What I'm trying to point out is the year, not the day x'D
  9. Oh my god. Why did I pick games that take SO LOOONG TO PLAT AAAAAAAAAAAAH But I'm Ready with Resident Evil Revelations. I didn't know I was signing up for another 50+ hours platinum probably the hardest platinum on my list so far as well I believe this is my 6th plat for Team Fredy
  10. I tried all of that. And that box is not available to me I don't have any SSID because they just don't appear at all. The wi-fi butoon unchecks by itself all the time. The little wi-fi icon thats supposed to appear at the top left corner never appears, only the bluetooth icon and to make things worse, in my system information I don't even have a MAC adress. I don't know if this means that the console's Wi-Fi card is completely fried or it just means I have never conected to the internet ever since I system restored it. Right now I'm just trying to find tech support near my area, not having much luck so far
  11. well, nothing's working. Guess I learned my lesson and I'll always buy my stuff brand new from now...
  12. But that is not my error code, and that option does not appear to me
  13. Hello, I just got myself a second hand Vita. And I'm not having any luck getting it connected to the Wi-Fi The issue is, that it does not show the list of Access Points after I turn the Wi-Fi on. If I exit the the settings and enter again, the Wi-Fi is off again. If I try to use WPS I get error NW-8915-3 and then it turns the wi-fi off again trying to introduce the Access point manually shows up the error NW-3650-4 doesn't show anything if I type in the error codes. I tried doing a system restore, nothing. I tried to update the console using an USB cord on the PC, it updated, but I keep having the same issue I don't know where to ask anymore...
  14. @Dragon-Archon I platted the game in August 4th 2017 not August 5th 2018
  15. A moment of silence for Telltale games... which I asume many added to their lists under the Decidophobia category RIP