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  1. It can definitely be distracting when you’ve come to associate an actor with a particular character and suddenly see them in your video game! But luckily I don’t usually find it too distracting, at least not to the point where it ruins the experience, as most of the time these actors are really fantastic at their jobs and they really do a good job playing their characters. It’s not much different than seeing really familiar actors across many different TV shows/movies. There’s a bit of an adjustment at first but after awhile their performance becomes really convincing. I just finished Dead Space a few days ago and I had this same experience during the opening scene. I recognized Peter Mensah as captain Hammond right away and all I could see was Oenamaus from Spartacus. Throughout the entire game I kept waiting for him to pull out his whip and start whipping the Necromorphs into top gladiator form. 😆
  2. Yeah lol I didn’t find out until years later (thanks to the internet mostly) about just how many Disney movies had hidden subliminal messages in them, but it’s quite a few. I believe Disney has been forced to changed some of them and made excuses for others. For example, I read that the one in The Lion King that I mentioned finding was explained away by Disney as a misinterpretation, and that it’s supposed to say “Sfx” instead of “sex” as a shoutout to their special effects department. But yeah right… who actually believes that lol. With the sheer number of films found to have subliminals I think it’s pretty clear they were just having a good old laugh hiding inappropriate messages and images in children’s movies.
  3. That’s what I figured. That is incredibly generous of them! Pair of proper lads. That’s good to know also, thank you! I just might have to sign up for this one! I’m currently focused on gunning to hit the 10k milestone as soon as possible, but I’ve got a handful of games in the backlog that would be perfect for this event, and I think this event would be perfect fun for a little inspiration. 🙂
  4. Perhaps it’s supposed to be two lines… of cocaine. Or perhaps you just need to zoom in a bit! I know I did. I was studying the picture for like a full minute trying to figure out what I was missing. Spoiler alert - It’s a dick. Real knee slapper. Those cheeky devs.
  5. I have a couple questions. It says that participants are not obligated to donate any money for their completed games, so I was just curious who is making the donations on their behalf? Are Mori and Arcesius paying for it all? It must get very costly over the course of the event so that is very kind and generous of whoever is doing so! I was also wondering can participants operate at their own pace? Can you work on other games throughout the event and chip away at your list over time, or are you expected to prioritize your current list?
  6. Absolutely amazing with headphones on.
  7. Don’t forget all the DLCs as well! And Odyssey has a ton of them. I grabbed this like a year ago when it was on sale for $25 CAD and it’s easily the best deal on a video game I’ve ever gotten.
  8. Oh god. Don’t say it. Passos voice still haunts me to this day.
  9. Lol I remember growing up and always hearing these word of mouth urban legends about sexual subliminal messages hidden within a handful of Disney movies. The Lion King was supposed to be one of them. So one day a friend and I actually took it upon ourselves to pop in a copy of The Lion King and start searching, and a few hours later thanks to the ultra-slow fast forward of my VHS player back then we were able to find a dirty word spelled out in a scene where a cloud of dust blows into the air and swirls around to briefly form the letters. These sorts of subliminals are pretty common knowledge now thanks to the internet and digital technology, but I’ll never forget going searching for that little Easter egg as a kid and actually finding it. It was completely mind blowing that not only was it true, but that they would do something like that in a kid’s movie. One of my friends also found the unmistakable phallus on the cover of The Little Mermaid which was similarly shocking. And now, alas, with this great discovery it seems developers and creators have been hiding dicks in their artwork even as far back as 10,000 BC. Some things never change I guess. Boys will be boys.
  10. Sylens was very interesting. But I can’t help always seeing him as my boy Cedric Daniels from The Wire, even despite the blue wires protruding from his head and chin.
  11. For people who have done this, how stable is v1.09? it feasible to downgrade to 1.09 and play through the entire game this way from the beginning? Or are most people just doing that to obtain the trophies that glitched out on them in 1.12?
  12. I don’t know really know anything about Platinum Chasers, but I’m surprised to hear him and Platinumbro allegedly don’t get along. Lewis just seems like the chillest dude on earth so it’s hard to imagine him having beef with anyone! Platinumbro seems like one of the most active and visible trophy channels out there right now. I really didn’t like him at first because I didn’t respect his love for “grubby” plats as he calls them, and I really hate seeing Youtubers perpetuating the whole ezplatinum culture to their subscribers. But he’s began to win me over in the last few months. I first took an interest when he came out and denounced his grubby plats and talked about how chasing them was completely devaluing his experience with trophy hunting and how he wasn’t enjoying the hunt anymore. He stated his goal to start trophy hunting for fun again and playing games he enjoys and challenging himself once again, and I clicked subscribe right there and then and decided I wanted to support him on his journey. Since then I’ve fallen for his personality as a whole as he seems to be just a really positive and cheerful guy. I’m shocked anyone could dislike Mystic. He makes such interesting videos and his opinions are usually spot on.
  13. Shit. I might as well just come clean now and say I viewed your forum profile, OP. 😕
  14. First time hearing about this game, but I just watched a quick review on YouTube and it looks awesome! It looks to have the beloved Dark Souls formula mixed with the look (character lugging around a giant sword behind them look familiar to anyone?) and in-depth combat/skill tree system of Transistor. The trophy list looks pretty tough. I love Soulslike games but I really dread no-damage trophies in games. Nothing gets my palms sweating like trying desperately (and failing repeatedly) to avoid making a mistake in a tense fight lol. On the bright side though, with the depth of the combat system it sounds like a lot of fun being able to respec constantly and look for those game breaking combinations. It’s just a matter of time before people figure out the most powerful setups and strategies for each fight so those no damage trophies may not be as daunting as they look. I’ll be keeping an eye out for this one. 🙂
  15. #220 - Dead Space One of my favourite aspects of being a trophy hunter is the way it has encouraged me to branch out and always be on the lookout for new games to try and new genres to explore. One such genre that I’ve only recently begun dipping my toes into is Survival Horror, and being early in my Survival Horror education I knew I had to seek out a copy of the revered PS3 classic Dead Space. The premise for the game is really interesting. You don’t play as a typical hero, but rather as an ordinary man named Isaac Clarke who works as an engineer aboard a spacecraft called the USG Kellion. The game opens with the Kellion crew being sent to investigate and repair a deep-space mining vessel called the USG Ishimura which has mysteriously gone radio silent. Adding to the drama and anxiety is the fact Isaac’s girlfriend works aboard the ship, and along with the rest of the Ishimura crew, her fate and whereabouts are unknown. After a docking malfunction during the boarding process, Isaac and his team find themselves stranded on the USG Ishimura, which they soon discover has been overrun by an alien lifeform called Necromorphs that has killed most of the crew and caused the rest to go insane. What follows is an odyssey of isolation, paranoia, and terror as you explore the ship, investigating what happened and trying to find a way off. I’m a big fan of horror films, but I find that truly decent horror films are few and far between. Most horror relies on cheap tactics like loud music and jump scares in order to “scare” the audience. The best horror films, in my opinion, are the ones that scare you by delivering a terrifying premise, and then building on that premise by creating an atmosphere of creeping dread and tension that plays on your nerves. It’s hard to pull off, but when done well it is incredibly successful. I found Dead Space to be brilliant in this regard. It does have its share of jump scares, but in video game format they tend to work quite well. The prospect of being suddenly accosted by a Necromorph and grabbed from behind or suddenly cornered keeps you on your toes. However, the brilliance of Dead Space is rooted in it’s atmosphere. The game makes you feel incredibly isolated and vulnerable at every turn, and the setting of the USG Ishimura proves a formidable terror as you navigate the claustrophobic halls of the ship, witnessing the bloody carnage left behind by the Necromorphs or the crew members as they slowly went insane. Bloody messages are sprawled along the walls, limbless corpses adorn the floors or beds in abandoned medical bays, audio diaries and video recordings laid about the ship give context as to what happened before you arrived, and there is a constantly terrifying soundscape of thumping, creaking, insane mumbling and agonized screams throughout the abandoned hallways as you stalk the ship. This feeling of paranoia and terror was enhanced by the Impossible difficulty playthrough where the Necromorphs are extremely dangerous. They appear out of nowhere, move incredibly fast, and can tear you into pieces very quickly if you are not careful. I typically like to play games on the standard difficulty settings (particularly when it comes to trophies), but I found Impossible Mode to be very similar to Grounded Mode in The Last of Us, in the sense that it drastically changes the gameplay experience and puts you on the edge of your seat with a realistic sense of danger and the prospect of death lurking around every corner if your reflexes are off or if you make one wrong move. It felt like the game was designed to be played on the higher difficulty settings for the best horror experience. All in all, I was seriously impressed by this game. The graphics, sound design, and gameplay all hold up remarkably well for a game that was released 13 years ago. And in terms of atmosphere and just sheer enjoyability, this was easily a 10/10 in my book. I am eagerly looking forward to playing through the rest of the series. tl;dr After playing Dead Space, I understand why this game is considered by so many to be a classic.