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  1. So far Hollow Knight. Dead Rising 2 was hard too because of how horrible matchmaking is and how dead the game is, even if you make a boosting team the game won't put you together and when you finally manage to be together the game may randomly crash
  2. This topic scared me, I got to this part today and did it first try
  3. Enjoy getting Meddling Kids now that everyone will be playing Nicholai and once the Nicholai hype is gone your chances of encountering Alex will be of 1/5 instead of 1/4
  4. Oonga Boonga, they made the series action Hurr durr the game is not scary. I agree with you entirely, this game is awesome and I've played it way too many times. I WOULD have preffered something more horror oriented like REmake 2 but just because it's now what I wanted doesn't automatically make it a bad game. The one thing I don't like is too many QTE, the game has them EVERYWHERE. I do find RE4 boring at times too, specially the entire castle section which is like 40% of the game
  5. I did Nightmare without cheats. Inferno is basically the same thing but of you don't save it's game over. It's about the same difficulty as RE2's hardcore mode, you gotta place your saves however you find it more optimal. I haven't done it myself tho
  6. It's still working wonderfully for me. sometimes starting a game as MM takes some good 10 mins but a lot of times from 1 to 5 minutes. I still play Survivors only for the Cosmetic Boxes and I haven't had lag in a single match. Sometimes when I'm not finding a game I switch to my phone data and the game still moves really smoothly. (and I live in a somewhat rural area)
  7. There was a recent update and now I finally started a game after only 2 minutes. This is only the second game I ever get to play as Mastermind. Hopefully it stays like that later
  8. Today I finally leveled up Valerie to level 17 to get the trophy involving doing 3 counter attacks. But when I started a match to get that I noticed that we were against a level 5 Alex, so I went for the Molotovs instead. This Alex was... really agresive but she summoned Yateveo twice before opening the gate. When the other players opened the exit they were waiting for me at the exit but one of them seemed to understand what I was waiting for (no comunication) so they got away from the exit and fighted some zombies alongside me. Alex summoned Yateveo a third time and we destroyed it. First try baby : )
  9. So I was grinding exp for Tyrone to be level 17 and learn the ability Second Wind. However in a match I revived a Valerie player and I got the trophy, I don't even have the ability yet. Lucky me I guess? He was only level 14
  10. Just as I thought. Jill came out and I tried survivors, had trouble finding a match. Not enough Masterminds perhaps? Are they more interested in trying Jill out? I tried hosting as MM and BOOM finally my first MM match
  11. I was thinking, maybe once they release Jill, a lot more people will want to play Survivors to play as her. At least for the first week or something. Making Mastermind easier to pick?
  12. If a character dies while the others are waiting on the exit, the ones waiting will escape. You earn a time bonus of 30 seconds per character alive. Of course this teleports the other characters with you to the exit. But yeah if they don't die, you're endlessly waiting at the exit until they do die or the timer runs out, I've encountered pretty annoying cases of people just not finding the exit, or standing too close to it not having any idea what to do
  13. I hope this game continues to grow over the time like Overwatch does, I really like it (but I still can't find anyone as a Mastermind)
  14. I just had one hell of a hard time killing the final boss on Nightmare even with the coins (No Rocket Laucnher) May have to grind for it before attempting Inferno
  15. I wish for Capcom to keep releasing remakes of the Resident evil series. So far they've been doing wonders with the saga, RE7 and RE2R were fantastic and I'm sure RE3R will too. I hope they Remake Code Veronica next and don't skip to RE4, I would even take RE0 first. I would also love a second RE1 Remake on their new style, the mansion on the RE Engine would be fantastic I love RE4 but skipping to that would kill my hopes of Remakes of the previous RE games, like FF7 Remake killed my hopes of a FF5 and 6 Remake, still looking forward to FF7 tho