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  1. Nope. I just got the plat, it's not that difficult outside of a few trophies. I had a lot of fun with it.. I'm going to continue playing the game as long as they continue support it
  2. I just did this solo with Sam. I simply stocked up on repair kits and a torch with Iron Nails stacked and the brawler skill blunt force.. Literally took out Yateveo in 8 - 10 seconds by myself each time the MM spawned him. Yateveo won't be able to devour you because he will be stun locked the entire time due to fire damage.. It was only a level 10 Alex so obviously wasn't very good, he ended up rage quitting at the final exit when I solo killed Yateveo for the 3rd time but trophy still popped thankfully. Just hope you get a good team and low level Alex who doesn't rage quit before you kill Yateveo 3 times
  3. WAN setup > NAT filtering > Open > applyHope this helps! went from hour long queues myself to under a minute
  4. Funny he still got his ass wrecked. That was a good team Just an FYI, you can block people in this game and you will never be able to queue up with them in the same lobby.. So if you run into cheating MM or troll teammates, just block them
  5. Not fixed on my end. Just waited for 20 minutes and said **** it
  6. I was hoping for trophies too but at least they added Jill for free and didn't tell us to fork over money.
  7. Anyone know if they will adding trophies with Jill update?
  8. I still can't find a game as mastermind.. If this is not fixed with the patch next week, i'm just going to give up on the platinum.
  9. Agreed but I gotta say, am enjoying the game a ton so far. I wonder if all the upcoming content will be free. I'm wondering there will be more trophies down the road too with new character updates
  10. You have to escape with the entire team alive. I think if someone leaves early without the entire group, it doesn't count
  11. I can't even get a mastermind game when choosing random option. It always picks survivor for me no matter what. This is gonna kill the game quickly if they don't fix broken lobbies for mastermind
  12. Al Yang is the games director/producer. It looks like they are aware of the problem so hopefully it gets fixed soon
  13. I just got the trophy and someone D/C when I was using Jan as we all escaped, still got the trophy after escaping as my last two survivors. So if mastermind D/C, it still looks like it counts towards the progress as long as it says all 4 escaped at end game screen
  14. Thanks for the info. I got January, Sam, and Becca left.
  15. Didn't the devs say there was going to be an offline mode too pre-launch. What happened to that idea?