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  1. I don’t know about the long term, but in the short term (coming years) I think we’ll continue to see the hobby of trophy hunting degraded or diluted with more games pandering to trophy whores for financial profit. Having a lot of trophies or platinums will lose any kind of prestige it might already have as it becomes easier and easier. I don’t mean to sound so bitter about that either, but in the last few years we’ve seen a growing trend of companies like Ratalaika Games releasing 10 minute platinums that can be stacked in 6 different regions, and with Sony seemingly having a really low bar for what constitutes a game worthy of a platinum trophy I think this will only get worse, as these games have proven to be super popular among trophy hunters (and to be honest, essential for those who are competitive trophy hunters and playing for leaderboard ranks). I see this having little effect on casuals/the average trophy hunters like myself who only play quality games they love or find interesting. We will probably just keep doing what we do, will the top ranked players will exhaust themselves repeatedly stacking the latest garbage that came out that week. But all in all, I see the same machine chugging along at a steady pace 😉 Many of us will probably we gone in 30 years though. I’d like to think I’ll still be playing games at 50 or 60, maybe sitting down with the kids or grandkids, but realistically I’m not sure lol. I bet Hakoom will still be going strong though and will probably have about 57,000 platinums by then 😂
  2. I can confirm that transferring them works fine. 🙂 The character specific action-skill trophies are among the trophies that do not auto-pop, so I tried transferring over the level 30 Gunzerker & Assassin (both spawned from Lilith DLC) that I used to get these trophies on the PS4. They both worked fine without any issues!
  3. I agree! I really hate luck based trophies. Unless, of course, the luck works in your favour. 😎 Lol! Managed to get pretty lucky finding him in the PS3 version after all. It still took quite a few runs, but I wasn’t stressing out about it this time as I was starting a new playthrough and had many other trophies to unlock, so I figured I’d had a lot of time to find the little turd. Then one day when I wasn’t even looking for him I walk into Marcus’s shop he was waiting for me at the counter! Sneaky bugger that Michael.
  4. Appreciate the write up and the tips man! Cheers.
  5. Well hopefully you can replicate it! Without the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack DLC on PS3 your character will automatically be lowered to level 50 when you import him and go to play. So try simply joining somebody else’s game and see if those level specific trophies will auto-pop for you too. 🙂 Note: As far as I’m aware, there were no other steps involved. But just for the record, immediately after joining his game (within about 10 seconds) I killed the giant robot boss Saturn in the Arid Nexus, and the trophy popped as I was reviving my friend. I didn’t notice if my friend levelled up after the boss was killed, but I don’t see how this would really make a difference. However, IF the trophy doesn’t pop for you upon joining a friend’s game, maybe try getting him to level up just to test it out. Good luck and I hope it works out for you.
  6. Oh boy... I was talking about the PS4 version lol. I haven’t found him yet on PS3. Hopefully the luck will balance itself out and I’ll find him quicker this time around, but doesn’t sound like that is likely to happen. 😆
  7. Wow! Just wanted to post a nice little update here after I managed to pop ‘Capped Out...For Now’ completely by accident! 😁 I had previously reported that by transferring my level 50 character from PS4 to PS3, I soon realized that without the DLCs on PS3, I was unable to gain any XP and so it was impossible to level up from 50-51 and auto-pop the level related trophies as outlined in the guide. I ended up importing a level 30 character to auto-pop the level 5, 10, and 25 trophies, and figured I would have to earn the trophy for reaching level 50 either the slow way, while playing through the story again, or by powerleveling a character to level 49 and importing him so I could reach 50. However, tonight I joined a lower level friend’s game to help him with a boss and the ‘Capped Out...For Now’ trophy instantly popped when I joined his lobby! This was a great relief and will save me lots of time. I’m not sure if this was a good glitch though or if this will work every time. If anybody is able to test this out and confirm whether or not this will always work, it would be useful to have this information available for other players. Thanks!
  8. This guy is a real piece of work! For new players I’d highly recommend doing a full sweep of Sanctuary every time you visit, as he can be very elusive. This ended up being one of my very last trophies for platinum because I couldn’t get this guy to show up. 😡
  9. Not everything auto-pops, but thankfully it’s mostly the long/grindy/tedious trophies that pop, like Challenge Accepted, Did It All, World Traveller, The level specific trophies etc. None of the story missions auto-pop unfortunately, but if you power level a brand new level 1 character on PS4, you can just transfer it over to PS3 and then speed through all the story missions as a completely overpowered character. If you’re unable to power level a new account, one alternative is using the Lilith DLC on PS4 to spawn a new character at level 30, and then transfer that over. The only problem is that all the story missions up to The Talon of God are completed already, so you’d have to beat that then play through the story on TVHM.
  10. Looks pretty fun and the platinum looks quite reasonable. I think I’ll pick this one up.
  11. This game looks pretty interesting and it’s on sale right now for like $20. Has anybody played it recently? What did you think?
  12. Ahh yes that would indeed be a “problem.” A pretty big one! Along with a pain in the rear end 😁 Thanks for confirming.
  13. Don’t quote me on this as I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t believe transferring over a character with the DLCs will make a huge difference or cause any problems. In my experience, the level 50 character I transferred from PS4 > PS3 had all DLCs completed with Lilith’s DLC in progress. All that happened was a warning when logging in that DLC related stuff would be unusable, and several of my guns and items were unequippable. But everything else worked fine. I’ve also read in other threads that a level 51-72 character will simply be reduced back to 50. If someone can try this and verify it would be very helpful for other users in the future.
  14. PS Vita & PS3 share the same trophy list it seems. But the cross save feature still works the same way.
  15. For anybody still wondering, I can confirm that yes it is possible to cross save from PS4 (Handsome Collection) > PS3 and auto-pop the trophies outlined in the cross save guide. I just tried it using my PS4 save and managed to auto-pop all the major non story related trophies on my PS3. According to a Gearbox post I found, you can actually transfer saves interchangeably between PS4, PS3, and Vita. It doesn’t matter which console your save is on, as long as you’re transferring within the same console family it can be used to unlock the trophies on the other 2 consoles. However they said this “reverse” cross save feature only works on PlayStation. Apparently Xbox users cannot transfer backwards from Xbone > Xbox 360 etc.