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  1. That's overkill imo. I'm having fun with the game but asking us to play 200+ hours for a trophy is a bit much.. Game play loop gets repetitive after awhile and matches take way too long finish.
  2. New game + is dropping tomorrow with a big update. They are adding 30 more inhibitors so you will be able to max out health and stamina without hording them or backing up saves for the trophies
  3. They only pop if you are the one hosting. I got level 20 trophy with 3 others in my lobby the other night. People are dropping modded stuff like crazy when I got into random lobbies. A PS player gave me a spell that instakills everything instantly including raid bosses so if you are having trouble after the nerf host a lobby and you will get people with modded stuff which will make going through the chaos trials a breeze.
  4. Do NOT TRY Cenobite adept because the game will crash 5 - 10 minutes into the match when you play as him. I was gonna get his adept first try super easy and the game crashed on me.. Super annoying
  5. They already had to disable the new map because it was constantly crashing games and giving players time out penalties. I'm almost positive they don't test consoles before releasing updates because the lag spikes and freezes are unreal.. I'm on PS4 pro and this is pretty much unplayable
  6. Sounds like 40 - 50 hour to do these trophies if you own the game on both consoles. Multi-tasker sounds like the most annoying one. You will probably have to run a Agitation/Mad Grit/Iron Grasp build on a killer like Freddy and hope survivors take hits because they won't expect that build on him
  7. It's not a big deal to me as I play this game A LOT. The only annoying part about this duplicate is having to redo all of the survivor and killer adepts again.. Everything else will come naturally by playing the game.
  8. I probably got over half of the downs by boosting. The rest was done by camping the hook with devour hope which is the method Maxie recommended.
  9. I just achieved 100% two weeks ago with Skilled Huntress being my last trophy. It took me well over a year of non stop playing to achieve it. I still play non stop though so am looking forward to getting the trophies again However, there are some trophies that are gonna be an absolute pain to do again. Evil Incarnate, four man escape through hatch, escaping as the obsession without being hit, and left for dead off the top of my head. A few adepts on both sides depending on rank. Everything else is mostly just a grind with Skilled Huntress and taking one for the team being the most annoying
  10. Just got the trophy. I can confirm that using no mither will count towards the trophy progress. Only 3 survivors have to be injured, hooked, or downed not all 4. Don't be expecting to get this at 10 heals as it took 25 - 30 from me before it popped and most of those were solo heals Gotta say, am glad I got this trophy out of the way. It leads to really bad game play waiting for other people to get injured and run all the way across the map to try and heal them.
  11. I'm wondering the same. I can't get this trophy to pop in public matches. Does using no mither void the trophy or is it just really buggy? I have at least 15 - 20 full heals using no mither with two other survivors injured
  12. This trophy is pretty annoying as a solo queue survivor. So many people bring a med kit or self care.. There's been two times so far where all survivors were injured including myself but the survivors refused to let me heal them because it was the last gen and they all had adrenaline
  13. Yeah, I am having a little fun with him after a few matches now. The aura add-on is a life saver!
  14. Blight is awful to play. I will never touch him again after I get his trophies.. Who actually thought his power was a good idea? Nurse is easier to play
  15. Nope. I just got the plat, it's not that difficult outside of a few trophies. I had a lot of fun with it.. I'm going to continue playing the game as long as they continue support it