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  1. Over on the official forums, there are a couple of others saying it didn't pop for them either and showed video proof. Another poster also didn't get the Evil Incarnate trophy so many trophies are absolutely buggy right now Honestly, I feel like the devs don't really care at this point when it comes to console players and only see us as cash cows. Handyman, Wounded Healer, and Medic have been glitched for months with no fix or update.
  2. The Archives/Rift look really damn cool. I hope there are trophies tied to them
  3. Me as well. I got Wounded Healer by boosting it in a single match.. Wish I had done the same with Medic
  4. Am I the only ONE disappointed there are no trophies tied to the characters powers like in previous Borderlands games? I am going to play with all the characters regardless of the trophies because I love the Borderlands series so much but there is something about this list that seems a bit off. They made it a bit too easy this time imo
  5. I still don't have Handyman... I've probably done close to 1,000 gens. I see many newer players are getting it everyday so there must be a bug in my file or something. Been playing since May
  6. I've been limiting myself to 5 per day. The requirements are so tedious
  7. I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter. A 200+ 100+ scoring event or a single 100+ scoring event. As long as you unhook and get hit by the killer when your mate is still near the hook you should gain progress for the trophy.
  8. Ok, Thanks! I have counted 52 hits so am moving right along. I will probably let the killer hit me before unhooking now cuz there have been times where the killer chooses to tunnel so I always use Borrowed Time.
  9. What exactly counts towards the progress of this trophy? 250 is just an insanely high number. 100 couldn't have been enough? I also see three people got this trophy super quick so maybe any protection hit counts or they just played a ton over the past week?The trophy description makes it sound like it forces you to make really bad plays while the killer is still near the hook so you will need borrowed so the person your rescuing off hook doesn't get tunneled, but hopefully the killer hits you instead so you can get the protection hit. I think the 200+ and 100+ scoring event after you unhook and get hit only counts towards progress. I have gotten hit after 10 seconds of the unhook and have gotten the +100 protection hit but not sure if that one counts towards the trophy or not
  10. They are certainly buggy but obtainable. The problem with those trophies is that they don't pop at the number required in the trophy description. Medic is completely glitched
  11. Handyman and medic have been glitched for months along side wounded healer. Behavior has known about these glitched trophies for awhile but have yet to fix them in a update.
  12. I recommend using wake up if you are going for this trophy like Jill has already mentioned. Being able to open the door faster is huge in end game situations like this
  13. It's still gonna take a while. I unhooked a few people in a match earlier and the douche killer refused to hit me even when I was running right behind the unhooked player. The amount tunneling killers in this game blows my mind
  14. My thoughts exactly.
  15. Tomorrow!