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  1. I’ll have to do some.. erm.... “research” and get back to you on that. I usually can’t stand multiplayer trophies, but I agree that the Endurance mode (especially co-op) was one of the biggest surprises of Rise of the Tomb Raider. The survival style mode was a lot more fun than I expected, and I played through the co-op portions with a random from this site and we had a blast doing it.
  2. This is a good point. I hadn’t really considered this. It’s hard to think of a single game on PSN with a leaderboard that doesn’t have all the top positions filled with hackers, cheaters, and impossible times.
  3. Man I know the feeling! I just recently played the first game (Resident Evil remake) and it was amazing! It was a nice challenge to platinum too, and as a newcomer to the series I felt pretty accomplished when I finished it. I can’t lie though, at first I wasn’t so sure about the game because the fixed camera angles and the terrible combat/aiming was such a huge adjustment for me. But after a few hours it began to click. As a complete newbie to the survival horror genre, I found the creepy atmosphere to be amazing, and began to thoroughly enjoy the high tension and the isolated, claustrophobic feelings I was experiencing while roaming those twisted, labyrinthian corridors of the Resident Evil mansion. I would play this game at night in the dark and get so engrossed in what I was doing! Well long story short, I sort of became low key obsessed with the series like you lol. I started researching the shit out of the franchise, and bought a truck load of Resident Evil games in the Holiday Sales. I’m going to play Resident Evil Zero next because it’s very similar to the REmake both stylistically and trophy wise, so it will feel familiar. And then I’ll probably dive into the Resident Evil 2 remake because it looks fucking incredible and I’m dying to check it out. The rest of the games in the series are so wildly different from one another that I will most likely break my usual rule of trying to play through a series in chronological order. Instead I might skip straight to either RE4 or RE7 next. I’ve heard so many people say 4 is one of the greatest RE games and it looks like a good mix of the series horror roots, but with the new over-the-shoulder action style. However, I’ve heard equally awesome things about RE7 and I think a first person RE game would ratchet up the intensity even more so I really want to give it a shot and see what it’s like. I just can’t believe I waited so long to try these games. They all look so fun! 😁
  4. Rise of the womb raider would be a great title for a xxx parody 😂
  5. This is exactly my point about the whole thing being a missed opportunity though. Sony missed a great chance to make the trophy system something really special and unique to PlayStation, and made the whole experience so much more interactive than it is now. I’ve got lots of ideas on this, but I’ve discussed them extensively in other threads so I won’t get into that here. However, official recognition (in the form of a leaderboard system or something) would have been a decent start, and would probably make a difference in making casual players more interested. A lot of casuals aren’t interested in trophy hunting, because they don’t even realize there is a whole competitive side to it and an entire community dedicated to this hobby. My little brother is a great example of this fact. He discovered this world recently, and went from being completely indifferent towards trophies to being a hardcore trophy hunter now. He loves it now, and loves this site too now that he’s aware of it! This is the exact same process I went through myself a few years back as well. Sadly, I fully agree with you that Sony doesn’t give two shits about the trophy system, this is obvious in so many ways. The recent PS5 release is even further evidence of this fact, as besides that rather pointless “update” to the trophy levelling system, they really made no effort to improve anything. And apparently they actually somehow took steps backwards in several regards. Tbh I think the only reason they even implemented the trophy system in the first place is because they saw that achievement hunting was growing in popularity and they wanted to emulate the same thing X-box was doing with their popular GamerScore system lol.
  6. Is there a reason why Sony doesn’t have any kind of official leaderboard that they run themselves? I’ve always wondered this. They are sitting on this massive treasure trove of raw trophy data and don’t do anything with it at all... Whether you’re a trophy hunter or not, it’s a fact that the trophy system has become an integral part of the whole PlayStation experience, and a big part of the PlayStation brand as a whole. That beautiful “ping” sound when you unlock a trophy has become such a familiar comfort for PlayStation gamers, whether they even realize it or not. Yet in so many ways the trophy update back in 2008 just feels like such a half-assed implementation, and a missed opportunity. All I know is that I am hugely thankful to people like Sly Ripper, and the sites like PSNP that have allowed us to track trophy progress and view in-depth statistics, as well as creating a hub for likeminded players and trophy hunters to get together and share our enjoyment of this hobby. The work they’ve done is incredible. 🙂
  7. Your trophy collection is absolutely incredible man! Keep up the great work. I hope you don’t mind I followed you!

    1. Sergen


      Not much to follow when the person has 0 forum posts

    2. dieselmanchild


      So what? I wake up every day and can’t help but continue to follow my broken dreams and shattered hopes, even though neither have a presence in this forum either.

      Besides, I’m not interested in his posts. I’m interested in checking in from time to time and following the progress of his profile, which is pretty fucking awesome btw!

  8. Holy shit! Amazing profile. 😮
  9. For all the Stans... Eminem just dropped a new music video for his song “Higher” in collaboration with the UFC! Fun Facts: Apparently Em had put out a call on social media recently for fans to send in videos of them singing the hook for this song, but didn’t tell them why. Then it turns out they were meant to be used in the video. That’s pretty cool for those people who sent in clips and got selected, and can now say they’ve been in a music video! The only lame thing about all this is that the music video was clearly released as promotional material for Connor McGregor leading up to his rematch with Dustin Poitier yesterday. But they backed the wrong horse cuz than bum McGregor got his ass whooped. 😂
  10. Rapper God erupted out of a Comic-Con-canoCommittin' lyrical homicide while beside PremoTo the downers, I'm Drano, to the genre, I'm ThanosAny spitter think he sicker than that, I have the antidote
  11. Will this have a platinum like Resistance?
  12. So in what ways can this make the platinum easier? I assume the infinite rocket launcher/mini gun will work for the speed runs and harder difficulties? Is there anything else this pack can be used for? I’m doing research on this game and just curious what is the best way to utilize this DLC. It was on sale for $2 when I grabbed RE2 in the Holiday Sale, so I figured I’d might as well grab this DLC as well and try to make my life easier.
  13. I already posted in this thread a month ago, but since that time I managed to finally play Ghost of Tsushima. After finishing this game, I couldn’t agree more with what you said here. I thought the way they handled the “open world” stuff in GoT was quite brilliant. In an AC game, I will typically defog the map first, then spend hours running around from marker to marker, clearing whatever piece of content it is then moving along to the next one. I do this as fast and robotically as possible, basically like methodically moving down a giant checklist, and barely soaking in any of the sights or sounds of the environment as I do this. There’s just way too much to do, and you cannot afford to waste time. In Ghost of Tsushima, the geography and landscapes are so utterly gorgeous that you actually feel compelled to traverse the world on foot & horse back, exploring every corner to uncover all the secrets yourself. And the way you can do this all naturally using the guiding wind and animals like foxes and birds was honestly fucking brilliant! When I finished the story, I was shocked to see that I had completed like 80% or more of the map already! Because they made the exploration and discovery of important locations (hot springs, fox dens, bamboo, haikus etc) feel so natural and organic, I came across most of them on my journey without much effort. I never felt bad for diverting off the main path to follow a fox or a bird, or to follow the gusting wind up a rocky incline to see where it might take me. Exploring and appreciating the beauty of the environment always felt like an extremely rewarding experience, especially since all the collectible locations contain useful items and upgrades for Jin. When I reflect on my time with the game now, I realize how nothing ever felt like a chore. I really loved the way the game encouraged you to see and explore as much of the beautiful island of Tsushima as possible. The amount of side content was perfect. Enough to keep you busy, but not nearly enough to overstay it’s welcome. I think more games should take notes from Ghost of Tsushima when it comes to creating a compelling, balanced open world. You don’t need a massive world stuffed to the brim with empty, meaningless content in order to create a world that feels alive, full, and lived in. Bigger is not always better.
  14. I have to strongly disagree with most of your feelings towards Skyrim. In terms of the game itself, I thought it was pretty amazing, especially at the time it came out. Admittedly I had very little experience with other games at the time, especially with other RPGs, so that lack of comparisons probably did made Skyrim seem a lot better than it actually was. However, all I know is that the experience I had with Skyrim was incredible. The world they built was incredibly immersive for me, and the sandbox style exploration really sucked me in like no other game has. The incredible music, the beautiful and varied landscapes, the characters, quests, storylines, and struggles of all the different races and factions were so well done that I really felt like I was a part of the world and his great, heroic struggle over the course of the weeks and months this that I played it. By the time I platinumed it I had spent around 300 hours in the game because I simply had to do and see everything. Of course, from a technical standpoint there is a very strong argument to be made against Skyrim (and Bethesda in general). If you think it was bad on the 360, it ran like utter shit on PS3 and was indeed riddled with bugs. The game also reached a state of being basically broken if your saved game exceeded a certain file size. It was really bad... By all accounts, Bethesda’s games have always been riddled with bugs and glitches, and yet for some odd reason they’ve always been tolerated by players who seemed all too willing to overlook these issues. It never seemed to harm Bethesda’s image or dampen the fan’s excitement towards their games. My personal theory is that because most Bethesda bugs are harmless, often quite funny and amusing, and even tend to add a weird sort of charm to their games at times, most players have willingly embraced them rather than see them as a major flaw. I also encountered numerous bugs during my time with Skyrim, some of which were utterly ridiculous (ex. shit like entire mammoth herds falling from the sky all at once), but it never bothered me either. Also I can’t speak for the Fallout series as I’m not really familiar with anything outside of Fallout 3, but from what I experienced, Fallout 3 on the PS3 is pretty much the epitome of laziness and failure. If you’re planning to play it long enough to go for all the trophies, it becomes virtually unplayable on the PS3. I feel like overall, you’re probably right in your assessment that Bethesda’s fall was a long time coming though. I think maybe they got away with a little too much for a little too long, and got complacent. They took their fans for granted, and after the lies and blatant attempts to make a quick buck with a sham product, the goodwill of their fans ran out. PS - I’m personally really looking forward to Elder Scrolls 6, but I really hope they’re approaching this project differently and learning from all their mistakes of the past. They need a big comeback, and if they deliver ES6 it could be just the thing they need to get back in a lot of people’s good graces.
  15. My Name is Mustard? My Name is Ketchup? My Name is Frank’s Red Hot Sauce I Put That Shit on Everything? The possibilities are endless. There are just so many condiments with riveting story lines left to explore, let alone the myriad of other sauces, spices, seasonings and whatever other flavours and toppings that would make for great spin-off series in the future. I really think they’re on to something big here, possibly the next big great franchise. In all honesty I can see this becoming the next Marvel cinematic universe. The cultural impact of this game is undeniable at this point.