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  1. Great news! Thanks
  2. Ok I just got the trophy. I got 4 hooks legit with Plague but after several matches in a roll with Surv cleansing non-stop I got frustrated and went the boosting route. I use Legion for farming because I have several gruesome gatues. I loaded into a lobby and messaged the survivors about helping me boost the trophy. In return, I offer them a gatue and an escape + whatever farming they want to do for blood points or challenges. Everyone is happy.. So if you're having any troubles I would just farm since most survivors are open to helping you out even though the community can be toxic at times
  3. I'm almost done with this trophy but it's been a pain, even with plague. I'm facing red ranks survivors and they cleanse constantly no matter how many times I get them sick. Have had better luck with lower ranks in terms of cleansing
  4. Just played against a GF who was farming and I suspect he was going for this trophy. He injured all four of us then hooked us twice. Probably not a bad route to go if the trophy is giving you any problems
  5. Finally got Handyman after doing literally thousands of gens these past 5 or 6 months. Felt like the trophy popped way before 100. Haven't felt this good getting a trophy in quite a while. Can anyone confirm Medic is working properly too?
  6. What's the easiest method for this trophy? Use Plague or Legion and hope for the best?
  7. How many did you have to do?
  8. Just got Adept Oni on my first try. First adept killer trophy I ever got so proud of myself. I got it against 4 purple rank survivors. I really need to get back to yellow ranks at some point to breeze through these
  9. WOW so the game will not even be playable after the servers shut down. This is in the backlog but will be there forever now.
  10. I forgot to turn off voice chat before the match started. It's kinda funny to keep it on sometimes to listen to those easily triggered idiots though.
  11. MP is quite fun and not too hard once you get the hang of it. I just finished my first journey tonight. Only complaint is there are some incredibly toxic people like any online gaming community. Had a 999 ranked player with thousands of hours played call me a fucking asshole noob over mic several times because according to him I was stealing kills from him.
  12. They also said we would have solid 60FPS on console by now. I love playing DBD but the devs are certainly more focused on finding ways to make more money then fixing the many problems the game has
  13. You're right. The progress getting reset after turning the application off makes sense though. That's why you could only get wounded healer and medic in a single session
  14. WOO HOO! About freaking time. Our cries were finally heard!
  15. I do the exact same with my Iri shards.. Save them for blood points when new survivor/killer comes out so I can put lots of points into them quickly. New killer design looks bad ass. I also like the design of Kimura.