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  1. Thank goodness for that skip cut scene option. I have played KHII a couple of times before this collection but there's way too many cut scenes that have nothing to do with the plot. I'm going to continue playing through KHII before moving on to BBS. It's the US version on disk, no digital download. My KH1 and CoM saves are completely fine but something happened with the KHII save data one way or another, so I just completely deleted it and started over. Yeah, it was a corrupted save file I guess. I was reading around that there was some sort of save big on this collection for KHII but it has been apparently patched. Maybe I ran into a different problem That's what I plan to do. Thanks for the replies guys!
  2. Yeah I tried that. I suppose the date got corrupted or something. I may just skip KHII and move on to BBS cuz the introduction of KHII is really boring
  3. I have the save file on my system storage yet it fails to read the save when I load up the game.
  4. I just set up a gaming session if anyone is interested. I just noticed that after playing a few matches. I'm going with the boosting route
  5. I'm asking because most of the trophies can be done using 2 players. If not, I wouldn't mind finding a hunter to boost this with