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  1. Like Rocky said, Sniper Elite is one of those games where missions tend to take a long time your first time through but can be completed very quickly on subsequent playthroughs as you rush the objectives and avoid unnecessary combat. Your first go round will see you exploring, grabbing collectibles, getting caught up in side objectives, observing the enemy to look for patterns, and just trying out different strategies and tactics to infiltrate areas with trial and error. It can easily add up to a couple hours per mission, especially with how large some of the maps on SE5 look (I’m watching a review right now and wow!). On higher difficulties you’re just going to want to get in & out with as little fuss as possible which doesn’t take long at all.
  2. It’s all auto pops tied to the new launcher, although to be fair the trophies have gotten a lot easier over time with new game modes like Sweet Thieves. The original stack is the rare one which is why so many people rushed to try and get it done before the launcher switch. It’s prestige is frozen in time now, whereas the new stacks rarity is kinda ruined sadly, even though Fall Guys is still a pretty impressive game to complete and will take a lot of time and luck regardless.
  3. It seems like all the bugs and issues have been fixed now for anybody wondering. The reviews and comments on this game are atrocious and they all cite the exact same reason - that it’s a buggy, broken mess. But I just played through it without any issues whatsoever and I really enjoyed it for what it is — a shameless homage to the classic Resident Evil games on a small indie budget. Of course it’s not as good, and it is criminally short, but it largely looks, plays, and feels the same in all the ways that count, and for that reason I think a lot of people will find this to be a nostalgic little trip. At the very least it’s a quick and easy platinum and only costs a few bucks if you can get it on sale like I did.
  4. All I have to say about this is that I have come to absolutely despise this political climate we live in now where everybody and their mother (particularly celebrities, corporations, and others with big public platforms) are now expected to engage in activism for every worthy cause that comes along, making public statements and political declarations on issues like these otherwise risk being bullied and vilified by the media and the faceless Twitter mob who interpret silence as opposition. Why are we even thrusting this kind of moral responsibility on gaming companies? They should have no obligation to get involved with issues like this if they don’t want to.
  5. Same here! I had a good friend recommend Sayonara to me when I was asking him about hidden gems and that game totally fit the bill. The soundtrack was fantastic and I really enjoyed collecting all the trophies. It’s a really great pick for someone who’s looking for something unique and interesting to play so I thought I’d recommend it. You have a pretty good taste in indie games so I’ll have to look up those ones and see if there’s one I fancy. The only one I’ve played from that list is Hoa, but I loved it. The platforming is extremely simple and straightforward which is maybe the only bad thing about it, but it’s another one with gorgeous art and a beautiful, relaxing soundtrack. It 100% has Studio Ghibli vibes and was obviously inspired by their work. You will like it. 🙂
  6. Feeling a little overwhelmed with this one. Might have to dig around and find something interesting to grab. For anybody looking for a fantastic and unique game to pick up, check out Sayonara Wild Hearts. Really fun platinum.
  7. Yeah having them all laid out like that is interesting, there’s definitely a handful that I don’t think I’ve explored yet myself. I might sign up for this at a later date as it looks like a fantastic way to find and discover some new games, the only reason I hesitate now is because I’m a little over-extended with events this year and want to make sure I can finish some of the ones I’ve already committed to. 😛
  8. Neat idea for an event. This hobby has always encouraged me to branch out and try to find fun games to platinum in different genres and has opened a lot of doors for me that way. This is a fun way to help everyone expand their horizons.
  9. Usually the garbage shovelware titles are pretty obvious and easy to avoid to be honest. I wouldn’t completely disregard anything & everything with a high platinum % though, as in rare cases some games might actually be hidden gems you might otherwise skip over. You should always take a little peek just to be certain. As for finding quality games to play, I have a few methods. Over time I’ve identified many legitimate trophy hunters on this site and I like to quietly creep their profiles for inspiration or talk to them about what they’re playing. I also like browsing the trophy checklists on the forums where you can find a lot of in depth reviews and discussions on games you’ve never heard of before. Getting involved in community events on this site or joining some trophy groups is great and provides a lot of ideas for fun, quality platinums as well as motivation. I’ve found many hidden gems this way, you just have to dig around a bit. 🙂
  10. Good advice here, listen to this man. Unfortunately other than this, all you can do is wait patiently for the CIA to capture him and disappear him to a black site in Romania or somewhere with all the other terrorists. It sounds like he’s leaving a large digital footprint so you can expect this to happen very soon.
  11. I’m probably going to upgrade to the middle tier as it’s only a few dollars more than I already pay, but comes with a large catalogue of extra games. Premium would definitely have more appeal for me as they continue to add more games and trophies but I don’t really feel it’s necessary at the moment.
  12. Haha don’t worry I’m not that young. 😛 I just didn’t do a ton of gaming as a child or in my teens so I missed out on a couple console generations completely. It was a hobby I picked up about 5 years ago. And I agree! I honestly have very little interest in the PS+ Premium and don’t see myself playing most of the old legacy titles, especially since so many of them don’t have trophies. But the more trophies they add, the more enticing that Premium package becomes for me, so I hope they keep it up.
  13. These titles were a bit before my time but I’m stoked to see some of these classic titles getting trophies. I hope more games from the Premium tier will get the same treatment. It certainly makes purchasing Premium a lot more likely for me.
  14. Well that’s good to hear. Almost everyone I’ve heard from seems to say the same thing about WipeOut, which is why this is not a game I’d want to skip. As long as it feels rewarding and worthwhile then the struggle is worth it. The problem with some of these other racing games I’ve played is that they don’t feel that way at all. You get all the frustration and rage, with nothing but a flood of relief when you finally reach the end.
  15. Most of the cheaters have been cleansed from the online servers, but there’s still a few around for sure. Last summer when I was working on this game I came across a couple of the mythical hacked servers with the zombie XP glitch. Unfortunately I didn’t really get to take advantage of it because the hackers were having so much fun messing with me lol. But I encountered that same group several times over the summer and they were always flying around the map doing crazy stuff. They could also freeze up your PS3 and boot you offline which was very annoying after awhile.