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  1. for everyone having trouble with the Tyrant Final Boss for the Frugalist trophy, It's not a "reach his HP to 0" battle, It's a timed battle, you need to wait a certain amount of time for the Rocket Launcher to drop. However it drops sooner if you just stagger him 3 times, which you can simply do with 3 grenades and then just run around. Of course Shotgun and Magnum stagger him pretty easy too
  2. I am a bit lost, why it would not have a trophy list? there are games without trophies?
  3. I don't really mind, I don't buy them, except that I really wanted Resident evil 2 Remake to be my 50th Platinum, and I had 47. so I got "My name is Mayo" and "Jack & Jill" to quickly bring my platinum trophy to 49 so I could enjoy RE2 right away It was such a life saver :'P
  4. So yesterday sadly I got stuck on Chapter 11 of the evil within for about 3 hours However I would like to share this little story with you guys anyway, for those that know the game already, will understand but for those that don't I'll explain it anyway I really hate chapter 10, because it has 3 boss battles in it, and I specificaly hate the Laura boss fight The boss actually terrifies me, I hate to go through that battle it makes me so nervous and paranoid, so I mentioned to my friends on discord that I wish I could delete chapter 10 for that one reason. Once I reached Laura, I died about 10 times before getting to the second and hardest section, I remember dying like 50 times here back when the game was released on the Xbox 360 But now she only killed me once, and the second time I tried it.... she did not appear! is almost like if the game heard my wish. here's the footage: For a minute I thought she'd be waiting on the lower floor for some reason, by the way I just look around you can kinda tell I was like "huh!?" I was still very careful to not step on a trap or something and miss that amazing oportunity
  5. Go team Freddy! Victory is almost ours! Btw Progress on The Evil Within Only Akumu Difficulty left, then quickly defeat 25 enemies with melee moves and it's done. Problem is, I don't see myself finishing Akumu in less than a week! ha...
  6. wel I moved from X360 to PS4 this generation as the Xbox one looked terrible at first, and although now it's decent, there's still more games I like in PS4
  7. I don't think I'll be able to plat The Evil Within on time, but I'l give it my best shot basically there's 3 days left, to that add that I get home late because of work and I go to sleep early because of the same reason There's 2 main things I gotta do - beat the game in an 5 hours or less Speedrun - beat the game in Akumu mode And the second is just a rage fest that since I did it on the X360 I didn't want to ever do it again...
  8. Team Freddy! Platted BEYOND: Two Souls yesterday Only The Evil Within to go... which is the hardest game on my list oh boy final struggle!
  9. Team Freddy update Danganronpa Another Episode Despair Girls have been platted only two more games, but they are really long....
  10. Oof. There's an exploit for making your Grounded run count as a rounded + run I guess it is too late for that... Anyway, Update on Team freddy Lego Jurassic World has been platted. 3 more games to go... yep... not gonna happen
  11. TEAM FREDDY Now Dead Rising 2 has been platted as well It is also my 2,000 trophy c:
  12. It was a joke x'P I cannot count past 255!
  13. Does that mean we cannot complete any more games!?
  14. I'll look for it once this event ends :0
  15. It kinda felt like a 2D Silent Hill to me x'D I also liked how the health and sanity system work And the pixel art is really pretty, especially that part But I guess I just really like horror games idk