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  1. Thank you for sharing! I am having a bit of trouble with this trophy and have been making much slower progress than I thought I was. I have a strong feeling I’m going to end up grinding this out as my last Necromancer trophy. So I am going to give this method a shot! Cheers.
  2. Yuri you absolute legend! Fastest achiever for Battlefront 2!! 😮 

    1. dieselmanchild


      What else you got hidden up ya sleeve I wonder? Hmm

    2. ihadalifeb4this


      I have bad news. Unfortunately TheYuriG is not on PSNP very often anymore. 

    3. dieselmanchild


      That is a shame. ☹️ It still feels like he’s active because I see his posts everywhere. Oh well, his legacy lives on.

  3. Thanks a lot for digging this up Husky, you the man! This means I can relax a bit... But overall I still agree the sooner I start this the better. With my luck, that BXP will probably end any minute now haha. Not to mention it would be best to dive in to this game right away while everyone is playing it. With Battlefront 2 now there will undoubtedly be a lot of people switching over and playing that instead.
  4. Cheers! Been looking at this game and noticed your videos were being highly recommended by users on playstationtrophies as well. I’ll definitely be checking them out when I get around to this game, so thank you for sharing.
  5. I’ll keep looking around and see if I can find some information. Thanks again for the heads up!
  6. Great review! You sold me, I’m running straight to the PS Store to buy this one now. I gotta wonder though, with the overwhelming success of this turd, I mean err.... game, it’s genuinely shocking we haven’t seen a sequel yet! “My Name is Mustard” could even introduce new mechanics, like spamming the square button instead of X etc. I think it would be a huge hit! What do you think? Would you play it?
  7. Jeez bro.. you zinged him good there. But was it really necessary? For all you know that man had a family. 😩
  8. Oh wow, really? Thank you very much for the heads up! 😊 Do you have any idea when double XP ends or where I could check such a thing? If it’s still in effect for a little while (hopefully) I’ll probably jump in right away and take advantage of that while I can.
  9. I know this will vary depending on many factors, but I’m just wondering approximately how many hours it took you to unlock the ‘General of the Army’ trophy?
  10. So I just discovered this really awesome psychedelic rock band a few days ago called Sleepy Sun. I haven’t fully dived in to a proper listening session yet where I listen to a couple albums front-to-back (I usually save that for a nice long gaming sesh where I’m running around grinding collectibles or something), but I have been bouncing all over YouTube checking out random songs, and I’m quite fucking impressed with these guys! Here’s a sample of a song called “Maui Tears” they performed live on KEXP. Their live sound is absolutely stunning, it sounds just as good if not better than the studio version: I mean check out at guitar solo at 6:36 if you’re lazy and just want to jump in for a few seconds and hear what these guys can do. It’s some epic stuff! 😎 I’m almost getting Robert Plant vibes from the lead singer.. anyone else?
  11. Sucks man. ☹️ If it’s any consolation though, you’re not missing too much with the story. I also lost interest in the story pretty early on and my language Is working just fine lol.
  12. I haven’t played any point-and-click style games yet, but I’ve seen this one on sale before and I intend to pick it up eventually. I really love historical fiction, and I’m particularly interested in this game because I watched the TV series on Netflix a couple years back and found it to be very enjoyable. I don’t know if the game has any similarities to the show or whether it’s set in a different place with different characters, but I’d sure like to find out! I’m thrilled to hear such a glowing review for this game! 😁 It seems most people who have played it also had great things to say. I’m normally not really a huge metal guy either, but the whole head-banging-guitarist-slaying-monsters thing, and the adrenaline filled metal soundtrack just looks and sounds so fuckin bad ass! It’s a huge part of the reason I picked it out from the pack when I was looking through the sales. I will definitely check out Valfaris too! I hadn’t heard of it but it sounds equally cool. Cheers!
  13. Hmmm.. this got me thinking about what was being discussed in your other thread, about the possibility of an expanded Sony rewards system for trophy hunters with the PS5. How cool would it be if one of the higher tier rewards was a real life platinum trophy with your PSN engraved on it? It would be exactly like what YouTube does for their creators. At certain subscriber milestones (100k, 1 mil, 10 mil I believe) they reward their creators by actually sending them a physical plaque in the shape of a ‘Play’ button. I think it’s like a bronze, silver, and eventually diamond plaque, and they have your name and channel inscribed on it. I would love it so much if Sony did something like that! 😃 Hell, even if they didn’t do something like that, it would be cool if they just sold merchandise like that for fun, so fans and trophy hunters could add a little memento to their man caves. I would totally buy one!
  14. You blacked out and did it? Lmao! That’s bad ass. 😎 I’m glad to hear they are making a Steep 2! I will definitely be checking that out. Any excuse to hit the slopes again haha.
  15. Hey did you ever figure this out? It looks like you still need the trophy? If you want to try something, maybe you can try making a new character then just join my party and tag along while I do 5 bounties quickly. It should pop that way hopefully. Just add me and give me a shout if you want to try. 🙂