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  1. Congrats on bagging both Sekiro & Bloodborne! They’re both fantastic games, and certainly a really nice addition to the trophy cabinet with how challenging they are. 🙂 As for The Old Hunters DLC, I cant recommend it enough! Seriously, it’s one of the finest pieces of add-on content for any game that I’ve ever purchased. Idk about you, but personally the majority of the time I find that DLC content just feels like something that was probably part of the base game originally, only to be cut out and repackaged into a DLC to sell later on, in order to squeeze every extra $ out of players. Most of the time it just feels like more of the same, and ends up being rather forgettable. Tbh I probably wouldn’t bother with many DLCs except for the annoyance of leaving games at less than 100% complete. However... every once in awhile you stumble across a truly fantastic DLC, something of really high quality and rich with content that adds something truly special to the game. Some excellent examples being Blood & Wine/Heart of Stone from The Witcher 3, or The Frozen Wilds for Horizon Zero Dawn. Or of course, The Old Hunters DLC for Bloodborne. 😉 Out of all the DLCs I’ve purchased across many games, The Old Hunters remains at the very top of the list when it comes to the level of quality. They did a fantastic job, creating jaw dropping new environments, terrifying new creatures, and kicking up the challenge several notches by introducing some of the craziest boss fights in the game. If you don’t have it already, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be on sale in the upcoming Black Friday/Xmas sales, so don’t miss out!
  2. I haven’t played this one (Yooka-Laylee) just yet, but in my experience I’ve found that these 3D platformers/“easy” kiddy games are usually rated pretty fairly in the 3-5 out-of-10 difficulty range. In general, these sorts of games are always pretty easy... However, also in my experience, I’ve found that there is ALWAYS some kind of bullshit challenge, arcade mini-game, or some other random trophy that out of nowhere has either a huge spike in difficulty, or in some kind of utterly rage-inducing, infuriating, hair-pulling madness that leaves you with an overwhelming desire to chuck your console out the window and burn down the house. 😂 For example, The Ace Bunyan races in Ratchet & Clank HD trilogy, the “My Blaster Runs Hot” mini-game from A Crack In Time, “Smooth Ride“ from Old Man’s Journey, “Flappy Goat” from Goat Simulator, the races in the Spyro trilogy, the bloody “Better Than Developers!” trophy from Trine, that one fucking scroll in Teslagrad that sees a massive difficulty spike etc. The list goes on endlessly! There’s always that one damn trophy or challenge that makes a 3/10 temporarily feel like a 9/10. 😜 ====== Ps - my copy of Yooka-Laylee just came in from the library, hence my lurking in this forum. I’m looking forward to checking it out! Even that casino mini-game you speak of haha.
  3. Same here. I arrived to the PlayStation & trophy hunting scene really late so I’ve mostly just been playing catch-up over the past couple years and familiarizing myself with all the fantastic franchises and games I completely missed out on. I’ve heard awesome things about the Dead Space series and it’s been recommended to me by a lot of people, but it’s one that I’ve still yet to try. I usually go out and pick up a huge stack of used PS3 games every couple months, so next time I’m out at the store I’ll take a look for Dead Space 1 and see if I can check it out!
  4. Same thing happened to me too. Hence the complaining thread I posted in this forum. 😜 I really think the guide should be updated to include a large disclaimer at the top recommending people download the app before they start this game. The DualShock 4 touchpad just functions terribly for this game, and if you stick to using your controller you can pretty much guarantee you’re going to screw up a crucial swipe at some point. And considering the severe consequences for doing so (yet another extra playthrough in many cases), it’s just not worth it to use the controller. So for anyone sniffing around this thread in the future before they get started with Erica - download the touch app!! It makes a HUGE difference and will make the whole experience much smoother.
  5. There were rumours about this quite some time ago, which was really disappointing to me as full backwards compatibility would have been the sole reason for me running out and buying a PS5 at launch/early in launch. I’ve since scrapped that plan, and this news just hardens my resolve to hold on to my PS4 indefinitely, even after purchasing the new system.
  6. #173 - Blasphemous This is a very neat and stylish little metroidvania from developers The Game Kitchenwith a beautiful, eerie art style thta clearly draws a lot of inspiration from games like Dark Souls, classic Castlevania titles and perhaps even something like Silent Hill, being set amid the backdrop of deeply religious society. The game itself boasts an impressive supply of grotesque-looking creatures and bosses throughout the world, which is well designed. The map is incredibly fun to explore and the combat feels really great once you get the hang of it! I would highly recommend this one to any fans of metroidvanias, as well as anybody who loves the “Soulslike” genre and is always looking for a new challenge. This one really is a hidden gem and deserves a look!
  7. Well said. And yes, the art style of this game is very eye catching. It reminds me of games like Wind Waker, RiME, Journey etc.
  8. Wow, the store really is shit now! I thought people were just being silly and resistant to change at first. It really sucks that it broke the chrome extension OP mentioned as well. I usually go to Reddit to browse the newest sales because the format in which they pull and post the lists is brilliant and easy to skim through quickly.
  9. Truer words have never been spoken. Demon’s Souls (PS3) was my very first platinum almost 3 years ago, and after finishing it I was instantly addicted to both Soulsborne and trophy hunting. This game will change your life.
  10. Thanks for sharing this! I doubt I’d have the skill or patience to plat this otherwise. Regardless though, I always wanted to give it a shot. This is the year that I discovered metroidvanias, and I’ve been slowly working my way towards playing Hollow Knight which I hear is pretty much the crown jewel of this genre. From what I’ve seen, it looks absolutely sublime. Now that it’s coming to PS+, it seems like a better time than ever to check this one out.😊
  11. Yes please.
  12. Really awesome idea for a topic! I’m constantly searching for new games and recommendations, or new challenges to check out so a topic like this makes it easy to see what everyone else has played and enjoyed during their own journey. I modified my list slightly because I had such a hard time deciding lol. Most fun platinums: 1 - Steep 2 - Dragon’s Dogma 3 - Days Gone 4 - Guacamelee 5 - Steamworld Dig 2 Most grindy platinums: 1 - The Last of Us (because I platted this one twice.. whyyy) 2 - Assassin’s Creed III (brutally tedious 100% completion) 3 - AC Brotherhood (PS3) - The multiplayer grind took me the bulk of my summer 4 - The Last Guardian (worst trophy list I’ve ever seen) Highest skill based platinums: 1 - Devil May Cry 2 - Call of Duty: World at War 3 - Sekiro Most boring / tedious platinums I earned: 1 - The Last Guardian 2 - Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Platinums that I did not achieve, but wanted: None so far.. I pretty much plat everything I play sooner or later.
  13. Could it be possible that joining a match in progress doesn’t count towards the completion required for the trophy? Like maybe you have to play a full match from start to finish for it to register? I’m definitely worried about this trophy not popping on time because tbh the multiplayer sucks and I want to be done with that portion of the game as fast as humanly possible lol. The less time spent getting faceblasted from across the map with sawn off shotguns the better.
  14. Well these aren’t the kinds of figures I was hoping to see when I opened this thread. Was hoping to see some hot babes.
  15. I’m the complete opposite. Fall and Winter are my favourite seasons, and I absolutely despise Summer. Sadly, I’m very heat sensitive and can’t even go for a mild walk in the Summer without sweating profusely and feeling like a disgusting pig. It makes me stay indoors as much as possible and avoid the sun. And I live in an area where the hottest summer days are only around 35C! I don’t even know how people survive in hot, humid places like Florida - I would literally fucking die! I know I’m in the minority with this opinion as most people love Summer and hate being cold, but people don’t seem to appreciate how easy it is to warm up when you are feeling cold! They take this for granted. When you’re cold you can wear heavier clothes, snuggle up under a blanket, curl up by the fireplace, or press your body against your literally hot boyfriend (the only benefit I’ve ever found from being a sweaty Hotboi is that girls, who are naturally more sensitive to cold temperatures than men, absolutely love it in the Winter lol) etc. But there is literally NOTHING you can do to cool off when you’re outside, overheating, and sweating like a pig in the middle of summer! Even a cold beer and a dip in the lake doesn’t help much. Feeling such intense discomfort in those situations, especially when I have to be in close proximity around other people is unbearable for me and makes my anxiety 100 times worse than it already is. Late Fall/early Winter is my favourite I think, because we get the best of both worlds where I live. Lots of cold days but with beautiful clear, sunny skies. The overcast rainy days are a small price to pay for that. And winter is great because it’s cold enough that I can wear pants, hoodies, jackets etc. and still walk around the city without feeling hot. Also let’s be real here, winter fashion is king. 😎