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  1. Just thought some trophy hunters out there might want to know about this. It just came to my attention that this game is now free on Steam and Xbox. However, for some unclear reason PlayStation users will have to pay a few cents for it. It cost me 50 cents CAD to grab on the NA store. Reports are saying it is as low as 2 cents on the U.S. store and 25 cents in Europe. What is it? Destroy All Humans: Clone Carnage is a standalone multiplayer/co-op DLC that comes with 39 trophies (including a platinum). The trophy guide lists it as a 3/10 difficulty with a 7 hour time estimate. It’s not an amazing game for anything but it might be fun to boost with a few friends for anyone interested in earning some easy trophies. Note: It looks like a 2nd controller is needed for a few local multiplayer trophies.
  2. This is what all the ladies tell me. 😎
  3. Well considering the guy was in a rage and the first comment was a snarky reply, what else could you really expect lol. That guy poked the bear when he could have given it a hug and told it to take a deep breath instead. 😆
  4. When you’re really addicted to gaming/trophy hunting or are worried about leaderboard ranks or whatever, the concept of taking a break or finding something else to do can be daunting I’m sure, even for those people who are truly burned out and miserable. But I’d also recommend this, it is GREAT advice and it can be really cathartic and help to reset your motivation and priorities. I game and trophy hunt almost every day of the week when I am able to, but every couple months or so I start feeling a little burned out like this and will disappear from PSN for upwards of a week. I’ve had online friends who thought I suddenly dropped dead or something lol, but usually it is just me hitting that reset button and deciding to take some time off when it’s starting to feel like a chore. Every single time I return from one of these little hiatuses I feel very refreshed and eager to resume the hunt. Give it a shot if you’re feeling this way. Take some time for yourself.
  5. Yeah funny thing is those situations that unfold organically like that can often end up being some of the most fun trophy hunting experiences you’ll have. I’m not that big on MP games normally, but sometimes I’ll start one for fun or to play with some friends, and then before you know it you’re all having a blast and working on the trophies in a group chat together for a few weeks.
  6. I don’t want to miss out on a great game just because I can’t/won’t platinum it, so I wouldn’t let it stop me. I do tend to platinum almost everything I play, but this is more the result of careful selection and my tendency to heavily research games beforehand, so by the time I get around to sitting down and playing a game I usually know for sure that I’m going to enjoy it enough to push through to the end. I’ve got incomplete games on my profile that I’ve abandoned or put aside for one reason or another though. And I do have a few games in the backlog that I am eager to play but probably won’t platinum, ie. Wolfenstein 2. But you never know. The last 2 games I started playing purely for fun with zero intention to platinum was Deep Rock Galactic & Call of Duty WW2. In both cases I ended up getting completely engrossed in the game and burned through all the trophies after all. 🤓
  7. Yeah I think the games are all supposed to be their own individual stories with no real link to one another. However, they are all spiritually linked thanks to concept of The Curator. I guess the real lore of the Dark Pictures series is that you’re just some guy recounting these stories to this mysterious immortal being, The Curator, who records them in his library and has been collecting stories like this for thousands of years. This kind of suggests in a way that the stories and characters might exist within the same universe, or that they could all be complete fiction in your character’s mind. It’s intentionally vague and ambiguous, as are many interpretations or theories of the actual stories from each game. Also in regards to the stories themselves, it’s clear the writers take a lot of inspiration from real life history and mythology. I’m playing Little Hope right now, which is very obviously based on the Salem Witch Trials/The Crucible. Man of Medan is based on the supremely creepy story of the Ourang Medan ghost ship. House of Ashes is inspired by mythology from an ancient civilization called the Akkadian empire, and the new game is inspired by “America’s first serial killer” H.H. Holmes, and the sensationalized tales and reports of his infamous “Murder Castle” and torture chambers that horrified and captivated the public after his capture.
  8. Everyone is dunking on the OP but honestly that was a pretty great rant. Almost reached MrTacoNinja levels with that one. I’m sure it was very cathartic too. Sometimes we all need to scream into the ether like that after playing a multiplayer game or boosting some trophies, most of us have been there man. Don’t let that shit phase ya too hard man.
  9. I think this is a very common problem among trophy hunters as we grow older and time becomes limited and more precious, and you have to start really asking yourself how you want to spend it. All I would say is never let your trophy habits and routines come at the expense of actually enjoying your games! 🙂 You can think of your PS4 games as something of an open book, always sitting there with a bookmarked page, waiting to be finished one day if you find the time or the will for it. But in the mean time, don’t let that compulsion to 100% everything deter you from maximizing the enjoyment you get from your games and the precious time you have to play them. If you want to focus on PS5 from now on, go for it! You might even find it quite liberating to free yourself from the shackles of that completionist mentality we all suffer from.
  10. That’s a really interesting controller with some really neat functions. In the pictures it looks like there is some kind of faceplate around the analog sticks and buttons which can be easily pried off and cleaned from the top? That’s really awesome.
  11. That’s great. As trophy hunters it can be so easy to get sucked into these warped mentalities and habits or not want to “waste time” replaying games you love just because you aren’t earning any trophies during all those hours. It’s easy for people to forget we all got in this for the fun of it, and that should always remain the priority. I am guilty of this too. But that’s why I like the idea of some games having a second stack as I’ve played many amazing games that I’d love to revisit sometime. I just wish they’d remove the auto pop feature and nip this in the bud before it ruins another generation of trophy hunting. The PS5 stats on this site are not off to a good start.
  12. I don’t want to disparage the guide author’s and their work, as these games are complex and it’s clear they put a lot of effort into writing the trophy descriptions. But as a roadmap or platinum walkthrough I would not recommend the PSNP guide as it definitely has some major mistakes and omissions. I started following Step 1 of the Roadmap which recommends combing a Heads Only run + Salvation trophy (save everyone) + Rational Mind. This is seemingly impossible. Rational Mind requires you to keep the gun very early in the game which conflicts with Heads Only run. Giving Taylor the knife is a Heart option, conflicting with Heads Only. Without having either the gun or knife, the only way to keep Taylor alive during the chapter ‘Low Point’ is to choose to save her rather than Daniel. Saving her is a Heart decision though, which will void your Heads Only run. I tested it and choosing to let the timer run out rather than make a choice will still lead to her death and void the Salvation trophy. I’ve now voided Salvation and Rational Mind because of this and likely increased my playtime drastically. I will play until the end and pray that the Heads Only trophy pops, but I’m a bit paranoid as I was forced to choose a Heart option to save Angela from certain death during ‘The Crossing’ chapter — something else the guide also fails to mention in the walkthrough for the Salvation trophy. My Heads Only run appears to be in tact right now, but I’ve read a lot of people reporting it being glitchy and not popping so I’m a little worried about it no matter what the game says. *Sigh* This game is already turning into a huge pain in my ass as I’ve had to replay chapters numerous times to fix or test things already, and I’m only on my first playthrough! I should have just played it blindly for pure fun like I normally do… the only reason I opted not to was because the last game Man of Medan took me like 6 or 7 playthroughs or something ridiculous like that and I was hoping to shave some time off this time around. 🤦‍♂️
  13. I found it best to run to the right hand side, almost all the way to where the flames are. There will be a large rock there with some floodlights beside it, and a large cache of mini gun, gausse, and rocket launcher ammo. This will be your position for the entirety of the fight. I tried hiding behind the down VTOL craft on the left hand side but found it to be very finnicky. It’s hard to see, it’s easy to get caught on small objects or have your vision obscured, and you can still be hit by the ice beams and turrets if you are not positioned correctly. The rock on the right hand side is just tall enough that you can crouch/go prone there and avoid the cannons and ice beams entirely. So all you really have to worry about is the waves of enemies that come out, and they are very easy if you use cloak and mini gun or gausse gun to take them down swiftly. As soon as the ship stars hovering over the deck and coming towards you, immediately fire everything you have at the main hatch (the glowing square area). There’s a big wave of enemies that comes out, but if you blow up the hatch very quickly you can skip it entirely, as it goes straight to the part where you shoot the final TAC missile up inside the hatch and destroy the ship. I admit this game was extremely janky and rage inducing at quite a few parts on Delta difficulty due to clunky controls, sluggish aiming, and god awful, sometimes downright unfair AI. So I was expecting to have a real bitch of a time with the final boss, but I actually knocked it out in less than 10 mins. I got to the final checkpoint first try just by finding that lucky spot. Hope this helps someone else struggling with this in the future. 👍
  14. I sure hope auto pops are next, although I’m sure that’s just wishful thinking. I auto popped Fall Guys awhile back and so I get it — it’s cool to see a whole trophy list pop at once. I never minded the few games here and there with auto pop capabilities over the years because they were so few in number and had no real impact on the trophy scene, but since the release of PS5 I think the auto popping trend has gotten pretty ridiculous. It irritates me to no end seeing the endless threads and comments that are immediately posted with every new game release begging for info on auto pops, and even worse, auto popping has completely destroyed trophy rarity and speed records for many PS5 games, which is a big draw of trophy hunting and personal accomplishment for many gamers and trophy hunters on this site who like to track stats. However I will say that I do like the idea of PS5 keeping some separate trophy lists, especially for the big AAA games. Personally I love knowing that if I want to, I can one day revisit one of the many gems I’ve played over the years, experience the game a second time and and earn the platinum all over again. Being able to earn the trophies again just incentivizes revisiting great games. To each his own I guess, but I’ve never really understood why so many people rob themselves of that possibility just to get a free 2 second platinum.
  15. I wish I could be more specific for ya but it’s been ages since I played this game. From what I remember though, I think it’s only a very small number of collectibles that are technically missable. I would simply recommend checking a collectibles guide somewhere (I think PowerPyx might have a good one on his site that is organized in the general order of progression) and go through all the collectibles in Ashina Castle/surrounding area and be sure you’ve grabbed them all. After that you will be good to move on. If you’re still feeling skittish just make a backup of your save on the cloud or USB just in case. 🙂