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  1. Unable to pop the Treasure Hunter trophy. I’ve tried just about everything I can think of besides starting a brand new game (which I’ll be forced to do as my last trophy if this doesn’t pop). Hopefully it’s just late syncing or something... It’s extremely irritating to see that trophies failing to pop is a well known issue in this game, acknowledged by Ubisoft and apparently patched, yet it’s an issue that still persists in 2019. It’s also irritating that the guides don’t mention the fact there are several trophies known to glitch. I could have backed up my save and had a fallback. 😢
  2. Hi Tomy, just stumbled across your profile and wanted to leave you some props! 👍😎👍


    It’s extremely rare to see somebody with such a high platinum trophy count who doesn’t fall into the trap of region stacking Ratalaika games/garbage games endlessly to maintain their leaderboard rank. You seem to care more about what games you play and how enjoyable the hunt is rather than how many platinums you have.


    I have a huge amount of respect for trophy hunters like you. Keep up the good work mate.

    1. Tomy_IV


      Thank You @dieselmanchild :) Yes i would never add a Ratalaika game. Its the most cheapest way too earn platinum. And it just ruins the profile imo. Doing a Ratalaika game just 1 time. Is fine but stacking it ? No no. And yes i do play any game if it's difficult or very time consuming doesn't matter. I like finishing series like Metal gear,  Ace combat   , Bioshock... and so on  Around winter time iw decided too start a serie i have never played before. Dark Souls, Devil May cry :) 

    2. dieselmanchild


      Agreed it ruins the profile! I really hate the aesthetic of a profile that has the same game 5-6 times, then another one 5-6 times, and so on.. It looks ugly. And yes I like that your trophy list is a big collection of many different types of games! It looks great and it shows a road map of your journey as a trophy hunter 🙂


      You should try Dark Souls btw it’s probably my favourite series ever! And Bloodborne too, it’s a masterpiece. Challenging, but extremely fun games and a good choice to play with friends too. I have never played Devil May Cry series, but funny you mention it because I was just reading some DMC trophy guides 5 minutes ago! I really like hack n slash games and I want to find more to play. I noticed a bunch of DMC games are on sale right now so I was just skimming through the trophy guides and reading some reviews etc. to see if I like it.


      Have you played Castlevania Lords of Shadow? I just picked up a copy on PS3. I heard it’s a good hack n slash series too.

    3. Tomy_IV


      Never played Castlevania. But iw heard it's good. I will play that too :) 

  3. I’ll race ya to 100! I just hit #94 yesterday with Bloodborne. 😁 😜 jk about racing haha. But good luck with your progress man, I’m also working towards the same thing. Honestly It looks like you have a great collection of games there and some really good stuff in the backlog. I would say keep doing what you are doing! Remain focused on your goal of 100 platinums, but be mindful that you don’t become so obsessed with reaching that goal that you end up sacrificing your own enjoyment in the process. Too many people in your situation (or mine) end up padding their numbers by stacking a bunch of garbage Ratalaika games. But reaching your goal of #100 will feel so much more special when you arrive at the destination with a trophy cabinet you can actually be proud of, and memories of 100 great games you truly enjoyed platinuming. Good luck my friend! Ps - if you have a PS3, there are heaps of older games (and Ps2 remasters) that are easy, short (in the 10-20 hour range), and super fun. Not to mention they can all be purchased for dirt cheap nowadays which will help you bag a pile of great platinums without breaking the bank. Some of my favourites series in the above category are the old God of War series, Darksiders, Sly Cooper trilogy, Ratchet & Clank series, InFamous 1 & 2, Uncharted trilogy etc. Those games account for a good 20 or so platinums in my collection and were among some of my very favourites to play.
  4. Secret Agent Clank trophy from Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.
  5. Bow chicka wow wowww 😊
  6. Newest platinum = RiME. Who the heck is cutting onions around here.
  7. I actually like the fastest achiever list, not really because I care about it, but rather I use it as a rough way to gauge the time required for a platinum on many games. Sometimes I find the guides ETA is way off and I always check the fastest achievers column to see how it matches up.
  8. I was watching some live gameplay of Code Vein the other day and it looks very Soulslike. Anyone excited to play this?
  9. I go for platinums, but games never feel complete to me until I get that 100%. I think S rank definitely stands for Sexy rank. It just looks so good to see all those fully complete games in a long list.
  10. Never heard of this one, i will check it out. Thanks.
  11. Wow! Amazing idea! I just checked the website of my local library and there is pages and pages of PS4 games, many of them newer AAA titles. They’ve got stuff like Days Gone, Sekiro, A Plague Tale etc. You’re a damn genius. 😁
  12. I platinumed The Last of Us on PS3 and definitely had to use a guide for the Firefly pendants and missable conversations etc. But generally that was a pretty fun platinum that didn’t require too much trophy guide intervention if you were prepared and knew when collectibles were coming up. I took advantage of the difficulty glitch as well and went straight to Survivor+ to avoid playing through the game half a dozen times. If not for that glitch, that platinum would seriously suck! I really enjoyed doing a second play through though as TLoU is a great example of a game where the experience in general is drastically different between difficulties. Playing on Survivor or Grounded forces you to play extremely tactical, utilizing stealth opportunities as much as possible and being extremely selective with how you use the limited supplies and ammunition available. Going from easy mode to survivor honestly felt like playing a totally different game! ===== Thank you to everyone for the suggestions by the way! Some of these games I’ve played, but many I have not. I just picked up Horizon Zero Dawn and Mafia 3 recently, both of which are suggested numerous times in here. Really looking forward to grabbing the Spyro trilogy too as those old 3D platformers (Ratchet, Sly, Spyro etc) tend to have great trophy lists in my experience. I’m really enjoying the recent trend we’ve seen with massive AAA titles being released with a fairly relaxing and fun trophy list. 2018 releases like Spider-Man and God of War are great examples of a perfect trophy list IMO.
  13. Im sure most of you who play a lot of games and have a large backlog are familiar with the need to be efficient with your time and the way you tackle a game you want to platinum. Unfortunately, this often means following an annoying collectible walkthrough as you play through a game in order to avoid subsequent playthroughs or needless backtracking. Or feeling the need to consult a trophy guide at regular intervals to avoid missing a bunch of missable trophies or ensure you get the right endings. Or sometimes it means feeling obligated to start a new game on the hardest difficulty to avoid multiple replays, even if you’d typically start on a lower difficulty and work your way up in normal circumstances. We’ve all been there I’m sure! 😉 But not all games are like this. Some games allow much more freedom during the trophy hunt, without making sacrifices of your time. For example, I’ve found games like Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, and Ratchet and Clank to be very consistent in this regard, allowing you to just play and focus purely on having fun, with a little trophy cleanup at the end. Most trophies can be figured out on your own or unlock naturally through the game’s progression, and collectibles are often marked on the map for you. Some other games I’ve played in recent months that had that same kind of freedom were Steep, Darksiders, Trine etc. What are some of your favourite games and/or series with trophy lists that allow you to just play and have fun, without having to worry about trophies?
  14. My goal this year is to reach 100 platinums! Without touching garbage games and Ratalaika titles too (or I could reach that goal within a matter of days). I’ve got about 15 more to go but I expect to exceed my goal at this pace! 😎
  15. Well on top of the reasons everyone else has posted, one aspect that personally keeps me motivated to continue trophy hunting is the community aspect! 🙂 I don’t have many real life friends who are interested in gaming, and those who are mostly play online games like CoD, Fortnite etc. So when I started gaming a couple years back I started out going solo on the PS3 and simply trying to experience many of the classic games/series and PlayStation exclusives I had missed out on. I mostly played single player games and my FL was pretty barren. Then fast forward a bit... I caught the trophy bug and soon my empty friends list began to swell, and I’ve since made quite a lot of friends from around the trophy community. It’s great having other trophy hunters to chat with, compare trophy lists, boost games together, share recommendations on games to play or just keep each other motivated to keep hunting in general. It’s been a lot of fun!